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Adeola Adegbolagun CCIE#37591

telephone: 234 809 826 0712

skype: skype4life1
Over 10 years of rich experience as a Computer System/Network Engineer, delivering optimal results & business
value in high-growth environments. Accented with the latest trends and techniques of the field coupled with a
wide range of skill sets. Strengths include technology, critical thinking, troubleshooting, problem analysis, training
& development. Experienced in Windows, Linus-base environments, MPLS IP, QoS, networking and TCP/IP.
Proven expertise in designing and implementing BYOD Solution, Unified Communication (VoIP), Secure Edge,
MPLS VPN operations on Cisco IOS Platforms including Core IP/MPLS VPN/BGP technology concepts.
Technical and managerial competencies include structuring customized hardware and networking solutions to
meet customers specific needs. Core strengths in scaling IGP and BGP in Service Provider Networks
including operation of NOC, Management H u g h e s HX Gateway and HX Remote.
Ability in planning, designing, implementing, optimizing, maintenance and troubleshooting of Cisco Identity
Service Engine, Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Mobile Device management software, Huawei Firewall,
Routers, DMZ switch and Access switch, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances, Cisco and Juniper Routers, Core
distribution and access switches. Professional competencies in performing installation, upgrade, configuration,
and support of hardware, software, peripherals and network devices in Windows environments. Demonstrated
problem analysis and resolution skills, ability to troubleshoot, solve problems quickly and completely.
Conceptually strong with a pioneering and logical approach to the work with an eye for detail. Excellent
temperament to multi-task and coordinate various activities under high stress and time sensitive environments.
Excellent relationship management skills with ability to conceive efficient solutions utilizing technology.
2001: Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo.
Bachelor Degree in Engineering (B. Eng) *Second Class Upper Division
1993: Eko Boys High School
Senior Secondary School Certificate
Professional Courses and Training

Design and Implementation of Cisco Identity Service


Knowledge Village, Dubai


CCIE Routing and Switching Boot Camp

Mumbai, India


Training in Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance of HX

Remote and HX Gateway

Hughes, Gaithersburg, Maryland,



Training in PacketShaper Level 1 & 2

Soft Solution, Surulere, Lagos


Cisco Certified Network Associate Training

MTM Global Network, Ikeja, Lagos

Continuing Education Goal

Intend to study and sit for CCIE Security Lab including TOGAF within the next 1 /2 years

Professional Certifications / Registrations / Memberships

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP Security), 2014

Advanced Security Architecture Field Engineer Representative, 2014

Cisco Identity Services Engine Field Engineer, 2014

Cisco Identity Services Engine System Engineer, 2013

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), 2012

Certified IPv6 Gold Network Engineer (IPv6 Forum, Luxembourg), 2012

Cisco Certified Network Professional, 2011

Cisco Certified Internet Professional, 2011

ITIL Foundation Certificate in Service Management (FOX-IT, UK), 2010

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), 2003

Areas of Expertise

Planning, designing and implementation of

Cisco BYOD solutions
Planning, designing and implementation of
VPN, GRE and IPSec tunnelling

Curriculum Vitae: Adeola Adegbolagun

Planning, designing and implementation of

Cisco IP Telephone
Troubleshooting WAN, Remote Access and
multi-layer switched networks

Planning, design, implementation, operation and

troubleshooting of IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless
Planning, design and implementation of Scalable
IPv4/IPv6 Network Infrastructure that support
voice, video and data
Planning, design, implementation of Scalable
and Secure Campus LAN infrastructure
Planning, design, implementation of Scalable
IPv4/IPv6 Network Edge
Planning and implementation of TCP/IP, FrameRelay, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP & EIGRP Networks
Planning and proposed VoIP integration with
existing intercom in Enterprise environments
VLAN and InterVLAN routing design and
Implementation of security features in a switched

Cisco ASA firewall configuration and

Installation, configuration and maintenance of
Microwave Radio Links
System virtualization with VMware, Virtualbox
and HyperV
Analysis and configuration of IP address
schemes, including subnetting, Variable Length
Subnet Masking (VLSM) and Supernetting
(Route summarization)
Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office suite:
Installation, configuration and maintenance of
PacketShaper (Bandwidth Control and
Reasonable knowledge in Quintum VOIP
equipment configuration
Deployment of Window 2003/2008 server and
Active Directory implementation
Computer System installation, maintenance and
Installation and configuration of e.g. Window
8,8.1/Server 2008,2010,2012 and Linux

Duties Breakdown

Head IP Solutions

1 year 11 months

Network Engineer

3 years & 7 months

Network Consultants

3 year

System/Network Engineer

4 years & 5 months

30% Planning
30% Design
30% Implementation
5% Monitoring and Optimization
5% Procurement
40% Optimization and Monitoring
30% On-site
20% Designing and Deployment
10% Project Management
40% Planning
30% Design
10% Implementation
10% Monitoring and Optimization
10% Procurement
40% Planning
30% Design
10% Implementation
10% Monitoring and Optimization
10% Procurement

