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International Conservation Project Funders

African Bird Club

Award; Expedition

African Wildlife

Leadership in
Conservation Award

Alexander F.
Skutch Award

Research grant

The ABC's Conservation Programme supports small
conservation projects in Africa. Conservation awards
are given to projects surveying and researching
African birds, educational projects or training
courses, production of guides to the common birds
of a country in local languages, interpretation
material for nature reserves, and other ideas will be
considered. Expedition awards are provided for
larger projects.
In 1996, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)
introduced the Charlotte Conservation Fellowships
to provide support for African nationals pursuing
masters degree courses or doctoral research.
Charlotte Fellowships enable recipients to improve
their qualifications, update their skills, acquire the
latest information on natural resource management
and adapt new technologies to their work. The
Program is committed to enhancing the
effectiveness and impact of African nationals in the
field of conservation through the increased
knowledge, skills, and credentials obtained through
an advanced degree. AWF is offering scholarships
for full or partial MSc or Ph.D. programs with field
research components that produce knowledge
offering solutions or insight into specific
conservation challenges that complement AWF's
conservation programs in the African Heartlands.
The countries of focus for this year's program are
Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Expenses that AWF expects to cover under the
scholarship will vary depending on the individual
program selected by the scholarship recipient.
Funding to support the study of life histories,
especially social relations and reproduction, of little
known birds on the continental neotropics, including
Trinidad and Tobago.



valued at a
max of

One award of
US$8,000 $10,000

International Conservation Project Funders

Peruvian university
student award;
Graduate research
grant; Seed grant

American Bird

William Belton
Small Grants Fund

Museum of
Natural History

Graduate Student
Fellowship Program

American Society

Latin American

The Amazon Conservation Association (ACA) and its
Peruvian counterpart, Asociación para la
Conservación de la Cuenca Amazónica (ACCA)
announce three grant programs to support field
research in pure and applied biology, systematics,
resource use and related topics at the Los Amigos
Research Center and Conservation Area in
Amazonian Peru during 2004.
ABC's William Belton Small Grants Fund will provide
support for projects to conserve Endangered and
Critically Endangered bird species in Latin America
and the Caribbean, in partnership with the U.S. Fish
& Wildlife Service. Conservation projects at sites
identified by the Alliance for Zero Extinction as
essential for the conservation of Endangered and
Critically Endangered bird species will be given
highest priority for support. ABC Small Grants can
provide funding for development of Conservation
Plans. Completed Plans would be required to include
the following information (these items are not
required for the initial proposal): Deadlines for
applications do apply.
One or two people per year receive funding to enter
a doctoral program at Columbia, Cornell, Yale or City
University of NY. The program aims to equip
students with the practical and theoretical training
in conservation biology they will need to address
environmental problems in their home countries.
Currently, six students are enrolled, among them
citizens of countries in which the CBC has ongoing
research projects. Most have presented their
research at international conferences, as well as
published in leading scientific journals. Since the
program's inception, five Ph.D. students and three
Master's students have completed their studies,
including two Ph.D. recipients in June 2003.
The Latin American Fellowship has been established

student award
-- US$3,000 $5,000; Grad
grant -$5,000; Seed
grants -$20,000
Most grants
less than


Contact: Ana Luz
Tel: 212-313-7052



International Conservation Project Funders of Mammologists Award/Scholarshi p Fellowship American Society of Primatologists Awards. launched in ation http://www.500. and enrolled in a graduate program in either a Latin American or North American university.batbiodiversity. involves British American Tobacco and four conservation NGOs: Earthwatch Europe. conservation. ecology. small grants Bat Conservation International Student Scholarship Program Institution British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership Description to promote the support of field research by Latin Americans in Latin America. biogeography. Lack of knowledge about bat ecology and behavior is one of the greatest impediments to bat conservation progress. systematics. or behavior. http://www.000 $2. BCI sponsors students in conducting conservation-relevant research. Small grants: $1500 Awards range from $1.000 each. The goal of this program is to support exceptionally talented students in research initiatives that will contribute new knowledge essential to conserving bats and the ecosystems they serve. Awards and small grants for primate research. Eligible students must be citizens of Latin American countries (excluding Puerto Rico).000 annually for its student scholarship fund. and average about $2. It aims to: work through external projects to contribute to the conservation of global biodiversity by building a portfolio of activities that assist countries where the partners operate in meeting their obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity. asp Awards: $750. the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the Tropical Biology Association. To this and work within the British American Tobacco Group and amongst the other Award Amount Website .org . These areas of research in mammalogy shall be considered equally important by the selection committee. Each year. BCI has set aside a minimum of $ www. Proposed projects must be primarily field oriented with a research emphasis in the areas of natural history. wildlife biology. Fauna & Flora International.batcon. The British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership.

