The Episcopal Church of the Nativity

January 2015

22405 North Miller Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85054



Nativity’s Annual Meeting is Sunday, January 25!
Join us after the 10:30 service on Sunday, January 25 for Nativity’s Annual Meeting. We will report on our
activities for the past year and our plans for the coming year, talk about the vision and mission of the
congregation, elect new vestry members and diocesan convention delegates, and hear the treasurer’s report.
A light lunch will be served and child care will be provided. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!
First, we will give thanks for three dedicated servants who are rotating off the vestry after serving full terms:
Kara Erickson, George Hartz, and Jane Heist. Kara will remain on the vestry ex officio as Nativity's
treasurer, assuming she is re-elected by the vestry.
For our vestry, Pastor Susan has re-appointed David Bolger as Senior Warden for another year. Mark Miller
is running for a second one-year term as Junior Warden. The nominees for three three-year terms on the
vestry are Steve Smith, Darrell Spencer, and Colleen Whichello. Additional nominations may be taken from
the floor. You can see nominee profiles of the three vestry candidates on page 6.
For diocesan convention delegates, Nativity’s clergy and the Senior and Junior
Wardens attend as functions of their offices. Candidates for five delegate positions are
Jennie & Mark Dobbins, Cotty & Andrea Peabody, and Cheryle Dunkelberg.
Candidates for alternate positions are Jan Dunkelberg and George & Donna Hartz. If
anyone else is interested in being an alternate, we can always use more!

Arizona’s Bishop to Visit
on Sunday, February 8!
A bishop visitation is a major event for any parish, and our
bishop is coming on Sunday, Feb. 8. Bishop Kirk Smith
will celebrate and preach at both services that day, and will
provide a brief presentation after the 10:30 service at a
reception in his honor. All are welcomed and encouraged
to attend and show your enthusiasm for Nativity’s mission!
We will have baptisms and adult confirmations that day, so
please come and support your fellow Nativity members
who are taking a step of faith. If you are interested in
baptism or confirmation, please contact Pastor Susan at

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

Nativity Schedule
Sunday Schedule
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
10:00 - 10:30 a.m.
10:15 - 11:00 a.m.
10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
11:40 - 12:15 p.m.
11:40 - 1:30 p.m.

22405 N. Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Wednesday Schedule
Festive Eucharist Rite II
with Children’s Chapel
Sunday School for All Ages
Festive Eucharist Rite II
Adult Christian Formation
Youth Group

6:00 p.m.
6:30 p.m.

Evening Prayer Rite II
featuring Healing Prayers
Transforming Questions Class
beginning Jan. 21

Take a moment to wish a Happy Birthday To:
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0"1,"2&3%#$"(& &
<")1:*&=:,,& &
BC2&D:6,,"E%& &


=6,,"##&':(F",& &
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=61?&02(*",& &
/:2+"&J%1N#"(& &

Nativity’s Vestry

Nativity Staff
The Rev. Susan B. Snook
The Rev. Dr.Wayne V. Whitney
Associate Rector
Dr. Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler
Director of Music Ministry
Shelley Byrnes
Director of Christian Formation
Susan Weidhaas
Mina Rafferty
Parish Administrator


Senior Warden:

David Bolger

Junior Warden:

Mark Miller


Kara Erickson
480 518- 2683

Tricia Beaird


Suzanne Cohen


Jennie Dobbins


George Hartz


Kris Haugen


Jane Heist


Cotty Peabody


Lani Sambach


w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

A n o t e f r o m Pa s t o r S u s a n

Page 3

Transforming lives with the love of God in Jesus Christ

What is Epiphany? has
these definitions:
1. (initial capital letter)
a Christian festival,
observed on January 6,
commemorating the
manifestation of
Christ to the gentiles in
the persons of the
Magi; Twelfth-day.
2. an appearance or manifestation, especially of a
3. a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into
the reality or essential meaning of something,
usually initiated by some simple, homely, or
commonplace occurrence or experience.
We are now in the season after Epiphany, a season
that begins with the visit of the wise men, when it
becomes clear that Jesus is a king not just for the
Jews, but for the whole world. The season
continues with one epiphany after another, as
Jesus’ identity as the Son of God and Savior of
the world becomes progressively known. In
epiphanies such as the appearance of the Spirit at
Jesus’ baptism, the call of the disciples, the
healing of the sick, and the Transfiguration on the