Career History
Digital Communications Consult Nigeria Limited, Lagos, Nigeria
Senior Solution Architect

Ensure Network service standards and processes globally with a team-oriented focus

Designing and implementing fit for purpose network solutions

Troubleshooting issues in line with SLA problem resolution targets

Maintenance, monitoring and capacity planning across the global network with impeccable diligence

Plan, design and implement Network Security while leading others to do the same

Working and managing outcomes with Global vendors (both projects and SLA) as an esteemed partner

Solution Design: Analyze a customer's business and IT challenges and design a comprehensive
solution that integrates smoothly into the customer's IT environment

Technology Advisor: Lead the team in promoting the case for technology, and guide in the selection of
the appropriate platform/product to meet a given need, and get buy-in from the enterprise's
management and IT communities

Method driven: Lead customers and the team in selecting, employing, and influencing the use of

Curriculum Vitae: Adeola Adegbolagun

appropriate methodologies and design tools to achieve the desired business and technical results

Facilitator: Leader in fostering communication among the customers, partners, and internal teams

Project Advisor: Lead the team in ensuring that the business vision has been satisfied through the
design, adapting to inevitable design compromises and modified non-functional requirements,
Suggesting solutions to customer skill gaps, correcting architectural errors, observing the deployed
system to harvest lessons for future projects


Technical Lead: Planned, designed and implemented the Migration of IP Base network to IP/MPLS
base network for financial institutions with presence across 36 states of Nigeria including Federal
Capital territory

PSTN integration into VoIP environment

Technical Lead: Planned, designed and implemented an IP Telephony Solutions with Cisco Unified
Communication Manager for a financial institution

Technical Lead: Planned, designed and implemented a MPLS network for a service provider with a
presence across a major state in Nigeria

Technical Lead: Planned, designed and implemented a BYOD solution with Cisco Identity Service
Engine for a financial institution of over 14,000 endpoints

Successfully planned, designed and implemented a unified communication network infrastructure

comprised of data, voice and video communication for various number of the companys clients who
deal with various products ranging from service based to manufacturing

Senior Network Consulting Engineer: I authored the planning, design and implementation of a
Scalable Network Infrastructure for a multi-site location customer. The network currently implemented
will be the bedrock of the companys future growth in the marine sector. The network was recognized
as meeting the companys highest standard.

JUN 2009 JANUARY 2013
Dangote Industries Limited, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Diagnosed and fixed complex network problems in a converged network infrastructure as also indicated in
CCIE roles with a can-do attitude

Led network interconnectivities, including planning, designing, implementation, monitoring and optimizing
from its head office Lagos across various geographical locations in Nigeria and growing number of African

Supervised and maintained daily network operations, including internet/intranet site administration, backup,
disaster recovery, virus-protection, e-mail, and security. Researched, planned, developed, and implemented
overall integrated LAN/WAN system design, including software/hardware component specifications,
upgrades, configuration, and expansion

Monitored and diagnosed network system-level issues of performance, speed, reliability, and accessibility

Installed, upgraded, and configured routers, switches and hubs

Developed, set up and supported system design for nationwide IP-based network to run over VSAT Hub and
public lease line while supporting over 10,000 users over 50 sites

Provided Level III in-house support to technical staff and end-users

Planned project management of infrastructure for LAN/WAN networks including design, analysis, evaluation,
installation and maintenance

Ensured high user satisfaction through personal consultation and issue follow-up for comprehensive

Resolved problems related to collision, data traffic congestion, LAN segmentation and network cable

Trained less senior technicians and support specialists on system configuration, client access, and
troubleshooting skills

Designed, set up and managed nationwide multi-protocol WAN, including installation, configuration and
administration of Cisco routers; Synoptic hubs and Catalyst/SMC ether switches

Ensured 99.95% network availability despite rapid growth

Managed and maintained connectivity between all 15 sites, for seamless transmission of data between
servers and workstations nationwide

Planned and oversaw installation of structured wiring scheme with fiber optic and Cat 6 cable systems

Was instrumental in designing, installing, maintaining and supporting computer communication networks
within organization and other small business units

Directed the team to ensure smooth operation of communication networks in order to provide
maximum performance and availability for users

Drove the efforts for maintaining smooth operation of LAN, MAN and WAN links nationwide

Entrusted with operation of network communications, security and diagnostic equipment to facilitate and
optimize the reliability and performance of the local and wide area networks
Curriculum Vitae: Adeola Adegbolagun

