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The Authority of Ethics.

What is considered good and what is
considered right? And what is bad and wrong?
This seems to be quite obvious to us, as
children. The first pangs of guilt and sadness
come and gradually shade our subconscious
with vague notions of the bad and the good,
which we can only feel at the time, without
really thinking about it. We laugh and feel
happy when things are right. And we cry and
feel sad when something is wrong. But then as
we grow up, other notions of the bad and good
are imposed upon us, and these sometimes
are not really in accordance with those which
have shaded our subconscious in a natural
way. We are told that talking to strangers is
bad, that talking to those people our parents
don't like is bad, that giving money and your
stuff to others is bad, that saying prayers is
good, going to the temple or church is good,
that sex is very bad for you, but it's also
normal and good for grown-ups. Then you
meet other children who have been taught
other notions of good and bad, according to
what made up their parents' ethics. Then you
realize that if other parents are saying other
things, which have no loopholes but which
contradict what yours say, then your parents
aren't those who hold the authority to define

or you can accept to see things from their point of view and realize that neither yours nor theirs is actually the real right or wrong. Then slowly as more and more of what you have been taught starts to be questioned. without feeling guilty about not doing what is right. the economy. you see that many. You can either hold on to what you have been taught and consider all the others whose values contradict yours as evil-doing people or ignorant mortals. it has just been established as thus to suit each society's way of functioning. many of those things that people take for granted and that they want you to accept as the norms or rules. the religion that prevail. the politics. Your whole concept and accumulated values of right conduct are given a blow so hard. are merely concepts that no one has really understands or experiences but that are just followed for no logical reason. And then you watch television and suddenly you see other countries. other people. So you stop believing that what they say is bad is actually bad and slowly start doing what you feel like doing. other culture where your 'right' is bad for them and your bad is actually the norm there. it causes .what is good and bad. This causes fear for things that are nothing without the conditioned shading put by men.

doing what you love for a living even if its not popular. and it is what you have been taught is right. however you can't seem to feel it. from the natural ethics that you simply felt as a child. people struggle to act according to them despite all the 'buts' they feel from within.guilt for happiness you find in so called wrong things. and when tolerance does not always work. and it fills you with a misery that comes from your subconscious. it also causes a lot of grief because you keep on telling yourself that what you are doing is right because everybody else is doing it and it is the norm. (it may be simply showing love and generosity to people. Even in the same society. It also causes hatred and misunderstanding between people of conflicting values. guilt and fear is instilled in the heart of people for superficial reasons. xenophobia and discrimination. wars in the name of religion. or simply talking to strangers). it is replaced by all sorts of pain-inflicting feelings. you find that whole lives are built upon those values of what is supposed to be right or wrong. happiness is searched for in the wrong places. or patriotism. that is where take birth racism. preventing them from living their lives fully as they should. People in capitalist societies spend their lives thinking that . and religions where what one people considers right is considered wrong by the other people.

I don't know but it's certainly not like in capitalist countries. the television. to get the privileges that they want to enjoy. to ensure their . Do you think so? And do you think they really feel happiness in those things. and because you've spent your life relying on other people's definition of what is right. Not only that. you let yourself being duped by these money making strategists. because it has to be like that in order for them to make of their lives what they want. the advertisements all add to this. entertainment. their political leaders. their parents. the capitalists. car.happiness relies in the more money you accumulate and the more you can consume in terms of house. In Arab countries. a wife is happy with her husband sleeping with 6 other women. the birth of a girl child was and still is in some places a source of grief and anger among the people and family. their religious heads tell them to do. In India. Even entertainment comes in the form of how much fun you can buy. People all around the world keep doing what their society. and how their happiness is defined. In Africa. Why do all these people tell you 'this' is right ? Not because it's right. women and girls are circumcised because they think it is right. their friends. to make the system work in the way they said is 'the way'. People in communist societies have a whole different set of values.

