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Letter No.P/2-9/J & K dated 30.08.2007 addressed
to Secretary, Department of Posts
Opening of 'Holiday Home' at Katra in J &
K Circle.
It is brought to our notice that many Postal
Officials who are visiting Katra for the darshan of Mata
Vai shnav Devi are struggl i ng hard to secure
accommodation outside which is costly and also non-
If there is a 'Holiday Home' at Katra, it will be
most useful to the postal families who are visiting Katra
for the Devi Darshan.
It is requested to consider the same and a line
in reply may please be sent to this Union about the
action taken.
Soliciting response.
Letter No.P/2-9/J & K Circle dated 30.09.2007
addressed to Secretary, Department of Posts
Arbitrary conversion of staff quarters for
postal and other purposes - case of J & K Postal
It is brought to our notice that the J & K Circle
administration is now converting the staff quarters for
office use despite there are many demands from the
staff for allotment of quarters.
For instance, one postal quarter at Bakshi
Nagar has been converted as sub post office, which is
in the heart of the city. Some more quarters at Roop
Nagar have been converted as the office of the DAP.
Resulting the deprival of opportunities to the staff in
the allotment of staff quarters.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary
action to vacate those staff quarters and allot the same
for the occupation of staff at the earliest.
Soliciting response.
Letter No. P/2-19/Dharmapuri dated 30.08.2007
addressed to Secretary, Department of Posts
Construction of upstairs in Dharmapuri HO
building to house the office of the SSPOs -
Due to non-appl i cati on of Schedul e of
Accommodation prescribed for the Head Post Offices
and also the unscientific reduction in measurement of
the proposal while approving the plan exercised by
the administration, the present accommodation
available at Dharmapuri HO is quite insufficient for the
HO. There is no proper adequate space for the
branches and it is congested very much.
The allotment of one crore rupees for the said building
has not been utilised properly to provide amenities
and also construct the building as per SAO, forty lakhs
have been surrendered after the construction of the
The regional administration admitted the
shortcomings and assured us to send proposal to
construct upstairs in the said building to accommodate
the divisional office besides shifting some branches of
the HO to the upstairs as the divisional office is
functioning in two rented building incurring expenditure
of Rs 12000/- per month.
Now it is learnt that the proposal sent by the
PMG Western region considering the urgency and
requirement of upstairs to the existing building has
not been included in the proposal sent by the Circle
administration for approval for the current year projects.
It is therefore requested to take appropriate action to
include the proposal of Dharmapuri HO building in the
current year proposal and allot adequate funds for the
Soliciting immediate action.
Letter No.P/2-19/Kri shnagi ri dated 30.08.2007
addressed to Secretary, Department of Posts
Departmental building for Krishnagiri HO -
Request to allot adequate funds for construction.
Despite the facts that the plan for construction
of Departmental building for Krishnagiri HO has been
approved for the current year, necessary funds have
not been allotted so far resulting the non start of the
The post office is functioning in a premises fit
for a car shed in the underground of the double storied
building with no proper ventilation and lightings. The
schedule of accommodation of the premises is just fit
for LSG offi ce whereas a bi gger HSG-I HO i s
functioning in the cramped accommodation with no
moving space.
It is requested to expedite the funds allotment
and ensure the construction work at the earliest to
mitigate the suffering of the officials.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Letter No.P/2-20/Agra Dated 23.08.2007 addressed
to Member [P], Postal Services Board
Sexual harassment on a woman employee
and grant of protection to the offender by the
disciplinary authority - reg.
This Union hastens to bring to your kind notice
that an ASPOs in Agra who indulged in sexual
harassment against a woman postal assistant and
was transferred out of Agra nine months back on the
finding of the prima facie evidence of his crime by the
Enquiry Committee appointed by the Chief PMG is
still managing to remain in Agra without joining his
new post and is frequenting the divisional and regional
offices in Agra under the protective umbrella of the
DPS Agra.
Shri. R.N.Yadav ASPOs Agra was found prima
facie guilty of committing sexual harassment against
a woman Postal assistant of Agra division by the
enquiry committee constituted by the Chief PMG. He
was transferred to Gazipur under Allahabad Region in
the month of November 2006. He stands struck off
from the rolls of Agra division. But surprisingly the
ASPOs is able to avoid joining his new post for more
than nine months. No second medical opinion was
ordered against him for continue to remain so long on
leave of absence just to avoid obeying the transfer
orders of the department. If the ASPOs is on no report
then it is not comprehensible as to why action was
not initiated for neglecting official duty for so long a
This Union learns that such things are possible
only due to the protective canopy made available to
thi s ASPOs by the DPS Agra. The Uni on i s
apprehensive that this may lead to a serious situation
wherein the affected woman official may come to some
harm at the hands of the ASPOs. More over the
continued presence of the ASPOs in Agra despite the
transfer orders is causing tremendous psychological
pressure and trauma on the affected woman official.
This Union is also is wondering as to what
happened to the enquiry initiated against the ASPOs?
It is apprehended that since the ASPOs is provided
shelter by the DPS, who is his disciplinary authority,
the enquiry is being unduly delayed. We wish the
enquiry findings are to be followed up to its logical
conclusion and the ASPOs is proceeded against under
appropriate disciplinary rules without delay. In the
meanwhi l e thi s Uni on urges for your personal
intervention to cause to take strong action by the
administration to ensure that the ASPOs join his new
post as ordered by the administration to help create
an atmosphere of confidence to the affected woman
This Union would highly appreciate your
immediate action and a line in reply on the nature of
action in this serious matter.
Letter No.P/2-20/Agra dated 23.08.2007 addressed
to Member [P], Postal Services Board
Shifting of an officer being posted on
Promotion to the same station--regarding.
This Union would like to bring to your personal
attention about the serious situation emanating by
posting an officer on promotion to the same station
and to seek immediate remedial action.
Ki ndl y recal l our l etter about the sexual
harassment against a woman official in Agra by an
ASPOs and about the protection he is receiving at the
hands of Shri.V.K.Verma the DPS Agra. Shri.
V.K.Verma who was the SSPOs Agra division, Agra
was promoted and posted as the DPS Agra. During
his tenure as SSPOs a major fraud to the tune of more
than two crores occurred in Agra HO, which could
have been detected earlier had the SSPOs inspected
the office well in time. However he charge-sheeted more
than 50 officials by fixing subsidiary responsibilities
and then was promoted as DPS and was posted in
the same station as DPS Agra. Thus he became the
appellate authority for the same officials against whom
he issued charge sheets. This is highly irregular.
The nexus between the ASPOs who indulged
in sexual harassment against a woman official in Agra
and the DPS who is protecting him is reportedly been
formed long back while the latter was the SSPOs Agra
division. Had this officer been posted on promotion to
a station outside of the same station this type of a
serious situation would not have happened. In fact the
ASPOs who was transferred out of Agra by the
administration on the prima facie finding of his guilt
more than nine months earlier, is still able to manage
to avoid going to his new place of posting is only
because of his nexus with the DPS Agra.
This Union therefore would like to urge upon
your personal intervention in this matter and to cause
orders so as to transfer the named DPS from Agra.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Letter No.P/4-1/Staff Matters dated 23.08.2007
addressed Secretary, Department of Posts
Waival of declaration to be submitted at
the time of initial appointment in Postal Assistant
This is regarding the obligatory declaration
submitted by an entrant in Postal Assistant cadre at
the time of initial appointment.
Under relevant provisions of Postal Manual
Volume-IV, an entrant has to submit an obligatory
declaration in connection with having read Postal
Manual Volume-IV, CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 & CCS
(Conduct) Rules, 1964. Perhaps you too will appreciate
that it is not quite realistic that an outsider or a new
entrant have gone through & understood the ruling
provisions as laid down in these named books. Even
only a minimum portion of relevant ruling provisions
as is laid down in these Manuals are being taught
during the Induction Training Programme at respective
Postal Training Centres.
As such, it is our considered view that the
conditionality for submitting such a declaration shall
be waived with immediate effect.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary
orders to this effect at the earliest convenience.
A line in reply is highly solicited.
Letter No.P/1-5/Foreign Service dated 23.08.2007
addressed to the Secretary [P], Department of Posts
Request seeking amendment to the
provision of Rules governing grant of Foreign
Service to Union Office bearers - reg.
This Union would like to seek amendment to a
provision of the rules governing grant of Foreign Service
to the office-bearers of recognized unions and
federations to alleviate the difficulties being experienced
by the service unions.