Updated the system with improved and latest technological tools to increase overall productivity and
Suggested improvements in the operations and processes to make the system foolproof while monitoring
the network functioning and carry out performance tuning
Documented, prepared and escalated reports for each process
Ensured technical solutions were designed for performance, reliability, scalability and supportability.
Worked well with vendors and initiated swift problem resolution when crucial
Coordinated with vendors to resolve client queries aiming for 100% customer satisfaction
Actively involved in designing the backup strategy for the sites and ensuring scheduled/unscheduled
backups as per the restoration plan
Judiciously maintained copper, radio, fiber and VSAT links infrastructure
Proactively contributed to design and installation of network equipment including but not limited to
PacketShaper, Firewall (Cisco ASA, Juniper and Huawei), Routers (Cisco, Juniper and Huawei) and LAN
switches at headquarters and more than 32 remote offices


Having the credentials of designing, implementing and monitoring current Network infrastructure. Titled
as NOC Engineer for handling network operation for the group. Credited for designing and authoring key
network modules and large portion of network infrastructure for emergency management software used by
the group for communication and display of current and critical information.

Recognized for delivering crucial networking and graphical user interface functionality as part of a $7
Million development contract. Distinction of designing, authoring, and testing highly complex network and
software for Emergency Preparedness Program.

Jireh Solution, Mile 2, Lagos, Nigeria
Network Consultants (2006 June 2009)

Responsible for Cisco Career certification and course training

Drove initiatives for generating business opportunities for the company with passion and enthusiasm

Pioneer in researching and proposal development for network solutions

Accountable for preparing project plan for projects to be executed and management of company's

Recognized as an Incident Controller to respond to the crisis within the shortest possible time and
guide the staff to handle the crisis in safe and effective manner

Responsible for conducting site survey for the deployment of wireless radio, and structural cabling.

Contributed significantly in preparation of bill of quantity for the sites surveyed

Solely responsible for maintenance of company local area network including microwave radio link test
and commissioning

Addressed helpdesk queries, resolved problems pertaining to Software, FTP, Mainframe and other IT
related issues throughout the network with desktop terminals

Actively involved in providing support for high end servers at Data center and to PC and Servers for

Project Lead for assorted Server based deployment


Successfully created and edited documentation for installation and training manuals

Associated closely in installation of network cabling to industry standards during renovation project

Guided and mentored the team in implementation of wide-area network to increase availability of field
data at corporate headquarters and improve communications with field technicians

Ensured clients consistently meet accreditation requirement during network audit

System/Network Engineer (NOVEMBER 2002 2006)

Actively engaged in configuring and deployment of PacketShapers to clients

Held a pivotal role in streamlining IT Operations and significantly reduced IT related costs, thus
achieving revenue growth

Meticulously handled Service Level Agreement development for clients

Supported closely in installation, networking, operations, commissioning and maintenance of Huawei

routers and switches

Responsible for providing third level technical support to all LAN/WAN related operations

Administered system while managing resources, granting permissions, implementing profiles and
system policies, managing users groups, customizing user desktops, administration of security, back up
and data restoration, managed performance monitoring, Network Monitoring, logging data, and
optimizing servers

Geared the activities for providing ongoing support and maintenance of existing WAN/LAN

Team leader for monitoring and troubleshooting network traffic using Wireshark Protocol Analyzer

Facilitating AutoCAD training for companys clients

Curriculum Vitae: Adeola Adegbolagun


Credentialed in developing and implementing desktop computing and networking standards and
procedures to simplify network environment and troubleshooting

Recipient of numerous customer commendations and awards

Devised effective strategies to track and follow up on trouble tickets, reducing average response time
from days to hours. Conducted SWOT analysis and utilized findings for designing customized
strategies to enhance customer services

Managed a staff of 2 direct reports

Training Instructor for Cisco Career certification and courses

Successfully trained student on AutoCAD both 2D and 3D

Pioneer in researching and proposal development for network solutions

Actively involved in providing support for high-end servers at the data center and to end-user PC and

Project Lead for assorted server based deployment

Designed, deployed and managed a cyber caf for clients

Expansion of network without downtime

Professional Strengths

Strong planning, organizing and monitoring abilities and an efficient time-manager

Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously in a team environment as a leader and not a boss
Respond quickly to changing situations and work well under pressure while increasing individual team
effectiveness against the clock
Advanced analytical, troubleshooting, and problem solving skills
Attention to detail, planning, organization, and daily delivery requirements while willing to learn and adapt to
changing environments
Able to communicate with excellence to a variety of audiences through public speaking or writing
A 360-degree leader with the ability to interact with other people at all levels of the organization
Able to lead, develop and motivate people with a mentoring approach
Take initiative, with minimum or no supervision with the highest degree of creativity and innovation
Strategic, entrepreneurial with the ability to identify and develop new opportunities

Available on request

Curriculum Vitae: Adeola Adegbolagun