Body (excl.

Air Conditioner) Repairsand Maintenance

Content of Manual
Group 8Or General Specifications F l o op a n . . . . . . . . . . . . . r page 1 2

Group81: Body
Design Checkingfront end Replacingbody parts

5 1 lo

Group 82: Front End, Hood and Fenders


rront ferde's


Group83r Doorsand Trunk
Doors Door windows W r . o o w c r a n l m e c h a n i s m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . y E l e c r ' , cla O p e r a r e d i n d o w W i " d e r s W t'u'r LE. 2421?44 a-d 262 264 T a i C d t e .2 4 5 a n d 2 6 5 . . SLn Roo'

19 21 25 26 28 30 31

Group 86: Bumpers B u - p e r s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . lmpactabsorbers Bunper moud,1gs 54 55 56

TP 11410/1


Group80 General
general Vehicle dimensions weights and apply Specifications to all models242-244245 and 262-264 265 unless otherwise stated. . L e n g t h. . . . , . . . . . . . . . . wdfi................. Heghr,curb weightjexcept245-265 245-265 . . . . .. . . .. . . .. W h e e l b a s. e. . . . . . . . . . . T r a c lf r o n t. . . . . . . . . . . . T r a c k e a r. . . . . . . . . . . . . r Turnrng circle{belween curbs) on Culb weight (depending typdl 242................... 244................... 245 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 262................... 264.. .... ... ... .... ... 265................... GrossVehicle Weight (GVW): 2 4 2 ,2 4 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 4 5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 6 2 ,2 6 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Capacity w€ight: E x c e p r4 5 a n d2 6 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 265................... Pemissible axleweight,frontl 242, 244, 245 262, 264. 265 Perm|ssible weighl rear: axle 242, 244 and 262, 264 245, 265 lvlax. trailerweight Max. hitch load Cargospacs,245 and 265 L e n g tw i t h . e a r e a t p . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . h s u d L e n g t w i l h r e a rs e a t o w n . . . , , . . . . . . , . h Maxrmum wdth H e i g h t. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wilh rearseatup . . .. . . ... . . Volume Volumewhh .€ar s€at down Cargo,openang; maximum width max'mumheight 489 cm 171 cm 146 cm 264 cm 142 cm 135 cm 9.8 m 1291-1389 kg ks 131G-141O 1394-1485 kg 1425-144O ks 1435 1465 kg 1480-15OO ks 1830 kg 1950 kg 1900 kg 1950 kg 't92.6' 67.3" 56.5" 51.5" 1o4" 55.9' 32.5', 2844-3060 lbs 2886-3106 lbs 3071 3271 lbs lbs 314O-3180 3160-3225 lbs 3260-3305 lbs 4030 lbs 43OOlbs 4190 lbs 43OOlbs 920 lbs 112Olbs 990 lbs 855 kg 930 kg 990 ks 1 1 8 0k s 908 ks 75-90 ks 1 1 3c m 188 cm 133 cm 84 cm 1.5 m3 1.9 m3 1 1 6c m 78 cm 1885 lbs 2O5Olbs 2180 lbs 2600 lbs lbs 2OOO 160-200 lbs 44.5" 74.O" 52.4" 53 cu-ft. 67 cu.ft. 45.7" 3o.1'

Group80 Geneml


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o o

Floor plan

Group 80 General

:1--= . . rF_-l

'-.r .,





A = 1O2Ot 2 mm B = 855.5 t 2 mm C = 236 t 2 mm D = 162 ! 2 mm

Distancebetween holes {@ 9 mm) for strut attachment. Distance from strut attachmenthole(o I md centerto hole(o 16 md in firewall (diagonallymeasured). Distanceffom strut attachment hole (@ 9 mm) center to front end of fifewall flangeDistance betweencenterlinesof holes{O 10 mm) for imoact absorberattachments.

Group80 Geneftl



A =412):2

mm =

distance between center lines of holes (O 10 mm) for impact absorber attachments.


999 (SVO) 5 123 Fixture, members reartrailing 6tside and arm

5126 Gaugerod, side members6nd front cross member. L,sed with Fixture 5123 and Gauge 5127. m€mber. 5 127 Gauge and sidemembers frontcross Rod 5126 Usedwith Gause

@ r4
(io I \{]-r'
Gtoup80 Genenl


2499 Fixture windshield for installation

5124 Fixture, wheel housing. Usedin conjunction with FixtuG5123 andAbutment Plate5125 plate/gauge plate. 5125 Abutment us€din conjunction with Fixture5124.

Body dest:gn

Group81 Body

iii,gt". The vehiclehas 6 unitized integral or body, which means thd body and frameare composed one into The body is cornposed severalsheetpanels by weld€d together to a strong shell. The body couldbe divided into several subsections: floor,sid€s, roof,front fendeq hood, doorsandtrunk tid. For fronl fendersand hood see croup 82. For doorsand trunk lid s€e croup 83. Heat iansfer from exhaustsystem to body is being redocedby three hsat protectionshields. The galvan ized steel sheet shieldsare attachedat tho joint f?ew€llfiont floor as wsll as abovellont and rsar mufftVehicles equipped with catalytic converters pro are videdwith extmheavy floor insulation abovethe catalyticconverter ihe heatprotection and plates. The catalytic convertersystem increases exhaustsystem Self-adhesive foam rubberprovides noiseinsulation. guardunder front engine A splash the compahment alsoactsasanengine noise suppressot Somemodets withautomarrc transmission alsofined are with a noise screen underthe engineand t.ansmission houshg.

(rinc Hot dippedgalvanized coated) stoelis usedfor many criticalsheetmetalcomponems. Thesecomponents normally are subjected high weatherexto posures. Thereare numerous additions the front on

end: wh€sl housins, sprins dfiiisinss, anaouter ;nner jack cover thedrive for shafisupport, supports, heat
shieldgfront splashguard,noiseshield and lower front panel b€neath the grille.

Group80 Genenl



Thefloor soctionis the sahe for 6ll modsls. Th€rearfloor panels 245 and265 are reinforc€d for with a frame A, above.

Roof sections

Group80 Genenl

Bdy alignment

Checkingfront end with tools 999 5123, -5124, =5125, =5126 and -5127


1, 2.

NOTE:Do not force fixture into may be distonedand mis€lign. 1. Clean areas thesidsm€mbers oI where fixrure the suppon block {4) are supposedto land. 2. Attachthefixture adaprors { 1}tothesidemember gaugeholes.Do not tighren. 3. Placethe fixtureunderthe vehicle. 4. Litt the fixturerearend and hook it on the act-

Attach fixture 5123 Lift the fixturelront endandattachthe rear guid€ studs to the sidemembsr gaugs {2) holes. Lower thefixturesupport andadjust lsgs height Fosition. 6. Thef6ceat the fronrguidestuds(3)should abut the sidemembers. front guid€studsshould The 7. Attachr€taining screws.t the rear guidsstuds t2t. 8. Tightenthe adaptorsThefixtureabutm€ntblocks shouldtouch the side memb€rflanges 5.

Group 81 Bdv


Bdy alignment

A2 Checkside members
1. Check that side members align at front guide

|rr-l l-',rl
t] fl -t llLr r

2. Install r€taining screws front guidesruds. at Us€ front axle member retainingscrews Align front guid€studsin side membergauge permitt€d: guidestudsmall Max. misalignment diameter will enterhole. guidestudla€e dlameter No misalignmsnt wrll

A3 Check position ot control arm brackets 1. Attach controlarm brackets sid€members. rsar to Spare parts can be used for this checL 2. Adjustgauges fixtureand checkbracket on fit. The gauges provided with a slot which in are permitted. dicates tolemnce

A4 Check wheel housingheight and sido alignm€nt plat€ 1. Installgaugs 5125inone thewheel of housings. 2. Attach lixture5 124 to previously installed fixture 5123.

Group8l Rody

Bodyalvnment MAX;T01.
A5 Check wheel housing position, using gauge ol {ixture 5124 Max. tolerance p€rmissible: Side: shall cliametsr gauge enterhol€o{ gauge of will plats5125. Zero toleranc6: gauge Sid€: largsdiameterof willenterholeof gauge plate5125.



A6 Check alignment sidemember of front sedrcn
,'-/,,--...= Attachgaugerod 5126 to mainlixtur€5123. Placa gauge5127 in impactabsorber attachment. Ch€ck side memberalignment. MaL r66dings p€rmitted: 0 mm and 4 mm Zsro rsading: 2 mm

A7 Check alignmont of front cross membel L Placegauge5127 on gaugerod 5126. Check alignmenl front memb€r. of Max rddings p€rmitt€dr O mm and 4 mm Z€ro reading: 2 mm 2. Checkother side.

Group8, Bdv


Body alignment

Instructions how to use specialtools 5123 to 5127 when on replacing body parts
This Instructiondeals with a collsion dam€ge whrch requ res replacement those pans screenedin i Lusof

B1 Uncover 1. Remove baitery. 2. uncover frontend.
3. Removesheetmetal pans screened illustration in



Modified and adapted, instrucrion rhis couldbe used for most other fronl end collision damages. B. Frontside memberand wheelhousins C. Sde membertie plate D. Jack supportmember

4. Remove both f.ont fenders. 5. Remove engineand transmlssion. 6. Remove front axlemember. Femove spring drc 7. Uncover wheelhousinsto be replaced. plate. Rightside:savetype designation

B2 Remove sheet metal oanels
1 . Cut loose Iront member kom side mem2.
'wheerhousinS be' whrh shou'dnol be.eplaceo. Removeside member tie plate and jack support

3. Firct drill out spot welds from inside of car, as
shown in illustration. Then cut loosefrom under Cut looseouterand innercowlside lie platesfrom

5. cut looseside member/wheelhousingfiom firc'

housing. Remove side member/wheel 6. Remove nicksand buns from surfaces. '7. Straighten necessary. as 8. Grindall connecting surfaces.


