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Clutch Propellershaft 240.260


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Group Clutch 41:
Specifications SpecialTools spar€ Pafts lllustlation. , , I 1 2-3 5 5 5 5 6 7 7 1 2 4 4-5 6-7

R e p l a c lc lg t co p € h t i ncg b l e. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nu h a . R e p l a c ic l g l c p e d a l / b u s h. i.n.g . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nu h . . Removing clulch Clulch tacing rgplacemenl pilol Servicing bearing Clulch cafiiorinspection ,, chltch installation,,.,,,,. Additional infomalion

Group45: Propeller Shaft
Description. . . . . . . . . . . . . SparePartslllustrations Servlce procedures Replacing supportbearing Propellershall Re-building U-joinb. . ....

NOTE:All references Model2.40 lhis manual io in alsoapplyto DL,GL and GT. NOTE: references l\rodel in rlis manual All lo 260 alsoapplyto GLEandCoupe.




Group41 Clutch
Speciticat,ons Special Tools Spa.e Pans lllusvano. Service Proceduresi Reprac clutch operatng cab|e ng Replaong clurcf' pedal'bLshrT Bemoving clurch f C l u t c h a c i . gr e p l a c e m e n.t. . . . . . . . . . . S e r v i c i np r l o r e a l n q . . . . . . . . . g b C l u t c h a f f , e irn s p e c t i o n. . . . . . . . . . . . c .. Clurch Insrallalion Additional information

,I ,I 2-3 5 5 5 5 6 6 7 7

260 GLE& Coupe 240,DL,GL,GT Diessl Clutch,typ6....................Singledryplale,diaphlagmsping..........Singtedrydate,diaphragms Size . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8V2" yoke Throw-oul travel ,,..,,..,,.0 mm 0.00" , , , . . , , . , , , . , , . . . , , . . , . .3-5mm 0.12=O.2O"


2824 Mandrel sl .\\

Sparc Pans lllustration


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Group41 Clutch



Replacing clutch assembly Two diflerenl designsol pressureplates and release bearings cufiently ars usedin production Modsl240 ol (DL, GL, GT and Di6s€l) and Modol260 {GLE and Coupe). lrodel 240 (DL, GL, GT and Diesel) prassure plaleare straightand Thefingersofthe must us6lhs corosponding rolease beafing, shownon as illusvation. release The bearing ,$ mfi (1- 11/1 in is 6") lenglh.
240 ilod€l B€arlng No. 672122-9 Prcrlurc Plaie No. 34124$2 Flg.r

plaleisiheonlyone slock€d by Thispressure currently Division-onlythe longer release bear ourSpare Parts ing is lo be used.See Fig.1.

itodel 260(GLE andCoupe)
The fingercol lhs prsssur€plate ars €ised approximately7mm (9/32") al the c€nter.Consequently a (1-716")in length. shoner rsleas€ bea ng is 36.5mm When replacingths clrlch pressurc plate ass€lnbly, car€is to be takento use onlylhe matching shorler bearing. Fig.2See platesand release IMPORIAI'IT: Pressure bearings musl ahraysbe ol lhe coflect combination should and neverbe interchanged.

260 flod€l Belrlng l'lo. 381213{ Pr$surc Pl.r€ No. 3812()7{ Flg. 2

Clutch operaton

Replacing clutch operating cable p u P u rf r o n re n oo ^ s r a _ d sq F m o v e _ d e - d a s h a . Firstrer.ove ret!rn spr ng.Thendisconnectclutch c a b e a t c L r l c hf o r k . P u l l o u t c a b l e . pin RemovecLevis al cable upper efd. Pull cable olt of rubber grommet in fnew6 . Push new cable into the rubber grommei in fi rewaLl.Re insraI clevis pin. L b C F i i a d j u s t m e n te v i c e n t h e € l l h o u s i n g .o n n e c t d cable to cluich fork. lnstall return spring.

3. RemovereLease bearing.Disconnecicable fiom
re easefork. Slackencable sheathfrom bracket.

I 2. 3. 4. 5.

4. 5. 6.

3-5 6. Adjusiclulchtork free pay to approx. mm (1/8',).

