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Rear axleassembly Differential
Limitedslip differential

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Diflerential Limited differential slip

10 'tl Op.No. 12 B1_83

On vehiclerepairs - C h e c k i nl gm i t e s l i pd i f f e r e n t i . . l. . . . i d a - C h e c k i n g n df l o a o f a x f e f r " f U e " r i n g . . . . . . . . . e t s t . pi'1ron Beplacrng seal R e p l a c i n g l e h a f b e a r i na n ds e a . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ax s l g | Removing rearaxle O i s a s s e m b l irn g ra x l e. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ea - D i f f e r e n t i a l w i t hl om t t e s l i p. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i ui d D i f f e r e n tw i l hl i m i t e s l i p. . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . iat d - C l e a n i n ig , s p e c t i o n n -.. -.. . Assemblingdillerenlial - Differential without i m i t e d s l i p . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . l . - Differential limi t e d s | i p. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . with . - Installing pinion . . Installingdifferential Inslalling rearaxle



21 F1-F13 F14-Fj7 F18_:F22 F2g 25 28 29

G8 G9 G10-G27 H1-H20 11 I17



TP 30039/2
3000.06.81 Printed USA in


qear ax e. type Track . . Finaldrive

Metric Semi-floating m 1350 m

USmeasurements 53.1s',

Reduction ratio Type1030 Type1031 Wa p. ringgea' Backlash............
Pre-loading pinionbearings on n e wb e a f l n g s . . . . . . . . . used bearings P.e-loading oifferenLial on bearngs Lubricant OLa iry.standarddi'fere'rial . . I m.reds ip oiffprentral Viscosrly rormal opa'arirg co'1ditiors. . is when temperature steadiy below l 5 " F - 1 0 " Cu s e


3 . 7 3 : 1 , 9 11 4 . 1 0 : 1 3. : , 3.54:1,3.73:1 mm max.0.08 0 . 1 3 - 0 . 1m m 8

0.0032' 0.005-0.007'

25M50 Ncm N 60 110 cm 0.13-0.20 rnm

21-39in.lbs. F10 in.lbs. 0.00H.008"

( L A P tG L - 5 M i r - 2 1 0 5 - B ) (l\lilL-2105-B) additive with APIGL-5 for limited differential slip SAE 90 SAE BO 1.3lrters 1.6liters Nm 50 70 70-80 90 110 1 0 01 4 0 240-300 200-250 2A0 250 '1.35 qts US 1 . 7U Sq t s ft.lbs. 35-50 50-58 65-80 70-100 175-220 145-180 145-180

Capacity:Type 1030 Type1031

Tighlening torques
Ring gear:standardbolt heads flangedbolt heads. Wheelruls.. F l a n g e u t s .8 8 6 2 6 3 / 4 " N F ) . . . ( n U (3/4"UNF) . . 946831 (M20| l5) 947855



Special tools
1801 Slandard handle 1845 Press tool3/4'-16 UNF installing drive flange 2261 Pullel round drive flange 2284 Dialgauge holder adjusting finaldrive 2337 Tool removlng carrrer 2392 Puller rearpinionbearing 2393 Measuring tool pinion at 2284) adjusting (ill. 2394 Expanding tool removing/installing limited slip differential 2395 Drift installing pinion rear bearing 2404 Wrench installing frontpinion bearing ( 1845) 2483 Puller differential carrier bearings 2524 Workstand 2522 Fixture 2595 Adlusting rings differential 2598 Dritt removing pinion tear bearing outer r i n g( i l l a t 1 8 0 1 ) . 2599 Drilt r e m o v i n g ' r op itn i o n e a n go u l e r n b ringand installing differential carrier bearings 2600 Measuring fixture for adjusting rings 2595, 2685, 2687, 2689and 2840 260'1Relainer torexpanding 2394 at 2394) tool (ill. 2685 Adlusting ring ptnton 2686 Presstool pinionbearing instalJing outerrings 2709 Extractor drive shaft 2714 Fixlure removing/installing axle rear 2779 Socket propeller removing shaft 2806 Drift insialling on drive ange seal f 2809 Holder plate anddialgauge 2838 Presstool rernoving/installing shaltbearing drive andsnapflng 2840 Adlusting ring pinion height at 2685) (ill. 2841 Wrench for adjusting rings 2840, 2685 and 2689 at 2685) (ill. 2842 Sleeve installing pinion rear bearing outer ring( 2395) 2843 Otill removing pinion rear bearing outer r i n g i l l . t1 8 0 1 ) ( a 2844 Puller pinionbearing at 2392) rear (ill. 2845 Presstool install pinron ng bedri']q ourer'rngs ( 2686) 2846 Socket propeller removing (ill. shaft at 2779) 2917 Extractor pads brake 4112 Drilt instalingdifferential carrier bearings 5009 Drift installing drive shaftinner seal 5010 Ring install bearing snapringon ng and drive shaft( 2838) 5069 Puller Pinion seal 5149 Wrench instaliing/removing f lange drive 5156 Press tool instal drive (ill. ing flange at 1845) 5157 Wrench for adjusting ( 2685) ring 5214 Ring (fortool 521515216) 5 2 1 5P u l t e r p i n i o n e a r i n (1030 b g axle) 5216 Puller pinionbearing (103'1 axle)