Gtoup I I Body

Body alignment

-Checking body alignment(wheelhousingand front membersnot replaced) (OperFixture 5123 mustnot beforcedintoposition. ations 15-23). Forces cause distortion resulting and measurement erThe fixturemust not be installed when srraightening members wheelhousings. thosecases or In fixture front pan should released. alignment be goeson, As fixturefront end can be raisedto checkalignment.

Use a scrapefto clean inside of front side members (intemediate and rear parts)

Attach fixtures (A) Attachmounting brackets for fixture5123 tOrear endsof side members. Let mounting brackets hang loose. fixturerearend Fit fixture5123 undervehicle. Raise brackets. and hook it to mounting

Align Raisefixture front end and guide rear guide pins into the holes of side members. Lower support legs and adjust height. NOTE: the front guide pins should not be used.

Attach Installattachment s€rewsat rear guide pins.Then brackets A. tightenmounting

Group 81 Eody

Sody alignment

B7 Checkfit pads 1. Thefixture support should now abutthe
flanges the side memberc. of lf necessary, lower fixtoreand align members. abursurfaces ar 2. Checl rhar lhe srdemembers front guidepins. at Use 3. lnstall aitachment screws frontguidepins. front axle memberattachment screws.

88 Checkclearance guide in holer sidemembers, pins 1. Installfront in
see Fis. Maximum cl€arancel Small diameter of guide pin fits in hole of side

Large diameter of guide pin fits in hole of side Whenevernecessarylower fixture and straighten Attach tmiling arm br6cketto side member, intermediatepart. Spare parts can be used when checkins.

89 Check fit '1. Adjustgauges check of the brackets, {it and see Fig The gauges provided are wiih a groovewhich permitted. indicates deviation NOTE:the bGcketsare somewhat adjustable, 2. Whenevernecessary, lower the fixture and straighten, replace alt. member.

Attach fixture 1. Attachfinure 5125 to wheelhousing 2. Attachfixture 5124 to fixture5123.


Gtoup81 Body



Maximum tolerance: the smalldiameter of ths gaugefits in the hole of fixturs 5125

811 Checkposition
Use gaugeon fixture 5124 to checkpositionof wheel nousrng,


Z€ro tolsranca: the largediam€t€r of the gaugefits fixture5125

Bt2 Straighten Whenever necessary, removs fixture straighten and A pull chain beattached fixture can to 5125,seeFig.

Bt3 Attach fixtures '1. Attach gauge rod 5126 to fixture,see Fig. gaugs5127 in bumper 2. Place shock absorber artachmentandcheckpositionot sidememb€r, ses Fis. 3. Whenever necessary, fb,aure straighten lower and 4. Remove fixture5124, fixturs 5125 and gauge rod 5126.

GroupI I Bdv


Bdy alignment

prior to installationof new sheet metal parts Preparations
Prepare welding Applyweldprimer ail ground to surfaces.


815 Drill holes Drillapprox. mm holes ths sheet 5 parts in metat it-

R16 Connect parts parL Connect msmb€r side intermediate jacksupport andtrailing bracket shown. arm as

Installingnew sheet metal parts
ths Whsn sver necessary, straighten floor and the firewall to achieve corect alignment. Parts positioned mustnotbedisplaced. by help fixtures of

R|7 Position parts
Positionthe parts ass€mbled accordingto opstation B16. Firtailingalm bracket gauge fixture5123, against on 6nd tighten.


Group8, Rody

gdy alignmmt

Bt8 Position fixtur€s 1. Poshion whoel housing fixture | 23.Us€ on front 5 axlemember screwsto fit it on fixture. 2. Position fixture 5125inwh€elhousing finure and 5124on tixture 5123. 3. Attachgauge 5'126to fixture5123. rod

\\ 1\, :{--_\.

\ ;,

Wheel housing position. Adjust housing correct wh€el to
Apply a coupleof smallweldsto connectwh€elhousing member and side member.

820 Front cro6s member 1. Rais€ and position front crossmsmbsr. Wdd member to position (weld holes). 2. Wdd whs€lhousing wheslhousing and bracket to firewall {weld holes). 3. Adjust cover plat€ into position.Welct it at the bumpe. shock absorberattachment.

Group 8l Bdv


821 W€ld holes to 1. Wdd holesof oLrter innertie plates ioin .nd 2. Wdd holes and s€ams of ti€ plat€sto conn€st them to wh€elhousing and Iirewallside.



Trailing arm brack€t
t. polf necessary. adjustthe trailing arm bracket Fig.below. gauge fixturs5123 The on sition, see pemitted hasa groovewhich indicates deviation Next, apply coupl€ smallwslds attach a of to both ends of the side member interm€diateDart.

W6ld holes 1 . Wdd holesto connectjack support memberto part, sidemember, intermediat€ androckerpanel, 2. Weld,from inside vehicle, member side interm€diats pan, tie plate and jack supportmember

t . Removeall fixtures. 2. Wdd seams both endsof sid€ member, ai intermediatepart. Grind as necessary 3. Weld seams holssof baterv shelfandsuoand port to sid€ memberand wheelhousing.


Install whe€l house handware. Rightsids.emem-

2. Installfront axle memberand springsnd strut 3. Install€ngin€and transmission. 4. Applysealing compound roundthe wheelhousings and on the t€nder attachmentsurfac€s. Group I I

5. Installhood and front fenders Install andighr sideplatsE, lsfl floorplats, c€nte. suppon and cover pl6t€. 7. Install front €nd components, Install the battery. parts. 9. lnstallremaining




Group82 Front End, Hood and Fenders


The hoodconsistsol an ouler and an innersteelsheet plate, bondedlogethsr.The undersideol lhe hood is coveredwilh soundabsofbingmatodalThe hoodis hingedattho backon lwo hinges.In closed posilion lhe hood is s€cur€d by a lock on the lrcnt s€ction.The lever for the hood lock ls operatedby a contol undemeah the dashtload. The fronl lenders are Dressed ong oiE@. in G lle and headlight are madein ABSplastic rims and retainedby spring locks. S€s right.

Gtwp 82 Frcnt Eti, Hod and FetdeE



Replacing grille 1. 2. Depressand turn the spring locks 90o. Lift up the spring locks. _ Pullthe gilleforwards untilfreefrom uppermemRemove the grille. Transfer springs to the new gille. Posirionthe grille.Positionspring locks,depress locked. and tum. Checkthat ihe locksaresecurely

The hinges are adjustedup-down by slackeningthe lock bohs, 1 below, moving the hood to position desired and locking the bolts again.

3. 4.


Adjusting h@d hingss The hood contact atthe front coners can be adjusted by screwing the rubber stops in or out.

Removing front fenders - four bolts to the brace when the front four bolts at rear end. accessible three bolts to fiont section - e,ght bolrs from the inside ol $e wheel housing
Hood l@k


Hood and hood hing€s To remove rhe hood, remove the bohs retainingthe hood to the hinges. The hinges are attached to the body by two bolts on eachside.All bolt holesare oblong to permit hood position adjustmentThe hood lock upper and lower parts are adjustable lengthwiseby moving them in the oblong bolts holes. The lensth of the lockingpin can be adjustedby looseningthe lock nut turning the locking pin to length desired and locking the nur again.


GtuupA2 Frcnt End,HoodandFenders


Group83 DoorsandTrunk
The doors are built up of an innerand an outer ptate, flsnged and spot-welded together. Hinges are fitted to the inner plate. The doors are adjustablelongrrudinally, vertically and laterally. Thedoor locksare ired to the doors wnh screws. The door handle on the outsade actuatesa leverwhich lifts tbe lock pin of the door lock by a pull rod. The cloor opener inside the car is attached to the inner door plate wilh screws. The handletransmitsthe movementto a lever which lifts the locking pin by link rods in the lock. On rhe front doors ihe lock mechanismis fined in a cyhnder under the door handle.






The rear doors are equippedwith child'proof locks. The locks incorporate latch which prcventsths door a frcm being opened frcm the inside when the latch The door latches are $eel and woldsd to the door.

Thewindowwindersconsistof lifringarmswith tooth ed segments.The window runs in sliding grooves In the inner door ol6te and is set to thB d€sir€dDosition by lifting alm lrom th€ tooth€d s€gment with the ol assistance a helos arm.

Rear doors

244 / 264 and 245 / 265

rp8? I t8p ,"

7S i-.-n

I itt tt

?6 1

| 0,0 r332!


Grcup83 DooBand Trunk


Removing/installing door stops Replacedoor stop = Op No- 83106 Remove door panel according to instructionsunder "Removrnq In_er handec ard upholsrery" fhen remove the bolt between the door stop and post, and remove the rubber seal.


Doorwindow crank


Bemovelock button and screws ar the top edge of the uphostery. Bemove the door upholstery by rnsening a screwdriveror simiar under the upholstery prying outwardsso edgeand carefully that the uphostery front doors


Femove the boh between door stop and door p llar. Remove boltsbetweenhingesand door,accessbte rhe when ihe door is opened.The door can then be re

After this, remove the three boks securingthe door stop to the door- The door stop can now be taken out thrcugh the upper opening in the inner plate of Installationis in the reverseorder.

Removing inner handles and upholstery Replacedoor window crank = Op. No. 83402 1. To remove the arm rest in the front door, take out the two plastic plugs with a na(ow screwdriver and remove the anachingscrews located on the inside.Then tum the plastic ring ar the front edge of the arm rest severalturns to the left, push the arm rest foMards and the hook at the front edgedisengages leavingthe arm rest ro De removeo. Remove the two retainingscrews for the rear 2. Put a finger on the insideof the crank and press the latchesholding thecover. Pry loosethe cover, using a screwdriver.Remove Phillipsscrew and
Front door 2. Foe ior the lock cyinder anachlng sc.ew 3, Hole for rear view m iior installation

Gtoup83 Doorcand Ttunk



In order to remove the hinges,the panel in front of the door hasto be removed. When this hasbeendone the three bolts are removedand now the hingescan The door and hingesare installed ihe reverseorder. in Since the holes in the hingesand in the attachment between the door and hingesare oval, the door can bo adjustedlate€lly. The door can be adjusted up, down and lengthwisein the atlachmenrberweenthe hrnges and door post. This is possiblesincethe holes in the door post are larger than the diameter of the bohs. Shims to adjust between lower door hinge and door are availableas spare parts.