http://www. The Expedition Grants are intended to further the education of young ecologists by extending their experience overseas through assisting student expeditions. but travel must normally be to or from the United Kingdom or Eire (sixth form expeditions may be within the UK).britishecologica lsociety.000.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p British Ecological Society (BES) Early Career Project Grants British Ecological Society (BES) BES Bursaries and Fellowships British Ecological Society (BES) Expedition Grants Description partners to enhance the partners’ own ability to conserve and manage biodiversity. British Ecological Society (BES) Overseas Bursaries scheme provides grants for ecologists in developing countries for innovative ecological research.000. British American Tobacco is donating £1 million a year to the Partnership for an initial five years. Initiating or developing research programmes is becoming increasing difficult for ecologists during the early stages of their career. Expeditions must consist of at least three people (preferably undergraduates or sixth-form students).org/articles/grants/ research/obf/ Grants up to £2. http://www. but it should be clear that the application is not for a field or adventure training course. http://www. although participation of postgraduate students and staff is not research/expedition/ . It aims to encourage links between ecologists in developing countries with those in the UK and other European countries. It is understood that teaching staff may help in the planning of the expedition. The expedition should be distinct from timetabled teaching activities and should primarily have been planned and organised by students.000. and participate in the research/ecpg/ Grants up to £7. and this programme principally aims to provide an opportunity for ecologists recently appointed to academic posts to establish themselves.britishecologica lsociety. The aim of this programme is to assist promising young ecologists by supporting innovative or important research of a pure or applied nature. No restriction is made on the country(ies) visited. Funding will not be given for work that contributes Award Amount Website Grants up to £25.britishecologica lsociety.

and national park management. invent and create solutions to preserve the national parks of the 21st canonscholarships/ US$3. For this program.ctfs. 2. . from which research grants are awarded annually to sponsor scientific and conservation projects. Mexico. Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program for the Americas Center for Research grants Description directly to the higher degree of any of the expedition members. discover. but the BOU does from time to time sponsor much larger projects. environmental science. for 8 individuals. the Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program for the Americas hopes to develop the next generation of scientists working in the fields of conservation. the Americas include Canada.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p British Ornithologist’s Union Research grants Canon USA. By providing support to Ph. The Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program for the Americas has an ambitious goal: To encourage the best graduate students in the Americas to conduct research critical for conserving national parks throughout the region. and the countries of the Caribbean.) support research on critical problems facing the region’s national parks.000 ea.) develop world leaders in science and conservation.nps. Program is designed to provide opportunities for Award Amount Website Grants of £1000. and 3. advance ornithology within the scientific community and promote scientific ornithology to the wider bird watching Inc. The BOU has a long tradition of providing financial support for research and US$78. funded by bequests and donations. Most of BOU’s support is in the form of small grants. the countries of Central and South America. The program's objectives are to: 1.D.nature. It administers the David Lack and Landsborough Thomson Trusts.) encourage the use of national parks as laboratories for science. the United States. The British Ornithologists’ Union will promote understanding and conservation of the world’s birds. students throughout the region.000 - http://www. It is these scientists who will learn. http://www.

conservationists. Typically. Annual awards are made to research and conservation initiatives involving animals and their habitat or programs involving local people that directly impact animal conservation. Brookfield Zoo provides small grants assistance for conservation and research projects that help support and advance the zoo's mission. Program annually recognizes outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to the conservation of natural resources.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Tropical Forest Science (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) ChevronTexaco Conservation Awards Chicago Zoological Society Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Scott Neotropical Fund Description senior researchers and graduate.000) %20Research%20Grants %208-04. http://www. geographic areas. com/social_responsibility/c ommunity/programs_conse rvation. South America and the Caribbean).asp Website http://www.000. grants and awards help conservation/grants. The primary beneficiary of the funds as well as the impact of the project must be within the neotropics (Mexico. The Scott Neotropical Fund supports the work of neotropical residents in their countries through direct project support. has provided nearly 200 grants for field conservation and research. Central America.brookfieldzoo. or topics of concern to the zoo.chevrontexaco. predoctoral and postdoctoral students to utilize existing Forest Dynamic Plots and to conduct research with scientists associate with these plots. The Scott Neotropical Fund was initiated to provide funds to deserving students and scientists living and working in Latin America. http://www.pdf Six awards are given per year in the amount of $10. in operation since 1976. or graduate students focusing on research and conservation projects concerned with species.000 (with one or two larger awards up to $40.or g/ Awards range from $3000 $5000. Applications for grants are by invitation only and are screened carefully to identify projects of the highest priority to the zoo. The Chicago Zoological Society Conservation and Research Fund.clemetzoo. Preference is given to scientists from the countries with CTFS sites and to all graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.asp . Award Amount $5.

Inquiry regarding the possibility of support should be in the form of an exploratory letter. The Foundation awards grants for seed money to promote conservation and enlightened use of renewable natural resources. Scholarships are not provided.000. The Conservation Fund serves as a small grants program that field researchers throughout the world can access by submitting applications directly to the Field Conservation Coordinator.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Columbus Zoo Conservation Fund Conservation and Research Foundation Conservation International – Critically Endangered Neotropical Species Fund Research grant Conservation International – Research grants Description training opportunities. wildlife and habitats of the neotropics into the future. catalytic support for the conservation of endangered nonhuman Award Amount Website http://www.redlist. and address the problem of overpopulation. Preferred projects are those that might not qualify for funding from traditional sources. the zoo has provided funds to over 80 projects in 36 countries. www. and including the Caribbean and other offshore islands). and in 2003. org Contact: Bill Konstant .org/funding/dir3-13.colszoo. In the area of research.000 http://biodiversityeconomic s. and/or technical assistance that will continue to benefit the local people. Program does not accept unsolicited proposals.000 with a max of $ servation/con2001. The conservation committee reviews proposals each month. encourage related research in the biological sciences.000 $3. from Mexico southwards. catalytic support for the conservation of Critically Endangered species (as listed on the 2002 IUCN Red List of Threatened living in their natural habitats in the Neotropics (here defined as all of Latin America.html Up to US$5.htm Awards range from $1.hoffman@conservation. Provides strategically targeted. deepen understanding of the relationships between man and the environment. Contact: Mike Hoffman m. CENSF aims to contribute to global biodiversity conservation by providing strategically targeted. the sponsor prefers to support investigations that might be ineligible for funding from conventional sources. Grants are made to organisations as well as individuals.