Group46 Rearaxle

Speclal ioo/s

1801Siandard handle 2598 Drift bearing removing Pinion rear outerrrng 2843 Drilt removing Pinion rear bearing outerring

1845Piesstool3/4'-16UNF installing drive flange 2404 wrench inslalling frontpin on beanng 5156 Press tool installlng ilange drive

2261Puller round drive ange f

\ holder 2284 Dialgauge finaldrive adjusting 2393Measuringtool pinion adjusting 2337 Tool removtng carner (1030) new 5215 Puller rearpinion bearing (1031) new 5216 Puller rearpinion bearing 5214 Ring


2395 2842


2394 Expanding tool removing/installing limited slipdifferential 2601 Holder forexpanding tool2394

2395 Drift installing pinion rear lreanng 2842Sleeve installing pinion rear bearing outerring

2483Puller differential carrier bearings

Graup46 axle Rear



2520Worksland 2522Fixture

rings Adlusting differential

Drift removing frontpinion bearing outerringandinstalling difierential carrier bearings

2685 Adiustingring prnron 2840 Adlustingring pinion eight h 2600Measuring tixture 2841Wrench for adjusting rings 2595, 2685, g for adjustin rings 2840, 2685 2687 26A9and 2840 , and2689 5157Wrench for adjusting ring

2686 Press tool pinionbearing installing outer flngs 2845 Press lool pinionbearing lnstalling outer rings

2709 Exlractor driveshaft 2/14 Fixlure rear removlng/installing axle
2779 Socket

propeller removing shaft 2846 Socket removing shaft Propeller


Grouq46 Reataxle

Specia/ tools

2806 Drift installing sealon driveflange

2809 Holder plateand d al gauge

2838 Press tool removlng/installing shaf drive t bearing snapring and 5 0 1 0R i n g installing bearing snapring and on drive shaft


Extractor paos 0raKe Drift installing ferential dif carrier oearngs 5009 Drift installing drive shafiinner seal

5069Puller pinion seal

5149Wrench install ng/removing drive flange Gtoup46


') @l





Gtoup46 Reataxle


Differential (Finaldrive)

o o

o c






I q


' '/ ,\t , \

o o






Description, axle rear

2. Tralingarm 5. Stabilizer


The rearaxle is connected the body by 1wo to (2).Longitudinalforces transfer trailing arnrs are redby tworeaction rods{3)and transversal torces by a track rod (Panhard rod) (4).Trailng arms, reaction rodsand trackrod areattached body to andrearaxleby replaceable rubber bushings. (notwagons), equipped llost vehicles are with a rearstabilizer fittedbetween trailing (5) the arms.

TheoLiter endsoi ihe driveshaftsarejournaled In raoe-oller beaflngs, rs Bea-_g crearance n o l a d t u s l a b la _ d i s d e t e r m e d b y o e a r i n g 1 e design, see Fig. lett. Oil sealsare provided on the outsideof the driveshaft bearings.




Description, ditferential
differential gears s h r m s a d j u s tb a c k l a s h ,

I 20


s h i m s ,a d j u s t i x i a l o c a i l o n i lhe rlnqgear


3 0 iu


only) {produclion

pin shims, adlust on
\ / beafng pre oad

Thefinaldriveis of the hypoid type, whichmeans that the drivepinionliesbelowthe center rne oT rrng gear-lt consists pinion,ring gear and of gear.Gearbacklash differential and diiferenta carrier bearir1g lension adjusted shimsinare by sidethedifterential carrier bearings. Differential carrierand ring gear assembly are journaled the finaldrivehousing iwo taper in by rollerbearings. ring gearis attached the The to differeniial carrier bolts. by Thedifferentialgears in the diiferential carrierconsistof two oevel 46 Group

p nions on a trunnionand two side gears in whichdr ve shaitsarecarried internal by splines. gearsarejournaled thai they The differential so can rotate and permit drive the shafts rotate to at d fierentspeeds whenlhe car is beingdnvenin curvesThereis a thrustwasherundereachof thediffereniia gears. Thepinon bearings laperro er bearings. are The axial locaton oi the p nion relative the ring to gear s adjusled shimsunder outerraceof by the the rearp n on bearings.


