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About Accenture
Accenture is the world's largest consulting firm, Accenture offers management consulting,
information technology and systems integration, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services to
customers around the globe, with net incomes of US $ 19.70 billion for the monetary year finishing

The Accenture UK site recognizes six centre values that characterize who they are and
how they work:

Exceptional talent
Continuous Learning
High quality work
A collaborative approach
An entrepreneurial spirit
A diverse workforce

With a specific end goal to keep up skilled workforce in their association they needed to enable their
best individuals with the privilege aptitudes for their important customers. They generally have a
clarity about what the association requires of its kin, what aptitudes are required, what is
anticipated from them on customer ventures and what they have to do to guarantee they keep on
developing. In this way to keep up and accomplish their objective & destinations identified with
human assets they have directed 18 talent dimensions for smooth working of the association and
their workforce.

Defining Talent
Dimension 1: Size of talent pool - Everybody in Accenture is characterized as talent. Everyone has
entry to the same open doors as far as professions, honing and counselling. According to them its
hard to be a stable supporter inside the association since its execution administration methodology
drives people to become and create; falling into a stable patron class will eventually prompt being
overseen out of the association.

Dimension 2: Entry criteria - Everybody is considered as talent and is divided by using various
grades which is given through early promotions. Lots of help are provided to employees for getting
promoted through the advisor relationship, the training and development as well as the access to
stretching client work. The promotion process for the most senior positions is difficult and less
transparent as compared to junior level promotions.

Dimension 3: Decision process - At junior levels the decision to promote is clear and sits with the
aggregate task pioneers, whilst alignment is guaranteed by the HR and free assessors. It is clear
inside Accenture how the future pioneers of the business are chosen and created.

Dimension 4: Permanency of definition - Since the talent pool is characterized as everyone, the
definition of talent is moderately perpetual. It is uncommon for individuals to be downgraded to


lower grades they are overseen out. This does not, then again, imply that everybody in the ability
pool is relied upon to be a future pioneer of the organization.

Dimension 5: Recruitment as a source of talent - In the event that an individual remains

excessively long at an evaluation they are in the end oversaw out of the business. Along these lines,
there is a steady procedure of detecting the privilege ability both inside and remotely.

Dimension 6: Transparency - Ability administration at Accenture could be depicted as being

greatly straightforward. Yet it contrasts with the administration level, at senior it talent management
is less transparent as compared to junior or middle levels.

Developing Talent
Dimension 7: Development Path - The career path for each individual is clearly laid out and
structured. There is fixed time for promotions if they are performing normally but if they are
outstanding in their work they can be promoted faster as compared to others.

Dimension 8: Development Focus - Their main focus is to have best people for their clients and
for that they follow rigorous approach to personal development and they consider learning as the
key factor for the growth of the individual as well as organization.

Dimension 9: Support - There is a lot of backing of people, nonetheless they are required to make
their own specific manner in the association, and to search out circumstances both as far as tasks
and advancement.

Dimension 10: Influence on career - The decision to progress is in the hands of the individual, if
they are performing as lots of opportunities are there to support & encourage them and if not
performing they will be thrown out.

Dimension 11: Connected Conversation - The openness and fairness associated with
performance management process is a great feature of performance management.

Dimension 12: Organizational Values They are customer and results focussed so they have
strong performance ethos, people are expected to work hard on behalf of the organization and in
return the organization will invest in them and their future with online and regular career point skills
training. There is also a strong emphasis on bringing difference and diversity into organization in
terms of ethnicity and profession.

Dimension 13: Risk Accenture work with medium risk environment as there is no high potential
fast track process for spotting talent and also to ensure success at client level they have avoid high
levels of risks.

Structure and Systems to Support Talent Management

Dimension 14: Performance Management It is an evidence based approach. Project managers
are responsible for providing concrete examples of people's performance rather than what they
think or feel and also their main role is to ensure that each individual has clarity about their goals.


Dimension 15: Talent Management Process It is highly structured & is seen as fair and robust.
Counsellor, independent assessor, people advocate and HR are responsible for this.

Dimension 16: Use of Technology - Technology is widely used for accessing development as
every individual has access to, an online tool for development options.
Dimension 17: Systems Flexibility Accenture follow a constant review process of its
approach to its own talent through the support and challenge of robust line, HR and people
Dimension 18: Ownership of Talent - Ownership of talent is evenly distributed throughout
the organization and there is no formal process of fast streaming or high potential
programme that is owned centrally.
The process of performance management is operated by project leaders who have the
responsibility to ensure that the appropriate level of data is gathered in respect to each
individual. As a check to the process, independent assessors along with HR also review the
quality and consistency of the laddering to make sure that the fairness and transparency is


1. A six month cycle of rigorous approach to performance management with a senior
executive development programme to develop potential future leaders.
2. Greater acceptance of the fact that doing performance management well is not only
good of the individual as well as organization too.
3. A high level of openness and transparency for promotions of grades.
4. Development being a core value of the organization where each individual is encouraged
by their career councillors for their maximum participation.
5. A culture which encourages open and honest feedback and with a reward system which
is linked to performance that values the skills & competencies.



Retention of good people

Flexibility of process
Career path for experts
Geographic integration
Succession planning of senior roles
Leadership development for junior levels