Projects submitted to the foundation should have one or more of the following characteristics: a focus on critically endangered and endangered nonhuman primates living in their natural habitats.000 with a max of $5. “threatened hotspots”. Awards are granted to organizations or individuals Award Amount Website Awards range from US $1. Projects submitted to the foundation should have one or more of the following characteristics: focus on critically endangered and endangered nonhuman primates living in their natural habitats.. location in areas of high overall biodiversity and under great threat (e. and result in publication of information on endangered primate species in a format that is useful both to experts and the general public. to help increase local capacity for implementing biodiversity conservation. the ability to strengthen international networks of field-based primate specialists and enhance their capacity to be successful ensure maximum multiplier effect for each . be carried out by nationals from the tropical countries to increase local capacity for implementing biodiversity conservation. Program does not accept unsolicited proposals. Contact: Anthony Rylands a. “megadiversity” countries) .or g Awards range http://www.chelonian. be projects that strengthen international networks of field-based primate specialists and enhance their capacity to be successful conservationists. direction and management by nationals from the tropical countries.g. “threatened hotspots”.g.000 $ ensure maximum multiplier effect for each project.000. and projects that result in publication of information on endangered primate species in a format that is useful both to experts and the general public.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation Conservation International – Primate Action Fund Research grant Conservation Research grant Description primates and their natural habitats.. be conducted in areas of high overall biodiversity and under great threat (e. “megadiversity” countries) .rylands@conservation.

cepf. but not marine turtles. training.000 £70. involving either local institutions or communities in the host country. strengthening indigenous organizations and facilitating partnerships between the private sector and protected areas. Website cf/ Contact: Rod Mast Email: r.000 per yr per project (most project last 3 years) http://www. Chelonian Conservation and Biology. or which may be highly threatened but not yet recognized as such. either Critically Endangered or Endangered. Award recipients are also encouraged to publish at least partial results of the supported research in the international scientific turtle journal. To draw on British expertise in the field of .org http://www. The Global Environment Facility. To assist countries rich in biodiversity but poor in resources with the conservation of biological diversity and implementation of the Biodiversity Convention.mast@conservation.darwin. Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). the MacArthur Foundation and the World f/ £35. Projects funded under the Initiative will be collaborative. Projects will have a real impact on the ability of the Award Amount from $1000 $5000. with either partial or full support as funding allows. Award recipients enter into contractual agreement with Conservation International to produce the proposed work (CI serves as TCF's umbrella organization). priority setting and consensus building.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p International – Turtle Conservation Fund Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) Darwin Initiative Main Darwin projects Darwin Scholarships Pre-project funding Post-project funding Description for specific conservation or research projects dealing with tortoises or freshwater turtles. A joint initiative between Conservation International. published by TCF Alliance Partner Chelonian Research transboundary planning. Investments support such projects as managing of protected areas and coordinating biodiversity corridors. Priority for funding is usually given to projects that focus on species that are already highly threatened according to the IUCN Red List criteria. engaging in conflict resolution. encouraging local dialogue with extractive industries.

Darwin funding will be used as a catalyst to lever additional funding for project work. The Fund was established in 1995 as a global awards program for the study and protection of the world's wildlife and ecosystems. including scientific methodologies. involvement of partner organizations. magnitude of hand/environmentality/ind ex. typically through work experience in UK organisations.html Per capita grants http://www. Any project that Earthwatch supports must be able to demonstrate clearly how the outcomes will Award Amount Website http://disney.earthwatch. Drawing on UK expertise in biodiversity. the Fund has supported more than 200 projects in 20 countries. It provides annual awards to US non-profit conservation organizations working alongside their peers in other countries. Many of the recipient organizations concentrate their activities on "biological hotspots" .org/ europe/ .go. which would not otherwise be forthcoming. Projects will be of high quality and scientific (or other appropriate professional) excellence. Each project is evaluated on specific criteria. The outputs and outcomes from projects should be additional to that from work being funded through other mainstream environmental or research programmes. ability to impact an area in the near-term and elements of public education and community involvement.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund Earthwatch Institute Research Grants. Whenever possible. African Fellowship Description host country to meet its obligations under the Biodiversity Convention. the programme aims to give Scholars the opportunity to broaden their professional knowledge and experience in biodiversity. Projects funded under the Initiative will demonstrate good value for money.areas rich in plant and animal life at risk of imminent destruction. Since its inception. Darwin Scholarships are targeted at promising members of recent or current Darwin Initiative projects and are from countries rich in biodiversity but poor in financial resources.