Limited slip differential
brake",'antispin") {"Differential Except thedifferential lor assembly, the d e s i g ns t h e s a m e a s f o r s t a n d a r d d i f f e r e n t i a l . i





1 2 3 4 D i f f e r e n t i a a f i i e r ,s m a e r s e c t i o n c D i s c si n t e r n a l t e e t h D i f f e r e n i i as i d eg e a rr e i a l n e r l D i f f e r e n l l ap i n l o nq e a r l 5 6 7 8 Spider D i f f e r e na l c a r r i e r l a r g e r s e c l i o n t D i l f e r e n i i as i d eg e a r l D l s c s , x t e r n a, t e e t h e


Twoshalts makeup ihe spider the differential for plniongears. the sidewhereit is against On the ditferential carrier,each shaft has a V-shaped bevel. Thedifferential is carrier correspondingly designed. WhenpowerfroTn engine the starts to (A) drive vehicle, shafts g ideup the bevelthe the lod in rhe differerrial carrer. lhis compresses frictionplates the behind differential the sidegearsso that the ditferential assembly brak e s T h eb e v ea n g r e r l h ed ' r e ' e r r i ac a r , r ei.s l l o designed chosen sucha waythatthediffeand in rental gearsare not entirely locked,but max. 75% of enginetorquecan be transmitted a to drive shaft.



On-vehicle rcpairs - Limitedslipdilfercntial-

Onvehicle repairs
limitedslip differential Checking

Fabricale tool As shownin illustration of 3/16" out steelstock. Specialtool 2709can be used after modif ications. necessary


Jack up the vehicle
At one of the rearwheels. Blockthe other.Place gearlever neutral. parking in Release brake. Remove wheel. the


Placetool ovel wheelstuds


Thefrictiontorqueof the limited slip differeniial should be: minimum Nm = 40ft.lbs 55 m a x i m u m5 0N m = 1 1 0 f t . l b s 1 Notethe torquereading whenthe wheelrotares (rotational friction).lf torque readingis below minimum, replace discs.


Checking floaton axleshaftbearing end

?i::nl:::::::; _ ",.u

Theendfloatfor the axleshafts cannotbe adjusreo. However, it may be necessaryto determine whether endf loatiswithinacceptable the limits. B1

Jack up vehicleand removewheel. Remove brakepads.
Usepuller29lT necessarv. if


Installmeasuring equipmenl,
a. Usetool 2809to clampan iron plateagainst
ih6 hr.l6 ^.lin6r'< h^<c

b. Usea dabof grease place steelballin the to a center holeof the axleshaft. c. Place standtor the dialgaugeon the iron the plate.Placethe dial gaugemeasuring point (whichmust havea flat surface) against the steelball.

B3 mm = 0.004 The end float shouldbe 0.01-{.35 -0.0'i4". To obtain total end float, the axle shaft must be rotated least in at onerevolution bothdirections. NOTE: Priorto installation, bearings the axleshafts for have considerablygreater is reduced installation. at procedure otheraxleshaft. Repeai for

Measure end float,

Gtoup46 Rearaxle



pinionseal(onvehicle) Replacing

Disconnecl driveshaftat pinion
use socket2779or 2846. Check conditionof pinion and bearings.lf found to be loose,the final drlve is to be removedand overnauteo.

Remove flangenut,

Use wrench 5149.

R e m o v el a n g e . l


p Use uller2261.

Removeeal. s
UseextractorS069. protecting ield. Alsoremove sh




On vehiclerepairs

Installnew seal
Usedrift2806. Packthe newsea springwith 9rease. Otherwise j n t h es p r i n g i g h t u m po u l o f p o s i t i o o u n n gI n m grease seallips. stalat on.Also the ll ustration:
I = Seal

2 : spring with layer grease of

Use tool1845 5156. or Torques:

1845 5156

(3/4" nut88626 UNF): 24H00 Nm = 175 220ft.lbs. nut946831 (3/4" UNF): 20G-250 Nm = 150-185 ft.lbs. (M20 1.5): nut947855 x 20G-250 Nm = 150-185 ft.lbs.

Reconnect driveshaft.
tJse tool 2779or 2846.

46 Group

rcpairc On-vehicle

Replacing axleshaftbearing and seal

Jackupvehicle. Remove rearwheel. guard. USAN,4odels: remove collision

Remove brakepalts.
fromrearaxle. Detach brake andbracket line Remove Hangit out ol waywith a brakecaliper. lengthof steelwire to prevent damage brake to pipe.

Remove brakediscs,
position. Parking brake mustbe in thefull release Bemove two Phillips the headscrews and lift off the brake discs. Tapon the inside the discwith of a plastic hammer similar or tool if necessary.


parkingbrakeshoes Remove
Unhookand removethe springsusing brake pliers. spring

Grouq46 axle Bear

an vehiclereqatrs

parkingbrakecables. Disconnect
the Press the lock pin securing brakecabes out to the levers. 3mm punchif the pin doesnot Use faLlout.

t' Freebearingretainers.


to Rernove four bolls (hex15mm) free bearing retatners.


Remove axle shafts. using Pul axleshafts of rearaxleassernbly out
pul er tool 2709.


Remove innerseal.
Use tool2337. D9

2838 a R e m o v i nc i r c l i pb e a r i n g n db e a r i n g g , reiainerplate.
a Placetoo 2838in a v se. F x shaft n tool. b; Adjust too so that jaws come between NOT come bearingand seal The seal l\,4UST too and bearrng. between oii c. Press circlip and bearing. d. Opentoo . Removeparts. o e Drscar( rc p ll VUS NOI be'eu.ed.