We would like to draw your kind attention to
the Compilation of instructions on matters concerning
service associations in Department of Posts, circulated
vide Department of Posts No.10-1/2004-SR dated
25.6.2004. Kindly refer Chapter V 'Foreign Service' Para
No.4 relating to Order No.54-7/69-SPB II dated
30.12.69 and No.86-6/75-SPB II dated 6.8.76 that
states as follows:
" The Heads of Circles and administrative offices
would take prior approval of the Secretary [P] in
extending the period of transfer on Foreign Service of
non-gazetted employees under their control to the
service associations beyond the period of three years.
The period between two spells of deputation of Foreign
Service with service associations as office bearers
should be at least three years, which can be relaxed
only in consultation with Secretary [P]."
It is brought to your notice that the service
associations are not in a position to take its office
bearers on long spell of Foreign Service due to financial
crunch. Therefore normally the office bearers are being
brought on deputation to headquarters on short spells
according to the availability of funds with the Union.
Even the General Secretaries of some service
associations are not in a position to avail long spells
of Foreign Service due to the same reason. Therefore
the condition prescribed in the aforesaid provision of
the Foreign Service Rules creates a situation wherein
no office bearer including the General Secretary in the
case of a small union unable to remain in headquarters
on Foreign Service to look after the affairs of the Union
unless the Union could afford to draw the office bearer
on long spell of two or three years at a stretch. And
the Unions are made to approach the Directorate
frequently to get this condition relaxed in the case of
such office bearers who are required to function at the
headquarters on short spells.
This Union therefore urges for appropriate
correction to the above provision of the Foreign Service
Rules to permit availing of Foreign Service to unlimited
number of short spells also to the office bearers of
recognized service unions.
Letter No. P/2-1/Hyderabad GPO dated 21.08.2007
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Withholding of retirement benefits -- case
of Sri. M.Maqbool, Dy. Chief Postmaster (Retired),
Hyderabad GPO---regarding.
The copy of the representation submitted by
the official on the above subject which is self-
expl anatory, i s encl osed herewi th for ki nd
Despite the fact that there is no charge framed
against the official at the time of retirement, the due
DCRG has not been paid so far.
It i s therefore requested to consi der hi s
representation and cause orders accordingly.
Soliciting response.
Letter No.P/4-7 dated 21.08.2007 addressed to the
Secretary, Department of Posts
Inspector of Posts Examination--allotment
of surplus qualified candidates--request to
increase number of chances.
In accordance with the Directorate letter number
A-3402/01/2007-DE dated 13.04.2007, the surplus
qualified candidates who are available over & above
the selected candidates in a Circle can be allotted to
the different Circles. This has given effect respectively
from 2007.
It is brought to our notice that in many Circles,
the officials who secured higher marks in the IPO
Examination but could not be declared successful due
to dearth of vacancies in the Circles have exhausted
the maximum number of chances earlier. As such,
the benefits of this order do not reach the merited
It is therefore requested that due to introduction
of the new system, one more chance be given to the
officials who exhausted their chances to appear in the
ensuing IPO Examination.
A line in reply about the action taken is urgently
Letter No.P/2-9/J&K dated 24.08.2007 addressed to
the Secretary, Department of Posts
Request for transfer of a promoted officer
out of Jammu circle - reg.
This Union is aghast to know that the SSPOs
Jammu division [J&K Circle] who is not getting relieved
to take up his new assignment on promotion as DPS
Gorakhpur for months together even after the ultimatum
issued by the Postal Directorate that he should either
take the promotion or decline it, is being protected by
the Chief PMG J&K. The Directorate has also fixed
17.08.2007 as the cut of date for the above purpose
but the Chief PMG is safeguarding him to retain him
there itself on the plea that he is the only STS Officer
available in that Circle by making a reference to
This CHQ is receiving complaints from our J&K
Circle Unit that the above SSPOs is thus managing to
stay in Jammu itself to continue his role of activities
coated with vested interest. He is reportedly very
vindictive also in punishing officials even for minor
lapses. The staffs are under tremendous stress due
to the vindictive nature of this officer. Even after the
receipt of his own transfer orders, he is resorting to
transfer many officials irregularly and perhaps on
obvious considerations. His promotion orders has
indeed come as a boon to the officials who are getting
suffocated but the above protective stance of the Chief
PMG is creating a lot of discontentment amongst the
entirety of employees working in Jammu division.
This Union would like to bring to the notice of
the Directorate that the continued presence of the
aforesaid Officer in Jammu Circle would escalate
greater staff resentment and would adversely affect
the tranquillity. Therefore it is urged that action may
kindly be caused to get the Officer relieved from Jammu
This Union would like to urge for early action in this
regard and a line in reply would receive our high
Letter No. P/2-22/Kolkata GPO dated 22.08.2007
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Complete replacement of 64IBM PC s, 2 IBM
Servers & 1 IBM Laptop installed at Kolkata GPO-
Your personal attention is invited towards the
burni ng probl em bei ng faced by Kol kata GPO
employees since last 2 to 3 years. The situation was
brought to your attention through our communication
number P3/Kolkata GPO dated 15.03.2007, which was
duly acknowledged by your good office vide number
6129/SR/07 dated 19.03.2007.
Quite unfortunately, nothing has happened in
this regard till date.
Let the undersigned once again detail the
terrible situation that is currently being faced by the
employees of a prestigious Postal Establishment like
Kolkata GPO: -
1. 67 (Sixty Seven) IBM Machines {2 (two) IBM
Servers, 64 (Sixty four) IBM PCs & 1 (one) IBM Laptop}
have been marked as having reached "END OF
SERVICE" by IBM India Private Limited on 23.08.2006.
2. IBM had also informed that they have stopped
producing all related spares of these identified
3. After sincere efforts, the named company had
extended the AMC of these machines for another period
of 1(one) year only and the said extended period is
going to lapse on 24.08.2007.
4. This is also for your information that these
machines are installed at vital sections/departments
of Kolkata GPO, viz., Savings Bank counters, MPCM
counters, Computer Training Centre, Mass Mailing
Centre, Passport Cel l , Regi strati on Del i very
Department, Speed Post Delivery Department,
Business Office, BNPL Section, Treasury Department,
Accounts Section, Director' s Chamber, Administrative
Branch, etc. Majority of them are concentrated at
MPCM & Savings Bank Counters.
5. The Branches/ Sections as detailed in Para 4
above are fully computerised and Kolkata GPO is
presently running in on-line mode. As such, it would
not be feasible to revert back to manual work in these
6. The condition has deteriorated to such an extent
that on almost all operative days, before opening of
Savings Bank counters & MPCM counters, afresh
installation of Sanchay Post Software & Meghdoot
Millenium Software becomes inevitable. The same is
generating huge public resentment as the public
service is hampered badly on almost all occasions.
7. Since all these PCs are mostly of P-I, P-II
configuration as such the Hardware of these PCs
cannot be upgraded any further.
8. Furthermore, spares of IBM PCs are not at all
available in open market.
9. These machines are not in a position to support
offices without any diversion of staff is deplorable.
This will result in dropping efficiency at operative
levels & unbearable workload on the shoulders of the
operative staff in the Post Offices. This causes a
serious concern.
It is requested to cause instructions to keep
the orders under abeyance & discuss the issue with
the staff side at the earliest.
Letter No. P/2-19/PSD Madurai dated 23.08.2007
addressed to Secretary, Department of Posts
Protest against proposal for closure of PSD
This Service Union likes to put its strong protest
on record in connection with the proposal of Circle
Administration for closure of PSD Madurai in Tamilnadu
The Circle Administration has decided to
merge the PSD Madurai with PSD Tirunelveli. The
same may in turn generate deterioration of supplies
made from PSD Madurai and also will unnecessarily
harass the staffs working at PSD Madurai. Tirunelveli
is 210 Kms away from Madurai and it is tail end of
the Southern part of our country. Further, all the forms
from Government of India Press, Koratty & other forms
and stationeries supplied on DG &SD rate contract
from Northern India have to go to Tirunelveli lying in
the Southern tip of Tamilnadu only on passing through
Madurai Metro City. It will also cause huge freight
charges. Moreover, PSD Madurai is located in the
Headquarters of Southern Region. Its geographical
location as a central point of Madurai Region is
conducive for free flow of supply of forms & stationeries
to all the supplying units with quicker and easier mail
conveyance arrangements. Now the PSD Madurai is
also coordinating with the Regional Office in relation
to purchase & supply of all computer peripherals &
stationeries to the computerised RMS Offices/H.O.s/
S.O.s in Madurai Region. Thus it serves well as a
back office to all the supply units to help catch up
with the modern technology. Under these prevailing
circumstances, the need of the hour is to strengthen
the PSD by way of filling up of all vacant posts. At
present, 7 Group-D Posts, 1 Manager, 1 Assistant
Manager & 4 OA Posts are vacant. While the facts
remain so, the proposal for merger of PSD Madurai
with PSD Tirunelveli is wilful, deliberate & anti-worker
stance of the Circle Administration and is hereby
strongly protested.