S. and over 670 conservation professionals from 25 African countries have been awarded Fellowships.000 to $130. The two-week field placements are intensive but cause minimal disruption to the institutions' day-to-day activities. The Programme started in 1994.000 (range $7. Earthwatch awards grants on a per capita basis.home. Fellowships are open to people with a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds. Earthwatch works with 23 local partners to: 1. The long-term goal of the African Fellowship Program is to build the capacity of African conservation institutions through providing training.200). through to monitoring bird migration between Europe and Africa.umass. in an African context.htm US$37.) bridge the skills gap to enable NGO workers and park staff to understand and participate in data collection and processing. or exploring how insect interactions maintain critically endangered habitat in Costa Rica's tropical forest.att. ranging from mangrove restoration of the Kenyan coastline. to their psites. We currently support 140 projects in 50 countries. as part of its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program. International Development Aid Donor Internet Guide. The U.earthwatch. and project grants average $25. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). is offering Graduate Fellowships for master's and doctoral level students in Award Amount average $900 (range $250 to $1. 2. including those with experience but no formal qualifications. Excellent resource with comprehensive. annotated links to dozens of donors present on the web.html . Website http://www. determined by multiplying the per capita grant by the number of volunteers deployed to the project.International Conservation Project Funders Institution East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative EPA Award/Scholarshi p Program Star Graduate Fellowship Description address local or global environmental arch/gsgs/epastar.000 http://www.000) annually. because staff is only released for a short period.) provide young scientists with the skills and confidence to engage in their own research programs.

nfwf.pdf ml US$1200 http://explorers. The ETFRN is a forum for communication between European organizations. Applicants must be citizens of the United States. or be lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence. esource/frames/linkfund. or its territories or possessions. Award Amount £500 Website http://www.200 are made primarily to graduate students. Applicants do not have to be members of The Explorers Club and do not have to reside in the United States to qualify for an award. The Exploration Fund of The Explorers Club provides grants in support of exploration and field research. four of them new to the Fund.faunaflora. we have invested in 19 projects and supported a total of 15 grantees. researchers. The Save The Tiger Fund supports organizations and governmental agencies to conduct a broad range of tiger conservation activities.htm http://www. This dedicated fund focuses on popular and highly visible threatened species of animals and plants.etfrn. painting or EU institutions and others concerned with (sub-)tropical forest research. The Flagship Species Fund aims to provide practical support to the conservation of endangered species and their associated ecosystems in developing countries.hoskingtours.php ms/stf. The Fund's diversity of grant recipients has grown every year. To date.html . Awards are granted annually to applicants pursuing project on birds and other natural history subjects that are of scientific and conservation value. In rsary. Grants in amounts up to $1.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Erik Hosking Trust European Tropical Forest Research Network Explorer’s Club (US) Award/Scholarshi p Small grants Exploration Fund Exxonmobil/Esso Save the Tiger Fund Fauna and Flora International Flagship Species Fund Description environmentally-related fields of h_grants. using the media of writing. The Flagship Species Fund Small Grants Programme provides urgently needed support to small scale and pilot conservation projects worldwide. the Fund has provided awards to 53 grantees. funding activities concerned directly with the protection of endangered flagship species.

) Capacity of researcher(s) to conduct the study.000 (US$1800) for undergraduate students. (Environment and Development is one of 15 fields of study and falls within “Asset Bldg and Community Dev. Latin America. grant amount for a one-year project for professionals and organizations is PhP250. 4. 3. The International Fellowships Program provides support for up to three years of formal graduatelevel study leading to a masters or doctoral degree. http://www.) contribution to the professional development of Filipino researchers. U.) Relevance to the conservation of threatened species and their habitats. where the Ford Foundation maintains active overseas hat/ ?q= http://www.000 to $58.000 foreign nationals from 140 nations each year through their home country mission or US embassy.iie. Museum and laboratory-based components may be included. nationals are not eligible. Provides equipment and supplies for projects from $50 to $1500 USD.000.fordfound. Proposals are evaluated based on: Humphrey Fellowships are granted in the amount of $55. Proposals for field-based projects are accepted from students. and Russia.) Scientific merit and value of the research. 2. and to build local capacity for research.haribon. the Middle East. enthusiasts and organizations from all over the Philippines. Fellows are selected from countries in Asia. The Humphrey Program is a one-year graduate exchange program that falls within the Fulbright program and has been in existence since . conservationists.000 (US$4500). The Fulbright Fellowship Program was established over 50 years ago and provides awards to 5.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program Haribon Foundation Conservation Research Grants Idea Wild Institute of International Education Fulbright and Humphrey scholarships Description The Programme now disperses grants once a year rather than three times a year. http://www. Africa.ideawild. and PhP100. Natural resource and environmental management is Award Amount Website http://www. Haribon in cooperation with the Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund awards research grants to fill in gaps in knowledge of threatened species and their habitats. although Fellows may study in the US.” The foundation has invested $280 million through 2010.