On vehicle repairs


Prepare bearingand sealsfor installation.
The new bearingshoLtld completety be fltledw th h gh quality wheel bearing grease. press in greaselrom one side until greasecornesout on the other. Also greasethe new seals.Fill the space berween the ips with grease.

I n s t a l l i nb e a r i n g e t a i n e r , e a r i n g n d g r b a circliD.
LJse tool5010to presson the bearinq.


CIean interotof the rear axletuDe. the




I n s t a liln n e rs e a l .
Usetools5009and 1801. ( D14

Install axle shaft. Install screws bearing for retainer. Torque:30-50Nm = 22-36tt.lbs. Insta brake I shoereiaining springs

46 Graup


on-vehiclerepais Dl5

Attachbrakecablesto levers.
Lubrlcate joints and shoe contactsurfaces all graphite grease. withheatresistant Press pinsecuring in brake to cables levers.


Inspect appropriate mabrakelining.Reference nualforderaledoroceduTes neuessarv as


Installdiscs and secure with two Phillips head


Loosen cableat parkingbrakeleverto remove anytension cables. on The adjusting throughash screw is accessible trayhousing. Use17 mm socketand extension. Adjustso that brakeis fully appliedbetween 2-3 notchesof brake lever movernent. Gtaup46


on vehiclerepairs D19

Attach line to brake andbracket rearaxle. Usenewscrews brake for caliper. D20

guard. Installcollision
tJSA models. D21

Torque: t 20 Nm :87 :! I ft.lbs. 120







46 Group

Removing rearaxle

Removing rearaxle

Raisevehicle on lift and remove real wheels. pipe the axle, remove Withexhaust below rear pipefrom front to rear intermediate exhaust muftler.

Trailing arm frontends.
Loosen reiaining the boltsslightly(toa ow the trailingarms to rotatefreelyat the front ends whenremoving rearaxle). lhe E3

Remove stabilizer bar.
Removerear retainingbolts (hex 19mm)on eachside of bar. Remove front bolts (hex l7mm) on each side and let stabilizer down. bar



rod (Panhard rod).


g Removeollision uards. c



rear Removing axle

On rearaxle.
Disconnect venti ation hose. the Remove clampsho ding brakepipes. Djsconnectthe brake pipes from rear axle and secureout ot way to prevent darrageto pipes.


Remove brakecalipers.
Remove two bolts (hex 17mm)and free the brake ca ipers(leftand rrght). Removebrake I ne clamp to allow some freedom ol movement the caliper. for Hook the brake calipers to their respective s o ri n g sr o o r e v e ntlh e b r a l . er r e s ' r o n b e c o m i a g l drstorted.




Remove brakediscs.
Parkingbrakemust be ln the fu I release position. Removethe two Phillipshead screws and lifi off the brakediscs Tap on the insideof the disc with a plastc hammeror simi ar tool ii necessary.

0 0




parkingbrakeshoes. Remove
lJnhookand removethe springs using brake sPring Pllers.




rearaxle Removing

parkingbrakecables. Disconnect
Press the lock pin securing brakecables out the to the evers. 3 mm ounchif the oin doesnot Use fallout.

Oisconnect driveshaltfrom pinion flange.
Use tool2779 2846. or


Delachparkingbrakecablestrom reat axte.
1. Screw 2. Cable 3. Plastic tube(onlyremove the rearaxleis to if be replaced).

Disconnect reaction the rodsat the real axte.

46 GrouP axle Rear


Removing reat axle E14

Placelixture2714underlear axleTherearaxlebossshould reston the lixtureloop.


Disconnecl leal shockabsorbers the at the upperatlachments.
Installspringcompressor 5040on the springs. Compress springs the untilthe shockabsorbers canbedetached. Thenremove spring the compressor.



Remove screwsholdingthe rear the axleto the tlailingarms.



Bemove rear axle. the


GtouP46 Reataxle

Disassembling axle rear

Disassembling axle rear


Placerearaxle and fixture2522on work stand2520.
Bottomof finaldrivehousing toward standand piniondown.



Remove axle shatts.
a. Usetool 2709to pull out axleshafts. b. lJsetool 2337to remove innerseals.

Remove erentialhousingcover. ditf
Bemove screwsihex 13 mm) to free cover. ten


Bearing caps.
Checkthat bearingcapsare markedlor proper alignment with carrier.lf Ta'ks are'nissingor difficult see,markbothsides ensure to to correct reinstallation. Remove four screws (hex'16 mm)to freebearing caps.

Disassemblingrcat axle

Placelool 2394w|lh rera.ners 2601or hoLsrng. Alignpinson tool with holesin housing. Screw retainer boltsinlohousing. Tighten the tensioningscrew until tool fits securely holes. in Thentighten screwslowly until thedifferential assembly be removed. can DONOT exceed 1/2turnson thescrew. 3


0( 0

Remove differential assembly,
Use tool2337. Release tensionon tool 2394to prevent carrier distortion. Thenrernove 2394. tool Turnthe rear axleanddrain oil. the

Remove flangenut.
Usewrench5149and suitabe socket.