Remove bolts. Remove flywheel housing. Remove bolt for re ease fo.k bE Ltoint. Remove &ll and releasefork. Removebolts holdingc utch to flywheel. Loosen them crosswisea coupe of turns at a time to preventwarping.Removeclutchand clulch plate.

Replacing clutch pedal/bushing


The lnslructions below cover repacement of pedal 1. 2. 3. 4. Removeclevispin securingcabe lo clutch pedal. Remove nui, pull out bot and remove pedal. Remove tubular shaft. Dfive out bushingswilh new with grease and install Pre-Lubrlcate bushings them. lnstall tubular shaft. Positionpedaland sttach bolt. lnstalland torque n!t. Reconnectcable and clevis pin.

Removing clutch R e p a c ec l u t c h d s c ( c l u t c h ) 1. 2. Remove transmissionaccordingto instruciions. Remove upper bolt ior starler motor.

Clutch facing replacement samediameteras 1. Drillout vetswitha drillhaving od vets,3.5 mm (9/9"). Remove lacings.

41 Group Clutch



Clutch carrier inspection As the clulch caftier cannot be disassembled, nrust it be replaced compete. Ch€ck the clurch carefully. platefordamageby heat,cracks, Checkpressure scor ing or other damage pn the friction surface. Check the curvatureof the pressureplate with a sieel ruler, which ls placeddiagonallyacrossthe friction surface plate. Then measure of the pressurc the distancebetween the slraightedge of the ruler and the inner diameter oJ the pressureplate.This measurementmust not exceed0.03 mm (0.00012").

5. Hlb

3, Spring Checkclutch plate.The indentations the ton on gues should be even.The clutch plate must not be warped. The clutch springsand rivets in hub should fit securely and not show any signs of looseness. Checkto make sure that there are no lf the clutch plate has any defects,ir should be 3. Rivet new facings (preferaby in a ivet presd. NOTE|the riversshouldbe insertedfrom the side o_ wl..h rhe fac a9 lies aad |veled fro- rhc op posite direciionagainstthe disc.Use every other ho e in thefacing.After riveting,thefacings should be spacedfrom each other as determined the by 1 d . ' r a r o - s o n r l - e" l u r . h d , s c . l - | sr s m o s r r r portant in orderto achievea smooth engagement when slarting and druing. The clltch facings must be absoluteLy free from oil. Oil on the facings can causeclutch grabbing.


Cheking cuMluro of pressureplate

Servicing clutch shalt pilot bearing 1. U s e p u l e r h a m m e rt o r e m o v ep i l o t b e a r i n g . lf bearing, after ceaning and light oiling, ruis smoothly and evenlyand has no noticeabe play, r sroJld ba packedwrh ba I bed'irq S' ._d N o - t : h e d r e s ' s r a n q e a s ps l ' o u r db e u s e d

There musi be no "crown ng', i.e.cearance between the straight edge of the ru er and the outer diameter of the Dresslre plate.Check at severa points Check the pressure spdng carefully.lf il is crackedor darnagedin anyway, the€lutchshouldbe replaced. C h e c t r l - er e l e a s e F a r i n g v r L r - 9 , r a f p w r r e 5 b b under light pressureso ihat the balls rotate against ihe races. The bearingshouldturn easilywithoLrt binding at any point.The releasebearingshould also slide f e d s i l yo _ t h " g - , d e s l e e v e r o - r h e , a . s - r s s o r .


Gtoup41 Clutch

Clutch installation Beforelnsrallaton,checkthar clutch facingg flywheel plateare completelyfree from oil. Wash ard pressure rher wlll_ gasoli.e a.d wipe ort wilh a Llean p'ece Set up rhe clutch plate khe longest side of the hubfac ng backwa rds)togetherw th clutch.lnsert centering mandre 2484 as a guide in the pilot b e a r i n gi n t h e f l y w h e e . 2. Install six bolts which hold the clutch. Tighren them crosswisea couple of tlrns at a time. Remove cenler ng manorer. 3. lnstall releaseyoke in flywheel housing. nstal upper bol for stalter motor in the housing and install rhe housing. Install bolts in the fo( l o w i n go r d e r :F n * f o u r u p p e r 7 / 1 6 ) b o l t s ,a n d then ower bohs for ihe srartermotor, and finaly two ower (3/8") bolts. The nu for rhe starter l.rlotorupper bot is installedafrer ihe cabe has 1.