Bemoving and installing rear doorc See the coresponding sectionabove.


Removing front door lock Op. No. 83406 = replacedoor lock 1. Follow operations l-3 under "Removing inner handles and upholstery. 2. ffemovethe lock cylinderby its attachingscrew which is fittsd in the rearedgeofthe door. 3. R€move the lockingfof the pull rcd lockingknob a n dt a k eo u t t h ep u l l f o d . 4. Removethe locking for the inner door opener 5. 6. Remove the lockingfo. the outer handlepulr rod. Removethe three retainingscrcws lor the door lockandthelock. The retaining scrcwsare locatedon the rearedge


Lock,frcnt doo6

Removing outer handle, Jront doors = replace Op.No.83404 outerdoorhandle
1. Crankup the window to closedposition. 2. Remove inner doorhandle upholstery and according to previous instructions. 3. Crank down the windowuntilthe rwo retaining screws7, Fig.right are accessible. Remove the 4. LJnhookthe return spring Fig.rightandlift out 8, the handleand coveras a unit.

2. 3. Pullrod for lock button 5. 6, Coverfof outsr h€ndle Screwsfor oul€r handle Relurnspringior ouier handle 9 . Pullrod for ourerhandlo lo. 11. 12_ 1 3 . Rerlrnsping for innerdoor op€ner


Installing outer handle, lront doors
1. Placethe handlein positionin the door and move rhe pull rod 9, below, in the lifting arm for rhe handle,

2. Screw in both the attaching screws7. 3. Check makesurethe lockfunctions properly. to lf necessary adjustthe lensthon the pull rod 9. 4 . Installthe returnsprjngL 5 . Put backthe door upholstery and re-install the


Gtoup 83 DooB and Trunk

t, Le€ for remote conrrol 2. L€w for cl ld sfety door l@k 4. Ftll .od for outd handl€ 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Cov* for our€r handle Scr€ws for outer handlecover Rstuh lpring for our€r hsndle P'rll rod lor lock button Inn€rdoor open€r netum s! ng for inE door op€n€r

Removing rcar door lock Op. No. $4m = rcplacedoorlock l. Carryout operations 1-3 und€r"Removinginn€r handles and upholsrery". 2. Remove ths lockingtor the pull fod lockingknob. Removs the locking for ths inner door opener 3. 4. 5. Removsth€ lockingfor the outer handlepull .od. Remove the retaining scrcws for ths door tock and rcmovethe lock from the door. Th€ attaching screws for the lock ars placed on rhe rear €dgs

Removing outer handlg, rear dools l. Windupthewindowto position. theclos€d 2. Removs innerhandle the and uphotstery accordingto previous instructions. 3. unhookthe retum spring 8. 4. Unscr€w screws and lift out hsndte the 7. and covsr oneunit. as

Installing outgr handlo, rear doors
1 . Placs handle poshion the doorandmove the in in rhe pull rod 4 in the tiftingarm for the handte. Scr€w in the attaching scr€ws 7. Checkto make sure that there is a clearancsA. ot 1L1mmll /32!.1/32") between pu rod the eyslstand pin in the lock lever Installrstum spring8, and checkthat th€ tock is functioning property. 5. Installdoor upholstery innerhandte.

Strikor platos The striker plate is madeof ste€land is install€dwith 6 floating plateTh6strik$plateis adjustabte nut since th€ holesin th€ body sre larg€rthan the diamster of the attaching screws Th6 v€rtical pqsitionof rhe stdker ptate is controlt€d by closing th€ door, with th€ outside handl€ Dutt€d out whsn the door latch should slid€ con€cdv into the latchplate The strikorplateshouldhavean inward inclinationof 1.5o tor ths front doors end 2.5o tor ths rear doors, s€e Fig. left

Sirikor phte A. Front door 1.5o 8. R€8rd@r Z5o

Group 83 D@6andTrunk


Bemoving front door window 1. Crankdown the windowto its lowestposition. 2. Bendout the cover, remove screwand rhe the 3. Remove the arm fest and the door panel.
Remove the large sheet of water protection.

4. Removethe lock spirngsand the washerson the
irside of rhe regulatorarms. Bend the regulator arms outwards and separate rhem from the w'n-

5. Ramove lhe window by hfl'ng and tu,nrng rowards the vehicle as shown:

Window dihonsion, r€ar door 244. 245 A = 169a2 mm = 6.654"-$.i32" B = 90d+1o


Lower the window with the acute angled corner fi6t and turn it at the same time as shownl

Door window removal

Door window 1.


Installthe window in the window channelaccording to following two Figs.


3. Checkthat the window is alignecl the windo\,! in
Fit the regulatorarms in the window channeland install the washeG and the lock springs. Install the water protection springs. Installthe door panel,the arm rest and the win-

5. 6.

Windowdimensions, andlront door244, 245 242 A = 2612 mm = 10,275"-10.443" B = 89o+1o

Removal and installation ol rear door window See the coresponding sectionabove.




Removal of door window crank mechanism

lnstallation window crankmechanism of

Op.No.83504= Replacefrontdoorwindowregulator 1. Crank down the windowto its bottomposition. 2. Remove doorpaneland waterprotection the the 3. Remove lockspingsandthe washers the the on inside the regulator of arms.Bendthe armsout wardsandremovethem from the windowchannel.

Bemovethe clip 1, Fig. below, at one of the regulator arm's retaining points in the door. 5. Remove lhe door window crank mechanismre taining screws 2l

Window mehanisn


Install crankmechanism. not rightenrhe the Do

2. Install the regulator arms firsi in the door and thenin thewindowchannel thewashers with and
Front door interior 2. Window mechanismrelainingscrews

3. Clank thewiodowtoitsupperposition tight and en the crankmechanism screws. 4. Installthe water prorection sheet. 5. Insrall doorpdnel. arm restandthe win rhe the

6. Remove the crankmechanism shownl as

Rgmoval and installation ot rear door window mechanism Op.No.83502: Replace doorwindowresulator rear Proceed the sameway as described in above

Window m€.hanism r€mov.l

Gtwp 83 Doorsati Trunk



ElectricallyOperatedWindow Winders


SB - black GN GR BL BR green gray blue brown

.lcNltlo sllTltt FUSE lOX





Adjusting stop positions, front window winders L Remove doorpanel ths waterproofing and sheel. 2. Runup the windowto the stop andreleas€ rhe stop lug usinga 5 mm seGcrew wrsnch.Run up the window as lar as it can go. Adjustthe stop lug against tooth segment the and tighten up the lock bolt.

Rundown th€ windowio the stop poshion. Chsck that the lifting arm does not bottom in the slide fork Adiust if necessary stop lug so that rhere the is a clearanc€ approx.1/32" {1 mml. of Restore door paneland wat€rprooting sheet.

Stop lug, upp€r pGition

Adjosting lo@r stop position


Group 83 DooB and Ttunk

Replacing window winder or motor, frcnt Figures brackets in applyto replacement winder. of 1. Remove door paneland wat€rprooting sheet. 2. Run down the window to the stop position. 3. Release liftingarmsfrom the windowrailby the pushingloos€the s€fetybrackets removethe and washers.Then lever the arms towards you, 4. Remove windowby liftingandturning tothe it wards the vehicle the sametime, at

10. Secure windowwinderin a viseandremove the the motor from the winder.

Finng window winder in vi$ (11) Remove the window winder from the vise. NOTE: Take care not to jam your fingerswhen releasingthe vise since the window winder s spring loaded. (12.) Tensionthe spring on the new window winder to the bonom and place the wrnder in the vise.

5. Disconnectfie battery ground cable. panel thesde oane, the and 6. Remove under-dash (at the Iront door pillar,. the 7. Removetheluse anddisconnect contacF box

T6Nioning window windor spring Mounl the motor on thewindsr. Removethe win-

tu$ Ssmovinq box

9. R€lease liftingarm from the side €il in the th€ screwsand take Remove windowretaining the ths winder out of the door.

1 4 . Position winder and motor in the door. Run the wires through door and door pillar. 1 6 . Fit the liftingarm wirh washerand $fety bracker in the door slide rail.

Group83 Doorsand Trunk

17. Lift the window into ihe door with the pointed part f rst and th€n turn it slighny away from the

Make sure thai ihe window entersthe slot in the guide rails. 18. Fir the lifting alms for the window rail together with pastic washers and safety brackets. 19. Reconnectconlacts and install fuse box. 20. Install side panel and under dash panel. 21. Connect the battery ground cable. 22. Adjust window winder stop positions, descrb as ed under "Adjusting stop positions. 23. Fit waterproofing sheet and door panel.


TrunkLid.242/244 and 262 / 264
The trunk lid is moufted on two hinges,which are attached by two bolts io the inner pate of the lid and with ihree boltsto the pillarundertherearw ndow, The trunk lid is counterbalanced a spring support. by The trunk lid is removed by removing the two bolts on each hinge and liftng it off. When replacing, lid is firsi openedfully. lt is then ihe lowered slightly and clamp 2739 appliedand rhe lid openedfully again,after which lhe sping suppon can be removed.When installinga new spring support, p t p s st o o l 2 / 4 4 , s u s e d a s s h o w n I n l g . b e l o w I order to nstall clamp 2739. InsralL the reverseorder, in When removing hinges,first remove the spring sup pon as described.bove.The lid isthen removedfrom the hinges and the h nges ffom the body. The holes in the part of the hlnges atrached to the trunk lid are oval in ordef ro pefmir longitudinaiadjustment. For verticaladjustment the hotesin rhe pan of the hinges attached the bodyareovat. to



*t--l tsl
lock for trunk lid Lock cutch, fitted in lid


Toolslor sprang support

2. Lock mechanism, fitted n rear secton 3 . Lock knob, fhred in rear section


Gtoup 83

Trunk lid
Ths lock (Fig, below) is instaled in th€ rear ssction and is released tuming the tockabte by knob. The tock catch on ths lowor €dge of rhe tid is adjustabts in order to permit variation of the ctosing tension of the lid. The lock knob is r€moved by taking out the hors€shoe

clampwith piiersinsid€th3 trunk. The tock knob €n thenbepullsdout backlv€rds. To removsthe lock removsth6 tock knob and nen ths tlvo bolts und€rthe upperdgs ot ihe r€€rsoction. Ths lockis sdjusrable longitudinay sincethe bott hor€s





I 22



Gtdlp 83 D@rs atd Trunk

Tail gate

Taif Gate, 245 and 265



The tail gare on the 245 model is suspended two by hinges screwed to rhe roof. To r€move tail gats, first remove upholsterypanelon inside.Then rc66ve left license plate light and disconnectwne.