mountaintop, we who follow Jesus learn more
and more about who he is and who God is.
The question of Epiphany, though, is more than
just who Jesus is – definition 2 above. The most
important question of Epiphany for us is how we
understand and relate to him – definition 3. In
Jesus, Christians believe, we have an insight into
the essential reality of our existence. The essential
truth of Jesus is that he represents the being of
God – if we want to know what God is like, we
look at Jesus.
And what looking at Jesus tells us is that God is
love. Love so intense that it gives itself completely
for us. Love so complete that it would endure any
suffering or hardship for us. Love so genuine that
it will not rest until all are called into its embrace.
Love so challenging that it will not simply let us
rest in love, but will call us to self-giving ministry
to the world, following the example of perfect love
in Jesus.
May you look at Jesus this Epiphany season, and
experience the epiphany of the essential reality of
life – God’s love for you and for this world.
Blessed Epiphany,

Adult Inquirer’s Class
Adult Inquirer’s Class has two meetings left, January 11 and 18 in the
Upper Elementary Sunday School Room from 11:40-12:30. The topic
for January 11 asks the question, “What is the Bible and How do
Episcopalians Use It?" Please email Pastor Susan if you are interested:

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

Page 4!







This January is my 1st anniversary
as an Episcopal priest. A major
emphasis of my ministry has
been and continues to be
creating a culture of biblically
literate Christians who also call
themselves Episcopalians.
Considering all the wacky stuff in the
media that passes for Bible teaching it is imperative
that we Christians hold up our end as a community of
learned lovers of the Bible. The Bible is the book of



Wayne’s World

our faith and the narrative of our collective lives. Let
yourself be caught up in what’s available to you at
Nativity in the realm of Adult Christian Formation.
Bible Study on Sunday mornings and our new
Wednesday Night “Transforming Questions” series
are great places to start. For a super fun outlet for
learning try Big Fun Bible Movie Night which has
offerings in both the comedic and the sublime.
See you in Church.
Dr. W+

Big Fun Bible Movie Night Presents!
Greetings, Nativity movie mavens! Big Fun Bible Movie Night is kicking off the second half of Season Two, and you
need to get these dates on your calendars now, because seating is limited and nobody wants to get “left behind” when it
comes to these special nights.
Here’s what you need to know:

Friday, January 30:
an extremely (R-rated) satirical and
comedic tale of a hapless Jewish guy named Brian Cohen who is mistaken for the Messiah, and
you can imagine how it goes from there. It features “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”
and the Python boys at their best. (1979; 1h, 34 m.)

Friday, February 13:
a dramatic interpretation of the novel by
Nikos Kazantzakis, was an über-controversial film when it came out. It graphically depicts
Christ’s life and struggles and ultimate collusion with Judas in His betrayal and death, followed
by His marriage and long, post-crucifixion life. Starring Willam Dafoe and other cinematic
luminaries. (1988; 2h, 42.)

Friday, April 10: “
an Academy Award-winner for Robert Duval as a Texas
Pentecostal minister whose life takes so many bad turns that he changes his name, moves to
Louisiana and becomes a radio preacher. But things still go bad, even when he’s having extended
monologues with God. Farah Fawcett and Billy Bob Thornton help out. (1997; 2h, 14m.)

Friday, May 8:
BFBMN wraps with a made-for-the screen production of Richard
Strauss’ hair-raising one-act opera about one of the Bible’s really bad girls. (You know, “Dance
of the Seven Veils,” etc.) “But I don’t know anything about opera,” you say? You don’t need to.
This lush – artistically, musically and cinematically – performance will take care of all of that.
It’s sung in German with English subtitles and it is stunning. (Composed, 1905; filmed, 1974;
2h, 30m.)

