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Fort Pilar, Zamboanga City

College of Maritime Education
English Department

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COURSE, YEAR, AND SECTION: _______________________ DATE:_____________________
Communication Skills 1
TEST 1. DIRECTIONS: Choose and underline the verb that agrees with the subject in the following
sentences. (15 points).
1. Neither boy (was, were) given first prize.
2. Both Joy and Jane (dances, dance) with the guests.
3. Nobody in our family (was, were) going to the city.
4. (Is, Are) Jack and Jill on the football team this year?
5. One of my favorite records (is, are) missing.
6. The officers (has, have) no complaints about their pay.
7. The drum or the barrels (carries, carry) wet cargoes.
8. The crew (is, are) in the different parts of the ship.
9. The Captain together with the Chief Officer (is, are) inspecting the holds.
10. All I need (is, are) your attention.
11. All (is, are) being sent abroad.
12. A number of cadets (has, have) gone abroad.
13. The pilots, not the radio officer (is, are) allowed on board the ship
14. Many (is, are) chosen.
15. Much (is, are) said about shipping. The shipping company.
16. The number tanker vessels (increase, increases) by five percent this year
17. Neither of them (notice, notices) the big iceberg.
18. They (transfer, transfers) the cargoes to another.
19. M/V Catalina (is, are) in need of 10 crew for the steward department.
20. Politics (affect, affects)
TEST 11. DIRECTIONS: Identify the verbs in the paragraph and tell whether transitive or
intransitive on the space provided (20 points).
The ancient Pacific sailor made a chart from the ribs of coconut leaves. He used
tiny shells for islands. The sailor navigated without a compass. He determined
directions from the sun, moon, and stars. In unknown waters he watched the flights of
birds, and the birds led him to land. Sometimes, he carried the helpful frigate bird in
his canoe. When he released the bird, it flew in wider and wider circles until it
discovered the direction of the nearest land.



TEST III. DIRECTIONS: Indicate whether the sentence is active or passive. Then, rewrite each
sentence so that the active sentences become passive and the passive sentences become active on the
space provided (10 points).
31. Mr. Flores repaired my laptop computer.
32. Rebecca planted a vegetable garden.
33. The new car crushed our flower bed.
34. Abbey carried the injured dog to the pet hospital.
35. Sue was given a blue ribbon by the judges for her pie.

TEST IV. DIRECTIONS: Identify and write the tense of the verb whether present, past, future, past
participle, present participle or future participle. Underline the verb (s) in the sentence. Write answer
before the number (30 points).
Example: John will wash the car.
Answer: will wash - future tense
________________36. The whole family went to the library this morning.
________________37. The leaves had fallen by the end of October.
________________38. The drill resumed after an hour.A, B, C, D.
________________39. The class graduates in June.
________________40. I navigate the ship safely.
________________41. Tom had finished the plowing by lunchtime.
________________42. The messman cleaned the gallery after dinner.
________________43. We have finished our pre-departure orientation.
________________44. All senior officer will have acquired the certificate as assessors two weeks after
the training.
________________45. I will have been in this town ten years next month.
_______________ 46. The investigation concerning the collision of two vessels will start tomorrow.
________________47. Before the actual recognition day , thirty cadets had practiced silent drill as an
opening number for the recognition day.
________________48. All passengers on board had abandoned the vessel before it exploded.
________________49. Either the master or the chief mate officer has communicated for tug assistance.
________________50. Charterers expect a decrease in freight rate this year.
TEST VII. DIRECTIONS: Read the selections in the attached sheet carefully. Then answer the questions
asked and /or complete the statement by choosing one of the four possible options. Encircle the letter of
your answer.


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