Tail garelock 245l265

3. Lalching device inneropener lor 4. ControL larching for d€vice

Disconnectalso the other outgoing wires from their connections insidethe tailgate. The gas springisthen disconnected its attachment thetailgate. Remove at in the screws for the hinge attachmentsto the tail gate and lift off the tail gate. To instauth€ tall gate: Lift up the tail gate and insert the wi,es. Positionlail gale and screw on $e hinges. lf the gas sp ng was rcmoved, install at and adjust play where attachedto th€ body. lnstall licenseplate panel. li9ht,wire and upholstery The tail gate lock must be removedfrom the inside. Insidethe tail gate, the link rod to the lock plunger is removedand also the screws for the lock The lock can then be moved to the left, from where it is raken out of the taal$te. The lock cylinderis removed by looseningthe lock screw inside the rail gate. To remove hingesfor replacement, detach the headlining at the rear (see under "Replacingheadlining"). Disconnectthe wire at the joints under the hinges. Removethe screws secuing the hinges to the roof and the tail gate. Remove the hinges.


Gtoup83 D@rsand Trunk

Sun Roof
Removing cable 1. Open the sun roof and releasethe clips seclring the roof upholsteryat the front end. Then move the uphostery back to leave an opening. Crank the sun roof forwards and slacken rhe screws at irs fo I ardLhmenis I and - 1 Bend the leaf sp ngs 10 to one side and remove the rcinforcingplates13 at the rear attachments. Bemove wind deflector2. the pieces8, cover stfip 3 Bernovethe intermediate and holdersabove the drive. Release the front guiderails6and pulloutthe cables 5. 5. Clank the sun roof fo.wards until it is comptetety closed and check that it is level will the root. To adiust verlically.use the front adjustmert 7. and the lifis at the rea dojushenr 12. Atsochecl that bolh the lifts sland straighrup when the root The crank dnd hoLsing4. Tur. the c'anx ro the stop positionon the removed gearhousing. I n s r a ltlh e h o u s i n g n o c r 6 1 k .T h e c r a n t s h o u t d a now poinl straighrforwa'ds in the vehrctewher the sun roof is completely osed. c Put back the upholstery and test rhe function oi


6. 7.



Installing cables 1. Insiallthe cablesso that the attachments rhe for sun roof come opposite each other, and .r the rear end of the roof opening.Screw on secur€ly the front guide rails. pieceq holdersand cov Instal the intermedlate


Beplacing sealing strip The sun roof must be iemoved in order to replace the insulating strip and sealingstrip there. See points 1 and 2 under"Bemovingcable". When rcpacing the insulatingstrip round the roof openingof the sun roof, all that is required 1o crank is position. the roof backto its rearmost

3. Insrall rhe wind deftector.
Scrcw on the roof securelv and our back rhe leaf


Sun r@f

A. Rear attachment lvhen r@f is o@n

B. Rdr attachmat

whon rool is closod

t_ 2. 3.
Crank housingwith crank

8. 9. to.

11. 12, 13.



Group84 SealingStrips,Glassand ExternalTrim Mouldings
Sealing strips
ing The sear,ng srips dre securedby slopweldedfasten The sealing strip is removed by pulling it outwards, the when the ridgeofthestrip releasesfrom rail.When attachingthe sealingstrip,one of the ridgesis placed in positionin the rail, the other ridge is then pressed down into the rail with € wooden putty knife. This is moved along the rail as shown: When installing, begin by placingthe clipsand locking them by pressing inthestud inthe middle.Themoulding is then pressedonto the clips.

Removing windshieldmoulding
The windshieldmouldingis fixed by clipsp€ssed into the slits in the windshieldopening in the body. The mouldingcan, for example,be suitablyremoved with a steelputty knife.Insen the knife betweenthe windshield and moulding opposite a clip, see Fig. below. Then Iever the moulding loose.


( O,r


Removing moulding trim


Trim mouldings Waist mouldings The waist mouldingsare attached with plastic clips. The mouldingsareremovedwith a wooden puttyknife with which they are carefullyleveredoff. The clips can be removed by carefully pulling them off w|th

by at Install windshield the moulding pressing in betthat weenthe body frame and the clips.To ensure the moulding coincides with the cornerioints,install in the followingorder. First installthe lower moulding with a cornerjoint alsowith a corner on. Theninstalla side moulding moulding together on. Finally, installthe remaining with corners to the body frame. on


Group84 and Glass Mouldings


Removing trim moulding for rear window 1. Remove the mouding from the rubber strip by Insertrng moistefed nylon puty knife;nd mov a ing it all roufd between the strips (do not pult off the trim moutding). Pushover the loin ng piecesro o.e of the ha ves of the mou ding. Remove the trim moulding by evering out rhe ridge of the rubber strip from ihe trim moutding with a moistenedwooden porry knife. Retease thetrim mouldingin the midd ewilh anotherplny knrfe as shown.

Pushover thejoinifg piecesand repearrhe procedure wrrhtheorhprharofthe-oLdr.q.aotT pos on s , oi the joinlng pec€s over ihe joints.

Removing windshield Op. No. 84302 = replacewindshietd 1. Placeproiectlvecoveringov€r the hood anctrronr 2. 3. a. 5. Remove the windshied wiper arnrs. R e m o v e t h e x t e r n a lr i mm o u t d i n g . e e " F e m o v r S i n g w i n d s h i e dm o u l dn g " . U n s . r . w L 1 ei n e r c o v e, g s r p c a r d , e a r v i e w Cut the windshied loose wirh a wa.m sotderng Insertthepoinrof the iron berweenthe windshietd and the body.from the /nsideof ihe vehice. Then d r.w the soldering ron round the windshietd. The windshieldcan now be pressedout by hand.Cur off any remainingsrrafds with a knife.

2. 3.

Removingtrim moulding

Lever off the moutdingcarefutlywh te reeasing the .ubber strip with the other putty knire. Installing trim moulding for rear window Moistena 4.0 mm (5/ 32") leather cord in soapsoturion or paraffin and place it n the groove of the ruDDer strip for the trim moulding. The solderinsircn shouldbeon 2OOw' Ths tip may not be Place one half of the trim moulding tn position and so thick thar it @n come in contact with the gtass. holdrtiherewhilepullingtheLeathercordoutupwards over the moulding so that ir is pressedagainst rhe rubber strip as shown:
6. Clean the body (also ihe w ndshtetd if h is ro be

re instaled) of any rape. Remove any defecriveclips. Installing windshield 1. Injectsealng agent lnto the hoes where rhe new c l p s a r et o b e i n s t a l l e d . s e P u m pN o . 2 1 0 j 6 3 . U 2. Install new clips. 3. Cleanthe conlact surfacesfor the rape on Dooy and windshield.Use ethyl or merhyt acetaie for the ceaning. Be carefulnot to touch the ceaned 4. Coat the clips wirh sealing agent No. 686275 so ihattheagent forms a smoothbridgeberween the c ps and body for the buty tape to seal against.

Installingtrim moulding

Group 84 Glassand Mouldings


5. Coat adhesiveon the cleanedsurfaceson the
body and windshied. Coat an edse betw€en 18 aft 2'l nm \3/4 and 7/8") in width round the windshieldmeasured from hs outer edge. Apply twice to ensuretoral coverage. Any the adhesive spill on the body or glasssurfacescan adhesive be rcmoved with methyl acetate.The adhesive can be app ied within 5 minutesafterthe cleaning. Installboth ihe spacers the lower edge of the on windshieldopenins.They should Liebetweenthe post. 2nd and 3rd clipfromeachwindshield Using fiiture 2a99 1o installwindshi€ld


Installthe fixturc 2890 and pressthe windshietd firmly in position. When the outer plane of the w i n d s h i e l di e s 1 1 1 - 5 m m ( . 0 4 1 . 0 6 " )f r o m r h e l outer €dg€ of the body, then the windshieldis in the cotrect position,Let the fixture rernainabout


10. lf the btltyl tape is squeezedoutside rhe windshieldon its inside,cur offthe projecting part with Note lf any part of the painted edge on which the butyl tape is installedis seen through the windshield from the outsideof the vehicle,apply sealingagent 686275 these points. This is onty to requircd light colored for vehicles. 11. Install the outer tim moulding, see Instattins windshield moulding". 12. Inslallrhe innercover sr ps ano rFarvicw mirror. 13. Install windshield the wiperams.


Butyl tape joinl

2. Spacef

Installthe butyl tape on rhe body not less than 10 minutes and not more rhan t hour aftef the adhesivehas been applied.RolLthe tape round the whole of the windshield opening wirh the pro tectivepaperon.The ioint shouldbeoppositeone of the side posts and the joinfs ends should be The tape is best cut with a heated knife. Placethe tape edge to edge with the spot weld flange. The tape profile may not be altered by stretching.The protectiv€paper is removed immediately before the windsheld s lnsla led. Be careful not to soil or touch the adhesivesurface

oD. No. 84312 = .ep'dce rea, w,ndow Removing rear window 1. Removethetrim mouldingsas described operin ations I -3 under"Renrovinsrearwindow moulding. Removethe cabes forthe electrically heatedrear Faledserhe rubber srnp bolh from rh€ rear wr" dow andsheetmetalby inserting wooden putty a knifemoistened syntheticwashingsolution(the in putty knife should be moistenednow and then duringthecourseof thework)betweenthe rubber strip and rear window and between the rubber strip and sheet metal respectively and moving it t



Use a glasslifte.for installing thewindshield. Two man are required instalthe windshield, must 10 h be carefullylocated in the openins before being placedagainstthe tape. Oncethe windshieldhas beenplacedin position,adiustingpossibilities are then very small. The wndshield must not lie

2. 3.