000. Fellows are placed in US universities and participate in graduate-level coursework and other professional development activities according to their area of interest. Martha J.wisc.000. Jubilee -.The Sven Brohult Award. The Award.000. Lawrence Jacobsen Education Development Award.htm Awards range from $750 $1000 Award is intended for IFS grantees in Sub-Saharan countries. Galante Award.000. Danida -.primate. Asia and the Pacific. in the amount of US$2. and Latin America and the Caribbean.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p International Foundation for Sciences IFS grantee awards – Danida award Jubilee award Sven Brohult award International Primatological Society Martha J. These initiatives should support field conservation programs.ifs. Charles Southwick Cons Ed Commitment Award. Sven Brohult -. is given up to 8 times per year. Lawrence Jacobsen -Education Committee of IPS solicits grants of up to $1000 to support the development of primate conservation education programs. in the amount of US$2. or are used to provide training in conservation education techniques.This Award is intended for IFS grantees from northern Africa. Charles Southwick -. The IFS has an award scheme that is intended to give recognition to IFS grantees for noteworthy achievements clearly associated with research work supported by IFS. The following Awards are available only to IFS Grantees and are given for noteworthy achievements which are clearly associated with work supported fully or in part by /ips/ . It is given to an IFS grantee once every three years. and Captive Care Grant Description one of 12 targeted fields. The Award. Sven Brohult -$10. work with local community and/or schools.this award is dedicated to recognizing individuals living in primate habitat countries that have made a Award Amount Website Danida and Jubilee -$2.000 is the most prestigious of the IFS Awards. Galante -. in the amount of US$10. IPS offers small monetary grants to those conducting projects congruent with the aims of our society. is given up to 12 times per year. http://www. Money awarded could be used for conservation training.grant proposals are solicited from professionals of habitat countries of primates.

private. The amount of the award is $750: $500 will be given directly to the recipient and $250 will be given in the recipient's name to a project of their choosing in their community. ITTO offers fellowships through the Freezailah Fellowship Fund to promote human resource development and to strengthen professional expertise in member countries in tropical forestry and related disciplines.g. commercial) in range countries. and (3) improving conditions for the well-being of captive primates in range countries. and public policy study multidisciplinary approaches to environmental preservation and sustainable development.International Conservation Project Funders Institution International Tropical Timber Organization Award/Scholarshi p Freezailah Fellowship Fund IUCN LASPAU Fulbright-OAS Ecology Initiative Description significant contribution to formal and informal conservation education in their http://www. The goal of the initiative is to develop a well-prepared cadre of environmental professionals who. The program offers grants to individuals from Latin America. The goal is to promote the sustainable management of tropical forests. The World Conservation Union provides a list of IUCN Corporate Partners in Conservation but does not run any grant programmes. sanctuaries. (2) information from local wildlife officials and field researchers on the problems relating to captive primates. will return to their institutions to share their expertise with colleagues while maintaining contact Award Amount US$ http://www. and better economic information about the international trade in tropical timber.iucn. and Canada for master’s and doctoral level study at U. upon completion of their studies..htm . Captive Care -. Grantees in the natural sciences. edu/grant-LASPAU. the efficient use and processing of tropical timber.S. the Caribbean.itto.grants of up to $1000 for projects focusing on captive care issues that relate to: (1) the status of primates in captivity (e. social sciences.or. universities.harvard.000 Website http://www.laspau.

The Neotropic Fund supports research in Latin Amerce and Caribbean countries. The Lincoln Park Zoo Neotropic Fund is supported by an annual gift from a single donor.lpzoo. A new fund. Africa/Asia Fund Lindbergh Foundation Lindbergh Grant Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation Description with each other.000. including animals. Provides grand funding in a number of areas.lindberghfound ation. . water. and general conservation (land. air. Since its inception in 1986. The Foundation seeks to redress the breakdown in the processes linking nature and humanity. Asia and the Pacific. It concerns Award Amount Website Awards are given in the amount of $ http://www. the fund has supported over 125 projects in 18 countries and made awards totaling over $700.lcaof. http://www. The fund strives to ensure the future of conservation in Latin America by making small grants to young conservation biologists working throughout Latin America and the Caribbean Islands. The Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation is a private body devoted to the conservation of nature and the amelioration of human distress. http://www. one of which is the conservation of natural resources. The Africa/Asia Fund supports research in Africa and Asia and preferentially involving researchers from those ervation/ Grants up to $10. the Lincoln Park Zoo Conservation Fund assists a new generation of researchers in becoming the environmental decision-makers of tomorrow and strengthens the core of conservation leadership throughout the world. etc. Each fund typically supports between five and six projects annually.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Lincoln Park Zoo Neotropic Fund. the Lincoln Park Zoo Africa/Asia Fund was created to support conservation efforts of young biologists conducting field research in Africa. By emphasizing support for young conservation biologists working in their own countries. energy. including project renewals for a second year. preferentially involving researchers from those areas.