Doors open at 6:15 PM; showtime at 6:30.
Color commentary and theological musings from Dr. Wayne. Popcorn and miscellaneous munchies provided by Mary
Lynn and David Bolger and the Friends of BFBMN. Bring the beverage of your choice.

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

A note from our Music Director
January is a good month to reflect on
our previous year accomplishments. In
2014 we showcased the music
ministry in quite a few services and
We started the year with Dr. Wayne’s
ordination on January 18, with a mix
of Gospel and classical music. On
February 23 we invited the Armenian
Duo: Phoenix Symphony violinist
Levon Zarasian and pianist Peter Gharibian performed
music by Kreisler, Mozart, Beethoven, and Sarasate.
On March 23 we hosted the final voice recital by ASU
doctoral student Christopher Hutton – joined by a string
quartet he performed 18th century Italian music and
Samuel Barber’s “Dover Beach”. The highlight of the
Nativity season this year was “Olivet to Calvary” which
happened on April 12 – a dramatic rendering of Christ’s
Passion with music selection by Maunder and Stainer
performed by our own Nativity Adult Choir and soloists
mezzosoprano Suzanne Rovani and bass-baritone Sam
Kreidenweis, accompanied by a woodwind quartet.
Beautiful and meditative Holy Week and glorious Easter
services followed.
We performed two services for our Presiding Bishop
Katharine Jefferts Schori who visited the church in June.
Our annual Bach Sunday happened on last Sunday in
October. We performed an extremely moving Veteran’s
Day concert on November 9th honoring those that fought
for our freedom with beautiful music delivered by our
Adult Choir, soloists Marcy McKee and Michael Frongillo,
as well as guest instrumentalists. We joined the musical

Page 5
forces with Cantor Melissa Berman from Congregation Or
Tzion during our 4th annual Thanksgiving service on
November 25th.
The Adult Choir entertained all those who came to the
December 5th ADVENTure fundraiser with our favorite
Christmas carols sing-along. And last but not least Christmas celebrations with splendid anthems by Gounod
and Rutter, accompanied by a woodwind trio. This year the
Adult choir took their ministry outside and has joined
monthly sing-alongs at the Vi Silverstone Care Center
organized by Mary and Alastair Longley-Cooks for the
Alzheimer’s patients. We also did Christmas caroling at the
same location in the beginning of December. What a joy to
bring music to the Vi Silverstone patients!
Suzanne Rovani is back with us for the Spring semester.
Marcy McKee who did such a wonderful job substituting
Suzanne in the fall is taking her time to finish her doctoral
thesis at ASU. Michael Frongillo, our leading tenor/
baritone proved to be a fantastic addition to our choir, not
only enhancing the overall sound of our group, but also
showing off his talent in many musical solos this fall. What
a wonderful year of making music!
Big thanks to the Adult Choir members, who make our
services so much more beautiful. They come to rehearse
every Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m., and sing every Sunday
during one of the services. If you would like to join this
exciting ministry too, please talk to me after a service, or
email me:

Saturday, February 7 from 7 am to 2pm is Nativity's
annual yard sale . We need your donations to make
this event a success. Our goal is $4000 for a one day
sale! We will collect items each Sunday until week
of event when we will collect daily. Have large
furniture that needs to be picked up? Please contact
us so we can get a crew to your house the week of
event. We also need volunteers for set up and
pricing. There are day and evening shifts. Youth can
earn service hours for helping too! Contact Jen Goins
480-322-4298 or to volunteer
or with questions.
w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

Pa g e 6

N o m i n e e s f o r t h e 2 0 1 5 Ve s t r y
Steve Smith
Who is your nominee for Vestry, Steve Smith? “Only the Shadow knows…” (sorry…
but let us not talk falsely now, dear reader: if you’ve gotten this far, you can be pretty
sure you’re the only one)
When your priest asks you to write a brief biography, you are torn between the desires
to craft a serious, solemn biopic and something self-deprecating which amounts pretty
much to sound and noise signifying nothing (I coined that phrase, by the way).
More important, I think, is this: as your Vestry delegate, what can you count on me
!I’ve been a pledging, card-carrying member of Nativity for around six years. I will be
here (in part) to represent and engage both our longtime members, and also those
would-be parishioners we wish to attract.

