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Call for Papers

Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship: Cross-National Analysis

Guest Editors
*David Audretsch, **Rosa Caiazza
*Professor at Indiana University and WHU Otto Besheim School of Management
** Professor at Parthenope University of Naples

Background and Special Issue Purpose

There is a growing interest among policy makers and academics in transforming results of
research activities in economic products. Literature has evidenced many factors affecting the
research and technology transfer activities of public research institutions and private firms.
These factors can interact reciprocally, causing some regions of the world to become more
dynamic in entrepreneurship (e.g., Silicon Valley) than others. In the rush to stimulate
technology transfer and entrepreneurship, policy makers often rely on the success stories and
prescriptions documented in the literature. However, international comparative studies among
different areas of the world are rare.
Cross-national diversity reflects the various institutional constraints stemming from
political, legal, and cultural factors. Institutions have a unique imprint on the dynamics of
nations by creating specific advantages in the entrepreneurial activity of public research
institutes and firms aimed at commercializing their technologies. Comparing and explaining
cross-national diversity requires a detailed analysis of what guides institutions and how these
behaviors shape technology transfer and entrepreneurship within a region.
The purpose of this special issue is to bring together scholarly thought from different
disciplines to extend extant paradigms and/or to develop new theoretical frameworks. The
guest editors invite authors to submit theoretical papers, using appropriate disciple-specific
tools of analysis, that revisit and revise existing theory, assumptions, or perspectives to more
accurately reflect the challenges and realities of what we now know about factors affecting
cross-national diversity in technology transfer and entrepreneurship.
Deadlines, Submission and Review Process:
The Guest Editors encourage submissions of empirical and conceptual/theoretical nature,
which apply an interdisciplinary approach. Thus, also studies incorporating a sound and wellfounded mixed-method design are welcome. We would like to receive the paper before
January 31, 2015. Please submit papers to both Guest Editors using the email addresses
below. A preliminary decision on the status of submitted manuscripts will be made no later
than April 30, 2015.
Authors should indicate in the body of their email that they would like submission to be
considered for the special issue of the Journal of Technology Transfer on Technology
Transfer and Entrepreneurship: Cross-National Analysis.
Further Information:
For questions regarding the content of this special issue, please contact the guest editors:
David Audretsch, Indiana University,
Rosa Caiazza, Parthenope University,