nationalgeogra phic.000 $20. Alternative Agriculture and Transportation. Researchers planning work in foreign countries Award Amount Website http://www.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p MacArthur Foundation Max and Anna Levinson Foundation National Geographic Research and Exploration Fund Description itself particularly with matters of species extinction. The National Geographic Society awards grants for scientific field research and exploration through its Committee for Research and Exploration. It favors solutions which directly benefit local communities and serve as exemplars for saving species and wildlands.000 $20.g. habitat destruction and fragmentation. (Funding through institutions) Private grant-making institution awarding grants through four programs: Human and Community Development. The Levinson Foundation is a private family foundation that has been in existence since 1955 and makes grants to individuals and groups committed to developing a more humane and rewarding society. loss of biodiversity and pplication. The committee is emphasizing multidisciplinary projects that address environmental issues (e. and the Development of the Israeli Environmental Movement. Breaking the Link Between Illegal Resource Extraction. resource depletion and resource waste.000 http://www. Global Security and Sustainability.html .levinsonfoundat ion. It recognizes the imperative to reconcile nature preservation with human needs and aspirations. in which people have a greater ability and opportunity to determine directions for the future. effects of human-population pressures)..000 http://www.macfound. Alternative Energy and Protection of the Area of interest: The Environment: including Protection of Ecosystems and Biological Diversity. General and MacArthur Grants range from $10.html US$15. Funding is not restricted to United States citizens. All proposed projects must have both a geographical dimension and relevance to other scientific fields and be of broad scientific interest. Civil Conflict and Markets.

The new phase of SWP has started the 1st of January 2004 and will last until December 2006. Researchers planning work in foreign countries should include at least one local collaborator as part of their research h/funds/wetlands/ .neotropicalbird club. Applicants are expected to have advanced degrees (Ph. The list of countries in which NGO projects may be funded has US$500 to $1500 Max amount awarded is Euro 85.000 $20. Education grants Research grants Neotropical Bird Club Netherlands Committee – IUCN Small Grants for Wetlands Program (SWP) Description should include at least one local collaborator as part of their research teams.htm l http://www. Funding is not restricted to United States citizens. The trust will fund projects that contribute significantly to the preservation and sustainable use of the Earth's biological.nsf.600) for first-time http://www. Award Amount Awards range from US$ Grants are available for conservation work or research which may be of conservation benefit in the neotropics.000 Website http://www. While grants are awarded on the basis of scientific merit and exist independent of the Society's other divisions.000 (US$103. Applicants are not expected to have Ph. and historical resources.'s or other advanced degrees.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p National Geographic Conservation Trust Research grant National Science Foundation Environmental research grants.D. cultural. or equivalent) and be associated with an educational organization or institution. The next deadlines for submitting proposals will be 1 March 2004 and 1 September 2004. The objective of the Conservation Trust is to support conservation activities around the world as they fit within the mission of the National Geographic Society.nationalgeogra phic. grant recipients are expected to provide the Society with rights of first refusal for popular publication of their findings. applicants must provide a record of prior research or conservation action as it pertains to the proposed project. However. The committee will not consider applications seeking support solely for laboratory work or archival research.nciucn.

Awards up to $5000. PTES also provides grants for students carrying out practical conservation projects and research in the summer months of their undergraduate degree. org/ Individual grants range from £100 £ dex_nao.ptes. Inc.$5000 http://www. Organization for Tropical Studies Research Fellowships Padi Foundation Research grants People’s Trust for Endangered Species Research grants Primate Conservation. Website http://www. OTS and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute also have fellowships for comparative research at facilities in Costa Rica and Panama.000 $10. Priority is given to those projects that are likely to lead to a lasting benefit to the species concerned.000.padifoundation. Research Fellowships are to assist thesis research in tropical biology and related fields – proposals for research at OTS biological stations receive priority.ots. In 2000 OTS awarded almost $90. average award amount is $5. g/funding_details_page. Applications for Master’s and PhD students will not be accepted.PDF Grants range from US$2500 . and education. PCI is a non-profit foundation.php Grants up to $20. Priority is given to projects Award Amount and follow-up awards.ptes. Post-course awards are small amounts for up to two weeks of study after a g/ m http://www. The PADI FOUNDATION encourages and supports underwater science. Projects may either focus on research into the status of a particular species or involve practical conservation work within the field.000. which funds research that supports conservation programmes for wild populations of primates. environmental .primate. The Foundation will fund and assist worthwhile projects that will enrich mankind's understanding of the aquatic environment and encourage sensitivity to and protection of the delicate ecological balance of underwater life. People's Trust for Endangered Species makes funds available for wildlife researchers and conservationists to carry out crucial work on globally threatened species throughout the world. http://www. OTS offers research fellowships to graduate students enrolled in degree programs at OTS member institutions and to OTS alumni.000.duke.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Description been expanded.

Communication for Social Change and Other Grants). but all regions will be 5 awards/year at US$ award_criteria_e. 1971) in order to recognise and honour the contributions of individuals. Iran. The Rolex Awards provide financial assistance to people who want to implement concrete working projects. Regional Programs and Special Programs (which includes Global Philanthropy. global foundation with a commitment to enrich and sustain the lives and livelihoods of poor and excluded people throughout the world. The involvement of citizens from the country in which the primates are found is desirable.html .18 of the 6th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar. Next Generation Leadership. Population and the Cairo Agenda.000 Website http://www. The Rockefeller Foundation is a knowledge-based. http://www.htm m/home-flash. The Rolex Awards for Enterprise aim to encourage a spirit of enterprise in individuals around the world by supporting outstanding efforts in areas that advance human knowledge and well-being. Grants are organized in categories: by themes. organisations. The grant is intended t provide support for original research that can be used to formulate and to implement conservation plans for the species being studied. The Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award was established in 1996 by Resolution VI. and governments around the world towards promoting the conservation and wise use of wetlands. Asia and West Africa are of particular interest.000 ea.rolexawards. The 2006 Selection Committee invites applications for projects that fall into the following areas: science Award Amount US$10. Applicants must submit projects that are envisaged for the future or that have been completed in part.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Ramsar Award/Scholarshi p Ramsar Wetland Conservation Award Rockefeller Foundation Rolex Rolex Awards for Enterprise Description that study the least known and endangered species in their natural habitat. cross-theme.