A tabular statement of supply units of PSD
Madurai, PSD Tirunelveli & PSD Trichy is given below
which is a clear picture of even distribution of work
the latest Anti-Virus Software presently available in
present market, as their configuration cannot be
upgraded any further. As such, almost all of these
PCs are badly effected by VIRUS, which in turn is
decreasing the operative efficiency of these PCs.
The matter was also taken up a number of times
at both Divisional & Circle levels. Quite unfortunately,
the issue is yet to be settled.
In the light of above, this Union would like to
submi t i ts speci fi c proposal , whi ch i s detai l ed
hereunder: -
(a) The Postal Directorate must take immediate
initiative for replacement of all these identified
67 IBM PCs as the crucial date is knocking on
the door.
(b) The book value of all these machines is
practically zero, as all these PCs were installed
during the period 1995 to 1997.
(c) In case of paucity of fund under the appropriate
head, the said replacement can be easily done
by way of allotment of funds from the Business
Development Head as these machines are
mostly installed at those Departments that are
directly related to Business Office of Kolkata
(d) Furthermore, it is also proposed that such big
& prestigious establishment like Kolkata GPO
must have at least a sizeable amount of
Computer peripherals in their store as reserve
for emergent replacement.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary
orders so as to minimise this burning problem of
Kolkata GPO, which not only places our fellow
employees of Kolkata GPO under deep trouble but
also is bringing down the repute of the Department.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Letter No. P/4-5/PLI dated 21.08.2007 addressed to
the Secretary, Department of Posts
Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI woks at
Divisional level-regarding.
It i s brought to our noti ce that the PLI
Directorate vide its letter number 29-12/2001-LI (Vol-
II) dated 20.09.2006 ordered decentralisation of
acceptance of PLI/RPLI proposal s & i ssue of
acceptance tokens & PR Books, without minding the
acute shortage of staff prevailing at divisional level.
When the operative offices are under pressure
and unable to cope up with the existing workload,
transfer of such works performed by administrative
earlier made between themselves: -
Name of the Office Number of Supply Number of supply
Units at present units after
proposed merger
PSD Madurai 597 400
PSD Tirunelveli 608 1008
PSD Trichy 665 862
Furthermore, it is worthy to make a mention of
the fact that the PSD Tirunelveli is not also able to
cope up with the present supplying units. For example,
PSD Madurai made supply of forms to the following
number of units of PSD Tirunelveli during the years.
Year Units
2004-2005 34
2005-2006 56
2006-2007 130
Hence attachment of all supplying units of PSD
Madurai with PSD Tirunelveli will simply aggravate &
deteriorate forms & stationary supply-related works.
As such, the proposal will put an end to the present
smooth supply of forms.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary
orders to the Circle Administration so as to put an
end to the said proposal of merger as the same will in
turn entail huge expenditure in the shape of freight
charges, will also slow down the smooth performance
of all the Units to which computer peripherals, forms
& stationeries are currently being supplied by PSD
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Letter No. P/2-1/2-14/Shahdol dated 23.08.2007
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Non-remittance of a fraud case to CBI ---
A kind reference is invited to this Union
communication of even number dated 14.11.2006.
It is perhaps well known that a Savings Bank
fraud to the tune of more than Rs. 50 lakhs had taken
place at Shahdol Railway Station PO under Shahdol
Division, Uttar Pradesh. The matter was thereafter
enquired into by the DPS (HQ), Bhopal, and on
conclusion of the said inquiry, Sri. S.S.Tiwari, the then
SPOs, Shahdol, Sri. R.K.Tripathy, ASPOs (Shahdol
East) Sub-division and Sri. S.L. Rohini, the then
Postmaster of Shahdol Railway Station PO (where
the fraud had taken place), were identified as primary
The lacuna on the part of the named SPOs was
to such an extent that the named Postmaster was
able to abscond from the scene as lodging FIR s &
other related formalities were badly delayed by the
named SPOs. The named Postmaster i s sti l l
absconding till date.
Quite surprisingly, the named SPOs was given
ad-hoc promotion to the post of SSPOs, Ujjain, in spite
of the fact that he was identified as a prima facie
offender in the case under reference.
It is worthy to mention over here that named
officer is pressuring the present SPOs, Shahdol, not
to gi ve effect to an Audi t Obj ecti on Recovery
amounting to Rs. 86,000/-standing in his name as was
ordered by the DA (Postal).
It is our strong apprehension that the named
officer is giving shelter to the said Postmaster as he
has also badly delayed investigation into the matter
and the reason behind that he is going to retire from
service on 31.12.2007, on superannuation.
As such, it is demanded that the entire matter
be handed over to CBI for further investigation
immediately as the amount involved is more than half
crore and the said fraud had also generated heavy
publ i c resentment agai nst the departmental
It is therefore requested to cause orders for CBI
investigation at the earliest so as to nab down all the
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Letter No.P/2-8/Shimla dated 24.08.2007 addressed
to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Pollution caused by supply of poor quality
of sealing wax---case of Himachal Pradesh Circle-
It is brought to our notice that quality of the
sealing wax currently being supplied to Himachal
Pradesh Circle is not up to the mark.
The sealing wax so supplied, is emitting
poisonous fumes and gases and is causing great
damage not only to the public heath of the employees
but also to the environment.
It is therefore requested to intervene into the
matter & cause necessary instruction for halting supply
of such poor quality sealing wax.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Letter No. P/2-22/South Presidency dated 22.08.2007
addressed to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Non-grant of Sunderban Allowance to
Postal Staffs working in Sunderban areas, South
of Dampier Hodge's Line, West Bengal.
It is brought to our notice that the Postal Officials
working in Sunderban areas, South of Dampier Hodge's
Line, South Presidency Postal Division, West Bengal,
were previously drawing Sunderban Allowance. The
said allowance was granted due to lack of Civic
Amenities & Transport facilities in the said area. A
copy of Government of India, Ministry of Finance,
Department of Expenditure, F.No. 20 (1)/97-E.II (B)
dated 17th July 2001 is enclosed herewith for your
kind reference.
Quite unfortunately, the drawal of said allowance
has been stopped all of a sudden with effect from
On the contrary, West Bengal State
Government employees are still drawing the said
allowance. A copy of Government of West Bengal,
Finance Department, Audit Branch order number-190-
F dated 6th January 2000, is enclosed herewith for
your kind perusal.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary
orders so that the Postal Department officials can also
draw the named allowance.
Letter No.P/2-19/TN Cle. dated 21.08.2007 addressed
to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Proposal to close/merger of divisions---
cases of Tamilnadu Circle.
It i s constrai ned to note that the Ci rcl e
Administration, Tamilnadu has sent proposals to merge
Arkonam Division with Vellore Division & major
reorganisation of divisions situated at Chennai & its
A kind attention is invited to the assurance you
have given personally on 19.04.2007 during the talks
held while withdrawing the Strike & also the Minutes
issued thereon ensuring that there will be no closure
or merger of divisions.
The present move of the Circle Administration
i s total l y unwarranted & i t wi l l cause a l ot of
inconvenience & disturbance to the staffs besides
affecting efficiency. The present arrangement has no
problem. Similarly, there is another proposal to merge
Salem East & West Divisions for which we have
requested to stop the merger in several references,
which will cause serious dislocation to the staff.
The move in closure of Divisions in Tamilnadu
Ci rcl e i s causi ng a seri ous concern. Thi s wi l l
tantamount to breach the assurance given by the Head
of the Department on higher forums.
It is therefore requested not to accord sanction
to the proposals & the statusquo may please be
Letter No. P/2-19/Theni dated 21.08.2007 addressed
to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Irregular imposing of recovery against
innocent officials--case of Theni Division in
Tamilnadu Circle.
It is brought to our notice that the innocent
officials have been issued notice to credit huge amount
declaring them as subsidiary offender in the case of
SB/RD fraud committed by GDS BPM, Megamalai
B.O., in account with Chinnamanur in Theni Division.
The reason for imposing such huge recovery is
that the failure on not preparing the list of Passbooks
not received for interest entry.