it's just so wonderful. Have you looked at your pet sleeping. going about telling people what is right or wrong. They are not doing anything. every little mortal does that. scientists nor meddled with. judging of what others do as good or bad. They are just puppets of their own learnt-by-heart misconceptions about life. how? why? No idea. or someone close to you? They don't know anything of what is happening around. the breath that comes through our nostrils and go out. happiness and what really matters. Not only those people in power or business do that. beautiful. And the light that comes in through the window. who is making it work. are these not the primordial ethics? Life. the sky so vast. But the life is there and it's so peaceful and beautiful. but every little thing is being taken care of. shooting colors of all sorts in all directions. Making the grass and plants look so green and shiny. something that can't be created by man. rises and then slowly sets. with clouds so huge but still floating . happiness and what really matters? Life. They are not always badintentioned. extending endlessly and colorful.insecure future is secure in some way. ultimately to be happy. Now to come to think about it. You have no idea how it works.

From your immediate surroundings. As you listen to the music life is playing to you.. but the reflex is there. who look. Have you noticed that when you are alone somewhere and someone passes. the birds chirp. The people around. and then voices from far out on the road. if you pay attention. Life is also whatever you see.effortlessly above us. It's like a song. a bike's engine. We have that kind of curiosity and the feeling of discovering something new in every individual we encounter. who smile. from the border of your eyes to however far your sight can reach at every moment. all you can do is enjoy and feel. And you also. below the . the wind suddenly rustles the leaves and trees. who walk. for a single moment stop and listen. you will hear what Life has to tell you at the moment. in the next room. and from far away. some laughs from the neighbors' house. he will be instinctively drawn to look at you. Why? Why are they simply not passed like the passing scenery. You know there is this and that behind your back. children. Life is also about the sounds around. No matter how small the glance. ignored like a pebble on the road? what is there is other people that naturally call to our consciousness? Something. the clock. suddenly dogs are barking. I guess it's because life is so vibrant in people that it calls to our attention. A never ending symphony.

but for the moment all you can see is just in front of you. under. This is something which give a feeling much much more complete than mere imagination. How it moves. The mere act of being aware and 'seeing' what is happening makes you become aware of life. with no burden of images and thoughts on your mind. even . This is the experience of the now and here. The other things. that is the feeling that you get. and if you are able to pay attention. Life as an entity of its own. With your fingers. If you pay attention to it. you can get a grasp of what life is. out of your eye sockets and to a certain angle. But what's in front of you is actually coming through your eyes and you are directly experiencing it. all our senses are a way of experiencing life around us. your sense of touch. touch your index with your thumb and run it lightly up and down a few millimeters. you experience once again life as it is. etc you can merely imagine them. What this action is as you look at it. you grab what's in front of your eyes fully. Look at your palm closely. this is what really is existing outside of you. What life is offering to you through your eyes.table. behind. Basically. and what it is creating up there. And just feel what is happening between the skin of the two fingers and become conscious of the feeling as it goes up to your brain.

to the environment. or just missing it because you're lost in illusions of what is there around you. It illustrates pretty well how life can explode into colors. you'll be happy about small things happening around you. So. You won't pollute. you won't take what is not yours because you'll be so grateful for what you already have. plants. watch Ratatouille the movie. and merge. you naturally start to act by being mindful about the form of information going through nerve circuits. animals. love and veneration to whatever contains life. you'll feel true love for people. ignoring it. in everything and inside of us. you won't cause bad feelings in yourself and around you through absurd and silly acts. You won't harm. As to the sense of taste. And you will soon discover it's there all around. and twirl and make you feel every little flavor from what you eat as it goes up to your brain. And you won't do anything that will cause disruption to people's feelings. to what you feel. you will feel a great sense of respect from the heart. As you come to experience it without taking it lightly. you won't destroy your body. You'll acknowledge the greatness of the sun and the elements. As you start to respect life and see it truly as it is around. you'll listen to your heart and you will actually . life.

right and wrong. . because the right thing is the thing that keeps in mind respect for life and brings joy. constructed ethics. will all simply crumble down. You will just know what is the right thing to do at every moment. naturally the right will make us happy and wrong will make us grief.hear it. And once again we will know and feel the way we used to as children. The illusions about accepted.