Q, (

Remove flange.


pinion. Remove

Disassembling rcat axle


Use plaslic a hammer knock the pinron. to out To preventdamage, hod the pinion wrth one handas it isdriven out.

pinionbearing. Remove


Usestandard handle1801and 2599to remove frontpinion bearing, washerand seal.

lf necessary: Remove teal p i n i o n e a r i n g u t e rt i n g . b o
Rear axle type 1030:use standard handle1801 and tool 2598. Rear axle type 1031:use standard handle1801 and lool2843.

It necessary: Remove pinionbearing. rear
Bearaxle type 1030: use tool 5215 Rear axletype1031 :|rse 52'16 tool andtool52'14. See nextpagefor instructions howto applythe on tool.(Superseded illuslrated). tool



Di sassem Ii ng di ffete nti aI b - Without limited slip-


1. Pushpuller overrollers and pressdownthe lock nng. 2. pullerscrewsuntil rollers flushwith Tighten are edgeof inner raceandpuller. 3. Drive lockring. out

Differential withoutlimitedslip
Remove erentialcarlierbearing.' diff
Use tool2483. Care should takennot to damabe ge shimpack. it aside Put withremoved bearing. '1. Placepullerover bearingon ring gear side of carrier.IVlake certainthat groovein tool catches on rollers. Press lockringdownon tool. 2. puller Tighten untilbearing off carrier. is 3. Use hammer knockoutihe lockringa to Repeatfor other bearing.Record positjonof bearings and shimsto facjlitate installation on



Remove ling gear.
Place differential assembly visewith protected in jaws. Remove plate (A)forring gearscrews. lock Remove ring gear retaining ten screws(hex 17 mm)to freeringgear.

o.{ o(

4 M 44rL r \?^{ rr\,i.\l^U

lf ring gearis tight, threadscrewsin partway.Tap screwstopushring gearoff. Discardthe screws.New screws MUST be used whenassembling_

Group46 Rearaxle


D isassemblng d ifferential i ' With limited slip F16

Remove gearshalt. difterential
Drive out lock pjn. Drive oui dilferentiat qear snan.

Remove erentialgears. diff
Placethe differential assembly stub drive on shaft. Rollout the smalldifferential gears. out Lift thelarge gears. dliferential

Differential with limitedslip



Remove ditterenlial carrierbearings.
Usetool2483. Care shoud betakennot to damag es h i n p a c D u r i t , s i d e \ /h r a r r o v e o b e a r i ' 1 g k 1. Placepu ler over bearingon ring gear side of carrier. Nlake certain thai groovein tool caiches on rol ers Press lockringdownor1 tool. 2. puller Tighten untilbearing off carrier. is 3. Usea hammer knockoutthe lockring. to Repeatfor other bearing.Record positionof bearngs and shimsto facilitate installation on newcarrier.


D isassembl g diffetentiat in - Cleaning, inspectianF19

Markposilionot parts.
gear shafts Draw line-upmarkson differential and differential carrier that partsare installed so position in thesame whenreassembled.

Remove bolts.
Remove boltswhichholdthe differential the carnertogether. NOTE: Rear axle type 1030 has bolts with left-hand Inreaos.

0 C(

Litl otf diflerential carrier.Litt out ditferential gear plates.

Remove ring gear.
Remove bolts. out ringgearLilt Dlscard bolts.Newonesmustbe usedwhen old reassemD Ing. F23

Cleaning, inspection paris. of
Clean parts all thoroughly. Check bearing all races bearings. and Races,rollersor roller retainers must nor oe scratched damaged. or Replace necessary. as Checkpinionand ring gearfor tooth damage. Most common damageis from sejzingqear teeth,see illustration. Damages are causedby contaminated low or qualityoil, incorrecttooth flank clearance or laulty toothcontact.


seizure Gear



D isassembln g d if fetent ial i Cleaning, inspection


fu@ b,qf.,t'.;& u


w \,JA

ul Y

Checkthe different gearsfor tooth damage. al lf anygearis damaqed, complete of four the set gearsmust be repaced, malched Washersfor the differential gears (flat or thrust) shouldbe replaced. the largedifferential For side gears ythrustwashers, 1232436-4, used. on P/N are

gear washer caTrier srde 1232436-4



p r n t o nu t drive flange

Checkthe drivetlangesection which goes into theseal. Replace wornorscored.. f

The p nion nut loses its self-lockingcapacityafter be ng removeda couple of iimes. Replaceas A I sealsshould be replacedany time the differentialis disassembled.

,' !-t I

Check rearaxle the carrierfor cracks. Check brackets trailing for armsandtrackrodfor llroken ds and/ordamages. we



b Assem Ii ng ditlercntial - Withoutlimited slip

Assembling differential
Bearings mustbe oiledand rotated severaltimes underloadbeforemeasuring bearingclearance or pretoao.

The utmostcleanliness mustbe observed when assembling finaldrive. the Dirtin a tapered roller bearing can resultin enlirely incorrect measurements.