It is pertinent to mention that in Theni Division,
the shortage of staff is in existence to the tune of 40
percent of the total establishment. More than 20 Postal
Assistants out of 190 establishment are in deputation
to Regional Office, PSD, RPLI, etc. Each official is
carrying out the work of two officials regularly. As such,
it is practically impossible to attend the miscellaneous
work in the SB Branch.
Now the administration instead of evincing
interest to recover the loss sustained to the Department
from the main offender has resorted actions against
the innocent officials by fixing responsibility on one
pretext or the other sidelining the main rules that the
recovery should not be made if the official is not directly
responsible for the loss and also to consider the
extenuating circumstances while determining the
responsibility. This causes a concern and the officials
will be demoralised if such things continue.
It is requested to take appropriate instructions
not to resort action against innocent officials and drop
the action unleashed now.
A line in reply about the action taken is lightly
Letter No.P/4-1 dated 21.08.2007 addressed to the
Secretary, Department of Posts
Clarification sought for filling up of LSG/
HSG-II/HSG-I posts by West Bengal Circle---
It is brought to our notice that the Circle
Administration, West Bengal sought for clarifications
on the following points: -
1. Whether 10 years service or 3 years service is
LSG grade be required for promotion to HSG-II grade
for both regular & FTP LSG officials?
2. Whether filling up of 1/3rd vacancies earmarked
for LSG is to be filled up from 07.02.2002 to 17.05.2006
as advised by Directorate?
According to us, seeking clarifications on the
settled issues is nothing but to protract the issues for
no reasons. When the Directorate has clarified earlier
to accord HSG-II promoti ons to LSG offi ci al s
completing 3 years of service, seeking clarification on
the same is unwarranted & also similar is the position
in respect of 1/3rd LSG vacancies.
It is a sorry state of affairs that in many Circles, instead
of settling the issues, are causing unwarranted
clarifications and delaying the process of promotion
under one pretext or the other.
You are requested to cause suitable instructions to
all Circles and ensure the process of promotion to
LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I be completed at least within
one month.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly solicited.
Letter No. P/4/BCR dated 15-08-2007 addressed to
the Secretary, Department of Post
Non drawal of officiating pay to senior BCR
Official in HSG I cadre. C/o Tamilnadu Circle.
In the absence of claear cut clarifications about
the officiating arangements in HSG I cadre, there were
instances of allowing officiating arrangements in HSG
I Cadre beyond one year in Tamilnadu circle.
There are about seventy cases of such
officiating arrangements and the due amount for the
officiating period exceeding one year has not been
drawn to such official and many of them were retired
on superannuation now resulting denial of due
retirement benefits.
The Principal Chief PMG, Tamilnadu circle has
also sought approval to regularise officiating periods
beyond one year to those officials as one time
measure since the arrangement are ensured now to
with in one year.
It is requested to consider the same and accord
sanction at the earliest.
A line in reply about the action taken is highly
Letter No. P/2-18/Ajmer dated 15-08-2007 addressed
to the Secretary, Department of Posts
Alleged regin of terror in southern region
Ajmer in Rajasthan circle.
Ref.: 1. This Union letter or even no. Dt. 14-02-07
2. Your letter no. 16-29/2007-SR Dt. 03-07-07
While thanking the gesture in transferring
Sh. R.K. Arya superintendent of post office Bhilwara
to Ajmer and assuring to take appropriate option
against the misuse of disciplinary powers exercised
by him. We wish to state that no action has been
taken against the defaulters who associated with him
for all his misdeeds.
The irregular payment of speed post incentive
& labour charges tuning to lakhs of rupees has not
been recovered. Similarly the same official who
indulged in receiving the illegal amount of Speed Post
in centre is continuing as incharge of business
development at Bhilwara.
It is therefore requested to expedite further
inquiry and intimate action to recover the illegal
payments sanctioned by the then superintendent of
PoS Bhilwara, and soliciting response.
Letter No. P/2-7/Haryana Cle. dated 21-08-2007
addressed to the DDG(FS), Department of Post
Grant of Incentive for acceptance of electric
bill, case of Haryana Circle-reg.
You are perhaps well aware of teh fact that an
Incentive at the rate of 50 paise per Bill is being granted
for acceptance of Electricity Bills in Post Offices. The
same is in accordance with the directions of the
Directorate to fix incentive/ for the new workers
assigned under Business Post. The said Incentive is
granted to officials working in Madhya Pradesh,
Uttaranchal Postal Circles.
It is brought to our notice the said Incentive is
granted to the staffs working in Haryana Postal Circles
which is deplorable.
It is therefore requested to cause orders so as
to extend this facility of grant of Incentive to staffs
working in Haryana Circle for accepted the electricity
bills under business activities.
Soliciting reply.
Com. Des Raj Sharma Retired
Com. Des Raj Sharma Dy. Secy. General of NFPE
and General Secy. of P-IV retired from govt. services on
31st August 2007. He served the Postal Department 41
years 5 Months and 14 days. He joined the department of
posts on17th March 1966 at Karol Bagh Post Office as
Postman and retired from the same Post Office.
A farewell was given by the Staff of Karol Bagh
Post Office and New Delhi Central Dn. The farewell
meeting was presided by the Postmaster Karol Bagh
P.O. Shri Radhey Shyam Sharma and Shri A.N. Batra
SSPO's New Delhi Central Dn. was the Chief guest.
Shri Batra garlanded Des Raj Sarma and presented
momentoes on behalf of Chief Postmaster General
Delhi Circle, to Des Raj Sharma. The Staff also
garlanded and presented gifts to Shri Sharma. Com.
C.C. Pillai Secy. Gen. NFPE, Com. K.V. Sridharan G.S.
P-III, Com. Giri Raj Singh G.S. R-III. Com. Ishwar Singh
Dabas Gen. Secy. P-IV were garlanded by Shawl and
addressed meeting. Com. Lal Chand Sharma, Ex. Circle
Secy. P-III, Com. Chand Ram, Ex. Circle President P-IV,
Com. Mahabir Singh Treasurer P-IV CHQ, Com. E.
William Org. Secy. P-IV CHQ, Com. Balvinder Singh
Asstt. Treasurer P-III CHQ, Com. I.P. Bhardwaj Circle
President P-III, Com. Kishan Lal Satija Ex. Dn. Secy.
P-IV, New Delhi Central Dn, (FNPO), Com. Kishan Pal
Ex Divisional Secy. P-IV. Central Dn. Com. Amar Singh
Circle President and other leaders were also garlanded
and addressed the meeting. On this occasion Mrs.
Santosh Sharma, wife of Com. Des Raj Sharma was
garlanded by Shawl.
Dear Comrades!
The Central Working Committee meeting of
our Union was held at the historic city of Allahabad
(U.P.) from 25-08-2007 to 26-08-2007 under the
presi dentshi p of our CHQ Presi dent Comrade
K.Krishnan. 12 out of 14 office bearers and 19 out
of 22 Circle Secretaries attended the CWC. One
Circle is under dispute. The venue of the CWC
was the Punjabi Bhawan where the Reception
Commi ttee under the abl e l eadershi p of Com.
Subash Misra the Circle Secretary of U.P. Circle
and the Assistant General Secretary has made
al l the arrangements for hol di ng the two day
session very successfully.
The National flag was hoisted by Com. T.P.
Misra, a vetern Postal trade union leader of U.P.
Circle and the NFPE flag by Com. C.C.Pillai the
SG NFPE amidst- resounding slogans. Thereafter
the Secretary General Com. C.C.Pillai inaugurated
the CWC and elaborately orated on all the problems
confronted by the C.G. Employees in general and
the Postal Workers in particular. The first copy of
the book of compilation of selective, important
Government orders on various subjects, titled as
"VENTURE" compiled by the General Secretary was
rel eased by the Secretary General NFPE and
received by our CHQ President. Com. Suresh GS
R-IV; Com. B.G. Tamhankar Ex-President NFPE;
Com. G.S. Asiwal (Ex-AGS); Com. S.R.Shukla (Ex-
CHQ President R-III); Com. Munnalal Sukhla (Ex-
CS-UP) and Com. T.P.Misra also addressed the
inaugural session.
Copies of compilation of two volumes of rulings
on trade union facilities, CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 and
ED (RA) rules 1995 were also distributed to all the
CWC members.
The Open Session of the CWC was held on
the second day along with the felicitation meeting
of Com. R.S.Shukla, the Circle President of U.P.
Circle, who has retired from service on 31-07-2007.