!I’m well-intentioned. Now, they say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,
but I find them in general to be underrated. I will always listen to you with sincerity, and aspire to work hard in on
your behalf if I find your cause to be just. My follow-through does not always reach the level of my good
intentions, but I hope that most of the time it does.
! I think I am an intelligent person. But I weigh evidence and opinions critically, and attempt to leaven any conceit
with a thoughtful nature.
If this sort of thing matters to you: I’m from a good Midwestern home in South Dakota. I have college degrees in
Liberal Arts and English. My most recent career incarnation is that of entrepreneur in graphic design. I have been
happily married for 21 years to Claire Smith, former Vestry member and all-around good egg. I sing in the choir, serve
on the Marketing committee, do graphic design, sound system coordination and other electronic-type things for the
church. I love my mother. One of my character defects is that my tongue may be too firmly lodged next to my cheek.
I love Church of the Nativity. If you’ll have me, then I will gratefully serve.
Darrell Spencer
Darrell W. Spencer, PhD. has been a professor of theater and communication at a
liberal arts college in Indianapolis. After moving to Las Vegas he served as a senior
leadership trainer for a national business consulting organization; then later became the
Executive Director of the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company. Darrell, his partner
Martin, and their 3 children; Austin, Destiny and Jeremy, have made Scottsdale their
home. Since moving to Arizona about 3 years ago, he has been the Vice President of
Development of Tumbleweed (the valley’s largest organization serving homeless
youth) and currently is the Artist Chair of Desert Foothills Theatre. He has been an
Episcopalian for over 16 years as a member of four parishes (Trinity, IN, Epiphany,
NV, St. Michael’s, TX, and Nativity, AZ). He has served on various committees
including: the convener of Journey in Faith class (the pathway to Confirmation for
adults at Trinity Episcopal Church Indianapolis), adult education, chaired the community gifts committee (distributed
$100K in scholarships and $500K in grants in neighborhood and international causes at an endowed parish), youth
education, stewardships, evangelism, flower guild, chalicist, hospitality, and planned giving. And he has served on
multiple vestries, served two terms as senior warden, and been a representative at conventions. Darrell chaired the
Commission on Stewardship and Planned Giving in the Diocese of Las Vegas. Darrell says: “Serving on the Vestry of
Nativity is an exciting opportunity for me, because I want to be be a part of strategic leadership to continue to build our
community within and take it outside these walls and bring God’s love and message to our neighbors, and each Sunday
more seekers and journeymen will join us in prayer and faith.”

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

Pa g e 7

N o m i n e e s f o r t h e 2 0 1 5 Ve s t r y
Colleen Whichello

I have been blessed with a strong foundation in the Catholic Church and a rich
variety of experience in multiple Episcopal congregations, due to a number of
corporate relocations. My service has included Sunday School/VBS teacher,
publicity/communications, food ministries, and fund-raising. Here at Nativity, I am
a greeter, an Offering counter, a volunteer with the Santa Maria food ministry, and,
most recently, a Shepherd.
I would bring to my service on the Vestry a deep appreciation of the amazing work
that both clerical and lay leaders have already forged here at Nativity. I hope to
share and use the transformative Spirit here at Nativity that I have personally felt in
my own life as a guide and resource to focus on upcoming opportunities and
The youth group will be
selling Super Bowl Snack
Packs to support the
Mission Trip! Stop by
the table on in the Parish
Hall to sign up! The
snack packs will be ready
for pick up at church on
February 1st and will contain a
variety of munchies that are perfect for your Super Bowl
Each pack will cost $20. You can purchase them for your
own party or to be given to a friend OR for the small
donation of $300 you can purchase snack packs for
15 parishioners!
It would be AWESOME if we could hand out a snack
pack to every family who attends church on February 1
and have some of those parishioners taking extra snack
packs to their friends and neighbors!