5. 6. 7. L

Insertcableshaft ln bracketand rear nut. Secure cable in releasefork. Install releasebearlngInstallandtighten nul for the upperstarter motor I n s r d lr h p r r d r s - s s r o la c c od , n g o a s r u c , o n " . Adlust cutch pedal play.

Additional Informalion
padot willcause rccessed lhe It is possibleto instalithe rubberwasher clulch on cableincorreclly. inslallalion Such located itsseatandwillcause in lhewasher Jace wrong lo the direction. Thiswillprevenl steelwasher being lhe from lhe rubber washer crackandeventuallv ofl, to Jall Premature As aresultolthe incorrect installalion, c utchwilldevelopanabnormalslipduing lhe declulchingoperalion. lailure lhe clulchdiscmayoccur. ol

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Group45 Propeller Shaft
S p a r eP a r r sl l l u s la r , o n s B e p l a c i r g u p p o r lb e d ' i n g . . . . . s

Desc ption

1 2

Re-buildins U-Joints



Flangeon transmision Front seclion of propeler shaft

4ab Prop€llershaft with suppon be.ring 5 . Intemediate univeGaltoiil 6.
7. Rear onive€l joint L Flange on rear axle

The propellershaft is a divided,tubular type shaft, see Fig. above.The front section rear end is formed as a splined sleeve.The coffespondingsplined shaft joint yokes. cafties one of the intermediateuniversal The front sectionreaf end is supportedby a ball bear ing. The ball bearing is in turn installedin a rubber bearing housing,which is attached to the propeller shaft tunnelwith a cover,see Fig-,right.The propeller shaft has three universaljoinrs. Each joint coinsists of a cross with four trunnions which are carried in flange yokes by needle bea nss. A propeller shaftis paired and balanced asa unit. F ont and rearsections individually arc mark€dwith a yellow dot and an aiiow. The propellershaft must be replaced only as a paired unit and the front and r€ar sectjons haveto be insr€lled thar the aiiows (the dots) point so

8. Bearseclionoi propeler 2, 3. 5. 6. 9. nubbefcover 11. Suspenson ring sp

Group 45

Sparc Pafts lllustrction

Propellershafts parts be and should ordered according to typeot transmission type 1140 1310 and or companion flange, and,to a certain extent, diamete. the

Th€ centerbearing useddepends typeof tribular on /|4.5 shaft.1140 hasatubediameterof mm = 1.7520" and l3l0 a tube diameter 50.8 mm = 2.m0". of


As a generalrule, all 4'cyl. modslsexceptstaton wa, gonsareequipped lhe lighler propeller with shafl1140 with214.5 (1.753") mm ltibular shaft.

\OL\OPAR]S 1 lala 12'7t

All slaton wagonand 6 cyl. modelsare equippedwittl lh€ h€avy-duty prcpellershatt witl50.8 mm type 1310 (2.002") lubular shatt.

Sparc Patts Illustration



Group 45

Renoval disassembly

Replacing support bearing Jack up the vehicleand put it on stands Slacken shaft from the rear axleflange.Bend the propeller back the lock washer and removethe nut at the sliding joint. Pull our the propellershaft to the Loosen the support bearing cover. Pull off the complete support oearrng.



housing 3. Pre$ the old beainsout of the rubber Install newbearing. the Inslall supporl bearing olherpa(s in reverse and jointappears oder 10femove, lhe splined lf dry, lubicaleit with grease mixedwilh molybdenum (Molykote.) disulphids lvake sure that the aiiows point toward each other on propeller shaftspairedand balanced

Propeller Shaft
Jack up the vehicle.Slackenthe propellershaft from the transmissionand rear axle flanges.For 245 use impact air wrench and specialsocket 2846 to loosen the bolts. Loosenthe support bearlngcover and take down the complete propeller shaft. Fot 242 artl 244 use rool 2779 for the front flange bohs and tool 2846 for the rear flange bots, see Fig.