Grcup84 and Glass Mouldings

Reat window 4. Start removingihe rubber strip in the upper lefi corner. Levef the rubber sfiip over the edge of the sheet metalfrom insideand at the same t me carefolly p!lling out the strip from oursidewrth a pair of wide-nosedgips. Then carefullypull off the stip by hand al round and remove the rear Remove allsealing compoundfrom thesheet me tal. lf it has drled on, first carefullyscrapeoff rhe sealng compound and then wash clean wnh naphtha.Check that the sheet meta edge is not defomed. lf the sealingcompoundhas not dned . o n c l e a .r h er u b b e r r p w r h - d p h l h ao r h e r w F e s It may sometimesbe necessary adjustthe po to stion of the .ear window whh the palm ot the hand. lf the cord is difficult to pull out, rh s nray damagethe strip, n which casethe rear window shoud be struck from insideor oursde wirh the pa m of the hand if the rubber strip does noi ''creep overtheedge of thesheet melsl properly. 4. Check that the rubber stip sealswell al rolnd. ll necessary adjusttheposhionof the rearwindow both vertca y and laterallyby striking with the palm of the hand. 5. Sealthe joints belween the rubber strip anctr€ar window and rubber slrip and sheet metal with sealingcompound using a 9un with a flar nyon nozzle. Make s!re that the sealingconrpoundfi Ls the joinr wel. Scrape off surpus seallng com pound and wash rear window and sheet meral with kerosene. Cleanthe rear window and sheet metal around t with polish. 6. Installthetrim mouldingsaspreviously described. 7. Installthe cablesfor the eleciricallyheated rear (tarl gate) window-

Installing rear window
1. Moisten the outer edge of ihe windshield and insralltherubberstrip startingal one of the corners. Adjust the strip so that it lies coiiectly all Install a cord (preferablyterylene)of a suitable sizein the grooveofrhe rubberstripforthe sheet metaledge,beginningatthetopcenterasshown:


See the corresponding sectlon under"Rear window'

quarter Rear windows,242/ 262
To remove the glass in the rea. quader windows on rhe 242/262 model, open frrst rhe quarter winclow and remove the screws securingthe quarter window opener io the body. Removethe window from rhe fronr atrachrnents by t n s t o p e n , _ g , r9 0 o a n d a r r h e s a m e - e p u l n 9 t o Placing @rd in rubber strip

3. Place the rear window in positionwith the rubber
s r r i p l s l d l l e d W F d l n q w o r k i r gg o v e - . c a r e l u l y slike the rearwindowaiew blowswilh lhe palm of lhe hand so hal il ma"e. good corlad all round. Thencarefu pull out the cordfrominside. lly Thiswi cause tl^e ubber slrip to -c.eep over the 5heel melaledge as shown:


hstalling rear window

Group84 Glass Mouldings and



Group85 Upholstery, InteriorHeatingSystem{excl.Air Conditioner)
For Air Conditioner, see: 240 models, TP 1 141 1 '11412 260 models,TP

Front seats

seat is retainedby four brackets Th€ front passenger positions.Thesearc the same as for each with three the drive/s seat but tools must be used to change by The inclinaiionof the seat back is accomPlished gear system. lt is inva ably adjustableby tu,ning a the hand wheel on the outsideof the seat. The seat lumbarsupport,the tenis provided with an adjustable by a knurled knob loc?ted on sion can be adiusted the outboardsideofthe backrest. on the 2 door models the front seats can be folded fo ard. There is an automaticlatchingdeviceon the outboad side of the seat. lt is rcleasedby a lever. head with non-adiustable The front seatsare equipped



C, I
Front sear

The front seats are built up on a tubular frame. The paddingconsistsof a soft rubbe. maierialand foam The front seat c6n be slidedfoMards and backwards to desned positon after the loop hande on rhe seat front has been lifted.The sealrallson both sideshave There are lwo levers,each with three positions,for positioning thedriver'sseatverticallybothin front and rear. Ths means that also the cushionangle can be

The resfiaints can be released pulledupby pushing and in the lock iabs khrough the upholstery).




Headlining 242 / 244 and 262 / 2641 The headlinng consistsof mo! ded glass woot wrth a plastrccover on th€ und€rside.

El.ctrically h6ated driv6r'6 3oat


Glass wool headlinins 242. It is made in one piece and cannot be folded. lt is heldin positionby the sun visor,rearview mifior, curve h a n d l e a n t h r e e p l u g s a t t hr c a r e n d l t h e h e a d l i n i n g . d e o 244 / 265 Tbe headliningconsistsof plasticfabric stretchedon root bs. lt is securedin retainers fitted on the lpper limit ofthe bodysides.

Somemodels hav6an electrically heated drivefsseat controlledby a lhermostat. Thetoalcurrentdrawis 60W Thethemostal olts outat 26"C(78')andculs in al 14rc (57.).

Roarseats 242./24/and26?./N Rear seatcushion rcarseatbackarc madein potand yurelanfoam, moulded a frame of wireswhich on stabili?e foamandretain uphotsrery. the the 245 / 265 Bearseat cushonand rear seat backare designed as the front seats,but the frame is wood. The rearseatcushion be foldedfoMard anorne can back rest down to provide increased cargospace. Door upholstery The door upholstery consists woodjiber sheeting of llned with non-wovenpaddingand coveredwith upholstery mateial.h is secured the doorby clips. to The arm restsare madeof moulded plastic and are screwed the innerplate of the door. to Covering Ior Iirewall and floor The sidesof the bulkhead tinedwith mittboard. are The firewallis covered with setfadhesive insutating material. The floor is coveredwhh textitemais_ Vehicles equipped with catallic converter haveexrra hea\,1 insutation above catalytic the converrer the and heat protectron shieldsas the catalyticconvener sYsre- r-.raases elhausrsyner tempersture:,

Ventilation 242 / 244 and 262 / 264: The ar ventsare locatedunderthe rear winduw:

t_ 2. 3.

Gtoup 85


245 / 264 rear are underthe rightsidewinTheairvents locaied

1, 2. 3.

ServiceProcedures Front seats
Replacing heater device for drive/s seat 1. 2. 3. Disconnectthe seat pad electricalwires at the Removetheseat, completewith slidingrailgfrom Bemove the screws acc. to Fig. below, and rcmove the seat cushion, Fit the new heater pad in $e seat back. pointtowards NOTE:theheaterelementbarbsshould padding. the mat lower Hook the plastic hooks to the suspension The heater pad electdc wires should be routed towa.ds the inboard side ot the clshion. Fit and attach front usingfour clamps. upholsterytorcarupholstsry,

Oi (

Seat cushion heater pad Placethe seat cushionon a table, upside down, Remove the cover plate.Cut and removethe clamps at the rear end of the cushion Pull out the heate. pad. Fit the new heater pad in the seat cushion. NOTE:rheheaterelementbarbsshouldpoint towards the padding. The heaterpadelecric wiresshouldbe routedtowards rhe inboarclside of the cushion,see Fig.

Ret.ining bolis


Seat back heater pad Placethe cushionupside down on a tablethe retaining clamps. Cutandremove frontupholstery pad. hooks andpullout the heater Unhook plastic the

R.moving st

back h€t€r


Fold back the upholsteryand installfive new clamps.


Gtoup85 lntetbr, Heating

Frcnt seats

Re-install seatcushion. the Connect wiresfor seat back and seat cushion heater pads: ,]tl 'l

use . screwdrlverto press our the hand wheel cover through one of the hand wheel holes:


Wneslor heaterpads lnstall the seat in the vehicLe and conned rhe wires at the junction box. Replacing seat heater thermostat 1. 2. 3. 4. Bemovetheseat heaterpad (seeseparatenstruc Disconnectthe thermostal wres. Remove the Installthe new thermosratin the heater pad and connect the wtres, Installthe heater pad (seeseparateinstructions).

handwheelcover Removing

5. T r r ' h e l o c k i nr h . h a n d w h F e o . n r q ( l o l w i s c
and remove the whee i

Beplace: Seat reclining

Seat back upholstery Latch or cable for seat concern cars with seat back latch 1. Disconnectthe seat and pad electricalwires at rhe junction box. Bemove the seat, complete with rails,from the Disconnect wiresfrom seatbackand seatcushion Removethe screws and rcmovethe seat cushionl Removing handwhal Eemovethe mechanism covercby bendingloose the lower edge and ihen pressingupwards:



Removingplastic @ver 1. Unhooktheuphosteryfrom the seatreclininsmechanism.cut and removethe clampsat the seal b a c ku p h o l s t e r y j o i n t .