Ones and Twos
Ones and Twos is a social group of adults at Church of
the Nativity, which meets about once a month. It is open
to all members, visitors and guests.
January Ones and Twos is scheduled for Friday, January
23, 2015 from 6 to 8pm at the home of Janyce
Schneider. Her house is located at 23836 N 74th Place,
Scottsdale, AZ 85255. The house is in Talara which is
located in the gated community of Los Portones. Take
Los Portones Dr. off Pinnacle Peak Rd, thru the gate
(code is #3010). Go to the Stop sign and turn Right.
House is 2nd on the left on 74th Place. If possible,
please let Janyce know if you are attending. Phone
number is #480-268-9808.


If more than one parishioner chooses to send a Snack
Pack to someone (like the Snook Family, for example)
ONE Snack Pack will be given to them with a card listing
all the names of contributors. We are hoping that this
fundraising event will be successful enough that we will
be able to limit our constant requests for money and focus
on service and discipleship this Spring.

February Ones and Twos is scheduled for Friday,
February 6th from 6 to 8 p.m. at the home of Bob
Schoenbachler and Susan Burnham. Their house is
located at 9253 E. Sands Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85255.
The house is in Pinnacle Peak Vistas III, which is off
Pima just south of Pinnacle Peak Rd. Drive east on
Los Gatos, right on Adobe and right on E. Sands. They
are on the left, 5 houses from the corner. Please RSVP
to Susan at

Please think of purchasing for your friends and neighbors
as well as for yourselves to help us make this a successful

It will be a Mardi Gras style party, so please try to wear
purple, green and/or gold, which are the colors of Mardi
Gras. Also, please bring your favorite libation.

Thank you!

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g


Pa g e 8

Ladies Wine Night
Holiday break - we will gather again in February!
For more information, please contact Brenda Burke via email at or

Angel Tree Elves

Thank you, Santa’s elves, for all of your great gifts; you
made the Angel Tree a huge success. We took 3 truckloads
of gifts to our charities and each was so impressed and truly
appreciated our thoughtful giving. Nativity certainly helped
give many children and elderly a wonderful Christmas.
Thank you again for all of your support, Nativity certainly
made Santa proud!

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

More Upcoming Oppor tunities
Congratulations to our Cookie Bake-off
Tied for 1st place Destiny Spencer-Treinen and Nate Moyer
2nd Place to the still undefeated Andrew Philipsen!

Women's Group of Nativity
The Women's Group of Nativity would like to invite all members,
friends and guests to attend a quarter auction on January 15 at 6:00
P.M. at the church. Snacks, wine and other beverages will be served.
Bid on interesting items for a quarter each and enjoy some
fellowship. Everyone is encouraged to bring along a friend. For
more information please contact Debbie Myrick at

Annual Meeting Luncheon, January 25
We are planning a light lunch for our annual meeting and need your help. We
need folks to bring Caesar Salad, bread or rolls, dessert, fruit, drinks or paper
products. Suzanne Cohen and/or her mother. Cindy, will have the sign up sheet
available after the 9 am service the next few weeks. Or, please feel free to email
Suzanne at to let her know what you can bring. The last
few years we had around 100 people for lunch. Thanks so much for your help!!

Nativity Choir is looking for new members!
If you enjoy making music in a group, and want to be involved in a ministry that
brings a lot of satisfaction and is always visible during our worship, consider
joining us. We are a very energetic and fun group of people who rehearse every
Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. And often socialize afterwards. We love welcoming
new members (with choir experience or without) and sharing our love of music. It
does not matter which service you attend - the choir divides into two groups on
Sundays and we need singers at both services. If you are interested, come to any of
our rehearsals on Wednesdays, talk to our Music Director Ilona after one of the
services, or email her at

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

Pa g e 8

C h i l d r e n & Yo u t h M i n i s t r i e s

Thank You
to everyone who
participated or
helped with the
Epiphany Pageant!!
Mina Rafferty,
Kathy Graf,
Sandy Spencer,
Marty Treinen,
Kara Erickson,
Charlene Munhall,
Doug Creamer,
Ilona and the !

