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We at Privateer Press are very excited that Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game: Kings,

Nations, and Gods releases later this year. Were celebrating with a series of free weekly RPG content we call Full
Metal Fridays! Youll be able to download new careers, equipment, monsters, and more on Full Metal Fridays. Each
month will showcase a different theme and will culminate in an event Game Masters can drop right into games.
This time around, we take a closer look at something that has played a critical role in shaping the Iron Kingdoms,
the art of alchemy.
Check back every Full Metal Friday for new Iron Kingdoms RPG content!

Installment 2, Week 2:

Clever Concoctions
By Matt Goetz
New formulas are constantly being tested and
refined in alchemists workshops throughout western
Immoren. Some are tailor-made to the specifications
of a single client, while others are the result of an
alchemist identifying and attempting to address a
common problem. Once a stable alchemical compound
has been carefully documented, it is a simple matter for
others to reproduce it.

Alchemical Items
Laughing Gas
Cost: 21gc
Description: Those wishing to incapacitate a large
number of individuals without doing them any
physical harm can employ this gaseous compound.
When inhaled, the vapor causes its victim to laugh

uncontrollably. The gas causes a deep, hysterical laugh

akin to those most often heard from the cells of a
lunatic asylum. Individuals under the effects of the gas
find most actions extremely difficult while they are
wracked with fits of cackling.
Special Rules: Vials of laughing gas can be used as
improvised thrown weapons, but due the inaccuracy of
thrown glassware and the low cost of reliable grenade
housings (see Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Core
Rules, p.297), laughing gas bombs are the preferred
delivery method for the substance.
Laughing gas is a gas effect that causes no damage.
When a character is exposed to laughing gas, he must
make a PHY roll against a target number of 12. If the
roll succeeds, nothing happens. If the roll fails, the
character is affected by the gas and begins laughing
uncontrollably. The character suffers 1 on his attack

Clever Concoctions
and skill rolls. During each of his Maintenance Phases,
the character must make an additional PHY roll. If
he passes three of these PHY rolls, the gas has run its
course and its effects end.


Brewing Requirements: Alchemy

Injection Pistol

Ingredients: 1 unit alchemical stone, 1 unit arcane

extract, 1 unit organic oil

Cost: 125gc

Total Material Cost: 7gc

Ammo: 1 (injector)
Effective Range: 4 (24 feet)

Alchemical Formula: Brewing laughing gas requires

an alchemy lab and two hours of labor spent
combining, cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients.
At the end of this time, the alchemist makes an INT +
Alchemy skill roll against a target number of 14. If the
roll succeeds, the character creates one dose of laughing
gas. If the roll fails, he creates one unit of alchemical
waste (liquid).

Umbroculant Drops
Cost: 27gc
Description: This dark, syrupy liquid is dropped
directly into the eyes, coating the corneas with a
glassy black sheen. Those under the effects of the
substance have a temporarily increased ability to see
in low-light conditions.
Special Rules: Administering a dose of this substance
requires an eyedropper. A living character exposed to
umbroculant drops treats light conditions as one step
brighter than normal. For a character under its effects,
complete darkness is treated as dim light and dim light
is treated as bright light. A dose of umbroculant drops
lasts for one hour.
Brewing Requirements: Alchemy
Ingredients: 1 unit mutagenic extract, 1 unit organic oil
Total Material Cost: 9gc

Extreme Range:
Skill: Pistol
Attack Modifier: 2
POW: 8
Description: This complicated brass pistol uses a small
vial of true air, the alchemical compound used in
concussion grenades, to propel an injection dart into a
target at range. The injection pistol provides a means of
long-range delivery for an alchemists creations but is
difficult to use and has a very short range.
Special Rules: This weapon deals no damage. A damage
roll in excess of a targets ARM indicates that the injector
had sufficient force to puncture armor and deliver the
compound contained within it. The target is immediately
subject to the effect of the alchemical compound.
An injector can be loaded with any injectable alchemical
compound. To be injectable, an alchemical compound
must be described as a liquid or contain organic oil,
organic acid, or organic toxin in its ingredients.
If a target is hit by an unloaded injector, nothing
It costs 5gc for a dart and propellant for a single shot.
The alchemical compound must be acquired separately.

Alchemical Formula: Brewing umbroculant drops

requires an alchemy lab and one hour of labor spent
combining, cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients.
At the end of this time, the alchemist makes an INT
+ Alchemy skill roll against a target number of 14. If
the roll succeeds, the character creates one dose of
umbroculant. If the roll fails, he creates one unit of
alchemical waste (liquid).

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