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Text Book of Medical Sociology and Medical Anthropology

(A textbook for MPH, MN, BPH, BN, Bsc. Nursing and MBBS and reference for
BA/MA students of Sociology/Anthropology Published in 2008 from Nepal)

Written by Prof. Dr. Ritu Prasad Gartoulla


Chapter: 1 Classical Sociology

(Thoughts and theories of sociology)

1. General Introduction
General outline of the subject matter of sociology
Definition of sociology
Typological subject matter of sociology
What reason suggest
What Sociologists do
Nature of sociology

Chapter: 2 Classical Anthropology

(Thoughts and theories of anthropology)

2. General Introduction
Scope of Anthropology
The holistic approach
The concept of culture
The use of the comparative methods
The sub-division of Anthropology
Theoretical orientation

Chapter: 3
3. General Introduction
Medical Sociology
Contributions of sociology to medicine
Criteria for a contribution
Contribution of sociology
Historical background
The present status of medical sociology
The special characteristics of medical sociology

Chapter: 4
4. Health and diseases in different stages of human evolution
Health and sickness at different stages
Definition of health disease and illness
Stages of illness
Socialization and social learning
The psycho analysis theory

Chapter: 5
5. Professional – patient relationship
Meaning and significance of inter personal relationships
Talcott Parsons model of the doctor – patient relationships
The Szasz – Hollander model
Communication pattern between professional and indigenous patient care

Chapter: 6
6. Culture and health
Meaning and definition of culture
Cultural integration
Characteristics of culture
Elements of culture
Disease aetiologies
Cultural definition of normal and abnormal
Personalistic, naturalistic medical system
Culture, custom and health
Different perception regarding same health problem
Nutrition and culture
Cross – culture relationship
Disease theory and health care system
Practice of family treatment
Role of indigenous healers

Chapter: 7
7. Ecology and Epidemiology
Relationship between ecological factors and diseases
The ecological interests of medical anthropologists
Causes of diseases
Impact of ecological change of health
Disease and evolution
Diet and evolution
Environment health
Implications of the system view for administration and organisation
Levels for change

Chapter: 8
8. Socio-cultural change
Kinds of socio-cultural change
The institutionalisation of life crises

Chapter: 9
9. Drug Abuse
Drug abuse as a social problem

Chapter: 10
10. Anthropological research methods
Types of anthropological research methods
Conceptualisation in a research
Description of process
Ethical guidelines
Definition and mandate for research
Principles of ethical guidelines
A short tour to Epidemiology for applied research
Accessing information on health
Main sources of information

Chapter: 11
11. Health care system: Socio-cultural and environmental dimensions
Examples from Nepal
Population and reproductive health
HMG/MOH policies and planning
Situation analysis
Traditional health care system in Nepal

Chapter: 12

12. Health Politics

12.1 Primary health care
12.2 Comprehensive or selective
12.3 The health economics of SPHC and CPHC

13. References