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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Central Code of Conduct

(NARP Program Members)

Section 1: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Central


Section 2: If this group is not for you, and

breach of Code Of Conduct

Section 3: No obligation and free resources

Section 4: Why this group is specialised, unique
and effective

Section 5: The truth about support groups

Section 6: The truth about recalling the pain

Section 7: The can's and can'ts of posting
Section 8: The truth regarding researching
everything to do with narcissists

Section 9: Posts and contributing to the group



The NARC Facebook Group is a unique Recovery Group which facilitates and promotes thriver
rather than survivor recovery from narcissistic abuse.

Please read the results of members of the NARC Group here

In order to be able to create within yourself, and the Group this level of accelerated and deep inner
healing, the entry requirement to this Group includes being a member of the Narcissistic Abuse
Recovery Program.

Please see the relief and healing others have achieved from NARP and being connected with the
NARC Facebook Group here.

As we all intimately know, narcissistic abuse is one of the most painful experiences anyone could ever go
through, and as a result and the little understood deeper healing truths contemporarily recovery can take
years, decades or may never occur.

'Recovery' in a contemporary sense may simply be the ability to manage ongoing symptoms (at best).

Please know I dont subscribe to contemporary recovery in any shape of form.

I am very passionate about my processes and philosophies. I do not enjoy seeing people who have been
narcissistically abused live painful and limited results when I know they dont have to.

I almost died as a result of narcissistic abuse, and it is my personal heartfelt mission to save as many lives
literally and emotionally as I can.

When people do embrace and apply true inner healing philosophies, they experience great relief and healing
results, which almost always defies contemporary narcissistic abuse recovery outcomes.

Please understand this. I have discovered individuals who do start getting well, can do so at any point after
discovering they were narcissistically abused. It is a total falsity that you need to stay stuck in the victim stage
for any period of time, before working on healing yourself.

Recovery is not a time frame - it is a 'state'.

Regardless if you discovered you were narcissistically abused 2 hours ago, or 20 years ago - the same healing
philosophies and processes apply and work if you want to start getting well.

My recovery philosophies are an enormous shift away from 'the victim who needs to recover' toward 'the
individual who has experienced narcissistic abuse for the necessary reason of healing unhealed parts and
previous defunct belief systems about self, life and love.

True thriver healing results are based on taking your focus OFF being the victim and ONTO investigating,
realizing, embracing and healing your unhealed parts in order to claim your personal power, rather than keep
handing it away.

These processes are achieved powerfully by working through the Healing Modules in NARP, and being a part of
this NARC Facebook Group which:

understands what you are going through

is focused on creating personal breakthroughs
supports each other unconditionally, and
collectively inspires with the healing and sharing of what does work in order to get well.

By committing to a true level of healing processes - your results are:

no ongoing abuse symptoms

no more attracting and experiencing narcissists, and
a level of empowerment, joy and creation that you never knew - even before the narcissist appeared in

your life.

No matter how many miles away you feel from this right now - ask yourself:

"Is this outcome I want to create?"

Also ask yourself:

"Am I willing to accept that I need to heal parts of me that attracted, created and maintained a narcissist in my

Truly if you are still at the point of feeling you are merely a powerless victim, and a narcissist coming into your
life was a total random accident, not for the reason of leading you to healing and greater evolution - please
know this Group, at this point is NOT suitable for you.

To be in this Group you need to feel into those questions, regardless of the pain, fear, injustices and resentment
you may be feeling right now, and come up with a "Yes" for both answers to continue.

If the answer to both questions is a "Yes", you are in the right place.

That is: if you want this enough, and if you apply yourself to getting the focus off 'what happened to me' and
onto 'why this happened to me', and if you make every effort (possibly for the first time in your life) to make
your self-discovery and your self-healing your highest priority.

Because your entire life experience is not going to change until you do.

No longer is this 'all about the narcissist' - it needs to become 'all about you'.

I bless everyone on their healing journey, regardless of what their choice may be.

Please know, if after reading any part of this Code of Conduct, you decide:

this Group is not for you

you are not ready to commit to the deeper healing processes of the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Program, or

this Group is not suitable 'now' for you

it is important for you to be honest to yourself, and live your truth rather than get involved in a Group that is
not a match for you.

There is no offence taken whatsoever if you decide not to agree to the Code of Conduct terms.

The integrity of this Group means not following the posting requirements of the Code of Conduct (below) is not


If you are erring away from the Code of Conduct, in order to maintain the integrity of the Group - you will be
reminded of the Code of Conduct, and if you continue to operate misaligned with the Code of Conduct you will
be removed from the Group.

