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Theme Melody of the 20th Century-Fox CinemaScope Production “ANASTASIA” ANASTASIA PAUL FRANCIS WEBSTER ‘ALFRED NEWMAN, Be sute to keep a half-barre at the II fret for the first four measures of this arrangement. The reach for the 3rd and 4th fingers is a full four frets, so a little extra practice may be necessary. Another Jong reach is found in measure 25. Here the 3rd finger plays the low G# and must remain there while the 2nd and 4th fingers play D and B. The harmonic in measure 26 is made at the XII fret on the sixth string. Hold your 4th finger just above the fret and strike the string with your thumb. Another harmonic occurs in measure 36 and should be played using the same method on the first string at the XII fret. In measure 33, be sure to hit the A on the first beat with your 3rd finger, as marked, so that you don't run out of fingers for the rest of the measure. Slowly Pa jogoouobcooousood6 dG OG bo ndoeuodge coo Soon 2 1 1 ep ——_P i ceneanaa 146-@- res oe Se pe = Cs o TF fe td ad 1 4 rT 3 2 ieee eee a =a]