Thank you to everyone who loaned stuffed sheep!!

Nativity Choir,
Marcy McKee, and
of course our
Director, Darrell

And Thanks go especially to our cast:
Narrator Dec 21:! Emily Weidhaas
Gabriel:!Jeremy Spencer-Treinen
Mary:! Destiny Spencer-Treinen
Narrator Jan 4:!Debra Williamson
Herod:!Daniel Mulumba
Casper:! David Mulumba
Melchior:!Ryan Murphy
Balthazar:! Taylor Philipsen

Narrator Christmas Eve:! Crystal Rothanburg
Lead Angels: Olivia Link, Lexie Munhall and Ali ByrneCowan
Joseph:! Brady Miltenberger
Jacob/Shepherd:!Debra Williamson
Lead shepherds:!Jack Moyer, Christopher Rothanburg,
Austin Spencer-Treinen, and Erin Erickson
Innkeeper:!Hawkes Pillsbury
Innkeeper’s wife:Charlotte Erickson

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

Pa g e 1 1
Dear Youth Group Families,
We will be having a mandatory parents meeting to discuss this year's Mission Trip during the first part of our youth
group meeting on January 18th!
We'd like the parents to join us for lunch and games and prayers as well as the Mission Trip Meeting. Please also
bring your check books as we will be asking for a non-refundable $75 deposit to ensure your child's place on the
trip. (Scholarships available - please contact me privately) Deposits will be due January 25 at the latest. I will have
a financial reconciliation of all the money we've raised at the ADVENTure Dinner and from the Ornament sales at
the meeting.
After much deliberation with Pastor Susan and researching all our options it has been decided that we will be using
Group Mission Trips this year to go on a "Week of Hope" Community Service Mission Trip in San Diego the week
of July 5 - 10.
This meeting will also be an opportunity for you to volunteer for various fundraising events to raise the $239 we
need for every participant (including leaders).
I'm also looking for a family to volunteer to provide lunch for this meeting. Please reply if you can do it.
Peace and Joy,
Shelley Byrnes
480.307.9216 (W) / 480.993.7377 (Cell)

building at
Youth Group
January 4!

!Jan 11 - Youth Group Meeting

• Jan 18 - Youth group meeting
with Mandatory Parent's
meeting about Mission Trip
• Jan 25 - Annual Meeting No youth group meeting but
please come and either sell
SuperBowl Snack Packs or
help keep the younger
children busy during the
The youth group will be selling baked
meeting. Service hours
goods, water, coffee and cocoa during the
rummage sale again this year. Sign up to
bring supplies at youth group!
• Jan 31 - SuperBowl Snack
Pack stuffing
Parents!!!!!!! The rummage sale
committee is looking for strong arms and • Feb 1 - Pass out SuperBowl
backs to help with set up the week leading
Snack Packs!
up to the Rummage Sale particularly Friday, February 6! Last year we had gentlemen • Feb 6 and 7 - Rummage Sale
in their 70s and 80s doing some pretty heavy lifting! We'd like to avoid that this year.
Even if you can't lift heavy things there is a lot of work folding clothes and displaying • Feb 17 - Shrove Tuesday
Pancake Supper Fundraiser!
smaller items. PLEASE consider doing this as a family to make the rummage sale a
success! Contact Jen Goins ( to sign up to help with the set
• Feb 18 - Ash Wednesday

w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g

The Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Mailing Address:
22405 North Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Worship Sundays
9:00 & 10:30 a.m.

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, Jan. 21
Transforming Questions Program Begins
Sunday, January 25
Nativity Annual Meeting after the 10:30 Service
Saturday, Feb. 7
Rummage Sale
Sunday, Feb. 8
Bishop Kirk Smith Visits Nativity
Tuesday, Feb. 17
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
Wednesday, Feb. 18
Ash Wednesday Services: Noon and 7:00 pm
w w w. N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g