Ditlerential withoutlimitedslip

Construct tool.
Bolts,nutsand washers according the folloto wing Iisting recommended helpinstall are to the gears. difterential Two bolts Two nuts Fourwashers 1/2"x3-1/2"(M12x90) 1/2"(M12) 1-3l8"x1/8"(34x3 rnm)

o( o(

Cut two washers shownso that they can be as fitted overthe bolts.


Fitthrustwashersand largedifterential gears.
Place washer nui on eachbolt. one and Push theboltwiththe head in first. Install slotted the washer.

o( e{


1 I

Tighten nutsto compress thrustwashers. the the

\ \-=

GrouP46 Bearaxle


Assem ing d iff etential bl without limitecl slipG4

g I n s t a ls m a l ld i f f e r e n t i a le a r sa n d l thrustwashers.
gearsand thrust washers Roll n smalldifferential as an assemby.

Remove bolttools.


gear shalt. lnstalldifferential
lnstal shaft and ock p i n . P u n c ht o l o c kthe lock pin.


Reassemblediff erential. Insta ringgearon carr assernbly. sure I Make er contact sLrriaces free burrs. are of
Use new bolts. The bolts are tightened to yield limit and cannotbe reused. [Jse a ternate side pattern for tightening bolts. Torqueto: Standard bolt head:7H0 Nm = 50-58 ft.lbs. Flanged t head:90-110Nm :65-80 ft.lbs. bo

O p e r a t i o n sG 8 a n d G g c o n t a i n s p e c i a l assemblyinstructions tor limited sllp differenllat.

Common installation insttuclions continue w i l h o p .G 1 0 .

Group 46

Assem i ng dif ferential bl
_ t imito.t .ti^.till -

Differential with limitedsliD Inspecting
Beforeinspecting, y washall partsthorough in solvent. Thencheckthe partscarefulyfor wear, cracksor oiher damage. partsshoutdbe Faulty replaced. any of the discsrequire lf replacement because abnormal of wear,all the discsshoud be replaced thesarne at ilme.

Reassemble erential diff
Install ring gearon carrier assembly. Makesure contact surfaces clean freeof burrs. are and Use new bolts and lock fluid. The bolts are tightened yie d limits to andcannot reused. be pattern. Usealternate tightening side Torque to: Standard head: bolt 70-€0 Nm - 50-58tt.lbs. Flanged t head: bo Nm 90-1'10 = 65-80ft.lbs.

fr tI


t tl


H e I

On prevous differentials where boih the differentialside gears and the differential gear retai ners have splines for the drive shafts,the spl nes must be algned with the help of the drive shaftswhen the bolts are tighte-

1. Bot 2. Differenlialhousing 3 . D i s c , 1 5m m = 0 . 0 6



I l,!


5 . D i s h e d l s c , 24 m m = 0 . 1 " 6 F l a ld i s c , 2 . 4 | l f= 0 1 " m 7. HUb 8 . L a r g ed i f f e r e n t i ag e a r s l L Shalls 10. Sma ldilferenliagears l



Y l0

gearsand discs Installshafts,
Lubricate each part beforeinstallation. Place the discs and other parts n the order shown in il ustrationin the ring gear half of the different housing. al A ign the dlscs and fit the smaller half of the differentialcarrier. Install bo ts. Torqueio: the 60-75 Nm = 44-55 ft.lbs.


46 Group Rearaxle

Assembling rearaxle

I n s t a l l i np i n i o n g

2685 2a4A


Installtoolson pinion
Use extremely line emery cloth to clean the p i n r os h o u l d e r n Install adjusting ng and wrench [/]ake r surethe ocking screwol the adjuslingring is n open posrtron. Finaldrive Adjusting rlng Wrench or T0 3 0 2685 2841 (5157) 1031 2840 2841 (s157)

pinionin carrier Position
Screw (1) on the adjustingring (2) m!st face the Iargepartof the carrier. Make sure the pin on the adjustingr ng is In the


Measurement A
The pinion must have a set distance (A) to the flng gear center line. Due to tolerances In the manufacturing, there are deviations from the set distance. These deviationsare indicated on the pinion.The deviationis alwaysplus and in hundredthsof amillimeier.The plus sign is omitted.


Conversion table m ll metersto inches

mm 0.20 o.21 o.22 o.23 0.24 o.25 0.26 o.21 0.28 0.29 0.30

nches 0.0079 0.0083 0.0087 0.0091 0.0094 0.0098 0.0102 0.0106 0.01'10 0.0114 0.0118



0.31 a.32 0.33 0.34 0.35 0.36 4.37 0.38 0.39 0.40

0.4122 0.4126 0.0130 0.0134 0.0138 0.0142 0.0146 0.01s0 0.0154 0.0157

Group 46

Assembling axle rear G13

pinionlocation Checking
use: - dialindicator - indicator retainer 2284 - measuring 2393 tool Measuring 2393 lool consists two pans: of gauge a pinion andan adjuster fixture.



Alignmeasuring tools
Locate indicator retainer thatthe dialindi the so cator touches adjuster tip the fixture.