Gtwp 85


Unhookthe plastichooks and pull our rhe heaier

Replacing head.estraint Seat back upholstery A. Unscre the lumbarsuppon hand wheel. plastic loosethe bushing theseat in back:

Heater pad


Replacing seat reclining mechanism Unfold the upholsteryto ga n accessro rhe me chanism relaining screws. {B). Pul off the cablelocksand disconnecr caDres the trom the mechanism. C. Fold down the padding,remove the screws and tlre mechansm: A

(B). Pry loose the for the catch release lev€r

O, (

Removing frame C. Removing seat.eclinins mechanism NOTE: the seat rec Ining mechanlsmcannot be repared and lhe whole assembly must be replac Fold away the upholsteryuntil three clamps are accessble. Cut and remove rhe clamps:

Qr {


l.lsea screwdriverto tlrn lhe new rec ining mechanismto the rear stop position.Put the me chansms on top of each other and check that

Attach the mechanismto the seal back. Attach the control shaft to the mechanism, Positionthe other mechansm on the shaft and tghten it to the seat back.Finalizetheinsla Lation of the seat feclinng mechanisms. (c). Attach the cablesto the mechanisms and fit the



Group 85



Front seats

D, Unfold the upholstery completety. Knocktoose the
headresrraint. Removeheadresvaintand uphot-


(B). Pry loose ihe frame for the catch releaseLever. C, Fold away the uphoisteryunri three clamps are accessibe.Cul and remove the clamps. D. Unfold rhe uphostery unti the releaseever is ac E. Pulloff the cabe locksand disconfecl lhe cables from the seat reclinng mechanisms. Pry oosethe re easeleverfortheseat back catch:

Knocking looseheadresrraint

E. Carefuly loosenrhe p.dding andfoid it toosefrom
lhe seai frame. Removethe head restraintlower Install new bushings(ocks)l

Removing mehanismlever G . Bemove Iwo .elarn g sc.ews and tl-. , dtcl rol Disconnectcables from rhe mechanisnr. Atlach the new mechansnr and coverto the seal


Installing machanism cowr and
hstatting bushings J, G . Apply slue to the seat frame back sjde and fotd Fold on the upholsreryslightty.Instal the head restraint. Checkthat the headrestrainr securelv is attach the rod to rhe suspension mat with three

Attachcables wirh rerainers rhe retease io me

Replacing control or control cables {or sear back latch (See aiso"Beplacins head restrainr seatbackupholor st€ry',prcvious page) A. Remove the lumbarsupporthand wheet.putl loosethe oldsrkbushrng tt-e seal bact tr

Group85 lnteior. Heating



mechanisms Hook the cablesto the seat reclining and lock the cable sheaths. mat with three l/1. Anach the rod to the suspension

reclining of metaltabs theseat 14. Bencl ouitheshe€t and Fit andhookon the sideupholstery thenreshapethe tabs,

Checkfor completely. 9. Fold on the upholstery the 10. Poshion heaterpad. pointtoelenJent barbs should NOTE: heater the be The wardsthe padding. wiresshould routed towardsthe inboardside of the cushionl

Press on the releaselever f€me. Pressonthe bushingforthe lumbarsuppon hand wheel. Install the hand wheel. Installrhe plastrccoversfor the seat recliningmeInstalling €t back heater pad

1 7 . Tum lhe locl clockwiseand Inslallthehandwheel
for the reclining mechanisms. Press on the hand wheel cover. 1 8 . Attach seatcushionrothe seatrecliningmechan isms.Connectwires trom seal back and seai cu.

I t . Attach the upholsteryplastic hooks to the sus pension mat lower wire, 't2. Fit and attach rear upholsteryto the seat frame



vvics Ior heator pads

Fittinq sido upholstery

1 9 . lnstalltheseat in thevehicleandconnectthewires
at the junction box.

1 3 . Fh and atlach front upholsteryto rear upholstery.

Gtoup 85



Repfacing headlining 242 /244 262 /264


. T L ' n r h e p a s r c o l u g sa t l l - e e a r p d g ed q a r t p 12. Li'l o-r the rpcdlir 1q .hro-91-rl-p redr w,ndow
13. Pry oose wirh a screwdrver to remove panes on fiort door p lar. Pry loose upper cover strip on the windshied. turn to releasethe headining.

1. Disconnectthe battery ground cabte, 2. Removerear seatcushionand backrest.Reft,ove rear shelfw ih plastc coversand artachmentsfor 3. Remove side panels located berween rear sroe window and fear window orherwiseihey may 4. Disconnectlhe elecrricconnecrtons the rear for 5. Removerhe rear window accordingto separare

Installing 1. nsert the headlining throughrhe rear window openrng and positionit oi the roof. 2. h s r a l l r e a rv r e wm . r o r . r r a c l m e n rw r r l o u r t 9 . ,
. 3 . r n s l a l l t h D l . " r ( p J g s . t t l e r e d rc n do , t - e h e a . hning. Press in and rurn a quarier lurn. InsiaI curue handle and artachmenis over the lront doors. Instal trirrl covers. 5. - g l _ r e a1 ea t l d . l - T e n t qo r r l o p . i v r e w m . 4 o r r l Install sun visors wirh suppod bearings. 6. Insta fronr cover srrp and panelson rhe front


6. Removethe nteror rear view m ffor by pressng it forwards.Bemovethe rearvtew attachingptate

1. Confect and rnsral the interior rghr. 8. InstsI the rear view m rror, 9. nstal crank housi.g, geaf and crank. 1 0 . Install rear window. Connect rhe wtres. 1 1 . l 1 s r .I r e d r s d e o d n e l sI n s r a lc . p " a n c t. l r a , h l
mefts for rear seal beLts.

12. lnstal rear shelf. nstai re.r seat. 1 3 . Reconnectihe baltery groLrndcabe.

Replacingheadlining,245 / 265
I 1 . Remove atiachmenls,inc. s!ppon bearings, for sun visors. Remove the sun visors. 8. P ) l o o . e 1 1 " i n p l o r g l - r .D s c o n r e c rr t - ew i r € . L F e m o ! - ( r i 1 l d n d 9 F . . F e a r o v e h eh o J s- g t o r r No.851O4 Femovethe interiorlight.sunv sors.andreafvew

2. P u r d o w n r l ' e e o q eo ' t - l c l o d d l i na q r h l g F l
a r d l h u m b o n o n e s i d es o r l - d t t 1 e o r d c t p o g can be releasedfrorn hs fastenng if the ra L 3. Then pu I down the headining al rolnd.

1 0 . Removecutue handleand ailachmentsover ih€


dooron the drlver's side.Bendlooserhe trim cov€r 10 garn access to the screws.



Gtoup 85

from the beginning 4. Take down the stretchers them down in the middleand backby bendins .eleasrng rhemlro- the edge of lhe roo|

Femoving rool str*hers NOTE| Be careful when removing and installing handlingcan cause the the siretchers.Careless the roof plate. ends to damage in the 5 . Install strctchels the new headlining. NoTE:the stretche6aredifferentlengths. with rubbercaps Makesurethattheyare provided by the 6. Installtheheadlining first inserting stretch els beginning with the front one. Streich the headliningforwards and tuck in the plastic srrip at the front edge. backwardsby pulling 8 . Then stretch the headlining both ends of a stretcherat the same time. Begin at the front and pull on each stretcherworking backwards, after which the rear plasticstrip can be tucked into its groove. 9. Now pull over the headliningtowards one side Thenstretchthe headandtuckin theplasticstrip. hnrngover towa.ds the olher side and tuck in lhF

5. Removefie combined instrumentaccording to instructionsin Section 3. Removelhe sreeringwheel locl accordrngto insiructions in Section 6. Take out the bulb holders in the combined Instrument lights and the hub holder in the clock. Disconnectthe electricwire frcm the clock and the harnessfromthe lower part of the instrument panel.A clamp is situatedimmediatelyunder the clock and another undeneath the combined in strument to the left. Remove hoses the 9- Bemovethe heatersidepanels. for the four air outlets on the instrument panel. 10. Removeboth lower screws for the control panel and then tip it back as far as the wires permit. 11. Disconnect the electricwires to the glove locker light byopeningthe lockerlid and pullingthe entire in light inwsrds.The wires are disconnected this


12. Removeoutboardair outletsand the lightswitch.
Removethe screws securingthe instrumentpa nel. There are three on each side of the firewall. two underneathand one which is visible when the outboard air outlets have been removed. A further two attachingscrews are located above the upper attachingscrews for rhe control panel. the 14. Release instrumentpanelfrom its attachment in the dashboardby pulling it backwardsand at the $me time lifting it overthe control paneland thesupponr€gs, 15. Lift our the instrument panel.

cl (

Installing instrumentpanel

Check to make sure that the tubber bushingsin the dashboardare nor damaged.Othelw|se re

10. Insrallthe inreriorlighl. su^ visorsand rear view by 11. Anyfoldsin thefabriccanbe removed pulling in drect|on.The rhe headlining the necess:ry rails. then movesin the attaching headlining

2. Placein the instrumentpanel with rhe guide pin
in the rubberbushingand screw tight to the cowl sides and support legs. Install light switch and outboard air outlets. Install hoses between car heater and center ail outlets in the instrument panel. 5. Insrallrhe bulb holder for the clock and hook up the electric cable to the cloclc 6. Installthe bulb holdersto the combined anstrument light and fix the cable harnessto the in sirument panel by the clamp. 7. Instaltstee ng wheel lock accordingto instructions in Section 6. l i ig L I n s t a l l c o m b h e d r n s t r u m e n t a c c o r do nn s l r u c tions in Section 3. Insralltheholderfor rhe horn deviceslip ring onto the steering column. 10. In$altthe controlfor turn signalswilchand windshieldwrperc.also hook up the electriccables to


Instrument and control panel
Removing instrument panel 1. Disconnectthe battery ground cable. 2. Femove steering wheel (Section 6 Replacing steering wheel") and steering column covers. 3. Release screws holdingthe switchesfor t'rrn the srgnalandwiper and rhereafle'lhe plastrccasing in front of the steering wheel. 4. Remove the holder for the hom slip ring.



11. Install €sings over the steeringcolumn. 12. Install steering wheel, see Section 6. 13. Hook up the elec,tric cablesto the glove locker light. 14. Install the hoses to the outboard air ourlets. lnstall center panels, 15. Installlower anachingscrews for the control panel. 16. Connectbafterygroundcable.Checkthe function of the instruments and lamps in connectionwrth

Removalof ihe control panelcan be slarted once rhe baftery sround cable has been disconnecred. Thereafter remove the panel attachingscrews and lift rhe panelfoNards until the wie connections are acces sible. Note that the panel is attached by six screws. Two are underneath the panel.Ma* the connecrions and disconnectthem from their terminas. The panel can lhen be lifted out. place the panel first in a suitabte When re installing, position, re-connectthe wires and then ptacethe panc in position. Thereafterscrew right and re connectthe battery ground cable. Replacing outboard air outlet 1. 2. 3. 4. Pull off the knob of rhe main tight switch. Pressthe impact absorbermouldingdownwards. Remove two retainingscrews and the outtet. Installationin opposite order.

