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Jasmine Ballard

1. My interest in being an apartment coordinator is to be involved and get to know the other
student going to the university. I would love to be apartment of setting up fun activities
and ice breaker moments that bring the apartment community together.
2. I have lived in University Housing for my three years at Washington State University and
I took it as a great learning experience. I always got to know the people who lived around
me and created strong friendships because of it. I would say that every time I have moved
has been a great experience for me with not only getting to know
people that live next time but getting the opportunity to form friendships with them as
3. Working with groups is something that I have been doing for a long time, from being in
the working field and within a class room. It is something that I have to do with my major
being strategic communications, I talk and work with groups of all type of personalities
of a day to day bases. Coordinating social and educational events/programs are
something that I worked hard to learn in high school and I think transferring into college
that helped me with attending the events held at the university.
4. Currently I have no requirements that I have to attend, besides my current job through the
5. My perception of an Apartment Coordinator has to do with problem solving,
communicating with residents, help with locked out residents, dealing with emails from
residents on a daily bases, being responsible for reporting problems with apartments and
problems on apartment property. Knowing that these are going to be the type of
responsibilities that are going to be expected of me, prioritizing these would not be a
problem. Waking up early or staying up late is one of the things that I have been very
fluent in for a long time. I think with my schedule being so flexible with not having many
activities to attend it gives me an advantage to give my full attention to my work.
6. Goals I would set for myself and the complex community is to respect and bond with
each other. I think this is a very important goal because I want residents to get the most
out of their experience living in their apartment. Planning community activities and
letting the community know that they could come by my place anytime would be a great
place to start with building respect. When you respect and bond with your community it
makes living next around a diverse community enjoyable.
7. I have a lot of experience with dealing with diverse communities. I come from a diverse
family, community and went to diverse schools my whole life. I have learned how to
communicate with of type of people that deals with background differences, value
differences, lifestyle differences, cultures difference and people with mental health
complications. Being around all types of people with all types of opinions and ways of
doing things have really helped me with understand how to deal with them in a respectful
and understanding way that makes everyone feel heard.