Measure distance piniongauge to
Move the indicator retainerso that ihe dial

gauge. catortip touches pinion the gauge Thepinion should reflect figureindicathe ted on rhe pinion.for example: lhe pinronis rf gauge marked the 0.33, pinion shouldlie0.33 mm below adjuster the fixture. Adjustby turningthe wrenchof the ninionuntil Q thedialindicator shows correct reading. lJse locking the screw lockthe wrench. to Remove measuring toolsandpinion. Gl6


Shimthickness, rear pinionbearing
Positionrear pinion bearing assembly (3) in plate, measuring fixture2600.Install springand nut (flat side up). Rotate plate and bearing assembly backandforthseveraltimes thatthe so positions. rollers assume correct Position adjusting (1)in the measuring ring fixture.lJse retainer 2284 anddialrndicator r2l Position dial indicator against adjusthe tip the ting ring (1)andsetto zero.Thenchange tip the location thebearing to outerring.Thedialindicator nowshows required thickness shims. of Remove bearing measuring and lixture 2600. Gtoup46

r I

rearaxle Assembling

M e a s u r e h i mt h i c k n e s s s
Usemicrometer. NOTE: It is very difflcui to obtainabsolutely correct Following deviations permitare shimthickness. - 0.02 mm = 0.0008" + 0.05 mm = 0.002"

Installrearpinionbearingon pinion



Use tools: 2395 Type1030 for 2842 forType 1031 NOTE: First timea rearpinionbearing removed, is there is a spacer washer under the rearpinionbearing innerring.LtrrustNOTbe reinstal ed.



0 0

f Positionshirn just determined o r r e a r p i n i o n oeanng. l11stal outerringsfor pinionrearand front bearings. LJse toolsl 2686 forType 1030 2845 forType 1031


P o s i t o np n i o n .I n s t a l t h r e e h i r n s . 7 5m m = s 0 lrontpinion 0.03"thlck and bearing. Insta ioo lS45(alt.5156) lwrench 2404 andpress o n p i n i o nr o n t n d . r e s i n p i n i o n f P s e NOTE: press p nionforward f usinga nut runner, the so races with impact that it doesnot hit the bearing


46 GrauP



Remove tool 1845.Lei wrench2404 remainin place. Install pinionnut.Torque 250Nm : 185ft.lbs. to



Shimthickness, frontpinionbearing
piniongauge,dial indicator Install reta,ner and d i a li n d i c a t oP.u l ld o w n h ep i n i o n h i l e u r n i n g r t w t back and forth at the sametime.Zero the dial In0tcalor. Press pinionup whi e turningbackandforth. the Read diallndicator. the G23

Adiustshim packthickness
Tapthepinion rerrove to it. Newbearngs: - remove shims accordingto dial indtcator reading PLUS 0,09 mm = 0.0035". Previously bearing: used rernoveshims accordingto dial indicator readng PLUS 0.07 mm = 0.0028"



Positionpinion. lnstal shim pack determi11ed for lro.r pr'1,on oed irg. Installlronrp nion beari'1g. Installwrench 2404and presstoo 1845(att.5156) on piniolrfront end. Pressrn pinion. NOTE: lf usinga nut runner,pressthe pinlon forwardso that i does not hit the bearingraceswith impact iorce.

46 Group

38 I

Assembling axle rear G25

I n s t a lp i n i o n u t l n
Remove10011845. Let wrench 2404 renaln in place Instal washerand nut.Torquenut tol 250 Nm = 185ft.lbs.



gauge. preload: Use torque Correci Newbearingsr 250-450 Ncm= 21-39in.lbs. U s e d a a r i r g s6 0 - 1 1 0 c m- 5 l 0 | l b : . b N


2284 p C h e c k i n i o no c a t i o n l


Use dial indicator,telairet 2284 and measuring tool2393 Zero-setthe dia indicalor againsi the adluster

S h i f t h e d i a li n d i c a t o r t h e p i n i o n a u g e n d g to a check pinionbearng. the Pinlon ocatlonmust not deviate from correct p o s io n m o r e h a n : t t -0.02mm-00008" + 0.05 mm - 0.002"

46 Group

rearaxle Assembling - lnstallingdiffetential



Installadiusting rings
Oiladjusting rings 2595Install differential. on Black-oxldized adjusting on ringgearside. ring H2 Oilbearing in seats rearaxle. Position differentia adjusiing ringsassembly and In rear axle.


Adjust adjustlng the rings apartuntilihe differentialis heldfirmlyb!t notpreloaded. Position dial rndicator. the tip approx.3 the Set mm = 1/8"from endof a ringgeartooth. the Holdthe pinionand move ringgearbackand the forth. Note the backlash. Allowedbacklashis 0.12-0.18 = 0.005-0.007', shouldbe set mm but as near0.15 :0.006"aspossible. mm Adjust by turning both adjustingrings in the same direction.


