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Cognitive evolution of human society !!

Modern human evolved out of other lowly animals, animals not capable of thinking
, animals who were mere predators, animals who merely survived and reproduced. H
umans on the other hand are capable of thinking, humans are capable of making in
formed desicions , humans are capable of working in a team, and human are capabl
e of domesticating or taming all other non-human species !!
Some scientists are of the view that around 200 thousand years ago when modern h
umans appeared first in the continent of africa, they were similar to modern hum
ans only anatomicaly while congnitively and behaviorly they were still more clos
er to there ape ancestors. It took many thousands of years for our early modern
ancestors to finally evolve their cognitive equipments to socialise into closer
groups and develope complex languages to communicate.
Humans had started using simple yet useful tools that made their life easier, th
ey probably knew how to ccreate and control fire, they knew how to use fire to k
eep them safe and cook their food, they knew how to find places with abundant fo
od, how to hunt different animals, and they must have realised how all the above
tasks can be made easier if they are working in a group instead of working alon
e. The early homo sapiens must have realised the benefits of living in groups ra
ther than living alone, and since then there was no looking back. Small groups o
f people statrted migrating away from each other thus finally populating the ent
ire world.
our ancestors were primiraliy hunter gatherers and it was only after they stumbl
ed upon the knowledge of farming that they began to settle down. The settlement
first began on the fertile plains of river valleys all around the world. Soon th
e early settlers mastered the art of farming and they were even able to rpoduce
surplus food. This surplus grains were now used to trade for other necessary thi
ngs that would make life easier. Things like pottery or tools, which were not vi
tal like food but necessary for making ones life easy. Human species unlike any
other species has this innate capability to invent things, this capability of o
ur ancestors must have led to the discovery of wheels, One of the most important
discoveris of mankind.
So with the advent of new farming techiniques , farmers were now able to barter
their food with potters or smiths or hunters for other necessary items. Gradual
ly complex economic systems developed within the settelements. people started co
ming in contact with each other, wheels helped them to travel farther and farthe
r and trade with different civilisations/settlements/cities. Along with traded g
oods Knowledge was also shared and thus early humans now knew how to develope to
gether with the help of each other into a strongest species rather then merely s
urviving as hunters.
Emerging from being hunters an gatheres, man entered upon his career as a settle
r. they learned how to make pottery, how to use the seasons to get maximum produ
ce from the land,how to domesticate and use different animals, how to smelt ores
and make tools, how to make garments to protect themselves from cold and heat,
Humans now had grown from ignorant pack of animals into a civilised societies. F
amilies grew into tribes, and tribes grew into societies, and societies grew int
o powerfull nations.

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