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4 Reasons to

Switch to
A general view of how cloud
computing works [6].

In today's world, the use of computers monopolizes the

workplace. According to, sixty-two percent of
working Americans use the internet as an integral part of their jobs.
[15] High computer usage and digital files brings new need for
better security, increased data storage, and quick backups while also
saving time and money. While there are many worthy solutions to
data storage, program use, email, and any other computing task,
cloud computing is notable for its resource efficiency, easy backups,
greater file protection, and streamlined collaboration.

1. Resource Effi cient

A typical server room [7].

Cloud computing is the newer, better way for businesses to

save, share, backup, and collaborate on work while being extremely
space, time, and cost efficient [1]. The standard way of computing
in the business world revolves around purchasing large computer
towers and connecting them to a server that users can log onto on

their desktops to find their

documents. The problem with
this technique is that one
server can weigh up to 164.9
pounds and take up five times
the amount of space of a
regular desktop computer [2].
Instead of creating a mess of
increasingly outdated servers,
the more efficient plan is to
seek a third party cloud
computing service. On top of
the physical nature of the
servers, the IT staff employees
are charged with maintaining
and updating the software and
hardware of

the servers which allow each user to access the his or her files
[1].Utilizing IT employees to focus their efforts on server upkeep is
time consuming and expensive.
Cloud computing dissolves the need for maintaining,
updating, and moving giant server computers by outsourcing the
work to a third party that connects businesses to outside servers
through the internet [4]. Instead of a company paying IT staff to take
care of the servers, a company can better use their IT staff elsewhere
A typical server computer [9]

saving money and time. It is a pain to keep in-house servers up to

date and from crashing. Subscribing to an online cloud is much
easier and cost efficient because there is no need to purchase or
maintain thousands of dollars worth of server computers, not to
mention preparing a server room with cooling and electrical

A regular desktop computer [10].

equipment [3].

A more detailed view of cloud computing [8].

2. Easy Backup
In the best case of traditional computing, an in-house server
computer is responsible for backing up files for a user over a local
network. The problem with this is that while using the in-house
server is okay, the server computer's hard drive is susceptible to
crashing. And, for most small businesses, buying a stable server
computer is out the question so they are left to save all of their files
A general look at a cloud backup

on their local hard drive. Saving on a hard drive produces a great risk
of loss of files because once a hard drive crashes, there is little that
can be done to recover its contents.
Outsourcing computing enables backing up files easily.
Backup is immediate on the cloud and can be recovered seamlessly if
something goes wrong at a workplace. Everything that is saved is
backed up on professional server computers so there is no need to
worry about if the in-house server or local hard drive is stable.

3. Greater File
Security of files is always a concern for any business. In most
business settings, when an employee needs to work off site with
confidential data, a laptop is provided to them. Because of the
mobility of laptops there is increased risk of it being misplaced or
The cloud is safe even when a hard

stolen. About 800,00 laptops are stolen in airports each year. [3].

drive has been compromised.

Since files are not saved directly onto a user's computer with cloud


computing, if a computer is
stolen, the data is still safe on
the cloud.
Many times with inhouse servers, the hard drives
can crash which leads to loss
of those files and slow
recovery times. Cloud
computing companies are
specialists when it comes to
crash recovery and thus have

Switching to the cloud may be the missing piece to the drive for efficiency [14].

experts monitoring the files

around the clock [3].
Aberdeen Group did a study
on crash recovery times and

that businesses which used the cloud were able to resolve issues in
an average of 2.1 hours, nearly four times faster than businesses that
didnt use the cloud (8 hours).[3]

4. Streamlined
Collaboratio n
Collaboration and access to files is streamlined using cloud
computing. Typically a company will only allow access to files
within their building. This causes many problems with users wanting
to work on their projects outside of the workplace. Furthermore,
It doesn't matter where an employee

collaboration on projects is tedious with traditional computing in the

is in the world, he or she can always

case that one of the workers is off-site because of the restricted

access their files on the cloud [13].

access. According to Adobe's study of cloud computing "73% of

knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones

and regions at least

future of computing so the faster the world moves towards it, the

monthly.[3] This restriction

safer it will be.

forces employees to have to

email versions of their project
back and forth between each


"Benefits of Cloud Computing." Queensland Government. The State of

other instead of keeping and

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updating a file in a central


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Switching to the cloud solves

many common computing

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business world. Cloud


computing saves money by

not needing huge computers


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or other special equipment,


time on maintenance and


upgrading since there are no

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servers to take care of, and

space since there is no need

A general depiction of how cloud computing works. Digital



A view of a typical server room. Digital image. DavidBurren. N.p., n.d.

for a dedicated server room.

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The cloud also is safer when


backing files and more secure


than a hard drive.

Collaboration is seamless


A more specific depiction of how cloud computing works. Digital N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

since work can be done from


anywhere. The cloud is the



A typical server computer.

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