Removing glove box

Removingstow box L Remove six retainingscrews and pull the gtove box out of rhe dash board.

Repl€cing glove box lock

Romovingimpact absorborhoulding

Replacing centerair outlet
1. 2. 3. 4. 5Loosen controlpanel the and pull it out slighny. Press impact the absorber moulding downwards. Remove retaining the screwsand the outletsRemove clock. the Instalblion opposite in order.

R6pl*ing glow bor ldk

'L Tuln the lock 1/4 turn counterclockwise putl and
out the lock €arwards.

2. Posrrion new locl and rurn it clockwiseto stop. a



CU heater

unit Combined


contro valve tube 2. CapiLlary for heater 3. Heaierconro vaNe 4. Shuter,air venr Leftfloor nozzle leit 6. Shuner, defrosrer springfor vacuummotor 8. Rerurn (veh L Evaporatof cleswirh 10.

1 2 . Vacuum motor lor an in€ke cover 13, 15. 1 6 . Ar conditioningswnch 18. 1 9 . Shuiier, fghr air d!cr, rear tloor 20. Ar duct to rear rloor 2 1 . Knob, an nrake cover 22. Knob, defrosler shuiter

unit, prepared This is a combinedheaterand fresh_air lt consistsof a cenfor installation air conditioning. of tral unit 14, locatedunderthe dash,and air ducts and nozzlesfor distributingthe ai. lo the various points insidethe car.Allshuttersforaifdirectingare regulated which istakenfrom the engineintakeman by vacuum, ifold via a vacuum tank locatedon the firewall in the engine compartment. An elect c motor ( 13) locatedin the centlal unit takes This motor is providedwith careof the air circulation. a throughshaftand two turbinewheels 3. The cellular assembly 12 of the heater system is placed in front ol Ine elpclrromotor. Vehicleswrlh air conditoling have the evaporator9 installedin front of the heater system cellular assembly. Thecombinedunit isoperatedby two knobsand three push buttons placed on the conlrol panel.




CU heater

Replacing turbinewheel,teft side

L Remove rurbine the wheellocking with helpof two screwdrivers. Remove turbine. fte

Central !nit, 16ftside 1 . Screwsror bortombfacker 2 , Screwsfor upperbracket 3. Upperscrewsfor supponlegs Lowerscrewfor slppon eas Disconnecrthe battery ground cabte. Fold rhe tloor carperlo t1e one sde and ,emove the sde panels fiom the cenrrat unir. Bemovescrews 4 and 5 for lhe conrotptare suppod legs on both sides,a.d nove the ptare as lar bacl on the r.ansmrss,on tunnetasrheetectfic Removing lo.kingfor turbin

t o Place the new tubine wheel on the shaft and
instal the locking. 1 1 . Installthe outer end and check at ihe same time that the heater control vatve capi[ary tube wjrh rubber grommet is propedy insta ed in the air


4. Remove the alachi.g screw for lhe rear ool
arrduct so that the duct can bedisconnecred from

5. Remove combined (seeinstruc the instrument tions,Section3). 6. Disconnectvacuum hosesfrom vacuum motors
for left defrosier oltler and teft ftoor outlet. Removedefrosrernozzleand air duct to teft air

1 . Removethe ak hosebetweenthe centratunh and
the left, inner air outlet.

8. Removethe clampson the centratunit outer end
and remove the end:
Placing clamps for outer end

12. Connect batteryground cabte and mak€a func_ 13. Disconnecr banerygroundcabte. the '14. Install the air duct between centrat the unit and 15. Jnstall defroster the nozzte air ductandcor_ and nect up the vacuumhose, 16. Installcombinedinstrument (see insrructions, Section3). 17. Installrhe air duct to the rear ftoor. 18. Place convolplate support in position the and tegs and screwtight the supporrtegs. 19. Putbacktheftoormatandinsra rhesidepanets. 20. Re-connect batterygroundcabte. the

Romoving clahps for outer red



CU heatel

Replacingturbine wheel, right side "Repacing ponts 1 to 4 under tuftine 1. Perform wh€el,left side'. pafel, and insulation 2. Removeright slde paneL.

4. Remove the blower motor retalner:

screwslor blowermotor ctainer

panels and qlovebox Removing fte 3. Drsconnecr vdcLJm noseslroa vai uu- mo

the 5. Disconnect coniact unit from the blower motor control and disconnectthe blower motor electric wires from rhe contactunit and the control

5. 6.
L 8. g.

r d t o r s l o ' n g h rd e f r o s r en o z z l e n d r i g h rr l o o ro u r let. Removethe defrosrerno//e and lhe a dJLt to ihe righi air outletl R e m o v eh e d i r d u c rb e l w e e _ h e r e n l a l - n r t d n d i rhe right inside alr outlet. Removethe clampson the centralunitouier end and remove the end. Remove rhe turbine wheel locking with help oi two screwdriveG and remove the lurb ne. Place the new turbine wheel on the shaft and install the Locking. Install the outer end. Regardingthe location ol the clamps, see Fig. previous page. Connectbattery ground cable and make a func

Removinq defic €bles for @ntactunit


10. Disconnectbattery ground cable. 11. Install the hose beiween central uft and nghl lnner air outlet. Connectthe 12. Installdefrosternozzleand air dLrct. 13. Install glove box, nsulationpanel and right side turblne 14. Performpoints 17 to 20 under"Replacing whee, left side .

6. Removethe rubber grommet and pull down the electric wiresthroughtherightopeningin the cen_ 7. L,h ouI rheb'owe' moror I h'ough Ihe bft opering. 8. Placethe blower motor in posirionin the central unit and sc.ew tight the retainer. 9. Pullthroughthe electricwires and installthe rub_ 'lO. Connectthe elecvic wires to thecontact unit and the control plate, also connect the contact unit to the blower motor control. 11- Installthe inner left end and adjust in the heater control valve capillarytube. 12. Insrallrhe turoi.e wheels according lo plevious

Replacing blower motor Op. No. 85400 1- Rernovethe right and left turbinesaccordingto previous instuctions. 2. Move the heater control valve capillarytube to 3. RFmovethe lefl ,1ner eno lrom lhe cenral unil


Gnup 85

Removing cantral unit Thepointsin bracksts apply onlyto vehictes equipped with air conditioning. L Drainthe coolant. 2. Disconnect batterygroundcable. 3. R€movsthe heatersystems water hosesfrom th€ joinl pipes the firewall. plugthe pipes: in and

Contrclp.nel rsveFsside 1. Connecror vacuum for ho* 2. Contact for blowermolor @ntrol unit 16. Disconnect hot wne (thickyellow) the from the i"",,*g plugsin heatsrsystomconnocrion Installing pip€ clamps fromthe hoses the evaporator to {4). Bemove and remove firewall the door wilhouL loosening thehoses tothe evaporator, (seeinstruc5. Remove combin€d the instrument tionq Section 3),rhe hosebetwe€n air thecenval unit andthe lefr innerair vent alsothe vacuum hosesfrom vacuummotorsfor left defrosternozzl€ and left floor outlet. 6. Remove left side panelfor the centralunk. the 7. Foldthe floormatout of the way anddisconnecr the rear floor air duct from the cenfialunit. L Disconnect joinr pipesfor the heatersystem's ths war€r hoses from the firewall. L Removethe upperand lower screwsfor the teft support leg, and the screws for the upp€r and lower bracke$, from firewall and transmission NOTE: The screws ths upper for brackst shouro only be slackened coupleof turns. a 1O. Remove right sidepanslfrom the centratunit. the 11. Remov€ right insulation paneland gtovebox. 12. Rsmove rightsidedefroster andthe hoss j€! the from the central unit to right center jet. 13. Foldthe tloor caDetout of the way 6nddisconnect the rear floor air duct, I 4. B€move upper lowerscrews the .ight the and for supportleg,alsothe lower screwsfor th€ control 15. Disconnect groundwires from the control the plate the conract and unitfromtheblowermotor control 2. 17. Separate connector for the vacuumhoses the 1 and disconnect vacuum the tank hosefrom rhe 18. Movethe controlplateas far backon the transmission tunnelas the wires permit. 19. Removsthe screws,for the upper and lower brackets, from the firewallandthe transmissaon the 120)Disconnect thermostat attachmenr bel Fig. ow, from the centralunit.and both ctamps secunngthe coverto the evaporaror.