Propellershaft disassembly 1. Bend back the lock washer and remove the nut for the suppon bearing. Renrovethe propeller shafl rea' seclron.Pull ofl the supoon bearng. Take the suopod bea'irg our of Lhe hoLsr.g.


Disassembling universaljoints I Removethe snap rings which secufe the needle bearings in the yokes, see Fig. below:


Removing snapri.g

2. Seclre the shaft in a vise so that the universal
tornrcom.s as nea as oossiblpto the vise raws. Rememberthat the propellershaft is tubular and can easily be deformed. use a hammerand metalpunchto drivethe spidel as far as it wi go in one direction.The needle bearing will then come about half way out.



Then drive th€ spider as far as h will opposrle direcrion,see Fig.

Assemblins universaljoinls 1. li old needle beanngs installed, are checkrhatthey are fLlledwiih greaseand rhat the rubb€r s€als o e n o r d a - a g e d N F w b F ai n S \ - r o u d b - h " l i f led wlth grease. . . . r n F r o r d e r h . f a S e y o r a . P . " \ r 1 pp d er n one direcl on so rhat the neede bearnq can be nstalled n the trunnion, see Fig. belowi



\ '(

Removing spider, fn step 5. Drive out one of the needlebearingswhh a thin m e t a p ! n c h .R e m o v e h e s p i d e rs e e F i g .b e o w : t . D r i v eo l t t h e o t h e r n e e d e b e a r i n g .

*tu:= _-------:# !l


Then pressln ihe neede bearinglar enoughthat the snap ring can be insta ed. Use a dfift with a diameter sLightly ess than that of the f€edle

3. Insrallthe oth€r neede bearingand repear the
yokeDo the sam€on the remaining

Insiallaiion s n r€verseorder to remov6.

ll is exlrerne mporlant y lhal lhe propeller shaft is slraighl. The inspecUon musl be carelulsinceeven minordamage lhe propeer shatlcancause on vibraton. The shatlshoud be set up between cenlers and checked ongils entire a lenglh wilhan indicatorgauge while s olalr'lg. irrsoJr-ol-true rl ll rorelha']025 nm (0.010") shaflmustbe replaced. lhe NOTE|No artenrplshoud be madeto straighten a propeller damaged shafl:replace it.
T \ o m r e r l _ e J p o o f lb p a l n q D . - s sr l e b p " i - 9 , a c . . s aga nsl each other by hand and lurn them n opposte directions. The bearng shoucl run easiy without bind , - g a r a r\ p o i r l ' I b i d 5 - a o r l . e b . a r 1 9 J o . e .

Group 45



Re-building U-joints
:::::::::::::: A:I B : 9995019::::::;::(:

Instructions for press tool 999 5O18 and puller 999 5019 B. Arbor C. Rod D. Suppoft. Parroi 9995018

Disassembling universal joint Removethe lock r ngs and positon the U joint in the press tool. Use the peda 10 move rhe spider. tf the power is not sufficient, use a€r on rhe rod.

Movethe U jo nt io the puller. Align rhe needlebearing between the jaws. Pressdown the handlewhich w ll remove the needle bearing.


joint Assembling universal
Locate the spider with seals n one of the coLrping flanges. Locateoneneedle bearng. Posltion U-joint the n the presstool and pressin the needlebearingunti the lock ring can be insralled. Turn the U-joint over and press in ihe other needle bearing.Inst.ll spider and neede bearingsn the sameway in the other co!pling fLange. nstall the lock rings.

Gtoup 45



presstool arbor Replacing
Position the the Loosen screwandremove arbor. lhe other arborand tightenthe screw' to NOTE: The largearborhastwo recesses be powith this it sitioned vertically-.For reason is provided with a hole corresponding the screw

pulleriaws Replacing
Removethe O-ring and use a punch to pressout the Jaws for sm8ll U-joints Jaws for large U-joints

9999 026 9999 027

Lift the ring and bend

Holdthe leverin the upperpositionand pressthe jaws into position. Positionthe ng with ths side marked "up" upwards.Installthepins. Bendthsspring, which rctains lowerendsof theiaws, into position.Install ths the o-ring.

Gtoup 45


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