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-ABookin rey Chiles Hand #6FrameStoryChallenge Illustrate a children's story in 6 frames. Want a ready-made narrative? Choose one that you would like to illustrate from our collection of 6 narratives. #6FrameStoryChallenge A Tail in the Library Words selected: library, broom, tail, scared, tree-planting man, carnival 1. Two friends enter a dusty, old library. 2. They use the broom in the corner, and are engulfed in a huge cloud of dust. 3. They see a shadow of a... something with tail! 4, They are scared and run out through the back door. 5. It is the tree-planting man carrying a sapling with a long root in his hand. 6. He has arranged a reading carnival under a big tree (that he had planted five years back.) Kids reading books all over and around the tree. #6FrameStoryChallenge The Wandering Orchid Words selected: valley of flowers, starry night sky, cyclone, desert, scared, vulture 1. The valley of flowers is a very happy place. A little orchid sits alone in a corner. She is bored. 2. So she sets off alone that night under the starry night sky while other all the other flowers are asleep. 3. Suddenly, an angry cyclone comes and sweeps her away. 4. The cyclone drops her far, far away in a vast desert. The little orchid is scared. Then she notices a vulture drinking water from an oasis! 5. The orchid sits on the vulture’s back and they fly for a long time until they reach her home. 6. All the flowers in the valley welcome her back and clap their petals with joy. #6FrameStoryChallenge The Day it Rained Fish Words selected: fish rain, bridge, river, market street, basket, rainbow 1. The little girl's father says goodbye to her as she leaves home with her pet cat. 2. Just then, it starts to rain fish. The little girl and the cat run through the fields. 3. The little girl and the cat run across the bridge, over the river. 4, Every now and then, the cat opens its mouth to catch fish. 5. The little girl and the cat run through the market street. People on the street are holding out baskets to collect fish. 6. Finally, the little girl reaches her school. The fish rain stops and instead there is a beautiful rainbow spread across the sky. #6FrameStoryChallenge Dragon’s Train Ride Words selected: dragon, train, bridge, tunnel, dark, scared 1. Dragon watches trains go over the bridge everyday and longs to go on one, 2. One day, he feels adventurous and decides to get on a train. Everybody on the train stares at him. Dragon feels alone. 3. All of a sudden, the train goes through a tunnel and it becomes completely dark. Dragon is scared. 4. He screams loudly and makes everyone around him jump. 5. Then he feels something pressing against his wings. It's a little boy trying to hug him and tell him there is nothing to be scared of. 6. Dragon burps with relief and this makes his new friend laugh. #6FrameStoryChallenge The Adventurous Bear Words selected: bear, maps, camera, museums, another planet, parachute 1. Once, in a dense forest, lived a giant Bear. 2. Bear was an adventurous sort. He loved looking at all kinds of maps and visiting new places near and far. 3. So Bear bought a camera to take photographs of all these places. 4, Every weekend, Bear would visit different museums. 5. And in the summer, he would go to the Valley of flowers. But his dream was to go to another planet, namely Pluto. 6. One day, while out on a walk in the forest, he found an abandoned parachute and Pluto now seemed a lot closer. #6FrameStoryChallenge The Old Lady who Loved Juggling Words selected: juggle, spectacles, umbrella, market street, mango, basket 1. When the old woman learns to juggle, her husband is very excited. He watches her juggle with wonder and amazement. 2. But he gets irritated when she juggles with his things: his spectacles, watch and especially his lovely old umbrella. 3. The old woman starts juggling at work. It gets her into a lot of trouble. 4. She starts juggling at the fruit shop and everybody on the market street crowds around her. Mangoes fly in the air and fall with a thud. Oops! 5. One day, her husband comes home with a gift. It’s a basket filled with juggling balls. 6. The old woman is thrilled. Now she can practise without bothering anybody. She juggles all day long and deep into the night.