This is about implementing boundaries to grant you the best possible chance to align with and create your
healing, as well as uphold and protect the healing integrity for every member in the Group.

So please make you choice mindfully.

I also expect other members, in light of preserving the Group's integrity, to grant other members a loving
nudge if someone slips back into victim patterns (which I will qualify later in this document as 'can' and 'cant's),
so they can return to their mindfulness and correct conduct.


Please know once entering The NARC Facebook Group that this Recovery Group is a totally free resource.

There are many free powerful healing resources available to you in the Group, which are wonderful
supplements to the deep inner healing of NARP, and which will further assist you to create relief, healing and
liberation from narcissistic abuse.

These resources are ongoing and include invaluable information posts from other members as well as
notification of my radio shows, blogs and any other resources which are continually being created and released.

As a result of being part of the Group you will receive invaluable inner shift information, as well as share other
members epiphanies and results regarding how to achieve massive and powerful breakthroughs from pain and
issues in your life that have occurred as a result of narcissistic abuse, which have affected you and the people
you love.

This is a specialized benefit within this Group which other narcissistic recovery groups simply do not have
access to or provide.

In order to be an active member healing, growing and committing to yourself and this Group the initial question
in this section is:

"Are you willing to focus time, energy and effort into committing to your healing in order to get out of your pain
and heal?"

If your answer to the above question is "No" or "Maybe" or "I'm not ready yet" please know this Group, at this

time, is NOT suitable to you.

My next question is:

"Are you prepared to spend the majority of your recovery time working on yourself rather than spending time
(without doing that) posting in this Group?

If your answer is "No" then please know, at this time, you are NOT suitable for this Group.


Please note the name of this Group "Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Central".

The emphasis is on the word 'recovery'.

This is not a 'normal' Narcissistic Abuse Group - it is specifically designed and engineered to create recovery for
people who have definitively had enough of the pain, and who want to heal, and who pro-actively commit to

There are many Narcissistic or Abuse Groups, Pages and Forums available on the Internet which are NOT this

If you really do want to heal and get better, and you are ready to take responsibility and put the effort into
healing and getting better - then this Group IS for you.

If for any reason you feel you are not ready to put the effort into taking the focus off the narcissist, and putting
the effort into healing yourself, then you will be more suited into seeking out other Narcissistic Abuse Groups,
Pages or Forums that are more aligned with 'where you are at' presently.


There are certain things you need to know about Support Groups and recovery.

Support Groups are just that, they offer 'support' - however in themselves they do NOT heal you - they can
only be a supplement to the healing and work you do on yourself.

The purpose of Support Groups is to assist you in the work you are doing on yourself with NARP, until you no
longer require the support for this.

Do not believe in any shape of form that you will facilitate your healing just by being a part of this Group.

The truth of the matter is, if you simply use Support Groups without being focused on working on yourself, you
will become co-dependently reliant on them - and even addicted to them - and it can be a convenient way
of avoiding the inner time and work you need to commit to.

Do not spend huge amounts of time on Support Groups - keep this contact balanced and to a healthy amount.

As a part of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, one of the most important life skills you will learn is: how to be a
Source to yourself - because this is where your true healing and empowerment lies.

You will achieve that essential connection to yourself as a result of working through the Modules on the
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program.

Of course, at the beginning of your recovery journey, it is important to reach out, feel supported, understand
what narcissism is, and know you are not aloneand to receive suggestions on how to move forward from
people who are further down the healing track than you are.

But this must happen in conjunction with your diligent application and healing to yourself.


What I am about to say is imperative to your healing.

Your healing does not lie in sharing the painful stories regarding what the narcissist did to you.

There are powerful / clear-cut and INDISPUTABLE REASONS that I say this.

Law of Attraction and Energetic Law is a very simple reality. That is whatever we focus on and
vibrationally continue to think about, talk about and feel - creates 'more of that'.
There is no 'beating' this energetic system of life.
The longer you stay stuck in the painful thoughts and stories, the longer you hang on to and feel
(create) narcissistic abuse in your life, and the more likely you are to attract it again as your future


After suffering narcissistic abuse you have created a physiological peptide addiction that is significant.
You are not only addicted to the narcissist, you are also addicted to the chemical manufacture within
your body to pain / helplessness / victimhood etc.