CU heatel

(21) Bemove the evEporatorfrorn rhe central unit whholt disconnecting any of the refrigerant hoses,and place lt at the right side of the cowl:

8. lnstall ihe turbine wheel and the ouler end.
Location of clamps is shown below:

9. InstaI air hose betweencentralunir and right, in Placing evapotator floor on 22. Removethe centra unit right, outer end, tlrbine wh€el and inner end. 2 3 . C e n t r a l! n i t . Installing central unit The points n brackeis.pply only to vehicles equipped w t h a l r c o n dt i o n i n g . 1 . L i f t t h ec e n t r a l u n l t o n tto e r l g h tf l o o r , n di n s t a h a lhe rubber seal for the a r intake. Lift the centrE lnit into positlon and rnsertthe left, upper bracketover lhe screws on the dashboard. Installthe right bracketscrewsand t ghten (3) Inslall the evaporatorin the cenlral unit. Put on lhe cover and secLrre with the two clamps (1, it Fig.),also the thermostaton the openings lower 4. Sealwithsea ingcompoundroundthe evaporator . pipes and the thermost;t cap lary if necessary. 5. Insiall the connectionppe for the heater hoses 1o the clashboard. 6. InsraI the lower tlnnel bfackets and rhe drain hose through the hole in the transmission tunnel. 7. Instal ihe rlghl. inner end .nd rhe vacuum hose for the floor shltter. 10. Insralr ghr defrosternozzleand connectvacuum I n s i aI g l o v e b o x . Insialarr duct to rightair outet. InstaI a; ducts for rear floor. I n s t a a n h o s e r o t h e e f t i r n e r a l r o u n e t a na c l j u s t l l d eftdefrosternozzle and connectits vacuumhose. 1 5 . l l s r a I t n e c o r b r e d I n s l r u r e r r( s F en s t r u c l i o n s , Secrion 3). 16. Pur rhe connectionpiece of the vacuum hoses togetherand connectthe hosefrom the vacuum 11. 12. 13. 14. 17. connect the hot wire (thickyellow)ro the blower moto. controlconract un t, and connectthe conlact unit to the control. 18. Connectgroundwies and screw tight instrument plate and support legs. 1 9 . F o d b d c \ r l o o rm a r .I n s r a l l c o n r ' o l p a n e d e p a s nels and insulaton panels. 20. Connect the heater system water hoses to lhe connection pipes on the dashboard. 1 2 r ) I n s r a l r h e f i r p w a l ld o o r a n d c l a m p t h e r e t r q e r l ation hoses in the engine compartmeni. 22. Fill coolant. 23. Re-connectbattery ground cable and function










Vacuuh moio. for air shutrerlo rearlloor


Replacing vacuum motor for central unit air inThe insrru.tio_appl ro r'emoved,e.ra s u-,1 1. Remove hose from vaculm moto.. 2. Pry loose the vacuum motor outer plaslic lock, see Fig. below. Removethe vacuum motor irom the housing and remove the sprng.


Lay-out diasr.mfor vacuum controlsystem pane 1. Conrrol 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. a. L 10. 11. 12. Vacuum moior for reariool eft VacLUm mororfor rear floor,righl Vacuum motorfor tronr floor, eft Vacuum motof tor front floor,.ighr Vacuum motof ior defrosrer, leh V:cuummotor lor defroster, righi Eng intakemanlold ne Check vaLve V a c u u ma n k l Vacllm mororfor ar ntake cover

Replacing vacuum motor for rca r floor air shut-


1. 2.

Dlsconnectihe batiery ground cable. Bemovethe side panelfor the centralunh, righi or left dependingon the vacuummotor to be re-


3_ Bemovethe uppef and lower screwsforthe sup
port legsand lift the control plateto the one side. Disconnectthe vacuum motor locking from the shutter shaft and attachment(Fig.l and motor

3. Unhook the return spring from the a r shltter.
Remove the shutter shaft locks (1, Fg. above). Push ihe shutter towards one side to free one end of the shaft.Then reiease other end. Pul the out air shutterwith vacuummotor from the hous

5 6

Transfer the hose to the new vacuum motor. Place lhe vaculm motor in postion and install

Pry loose the vacuum motor inner plaslic ock. n t h e a i r s h u t i e rR e m o v e v a c u u m o t o ra n ds p r , ing.

7. Insiallthe controlplate,suppon legsand sidepa 8. Re connect battery ground cabe and flnction



6. Positionrhe sping and insialla new vacuummotor in theaifshutter, see below. Usea new plastic

3. Remove the air intake left shutter shaft lock. 4. Removethe screws 3 for the inner end and lift 5. Bemovethe screws 4 for the blower motor rethe ware' hoses tom rhe cell as 6. Drsconnecr 7. Removethe clamps fof the central unlts middle joint, Liftofi the left half and rcmovethe cell as8. Placethe new cell assembly with insulaiionin poshion in the right half of the central unit.

7. Posltion alr shutter with vacuum motor in the ho-s:ag. l.serr rhe shutrF sl"dfi in the housing. Install the shaft locks. 8. Hook on the air shutter return spring. 9, Positionthe spdng and installthe vacuum motor in the housing. Use a new plastic lock. 10. Beconnectvacuum hose to the vacuum motor.

Heating system
Removing cell assembly HeaterCore,replace HeaterCore,pressure test and repair (solder), heatercore removed Op. No. = 85404 = 45419
Positioning as$mbly c€ll 9 . Install the left half. For location of clamps, se€

The instructionsapply to a removed cenval unit. L Femovethe leh ouler end rurbinewheel{seepreviods instructions). 2. Unscrewthe tlvo left screwsfor the tunnelbrack


of clamps for middlo connetor

10. Instarr retainer the blowermoror. the for 11. Installthe innerend, tubinewheeland end. outer 12. Install att€ching the screws thetunnel for bracket. 13. lnstall shutter the shaftlocking the air intake for

Disassembling @nrral unit

t . Screws ior lowef brackel 3. Screws for innef end 2. Shutter shaft locking 4. Screws for bower motor



CU heatel

Replacing h€atercontrolvalve Op.No.85464

1. Remove central unit left side panel. 2. Unfold floor mat and put rags under the valve to Protect against water spill. 3. Pull loosethe control valvefrcm the heaterhousing. Use tongs to block the water hosesor dlain 4. Disconnectcable and sheath from the control 5. Disconnectthe capillarytube th€ hearer housing.Disconn€stthe coolanthosesatthe contrcl v6lve.Remove valve. th€ 6. Transfer bmcketto the nsw valve. the 7. Connectthe coolant hosesto the valve. Remove rongs, 8. Connect cable and sheath to the valve. Adjusr

2, Hearer contorvalv€

9. Install rhe control valve in the heater howihg.
Transferrubber seal. Installthe capillarytl]be in

1 0 . Fill coolant,if d6ined, and check tightiess and
1l Fold bac\ the floor rnar. llsrall sde pane..

Group85 lnte or, Heating



Group86 BumPers
witl and The bumperc mad6Inaluminum provid€d are sttlps. heavy,snergyalrsorblng-rubber This bumpercanstanda baniertest ol 5 mph= I km/h, fronl and rear.

Op. No, 85134= 86136= 86189 = 86191 = @06 = @

r.mM andiBtalllont bumper emowandi..n ll@rbump.r strip,bunp€. r€mowd replace flDnt bump€r Fmovad rcdrbumper strip,bump€r €plae frent bumpersh@k Eb3olb€r,bump€rr€rcpla@

= 6pl6c. Far bump€r shockab€o6€r.bumpd B-

Removing installingbumper /
L 2.

Removethe retaining platss (4). and lift ofi R€move nuts{2}for rh€ bracker the

3. installationin opposite order.


Group 86 Bumpers

lmpact absorbers
The impact absorbeB contain gas and ftuid and arc speedrelated. That means rhat the resisranceincreaseswith thespeed. Thereby the whole impact stroke can be used also for low speed impacts. The function is very much the same as for a com bination of a spdng and a shock absorber. gas and fluid are forced throush When €ompressed, naiiow channels. The compress dampedand at the is the gas. When the same time the fluid comprcsses the sas expandsagain and outside lorce is released, p'essesrhp 'lLid ba.l .ro rrc bLrnperrelar s the on ginal position.The fluid this way acts as a shock ab, sorber and the gas as a spring. The impact absorbers are partly gas filled and no welding on or close to them is permitted, Heating mayexpand the gas to such an extent that the impact absorbers are blown, lJthorefore oxy-acetylene cutting must be performed to remove the impact absorbers, the gas pressure should lirct be released. There are two brands of impacr absorbersi Fichtel & Sachs Eoge To release the gas pressurs,proceedas tottowsl Fichtel & Sachs

Placethe impact absorberhorzonta y. To retease rhe gas. drill a hole 5/32 \4 td diam. approx. 1.06" {3O mm) from the end, as shown above. NOTE: Use safety glasseswhen dritttng. A ' r q h o e s h a l e b e e r d r i l l e oc l i t , n g . . 1 s a l e t ! b e . Before scrapping,a damaged or otheNise replaced mpacl absorbershould be emptied by drittinghotes. Replacing L 2. R e m o v et h e b u m p p .a s p t e v r o u s lo e s c r i b . d . y Removetwo retainingbolts 11)for rhe bracket.




positioned 1800 opposite each other. NOTE: Use safety glasseswhen dritting.

Place impact the absoberhorizonta To retease y. the gas,dill a hole1/32'{1 mm)diam.apwox.3/4, (20 md from the end,as shown above. (8 Then drillasecond hole,5/16" mm)diam. approx. 7.5" (l9O mm) from the end.The hotesshoutoDe

Removerctainingbolt (3) in the side member. ti is accessible from inside the rrunk. R e m o v e i m p a c t a b s o r bP u.l l o f fr h e b r a c k e r a n o er NOTE:emptygas beforcscrapins. Attach b€cket and spacerto the new impact ab Positionthe impactabsorberandfit the boh from the sademember. Install bracket bohs. NOTE:do not confusefront and rear impact absorbers.The r€ar ones have a shoner srroke.

4. 5. 6.

Gtoup 86 Bumperc



Removingand installing bumper cover moulding
Front bumper studs by is Therubbercover rerained integralsnap-in pull out the moulding thar the so When removing, Bs careful not to tsar off the studs.

Rear bumper sparetire and rear interiorpanel. Remove by ends.They are retain€d Pullloosethe moulding Removeretaining nut both sides.


bars, wilh retaining Pullout rubbercover,complete order. Ch€ck that the retaaning Installation opposite in bar clips lock s€curely.

position moulding pullin th€ and Wheninstalling. the with ifth€ studsarelubicated lnstallarionfacilitated is

Beplacingbumper {ace rubber mouldings the the 1. Remove bolts retsining bumperto rhe bumpershockabsorber. 2. Lift oui the bumper. rubber mouldingq 3. Remove thebarsretainingthe from the bumperbar. from the barc. the Disengage rubbermouldings them mouldings folding by 5. Installthe new rubber bars. over the retaining mouldunitsketainjng andrubber b6rs Installthe bar. ings)to the bumper Use a small scr€wdriverto find the bolt holes. bar shockab7. Attachthe bumper to the bumper


Gtoup86 8umpe6

l{atlonal hstitlt€ for tu0lt0l|vE



v0lv0 suPPonTs vor.uilTARY