Attercorrectbacklash obtained is
Locktheadjusting ringsin position. Remove ditterential adjusting and ringsassemoty. H5

Determine shimthickness
NOTE: Always remember sideon whichbearings the and shims to be installed. are plate nreasuring Position ceniering the fixture on (3) 2600. Position bearing in the measuring a fixplate,springand nut (flat side up). ture. Install Rotateplate and bearingassembly back and forth several times so that the rollersassume position. correct Posilion adjusting ring (1)on measuring fixture. Instalretainer 2284 (2). anddialindicator Position dlal indicator against adjusthe tip the iing ring (1)andset to zero. Thenchange lip the location the bearlng. to Notethe dia indicaior reaorng.

Assembling axle rear lnstallingdiflerentialH6

Measure shimlhickness
shouldbe lJsemicrometer. Totalshimthickness noted value PLUS 0.07 mm = 0.0028".

procedure olher side for Repeat


Installbearing ring gear opposite
Installdetermined shim pack. Use drilt 4'112 whenpressing thebearing. on


Installbearing, ringgearside
Installlock plate (A) for ring gear bolts,determined shimpackandbearing. Use drifl4l l2 to press the bearing. on Use drift 2599on the bearingopposite side to prevent dama9es.


Use retainers 2601 to positionexpanding tool 2394 rearaxlehousing. on Expand tool untilit fits in Then tightenthe securely holes in housing. screw additional 3.5turns. an 3 Position differential wiih bearingouter rings in rear axleho0sing, Bemove expanding 2394. tool

Group 46 ReatAxle


rearaxle Assembling - lnstallingdilferential

Check markings. Torque bolts to 50-70 Nm : 35-50ft. bs.


Check backlash Allowed is backlash 0.12{.18mm = 0.00H.007" but sho!ld be as near0,15 mm = 0.006" possas lble. Remove wrench 2402,


I n s t a lo i l s l i n g e r l Installnewoil seal
Packspringof new oil sealwith grease. Otherwise the coil may jump out of positiono u n n g installation. Grease sealinglips. 1.Oilseal 2. Spring grease wilh tJse drift2806 install oil seal. to the


(or5156). Usepresstool 1845


Torques: (3/4"UNF)24G.j00 Nut 88626 Nm - 17s-220 ft.lbs. Nut946831 (3/4"UNF)200-250 Nm : 145-185 ft.lbs. Nut947855 (N,,120 200-250 x 1.5) Nm : 145 1B5 ft.lbs. Gtoup46



....5009 '1801

Assembling rear axle - In stalIi ng d i f feren ti al

a I n s t a lg a s k e t n dc o v e l l

Usedr it 5009and handle1801. NOTE: Fil spacebet\,!een sealinglips with grease. Also iil space between roller reta ner and bearinginner ring with grease. H19

Installdrive shafts Torque boltsfor bearing reiainer 30-50Nm to = 2240 ft.lbs.


Capacity: 1030: lilers: 1.35 qts. 1.3 US : 1 0 3 11 . 6 i t e r s 1 . 7 Sq t s . : l U F i n a d r i v e i l S A E 9 0 , A P IG L - s ( M l L L 2 1 0 5 8 o orc).


46 GrouP



Installing rearaxle

Prepare installation
Position axlein fixture rear 2714. Position fixture andrear axleunder vehicle.


Install boltsfinger the tight. Alsoinstall brackets thesiabilizer rear the for bar attachments.

Attach rearshock lhe absorbers the at upper attachments
Install spring compressors andcompress 5040 thesprings thattheshock so absorbers be can installed. Make surethewiresholding brake the calipers do notbecome involved. Remove spring the compressors.


Remove fixture the

46 Group Rearaxle

lnstallingrcat axle



Attachparkingbrakecablesat the reat axle
1.Screw 2. Cable 3. Plastic tube


Connect drive shattto flange
Usesocket 2779 or2846.

parkingbrakecables Connect

Group46 Reataxle

lnstallingrearaxle l9


r1oo tl
Install screws retaining brake discs




brakelines Connect
and the Attachbrackets clampssecuring brake lrnes. Hookon retaining springs parking of brake cables the upper to clamps.

:r13 Reconnect venlilation the hoseto the rearaxle
Group46 Bearaxle

lnstalling rear axle


Installcollision guards


Installthetrackrod (Panhard rod)


I n s t a ltlh e s l a b i l i z eb a r r


Lower rockthecarbeiore and tighlening. Torque Use Specs Chart.

Rear end torqu€s


Reaction rod: A Bodyanachment..... B Rearaxle sttachm€nt Trsd< rod (Ponh6rd.odl: Rearaxleattachment D Bodyattachment..... Roar spdng: Upperattachment Low€rattachment,... Shod<ab6orb6r:

ft. lbs. 62

85 85 85



G Upperattachment

Loweranachm€nt.... 115

Trailingarm: I Bodyattachment..... F Bearattachment(: E ring lower Sttachment) Strbilizor: (= J Front Sttachmenr shock ab6orb€r) K R e a a t t a c h m e . . t, , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . r n Who6ls: Nuts, .. tight€ned cris!-cross ... . .. ... . .. ,,..


115 ... ...


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