working closely with local communities and scholars. To date.000. Marine Habitat Program Shell Foundation Description and medicine. For these. offers grants to fund research on the approximately 190 bird species listed by IUCN as “Critically Endangered”. the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). rather than support a portfolio of small grants under the http://www.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Royal Geographical Society Expedition Research Grants Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Critically Endangered Bird Species Research Shell Corp.nfwf. technology and innovation. http://www.rgs. the BirdLife Partner in the UK. 96 projects have been funded. although individuals not attached to an institution may also apply if they can obtain a letter of support from a recognised institution in their country. Paul Donald paul. org/biodiversity/funding. The Society’s grants are wide-ranging and offer support to individual researchers.donald@rspb. expedition teams and schoolteachers. particularly BirdLife Partners and other conservation NGOs. Priority will be given to people working in-country. it encourages projects that add to the geographical knowledge of a region and contribute to development and conservation Grants are for work in both the UK and overseas. The purpose of this partnership is to provide grants for projects that benefit marine habitat in and around the Gulf of Mexico. and cultural heritage. Projects must expand knowledge of our world. The Society has many small grants for scientific expeditions working in remote and challenging environments. exploration and discovery. Award Amount Website Awards range in value from £350 £ The Shell Marine Habitat program is a partnership between the Shell Oil Company and the National Fish and Wildlife ms/shell.htm It was decided from the outset that. committing nearly $4 million in funds. Each year. The Shell Marine Habitat Program was launched in 1988. Only work on these species will be considered for grants. improve the quality of life on the planet or contribute to the betterment of . the environment. Grants of up to US$1.

List of international funding opportunities for herpetological students and professionals provided by the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. the foundation would focus efforts on a partnering agreement with the Smithsonian Institution that would monitor and assess the impacts of oil and gas operations on areas of high biological diversity.htm biota/s-list.htm Doctoral: $10. Projects must directly affect biological conservation.rogerwilliamspa rkzoo. As a consequence of the partnership with the Smithsonian Institution. The Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund (SDCBF). development of techniques that can be used in a natural environment. the foundation will not be supporting any other project-based activities under the Biodiversity theme.heinz. Environmental education programs.000 http://www. and captive propagation programs that stress an integrative approach to conservation are also appropriate. supports conservation programs that protect threatened wildlife and habitats worldwide. which will continue until at least September 2005. The 89 organizations in this list would consider funding proposals from Neotropical scientists or conservationists if those proposals matched their application guidelines. Simbiota’s List of Potential Funding Sources for Neotropical Field Biologists & Conservationists. Field studies and other projects that demonstrate a multidisciplinary approach to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation and projects that involve in-country collaborators receive the highest funding priority.html Max US$1000 ograms/environmentalscho .org/conservation/dan forth_application. The program provides enhancement support for doctoral dissertation and master's thesis (or project) Award Amount Website ml http://wildlife.hfp.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Simbiota Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund Teresa and H. established by the Roger Williams Park Zoo and the Rhode Island Zoological Society in r/int_grt. John Heinz III Teresa Heinz Scholars for Description Biodiversity theme.ukans.

Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi. They are awarded by the university institutes/centers for brief periods of research in Iberia or Latin America and should reflect primarily the major interests of the Tinker Foundation.html http://www.000 and $15. Cornell University. Yale University. to gather research data and to develop contacts with scholars and institutions in their aker/tinker/field. Harvard University. Award Amount Masters: $5. Recipients must participate in either a doctoral or master's program at the following institutions: Carnegie Mellon University. Funded research must have public policy relevance that increases society's understanding of environmental concerns and proposed solutions. A total of 16 one-time. Princeton University.000 Website lars. one-year awards are offered annually. Stanford $10. Individuals with dissertations or theses or projects that do not meet these criteria will not be . and environmental policy studies. Spain and Portugal to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of language and culture. i.000 http://fdncenter. economic policy and governance and those targeted social science disciplines having strong public policy implications.. TNC works with the selected participants to design a training program around their specific needs. The Grants provide graduate students with travel funds (international and in-country) to Latin America. Awards are limited to graduate students conducting predissertation research. Florida A&M University.html http://nature.e. Pennsylvania State University. The Lindsay Parsons Scholarship Fund and the Carter Bales Conservation Scholarship Fund are two programs that support training and professional development for conservation practitioners from developing countries who are playing a key role within their organization.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Foundation Award/Scholarshi p Environmental Research The Nature Conservancy Lindsay Parsons and Carter Bales Conservation scholarships Tinker Foundation Field research grant Total Foundation Description /grants/grants. research and monitoring. protection. with a range of US$2.000. and restoration of neotropical migratory bird habitat. Website tion/fr/ http://birdhabitat. investors and suppliers live. Projects may be up to two years in duration. the RFP is a small grants program designed to support individual field research that is based on sound and innovative conservation science. Grants up to US$50.000 US$250.000 are discouraged. Average award US$88. Most of the Award Amount Max amount for FY05 is US$250.0. law enforcement.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p US Fish and Wildlife Service Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Fund US Fish and Wildlife Service African and Asian Elephant Conservation Funds. management. employees. Established in MBCA/ with the exception of Cuba for projects focusing on protection and management of neotropical migratory bird populations.000.html Grants up to US$25. Latin America and the Caribbean. Great Apes Conservation Fund.000 for one year (average award is http://wcs.vodafonefound ation. protecting the natural environment. and community outreach and education. maintenance. Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund Various grants Vodaphone Foundation WCS Research Fellowship Programme Description Neotripical Fund: Provides funding to individuals and group in the US. Requests under US$5.htm preview=1&psid=0&ph=6 b0b . It aims to build capacity for the next generation of conservationists. The Foundation makes social investments that help the people of the world to have fuller lives by: sharing the benefits of developments in mobile communications technology as widely as possible. Most projects will be funded in partnership with local Vodafone company foundations or community programmes.html http://www. and supporting the local communities in which Vodafone's customers.000.fws.

