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MIS 111 Final Exam

Name Patrick Craig

Date 4/16/10

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
__T_ 1. You can choose to insert a Word object anywhere in an Excel spreadsheet.
_F__ 2. When a Word object is embedded in an Excel file, you can use the tools from the source
program (Word) to edit it.
_F__ 3. When you start PowerPoint, the program opens in Normal view.
_F__ 4. Copyright protects the underlying facts or concepts, but not the expression of an idea.
_T__ 5. You can see which level your bullets are on by looking at the outline.
_F__ 6. When the number 1 appears to the left of the first-level bullet in Outline view, that
means that there is only one content placeholder on the slide.
_T__ 7. When you import a Microsoft Word or a Rich Text Format document into a presentation,
PowerPoint creates an outline structure based on the styles in the document.
_T__ 8. You can add a border to clip art using the Border Styles group on the Picture Tools
Format tab.
_T__ 9. The last item you cut or copy from a document is added to both the Office Clipboard and
the system Clipboard.
_T__ 10. You can change the margins (top, bottom, left, and right) on the Margins tab in the Page
Setup dialog box.
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
_C__ 11. You can preview the look of a design theme before committing to it using ____.
a. preview
b. theme preview

c. live preview
d. slide preview

Case-Based Critical Thinking Question

Tom has just started working as an intern for a local radio station. He is responsible for managing

the request line and presenting request trends to management each month. He uses Microsoft
PowerPoint 2007 to create his presentations.

_B__ 12. Tom wants to change the look of the slides, so he chooses a new ____.
a. design
b. theme

c. style
d. color scheme

__d__ 13. What happens to a word you type that is not in the electronic dictionary?

A wavy red line appears under the word.

A wavy blue line appears under the word.
The word appears in red type.
The Mini spell checker appears.

__a__ 14. During a slide show, which key is pressed to pause the slide show?
a. [B]
b. [P]

c. [S]
d. [Esc]

__C_ 15. The Run Compatibility Checker feature searches for ____.
a. reminder notes
b. ink annotations

c. unsupported features
d. encrypted digital signatures

__a_ 16. In the above figure, item 3 indicates the time elapsed for the ____.
a. current pause

c. entire slide show

b. current slide

d. transition for the current slide

__b_ 17. Which button is not on the Mini toolbar?

a. Bold
b. Spelling

c. Font
d. Center

__d_ 18. In what type of document might a gutter margin be used?

a. Book
b. Letter

c. Business card
d. Web page

_c__ 19. How can you display the rulers?


Click the View Ruler button at the top of the vertical scroll bar
Click Ruler in the Show/Hide group on the View tab
Both A and B
Neither A or B

___c_ 20. What do the minimal allowable margin settings depend on?
a. Orientation
b. Columns

c. Printer
d. Sections

Complete each statement.
21. The placement of the footer text objects on the slide is dependent upon the presentation
__user preference
22. To add a new guide to the slide, press _______Ctrl___________, and then drag an existing
23. Some of the template categories in Microsoft Office Online have
______Menu______________ that you need to select to display the individual templates.
24. Pressing ___Ctrl + H_________________ displays a hidden slide.
25. To reverse the last action you took in a document, click the ________Undo____________
button on the Quick Access toolbar.

Identify the letter of the choice that best matches the phrase or definition.
a. Clipboard
b. objects

d. destination file
e. Object Linking and
Embedding (OLE)
Paste as Picture command

__a__ 26. A file that receives information copied from another file.
___b_ 27. Items such as text selections, values, and pictures.
__a_ 28. Used to copy and paste more than one item from one program to another program.
__c_ 29. Used to paste a chart without linking it.
Match each term below with the statement that best defines it.

Axis labels
Value axis
Legend names
Data series markers
Line graph

__e_ 30. Tracks values over time.

__c__ 31. Identify the data in a row.
__d__ 32. Vertical axis.
__c__ 33. Intersection of row and column.
___b_ 34. Cells in the first or top row that provide further information about the data.
__f_ 35. Graphical representations such as bars, columns, or pie wedges.
36. Provide an example of why you might want to link data included in two or more files.
If you are showing a presentation and you want to show data that is correlated but maybe two
large or specific to show in the same window and you'd want access it quickly