The Open Session was presided over by our CHQ
President Com. M.Krishnan. Various dignitaries
including Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi (President
Mahi l a Congress); Bri j bhusan Ti wari M.P. Sri
Anugranarayan Singh MLA & Harish Chandra Trivedi
Distt. Secy. CITU, Com. C.C.Pillai (SG NFPE); Com.
Des Raj Sharma (Offg. SG NFPE); Com. K.V.
Sridharan (SG); Com. Giriraj Singh (GS R-III); Com.
Rajanayagam (GS Postal A/cs); and Com. S.S.
Mahadevaiah (GS GDS); Senior leaders of U.P.
Postal movement Comrades Munnalal Shukla and
T.P. Misra and other sister union leaders addressed
the session. Com. Subash Misra (C/S U.P.) Com.
R.N. Parashar manner. The open session was well
attended by hundreds of postal workers of Allahabad
and other branches. Com. R.S. Shukla, the Circle
Presi dent of U. P. Ci rcl e was garl anded and
felicitated by the entire dignitaries, CWC Members,
Circle leaders and sister union leaders.
The subjects committee of the CWC faced
with the task of a very heavy agenda on very many
important issues. The work report of the General
Secretary covering various activities of the CHQ
since the last CWC meeting held at Kareem Nagar
was appreciated by one and all. This Work Report
indeed formed the basis of the whole discussions
in the two-day session by all the Circle Secretaries
and Office Bearers of the CHQ.
The fol l owi ng are the hi ghl i ghts and the
unanimous decisions of the CWC:
1. The CWC acknowledged that the proposed
Post al JCA st ri ke f rom 24-04-2007 and t he
negotiations that resulted in a settlement in the
shape of a gist of negotiations and the advancement
in many issues of the postal workers in general and
Postal Group C in particular, the orders on filling up
of residual vacancies; on granting LSG/HSG II/HSG
I promotions; liberalizing the LGO Examination
syllabus and grant of one more chance to write the
LGO Examination to lower grade staff who have
exhausted all their chances; application of bench
mark to LSG promotion; orders on the notional
promotion; and constitution of a committee to fix
the amount of honorarium/incentive for extra work
on IMT, Passport processing, IT Returns etc.
2. The Work Report of the General Secretary
brought t o t he not i ce of t he CWC t hat t he
acceptance of the Department of Posts to send a
Cabinet Memo for exempting postal from the purview
of screening comittee; accepting to review the whole
scheme of franchi see scheme were the other
advancement in the strike charter of demands.
3. The efforts of the CHQ in placing all the Postal
Group C employees' issues before the Sixth Pay
Commission in the oral evidence were highlighted in
the Work Report of GS.
4. All the Circle Secretaries elaborately spoke
on al l i ssues and al l of them appreci ated the
functioning of the General Secretary. The publishing
of VENTURE; the representative activities of the CHQ
in taking up the problems of the Circles and branches
with the Directorate in right earnest; the improvement
in bringing out the monthly journal of the CHQ
'Bhartiya Post'; the processing of many issues in the
aftermath of stri ke settl ement etc were much
5. The Circle Unions may convene their CWCs
and collect the opinion on the following important issues
confronting our cadre based on the Work Report
submitted by the GS in the CWC.
(a) PO & RMS Accountants and filling up of APM
Accounts posts.
(b) Collecting particulars about the unfilled residual
(c) Recovery of over payment made from APM
Accounts and Accountants.
(d) Proposal of AP Circle Secretary for manning
SPM posts for which no volunteers are available.
(e) Divisionalization of LSG cadre and promotion
to HSG II based on PA Gradation list.
(f) The problems prevailing in filling up the LSG/
HSG II/HSG I posts and verification of notional
promotion since 1983. The opinions of the circle
should be sent to CHQ with in one month.
6. The CWC decided to redraft and update the
Union Constitution to be placed and approved in the
next AIC. To prepare the draft constitution a sub-
committee consisting of five members Viz., Com.
M.Krishnan (CHQ President), Com. K.V. Sridharan
(General Secretary), Com. Somnath Mukherje (Deputy
General Secretary), Com. K.B. Barot (Circle Secretary
Gujarat), and Com. R.C. Misra (Circle Secretary
Orissa) was constituted. The draft will be circulated to
all branches seeking their opinions and suggestions.
7. The CWC desired that the ED Union General
Secretary should create a congenial atmosphere for
settling the issues relating to the recognition of
Federation by withdrawing the court case filed by it
and explore the possibilities of finding out the ways
and means of joint working with the Federation by
ensuring associate membership of NFPE as the
Government Rules do not permit the affiliation of ED
Union with the Federation despite all efforts of the
Federation and the ED CHQ through organizational
and political means. The recognition to NFPE and
revival of JCM forums at all levels is very very essential
to protect the interests of the postal workers especially
at the time of submission of reports by the Pay
Commission and ED Committee. The continued non-
recognition of Federation would result in our lack of
presence in the National Council, Departmental Council
and Regional council JCM at this crucial time and other
Federations may take advantage by getting recognition
from the Government.
8. P3 Union is entitled to depute 18 Federal
Councillors to the ensuing Federal Council session
to be held in Kolkata during October 2007. The
CWC decided to nominate all the 13 Office Bearers
of CHQ (other than the General Secretary who is
an ex-officio member) and five circle secretaries
Vi z., Comrades K.B. Barot (Guj rat); Mangesh
Parab (Maharashtra); R.C. Misra (Orissa); S.A.
Hameed (Chhattisgarh); and U.K. Tiwari (Bihar) as
Federal Councillors.
9. Efforts would be undertaken to ensure at least
four pages of the Bhartiya Post in Hindi. Taking into
consideration of the escalating cost of printing and
other expenses and the cost of single copy works out
to Rs. 7/-, the CWC agreed to the proposal of the
General Secretary to enhance the price of single copy
to Rs. 5/- from the October 2007 issue.
10. The CWC after discussing the dispute in the
elections of M.P. Circle conference in detail, decided
to conduct the Circle Conference afresh by the CHQ
within a period of one month after this session of
CWC. The delegates of two divisions Viz., Gwalior
and Sehore, which have not conducted their divisional
conferences even after completion of more than 27
months from the l ast conference, shal l not be
permitted to attend the Circle Conference. It was also
decided that subject to the above conditions, the
Conference woul d be hel d i n Bhopal (Ci rcl e
Headquarters) with the same composition as in the
disputed conference held on 31-07-2007. The Circle
office bearers would share1/6
of the total voting power
of the branches as per the provi si ons of the
Constitution. The notification for the Conference will
be issued directly by the CHQ.
11. The one-day strike on 30-10-2007 as per the
call of the Confederation of Central Government
Employees and Workers and the All India State
Government Employees Federation in accordance
with the decision of the national convention held
on 13-08-2007 should be well organized. The tour
programme of All India office bearers for effective
organising for the strike will be communicated
The CWC ended with the formal vote of thanks by
the Assistant General Secretary Comrade Subash
Mi sra.
Thi rd phase of Agi tati on for Judi ci al
Commission for GDS
The Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO has
issued the call for the third phase of its agitation
for dismantling the Nataraja Murthy Committee and
for setting up of a Judicial Commission. There shall
be a three days relay hunger fast from 19-09-07
to 21-09-07 in front of Dak Bhawan/Chief PMG/
PMG/Di vi si onal Offi ces. The CWC deci ded to
or gani ze t he pr ogr amme i n a ver y ef f ect i ve
Opening of Holiday Home in Delhi
The Tarapada Bhavan at Delhi is now renovated
and brought into use as Holiday Home for the visiting
comrades to Delhi. The formal inauguration was
celebrated on 27-08-07 at the premises of Tarapada
Bhavan. No. AA 94, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088 at
11 hours. Com. M. Krishnan, President inaugurated
the reopening of the renovated building and also
presided the meeting. Com. C.C.Pillai, Secretary
General, Com. Desraj Sharma, Offg. Secretary
General, Com. Giriraj Singh, G/S R3, Com. Iswar
Tapas, G/s P4, Com. Brigu Bhattacharya, Secretary,
Confederation Delhi Circle are the prominent speakers
Com K. Raghavendran Working President C.H.Q.
Com. Somenath Mukherjee. Dy G.S CHQ, Com
Subhas ch Sharma TR CHQ and C/S Hariyana Com
Balvinder Singh, ATR CHQ. Com Aishvir Singh C/S
Delhi, Com K B Barot C/S Gujrat., Com R. Sharma
C/S Punjab were present and graced the occasion.
Com Balvinder Singh delivered vote of thanks.