org/Articles/projects/ rufford/rufford_index. Asia.000.wildlifetrust. nor for academic research projects or purely data gathering expeditions. Typical Award Amount $7. It is hoped that many recipients of Rufford Small Grants will progress in their field and go on to apply for a main Whitley Award.000. On successful completion of a RSG.000). applicants are welcome to apply for a second RSG and then a Rufford Booster Grant. Website Rufford: Grants up to £5. or their territories. Applications from non first world areas are strongly twoyear projects. Traditionally the RFP has not supported research in North America.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p Whitley Laing Foundation Rufford Small Grant. Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity. However. the RFP has just begun to accept applications from Native Americans (US) and First Nation Peoples (Canada) who intend to conduct work on native lands on issues of direct relevance to wildlife. having provided satisfactory feedback and a final report. Rufford Small Grants (RSG's) are awards offered in association with the Whitley Laing Foundation. They are aimed at small conservation programmes and pilot projects and are not designed to be a small part of a large undertaking. and Latin America.000 for one. Projects should be about a year’s duration although each application is assessed on its own merit and the project length can be flexible. Ecology and Health Fund Description grantees are professional conservationists from the country of research and/or post-graduates pursuing a higher degree. Whitley: £30.html Up to US$10. Ecology and Health Fund (BEHF) supports projects that with a modest level of funding can make an impact on protecting nature or safeguarding ecological health. grants are not normally offered in response to applications for funding for attending conferences and seminars. Whitley Award Wildlife Trust Biodiversity. The RFP supports field research in Africa. Australia. RSG's are available to individuals and small groups. plus a second year of £ /ssf. Applications can be made at any time of the year and these are reviewed twice annually with deadlines at the end of January and July. or Europe.htm .000 for the gold winner. http://www. http://www.

natural resources management. and 4. graduate and doctoral level at the recipient’s institution of Award Amount Website 2. The Russell Train Scholarship Program has been awarding scholarships and fellowships since 1994 to practitioners dedicated to conservation in their home countries and regions.International Conservation Project Funders Institution Award/Scholarshi p World Wide Fund for Nature China China Conservation Small Grants Fund WWF – Education for Nature Program Nsanjama-Palmer Rising Star Scholarships WWF – Education for Nature Program Russell Train Scholarship Program Description projects have budgets of less than $10.) tuition. Wildlife Trust’s BEHF Program does not fund: 1.wwfefn. Proposals to work on well-publicized species will not be considered.000/yr. room and board) at the undergraduate.html . These students are at the beginning of their career in conservation and show a long-term commitment to the field.wwfefn.000 U. travel. Projects should focus on plants and animals that are either on the IUCN Red List for China. Nsanjama-Palmer Rising Star Scholarships are awarded to four or five commendable students each year at the Ecole pour la Formation des Specialistes de la Faune (EFG) school in Cameroon. Scholars receive financial support for a period of up to two years to cover all education costs (tuition. With the purpose of increasing the number of trained conservationists in Francophone Africa.) salaries (daily field expenses are funded).org http://www. books. http://www. BEHF projects normally focus on research aimed at improving wildlife conservation science.html Up to US$20. conservation medicine. and can be completed in one to two years.) administrative overhead or unrestricted operating support. Projects focusing on protection of biologically important habitat areas will also be considered. 3. or public environmental policies by local scientists working full-time in the country in which the project takes or have been officially designated 1st or 2nd Category Protected Species by the Chinese government.S.) attendance to conferences.

html .500 to $5. Costs covered include registration fees and tuition. EFN Professional Development Grants support training-related costs for mid-career conservation professionals to attend short-courses. Training may take place anywhere in the world. Participating regions include Award Amount Grants range from $1. Asia/Pacific and Latin America. meals and accommodations. international travel. and conferences.International Conservation Project Funders Institution WWF – Education for Nature Program Award/Scholarshi p Professional Development Grants Description choice anywhere in the world.000. and local transportation. Website http://www. workshops. books and materials.