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Creative Industries

Facts & Figures

Great Britain

4% GDP / 41 BLN / 625K JOBS / *2011

3.4% GDP / 39.9 BLN / 543K JOBS / *2001
5.2% GDP / 71.4 BLN / 1.68 MLN JOBS / *2012
5.9% GDP / 7.3 BLN / 0.1 MLN JOBS / *2009

The Opportunity
Eastern Europe is booming economically,
culturally and creatively
Looked at from a global perspective
individual countries in the region are too small to matter
Eastern Europe as a region has the potential to become
a world leader in cultural & creative industries

Our Mission
To connect the dots and start building
regional connections in order to position
Eastern Europe as an upcoming cultural
and creative industries global hub
Step 1: Organizing the first
Eastern European Cultural
& Creative Industries festival
in 2015 in Bucharest - Creative EST







Creative EST Audience

Creative Professionals: students at creative disciplines & professionals active
in the creative sectors, running their own business or with entrepreneurial interests
Buyers & Investors interested in emerging markets
The public sector: employees from the local governments, Ministries of Culture,
Economy & Foreign Affairs
The globalist Eastern European is a 25-40 y.o., urban professional, digitally native,
owns at least 2 screens, highly sophisticated, open to trials & experiments and looking
for the ideal global mix, less price sensitive, with a strong desire to stand out, very well
traveled, accustomed to new forms of payment, has an acute sense of style and
a sensibility for the visual. What connects them: the excitement of the cultural &
creative industries

The Regional Experience

We have established a network of Eastern European CCI Network

Through this network we are confident we will generate

highly interesting content in Bucharest which can easily
create excitement via social networks across the region
We are looking at working with a regional advertising network
to spread the word.

The Local Experience

Making Bucharest the capital of Eastern European Cultural
and Creative Industries for a week.
Creative EST is an annual celebration of creativity, innovation and
multiculturalism. Initiated by ORICUM in Bucharest and co-produced by
representative partners from across the region, Creative Est is an opportunity
to experience and interact with the most innovative cultural and creative
industries projects from the region.
Professionals from across Eastern Europes cultural and creative industries designers, artists, film makers, musicians, crafters, copywriters & others contribute to the weeks activities, which include workshops, lectures, public
space interactions, pop-up dinners, parties and concerts.

The Local Experience

lectures + trainings + film screenings + Aperitiv Creativ debates

official market opening, a large scale simultaneous party across
the most important clubs in Bucharest


market day & live concert with international artist

market day & electronic music festival preview party

brunch & kids day

Our Objectives

Creative experts from Eastern Europe participate

with workshops & lectures


Creative professionals from EE showcase their works


People join Creative EST festival experience


Over 50 institutions involved in Creative EST:

public sector, creative businesses, media partners

Media Reach