Comrades; This is another mile stone in the
history of our C.H.Q. The building will be ready
shortly since, the electricity connection has to
be restored. As we are changing the title of the
property in the name of our union, a fresh electric
connection is being arranged. It is proposed to
charge Rs 20/- per member per day to occupy
the premi ses and i t wi l l be revi ewed after si x
months. Our aim is that the expenditure incurred
for the premises should be adjusted within the
receipts for the Home,so that,it will maintain the
property with''no gain;no loss'' . The room will be
allotted on the basis of ' First come First' . The
appl i cat i on may be r out ed t hr ough Branch
Divisional/Circle Secretaries.
The 'Venture' released by the CHQ on various
orders of the Dept. of posts on selective subjects
is available for sales. The cost of the book has
been fixed as Rs. 70/- (Rs. Seventy only). One
copy of venture will be posted to Divisional/Branch
Secretaries and the cost will be debited in to their
br anch account The book may pl ease be
popularised and necessary indents may please be
made by remitting the due amount, if the venture
is to be despatched by regd. post, a sum of Rs.
30/- may please be added along with the cost of
the price. 'VENTURE', you feel as a guide and
companion in mitigating the grievances of the staff
please Rush your indent.
The All India Conference of A.I.P.E.U. Postmen
& Gr. 'D' was held at Delhi from 21-08-07 to 23-08-
07. A colourful open session has been organised by
the reception committee. Com K.V. Sridharan Gen.
Secretary del i vered hi s speech i n the subj ect
committee on 22-08-07. Com. Milan Bhatterjee, Com.
Iswar Si ngh Daas, Com. Mahabi r Si ngh were
unanimously elected as President, General Secretary
& Treasurer of the union. Congratulations to the newly
elected Office bearers.
Let us meet in our next.
With fraternal greetings.
Comradely Yours
Dated : 27-08-2007 (K.V. Sridharan)
General Secretary
Babu Tarapada Mukherjee breathed his lost on 29.9.1929
We pay Tributes to this Divine messanger of Postal workers
& great labour leader.
Withholding of retirement benefits C/o Shri
N.B.S. Manian, Retired, APM Accounts Tiruvallur
HPO in Tamil Nadu Curcle.
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-19/
Kanchi puram dated 28-02-2007 on the above
mentioned subject.
2. The matter has been examined in consultation
with the circle office. As reported, the position is as
(i) Shri N.B.S. Manian retired as APM
(Accounts) Tiruvallur HPO on 31-05-2006 (a/n) on
superannuation. He was identified as one of the
subsi di ary offenders i n a maj or fraud case of
embezzlement of office cash amounting to Rs. 12.7
lakhs committed by Shri E. Ravana, SPM (under
suspension) Uttukottai SO. Disciplinary proceeding
under Rule 14 of CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 were initiated
which, after retirement, got converted into Rule 9 of
CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. As per instructions of
Audit office conveyed vide letter No. 307/Pen.II/St.I/
06-07 dated 12-05-2006 and No. 506/Pen II St. I/2006-
07 dated 08-06-2006, NO. GRATUITY shall be paid to
the Govt. servant unti l the concl usi on of the
departmental/judicial proceedings against him.
(ii) PENSION : The Provisional pension has
been sanctioned and is being paid.
(iii) GPF FINAL PAYMENT : The fi nal
payment of GPF for Rs. 12,796/- has been made.
Medical Allowance for Rs. 100/- was sanctioned to
the retired official w.e.f. 01-06-2006.
(v) ENCASHMENT OF EL : As per Rule 39
(3) of CCS (Leave) Rules, the competent authority can
withhold whole or part of cash equivalent of leave salary
if, in its opinion, there is a possibility of some money
becoming due from the employee on conclusion of
the proceedings. On conclusion of the proceedings,
the amount so withheld may be paid after adjustment
of Govt. dues, if any. Hence the encashment of EL
has been withheld.
(vi) COMMUTATION : As per Rule 4 & 5 in
Appendix-I, an employee or pensioner against whom
departmental or judicial proceedings are pending is
not eligible to commute a portion of his pension till
completion of such proceedings.
(vii) On receipt of the final report, sanction
for pensionary benefits due to the retired official will
be released after obtaining necessary authority from
the Accounts office.
Letter No. 16-38/2007-SR Dated : 22-08-2007
Alleged alarming & tense atmosphere
prevailing Kovilpatti Division, Tamil Nadu Circle.
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-19/
Kovilpatti dated 11-07-2007, 24-07-2007 and NO. GDS/
CHQ/21/06/2007 dated 4.7.2007 on the above
mentioned subject.
2. The matter has been examined in consultation
with the Circle Office. As reported, a joint meeting
was convened by the SSPOs Kovilpatti Division on
1.8.07 at 11.00 hrs at Divisional Office with All India
Postal Employees Union. The union was convinced
on many issues as a result of which the strike
proposed to be commenced from 9.8.2007 by NFPE
unions was postponed by the Divisional Secretaries.
Letter No. 16-64/2007-SR Dated : 22-08-2007
Alleged unhelpful & anit-worker attitude of
the Chief PMG, Chhatisgarh Circle.
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-4/
Chh cle dated 9.7.2007 on the above mentioned
2. The matter has been examined in consultation
with the Circle Office. As reported the position is as
indicated below:
i) Shri B.L. Gangber was working as Postal Asstt.
Raipur HO w.e.f. 12.08.96. He was transferred and
posted as Postal Asstt. Shankar Nagar triple handed
S.O. On completion of his tenure and since the post
of SPM was vacant there due to non joining of the
regularly posted SPM, Shri Gangber being the senior
most PA was posted as SPM on 24.08.06. On joining
of regularly posted SPM Shankar Nagar, who is senior
to Shri B.L. Gangber, the latter had to be posted as
Postal Asstt. at Shankar Nagar. During the visit of
Shankar Nagar S.O. it was found that SO Account of
Shankar Nagar S.O. was not filled by Shri B.L. Gangber
while he was working as SPM. Hence he was
proceeded against under Rule 16 of the CCS (CCA)
Rules 1965.
Ii) Shri M.K. Sharma, who is divisional treasurer
of the union since Nov., 2005 belongs to circle cadre
being approved official of LSG cadre with Accounts
qualification. Hence he has been posted on APM
A/cs Raigarh HO by the DPS (HQ) as no other eligible
offi ci al was avai l abl e i n the ci rcl e as per the
administrative requirement. Post of APM A/cs Raigarh
was lying vacant. Shri M.K. Sharma has been posted
there as per administrative requirement. Moreover there
is no vacancy in LSG cadre in Raipur Dn.
iii) Shri V.K. Agarwal is working as Postal Asstt.
in SB branch at Civic Center Bhilai, MDG w.e.f.
24.3.2005 for which due incentive is being paid to the
official in accordance with the Rules.
vi) Shri S.Z. Rahman, PA was ordered to be
promoted to LSG cadre and allotted to Durg Dn. vide
office Memo. dated 19.05.07 but the official declined
promotion vide his letter dated. 04.06.07 which was
accepted vide office memo dated 25.07.07. On receipt
of orders for promotion he was not relived till 31.05.07
and later-on, he himself got relieved duly producing
unfit M/C w.e.f. 01-06-07 and resumed duty on 04-06-
07 producing medical certificate of fitness from where
he had proceeded on leave.
v) There is no such PA named R.K. Lahre.
Letter No. 16-68/2007-SR Dated : 22-08-2007
Formation of new Postal Division at
Haridwar in Uttarakhand Circle-reg.
Ref.: Your Letter No. P/2-21 dated 09-05-07.
Please refer to this office letter of even number
dated 06-06-2007 on the subject cited above.
2. The creation of a separate Postal Division at
Haridwar has been found to be infeasible on
administrative grounds. Therefore, creation of a separate
Postal Division at Haridwar is not justified at present.
Letter No. 13-3/2004-PE-I Dated : 20-08-2007
Non settlement of pensionary benefits -
case of Sri Ajit Chanda, Retd. Sub Postmaster
Postal Dept owns plots yet rents space to run post offices
Ever heard of a landlord who has 1,871 vacant
plots across the country and yet pays Rs. 32 crore
for renting space in the same locations? Or leaves
space in buildings in prime locations unoccupied for
more than 150 years?
Accordi ng to i ts own admi ssi on, the
department of posts has 3.82 crore square feet, or a
little less than 900 acres, vacant land in almost all
states, some of which were acquired, purchased or
gifted to it more than 50 years ago. But lack of funds
has forced it to leave the plots vacant and instead
rent space.