By recalling the pain, talking about it, reliving it and rehashing it you are not breaking free from this
addiction cycle to the pain, or the narcissist, and you will create more neurological-net associations in
your brain that hardwires and increases your addiction.
To learn more about peptide addiction as well as unhealed Inner Identity belief systems, please watch
my video series The Phenomenon Of Narcissistic Abuse and How You Can Overcome It.

Think about this. If someone 'shot you once' and you go back over and over it, emotionally 1000 times,
you have just re-shot yourself 1000 times with the same bullet.


Every time you relive, recount and go back over 'what happened to you', you are wasting valuable time
that could be used in focusing on, understanding, recognizing and healing your unhealed parts - which
is WHERE you true relief and healing lies.


Every time you recount painful stories in the Group, not only will you be lowering your own vibration
and healing potential, you will also drag other people down into their reference point of their painful
stories, and reactivate their peptide addiction drawing them also away from healing and not toward it.


We have NO POWER to change anything or anyone who is not us. We can ONLY change our life by
changing ourselves. The more we are focused on and talking about someone else's behavior and what
they did to us, we have NO FOCUS or energy working towards healing and changing ourselves.

You may feel - I get relief from venting, recalling and talking about my painful stories.

Yes, initially and

momentarily you do.

But PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS - the relief is NOT you moving towards being healed or whole - the relief is
your peptide addiction getting its fix!

This is why people say "I feel better when I share my painful stories" Because when you go into the pain, the
victimization and the powerlessness, - you talk about it, think about it, and your cellular body who may not
have received a dose of these victimized peptides in the last 5 minutes, 2 hours or 1 day, now gets a fix and
sighs with relief.

But before long the urge has returned, and you need to do it againand again, and again.

It's no different to a smoker or an alcoholic who feels enormous relief when they take that first puff of smoke or
mouthful of alcohol

And of course the more addicted you are the more you need to do it, and the urges occur more and more

What you need to understand is: like all addictions - no matter how many times you get momentary relief - the
charges of pain, fear and helplessness keep repeating.

You are NOT breaking out of the cycle, healing or getting well - and it is because of the addiction that you can't
seem to leave alone - the being focused on, talking about and living the pain of the narcissistic muck.

By staying stuck in reliving, talking about and posting painful stories you are NOT moving towards a New Life

where the narcissist, who they are, what they are, what they do, and what they did to your life is no longer
your reality - which is the goal!

Because of the addiction, your urge is going to be huge.

The more you work the Healing Modules within NARP (which effectively release and heal your peptide addiction)
the faster and more powerfully you will break free from this cycle of addiction, as well as release your pain.

Recalling Painful Stories or 'bagging out' the narcissist is no longer allowed in this Group, and is a Breach of

Please know there are many avenues available in your life to vent about the narcissist and what he or she did
to you. This can be with friends, family or with other Narcissistic Abuse Groups, Pages or Forums.

You are more than welcome, at these times when still struggling with your peptide addiction - where you feel
you still need to vent - to use any resource outside of this Group to do so.

If you do indulge in emotionally charged stories of details about 'what the narcissist has done to you and how
awful it is' you will be warned by myself or others in the Group to not do this - and if you persist you will be
removed by myself from the Group.


Please do not for one moment think you can't discuss painful issues in order to get assistance, support and

You can

It is how you do it that's important.

I will give you an example of how this can be performed healthily

Situation One:

"My situation is this, my ex-narc has (unemotional NON-DETAILED facts). Has anyone else had any experience
in dealing with this and have any suggestions? What Module can I use to shift this pain?"

"The dirt-bag has done it again, I can't believe that he would pull this rubbish etc etcI am so sick of him trying

to punish me etc. etc"

Situation Two:

"I am feeling hurt and powerless at the moment because of this (unemotional NON-DETAILED facts). Can
someone please help me out with what I need to do to shift this and get back to me?"

He did this, said this, etc, etc. etc. (vivid descriptions of what he did..) (Disbelief and pain regarding 'how can
he do that'.etc. etc. etc.)

I think and hope you can get the point.

There is an empowered way to discuss things and grow, or a disempowered way to discuss things and stay

I'll try to make this simple

Keep details of 'what happened' to a minimum, unemotional and stick to facts.

Seek solutions rather than banging on in detail about the problems.

If you are hurting, own that you're hurting, and get in touch with your feelings claim them and express them.
Share them with the Group and thenask for suggestions to heal and shift out of these painful feelings.

Making the focus about what you are feeling because of what happened IS empowering, rather than keeping
your focus on 'what happened to me is wrong' and expressing massive details about that - which is severely

My question to you in regard to this section is:

"Are you able to be mindful when you express your issues, claim and own your feelings and ask for and seek
empowering solutions and support?"


"If you feel you need to vent are you willing to do it elsewhere?"

You answer needs to be a genuine "Yes" to both questions for you to be suitable for this Group.



It is vital you understand the following.

It is a total falsity that researching and knowing everything about narcissists is going to save you from
connecting to another one again, and provide you with a narcissistic free life.


The truth is: The attraction and creation of narcissistic abuse in our lives had very little to do with logic.

It happened as a result of unhealed unconscious emotional programs we were carrying within ourselves. These
were the fears and the unhealed wounds we had regarding ourselves, our parents, previous love partners, and
the fears and pain associated with love.

It is ONLY the cleaning up of these wounds, fears and inner programs which create true healing and a
narcissistic-free life.

Yes, information regarding narcissists is helpful, and initially essential in order to help us understand and accept
what happened. It can also assist you in the future with identifying red flags - but truly you could
know every red flag inside out, and IF you haven't cleaned up your unfinished and unhealed parts you
will simply attract another abusive situation, that you will AGAIN get engaged in.

I promise you - I cannot tell you how many people with every practical knowledge available regarding
narcissism, who thought they were safe, still attract abuse, or suffer extreme loneliness because they are not
yet healed.

The focus on reclaiming and healing yourself needs to be at least 90% self, versus focus on narcissistic
information as 10% at the most.

Rule of thumb - Initially when discovering you have been narcissistically abused, it should take you no longer
then one week to discover what a narcissist is, how they operate, and why they operate the way they do.

You can add to your knowledge after this time, but after one week if you are serious about healing and breaking
free it is time to get your focus on healing yourself as the 90/10 rule.

If you don't you will stay attached to narcissistic abuse indefinitely as 'your reality'.

It is impossible to move forward into creating a New Life if you continue to read about and research
narcissism endlessly - and be very aware this is feeding your peptide addiction to pain, fear, powerlessness and

It is also a highly co-dependent and disempowering habit to focus on 'what is wrong with the outside world',
rather than taking the responsibility to focus on and heal 'self'.

My question to you regarding this section is:

"After discovering information about narcissists and gaining an understanding of narcissism, am I determined
to get my focus off the narcissist and apply my energy and focus to healing myself?"

The answer needs to be a solid "Yes" for you to be a match with this Group.


The most valuable posts and replies are the ones you can do which inspire yourself and others towards healing
and recovery.
The most valuable contributions are:

Posts and replies that offer solutions, support and healing suggestions to other members.
Sharing your own inspirational and breakthrough stories.
Inspirational pictures, captions and wall posters.
Sharing the methods and processes you have used that have helped you - in order to inspire others to try
what has worked for you.
Information specific to the needs and understanding of the Group regarding narcissism (when
Any other than narcissistic positivity, happiness, joy and inspiration you wish to share.

Please understand that the focus of the Group is to seek and share answers, revelations, breakthroughs and the
healing of our own unhealed parts, and co-create positively and moving forward solutions, rather than
negativity and staying stuck in the problems.

It is for this reason the NARC Facebook Group regularly creates healing and empowerment results within
timeframes that are unheard of, and were previously deemed impossible within the Narcissistic Abuse
Recovery Community.

People who commit to this combination consistently experience real relief and incredible breakthroughs often in
only a matter of weeks.


The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Central Group is a Group focused on Recovery as the prime objective and goal.

To be a part of this Group that commitment is required from you also.













or that you agree to the Code Of Conduct and would like to be accepted into the group.

Your request will be not be accepted until you have replied.

If you have any further questions regarding the Code of Conduct or the Group please email those
questions also.

Please find the list of additional Empowering Resources which grant you the best possible opportunity to heal
and empower yourself from narcissistic abuse.

Also please know that your free subscription to New Life Newsletter is your most powerful link to stay up
to date with blogs, radio shows and empowerment and healing solutions - as well as providing you the
information to help deprogram your addiction and break free.

Your subscription will also provide you with two free comprehensive and powerful eBooks "How To Do Contact"
and "Narcissistic Abuse - The Truth" to get your healing journey started. You can unsubscribe from this
newsletter at any time.

Please note you are very welcome to subscribe to Melanies newsletter, and access her resources
at, regardless of whether or not you decide to join the NARC Facebook Group.

Thank you for taking the time to read this document.

I look forward to your reply and the opportunity to work with you powerfully and lovingly towards the New Life
that I know you deserve.

Debbie Hadgkiss

Fiona McLintock