It's different matter that the department spent
Rs. 68 crore in renting space and meeting litigation
costs during 2006-07 just because it could not find
resources to meet constructi on costs. The
department told a parliamentary panel that against
its demand for Rs. 745 crore during the tenth plan, it
was given Rs. 98.5 crore for construction purposes.
Whatever be the reason, in the absence of
construction, the department has had to rent space
in 1,389 places where the 1,871 plots are located
and 187 pieces of land have been encroached upon
by others. The department told the panel that 403
plots were in prime locations, with 63 of these in
Kerala, 62 in Rajasthan, 42 in Maharashtra and 35 in
Karnataka. With no funds available, 22,020 of the
26,504 post offices were located in rented space with
only 4,484 or 17% located in department owned
buildings as on March 31, 2006. Even in the buildings
owned by the postal department, some of which have
been declared heritage structures, 99 properties have
vacant space. Ten properties in Uttar Pradesh take
the cake with space lyling unused since the period
1854-1896. In Hamirpur, space has been lying vacant
since 1854.
The maximum number of postal department
buildings is in Kerala and Delhi where there is a rus
for office space. These buildings are in prime locations
which could have generted sufficient resources.
In Delhi, for instance, the department has
chosen neither to use space nor rent it out in areas
like Chanakyapuri, Mayur Vihar, Anand Vihar,
Mehrauli and Paschim Vihar, not just for a year or
two - but, all of 27 long year in some cases. So, how
much is the department losing? Well, it does not
seem to know for sure since the data it supplied to
the standing committee on Communications and
Information Technology kept changing.
Having realised the colossal waste, it has
now woken up to the need of setting up a 100%
government-owned company for development of
postal estates and generate some resources which
could be used to meet the postal department's
Times of India, New Delhi : 27 Aug. 2007
Ghughudanga under North Kolkata Division, West
I am directed to refer to your letter No. P/2-22/
North Kol kata dated 04.07.2007 on the above
mentioned subject.
2. The mat t er has been exami ned i n
consultation with the Circle Office. As reported,
Shr i Aj i t Chanda, f or mer l y Dy. Post mast er
Cossi pore H. O. was i dent i f i ed as one of t he
subsidiary offenders in SB/RD fraud case which
occurred at Cossipore H.O. involving Rs. 6,19,200/
-. Subsequently a charge sheet under Rule - 14 of
CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 was issued against Sri
Chanda when he was working as sub Postmaster
Ghughudanga PO. He was allowed to retire on
super anuat i on on 31. 12. 2004 pendi ng t he
disciplinary proceedings initiated and also pending
settlement of pensionary benefits. In consequence
of his retirement the Rule - 14 case was converted
into a case under Rule - 9 of CCS (Pension) Rule,
1972. Now as the disciplinary case under Rule-9
ibid is awaiting the decision of the Disciplinary
Authority, the claim could not be settled.
Letter No. 16-67/2007-SR Dated : 17-08-2007
AT ALLAHABAD ON 25.08.2007. AT ALLAHABAD ON 25.08.2007. AT ALLAHABAD ON 25.08.2007. AT ALLAHABAD ON 25.08.2007. AT ALLAHABAD ON 25.08.2007.
Dear Comrades,
At the outset, we record our hearty greetings
and thanks to the Reception Committee of this CWC,
Allahabad and the Circle Secretary U.P. who agreed
to hold this CWC meeting today in a grand manner.
We welcome all CHQ Office bearers and Circle
Secretaries. Let us debate and discuss and review
the activities of the CHQ after the Karimnagar CWC
and decide our future course of action.
I on behalf of the CHQ present this Report on
activities for the consideration of this CWC.
Since our Karimnagar CWC meeting we have
lost some of our beloved Comrades. Com. Laxmaiah
[Ex- Circle Secretary P-3 Andhra]; Com. Druz Ex-
Ci rcl e Secretary P3 Keral a; Com. Bi reswar
Bhattacharya Ex-Circle Secretary P4 West Bengal;
and Com. Sankaraiah Ex-Circle Secretary P4 Andhra
have departed from us. The postal fraternity will always
remember them for their contribution to the postal trade
union movement. During this time Shri. Chandrasekhar
Ex-Prime Minister of India also breathed his last. This
CWC pays i ts homage i n memory of al l these
comrades and the public personality.
Sixth Pay Commission & Oral Evidence
This is the first time in our history that the
collective wisdom of All CWC members of the CHQ
has been reflected in reality and true sense in the
preparation of the Memorandum submitted to the 6th
Pay Commission by convening an exclusive CWC
meeting for the purpose on 22-12-2006 and had
marathon discussion over ten hours at Karimnagar for
finalisation of draft.
The memorandum was E-mailed to Sixth Pay
Commission on 30-12-06 and another copy was
presented in person on 02-01-07 to the Member
Secretary along with the memorandums submitted by
the NFPE and all its other affiliates.
The 6th Pay Commission heard the Federations
first. NFPE was invited for oral evidence on 23.01.2006
at New Delhi. On behalf of NFPE, Com. C.C. Pillai,
Secretary General, Com. Des Raj Sharma, Dy.
Secretary General, Com. K.V. Sridharan, General
Secretary and Com. Giriraj Singh, General Secretary,
R-III participated in the discussions, which lasted for
one hour ten minutes.
During the discussions, we insisted for the
consideration of all the demands put forth in our
memorandum. The justification for higher pay for
various cadres, and in particular on TBOP / BCR,
Systems Administrators, the counting of past services
to Ex. RTPs for pension and promotion, the need to
exempt the Postal Dept. from the purview of Screening
Committee and creation of justified posts, various
allowances, the date of implementation as 01-01-06,
the need to fix the revised scales on point to point
fixation, running scales to the HSG.II, HSG.I cadre
etc. were gi ven due promi nence duri ng the
discussions, within the permissible time. We did our
job very consciously, sincerely and effectively.
Later, the Sixth Pay Commission has invited all
the unions to tender oral evidence on 06-03-07 at
Chennai. On behalf of our Union, Com. K.V. Sridharan,
General Secretary, Com. M. Krishnan, President, Com.
K. Ragavendran, Working President and Com. K.
Paneerselvam, Asstt. General Secretary attended along
with Com. C.C.Pillai the Secretary General, NFPE.
The time allotted to our union was judiciously
utilised to focus important issues of Group ' C'
effectively. The issues like Higher Pay scale to Postal
Assistant, the injustice caused to the TBOP / BCR
offi ci al s as wel l as HSG.I, the j usti fi cati on for
reintroduction of Charge Allowance to all Supervisors,
the discrimination prevailing between the post office
treasurers and RMS cashiers, Higher Pay scales to
Systems Administrators with a ratio of 40:40:20
promotion & declaring promotional posts to Postal
Assi stants, Hi gher Pay scal es to PO & RMS
Accountants, treating the RTP service as service for
promotion and pension, ensuring three promotions on
completion of 10, 20 and 25 years of service etc. were
comprehensively placed before the Pay Commission.
The questions raised by the Hon'ble Chairman of the
Sixth Pay Commission & other members of the
commission were also replied in an effective and
convincing manner. As Gandhiji had said that
'Satisfaction lies on the efforts; Full efforts is full victory',
we did our job to our satisfaction and we are awaiting
for justice to the Postal Group 'C' staff from the 6th
Pay Commission.
The Pay Commission has appointed three inter-
committees to study the following subjects:
1. Examining the feasibility of Performance
Rel ated Pay to Government empl oyees.
Headed by Prof. Biju Varkkey, IIM Ahemdabad.
2. Estimating the Compensation Package for
Government empl oyees and cost to the
Government -- By Prof. P.K. Premarajan Xavier,
Labour Relation Institute, Jamshedpur.
3. Study on Terminal Benefits of the Central
Government Employees -- By Dr. Gayithiri,
Centre for Economi c Studi es & pol i ci es
Out of these three committees, the study group
on the feasibility of the performance related pay invited
our Federation for discussions on 13-04-07. Com. C.
C. Pillai, Secretary General led the delegation
consisting Com. KV.Sridharan, General Secretary,
Com. Des Raj Sharma, General Secretary, P-IV, Com.
Giriraj Singh, General Secretary, R-III and Com.
Rajanayagam, General Secretary, Postal Accounts
and had discussions with the study group.
On behalf of our CHQ we welcomed the
introduction of PRP, as the same will be the second
component of hike in salary apart from the existing
conventional method of safety with annual increments
etc. We insisted that the PRP should be measured
on the performance of work and not on profit since we
are committed to Universal Postal Service obligation.
The scientific formula availed for Productivity Linked
Bonus may be suitably modified to evolve the excess
work performed by the Postal officials. We demanded
that the frui t of PRP shoul d be di stri buted
proportionately form ED to Directorate on yearly basis
and it should not be on the basis of individuals or based
on the CRS etc. The study team heard our
suggestions patiently and the questions put forth by
them were effectively replied.
Defered Indefinite Strike from 24-04-2007 &
Progress in the settlement
The CWC meeti ng of our uni on hel d at
Karimnagar from 22-12-2006 to 23-12-2006 resolved
to call upon NFPE to start intensive nationwide
campaign culminating in an indefinite strike on the
following demands:
(i) Exempt Postal Department from the purview of
ban on recruitment of posts and Screening
Committee and fill up all vacant posts.
(ii) Drop the proposed move to outsource postal
business by franchisee outlets.
(iii) Constitution of a separate Judicial Committee
for Gramin Dak Sevaks on par with Justice
Charanjeet Talwar Committee.
(iv) Set right the anomalies in the pay scales of
the postal employees by implementing the S.C.
Dutta Committee agreed recommendations.
(v) Ensure monopoly of the Postal Departments
in the proposed Post Office Act Amendment
Bill in respect of collection, conveyance and
delivery of letter mail articles.
(vi) Complete take over of SB and PLI by the Postal
Department and grant of full autonomy to the
Postal Board as in the case of Railway Board.
Based on the decisions the CHQ took efforts
which resulted in the Postal JCA issuing strike notice
to the department for the indefinite strike from 24-04-
2007 demanding settlement of 10 point charter of
demands. A countrywide campaign was organised
and the demands were popularised. Even though there
was no financial demand, the strike decision was widely
welcomed by the Group 'C' comrades since their
problems were placed prominently in the strike charter.
Consequent upon the talks held with the
Secretary, Department of Posts on 19-04-2007, the JCA
decided to defer the indefinite strike. During negotiations,
the long pending problems of Group C was given
prominence by our CHQ. The following are a few
decisions pertaining to the concern of Group C comrades.
At the outset, it is pertinent to note that the
department has prepared a cabinet note, which was
approved by the Minister, is under process and will be
placed soon in the cabinet.
Shortage of staff & filling up of vacant posts
(i) Pending residual vacancies in PA cadres from
1999-2000 to 2005-06 wi l l be fi l l ed up.
(Directorate has issued orders for that effect
vide letter No. 60-5/2007-SPB.I dated 15-05-
2007) Approximately, there may be more than
13000 posts in this category. The feed back
on this issue from the circles is still awaited.
(ii) The syllabus of the LGO question paper will be
modified and liberalised according to the
requirement of job (Revised syllabus is enclosed
along with the report)
(iii) An additional LGO exam will be conducted in
the month of November 2007. (Now it is proposed
to held either September or October 2007)
(iv) One more additional chance will be given to
the candidates' who have exhausted six
(v) Unfilled vacancies even thereafter will be thrown
open to GDS possessing plus two qualification
with age limit. (The revised Recruitment Rules
is under preparation at Directorate for that effect)
In short, in future all the vacancies earmarked
under 50% to promotional quota will be filled up
certainly either by the Postmen / Group D or with GDS.
Thi s we can take i t as an achi evement and
advancement in finding ways to mitigate the sufferings
of Group 'C' comrades due to shortage of staff.
With regard to alleviate the sufferings due to
shortage of staff, the following decisions were taken.
(i) OTA will be granted to Postal Operative Staff to
manage the excess work due to absenteeism &
(ii) Retired pensioners can be employed to work
against the shortage.
(iii) An internal committee will be constituted to fix
honorarium / incentive for the additional works like IMT,
Passport Processing, IT Returns etc. It was assured
to grant incentive to all the Marketing Executives.
The CHQ is processing the above and will
pursue further to get clear and clarity orders.
Filling up the LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I posts
(i) It was assured to fill up all LSG / HSG.II/HSG.I
posts in time bound action. All APMG / AD
staffs were summoned to Directorate on 04-
05-2007 and clarified the positions, directing
them to complete the process of LSG notional
promotion before 30-06-2007.
(ii) The Directorate will deal the pecuniary situation
prevailing in Orissa Circle and a team will be
deputed to reconcile the notional promotion.
(iii) The Directorate has caused instructions that
the notional promotion to LSG is not a one-
time exercise and can be reconciled at any
time. All Circle Heads were instructed to verify
the date of notional promotion. This is based
on our request that there are some irregularities
in some circles in granting notional promotion.
(iv) There was a meeting held on 21-05-2007 at
Directorate to discuss about the position of
LSG, HSG.II & HSG.I promotion. Since the CHQ
did not get feed back from all the Circles, the
pending issues brought to its notice could alone
be discussed and redressed.
Most of the vacant HSG.II & HSG.I posts have
been filled up by this time in all circles. A detailed
feedback is requested in the event of non-adherence
of any provisions of the above said orders.
With regard to other items, like closure of post
offices, curtailment of delivery etc. it was assured that
there will be no closure or curtailment. Regarding
Franchisee Postal Outlets, it will be reviewed and
decided shortly.
The department agreed to consider and cause
orders to absorb all the approved RRR candidates
awaiting like Tamilnadu Circle irrespective of the
outcome of the court judgement. The CHQ is very
sincerely pursuing this case and hope that the
approved candidates will be appointed in regular
vacancies shortly.
Another important outcome of the discussions
is to cause instructions about application of Bench Mark
in LSG promotion. The Directorate caused detailed
instructions vide its letter No. 137-04/2006-SPB.II (Pt)
dated 16-05-07 in which it is clarified as under: -
(i) The ACRs in respect of all the officials should
be written by the reporting officers with proper and
due application of mind.
(ii) The Reporting / Reviewing Officers should take
into account the benchmarks for promotion and that
benchmarks are known to the officers while writing
the ACRs.
(iii) The DPC whi l e assessi ng the ACRs for
promotion of officials to various grades should not be
merely guided by the overall grading given by the
Reporting / Reviewing officers but also satisfy
themselves by an objective assessment of the ACRs.
(iv) While prescribed benchmark should not be
diluted, the DPC should be realistic and objective in
their assessment in order to avoid unnecessary staff
grievances and depriving the due claims of the staff for
As per the assurances given in the conciliation
talks, the Directorate has issued the above instructions
since the application of benchmark system cannot be
dropped due to the guidelines of the DOP&T during
In nutshell, whatever agreed during the talks,
we are pursuing continuously for its implementation.
Remaining issues will be pursued further. It is pertinent
to mention that the CHQ is handicapped due to non
receipt of feedbacks from the Circle unions. It is our
fervent appeal to all our Circle Secretaries to assist
the CHQ by providing adequate information, in the
Filling up of norm-based LSG, HSG.II & HSG.I
posts -- our Task
The problem of filling up of norm-based LSG
pots notionally remains pending since 2002. Similarly,
there are lot of anomalies in filling up of HSG.II & HSG.I
posts. We had given top priority in solving this issue
and continuing our efforts to end the protracted delay
in according due promotions to the senior officials.
Based on our request, the Directorate issued
orders vide its letter No. 4-16/2002-SPB.II dated 20-
11-2006 prescribing the checklist to accord promotions
in LSG, HSG.II & HSG.I cadres. The Directorate
granted relaxation of rules and provided to grant HSG.I
promotion without observing any minimum service in
HSG.II. (The Department is processing to release
Revised Recruitment Rules for HSG.I and will be
released shortly.)
In the sai d order i n Para supra, i t was
categorically stated that before according HSG.I
promotion, the notional LSG & HSG.II promotions from
1982 (or 1983) to 2002 should be ensured. Secondly,
the 1/3rd LSG vacancies earmarked for general
category from 24-01-2002 to 18-05-2006 should be filled
up on notional basis and all the vacant posts after 18-
05-2006 be filled up accordingly.
But to our dismay, despite the issue of clear
and crystal order with check list by the Directorate, the
process was not conducted in many circles and seniors
were retiring without getting their due HSG.I promotions.
Hence we had included this item as one of the charter
of demands in the proposed indefinite strike.
After the discussions, things were moving very
fast. In many circles, the vacant posts of LSG, HSG.II
& HSG.I are being filled up based on the checklist
contained in the order dated 20-11-06. However,
except from few circles, the CHQ did not get feedback
on this issue.
The following problems have erupted after
declaring the LSG as Circle cadre or treating LSG as
divisional cadre since 1986 to 2006.
(i) Si nce the LSG noti onal promoti ons are
accorded on divisional basis, in some divisions
due to more number of LSG posts in existence,
the juniors could get LSG promotion whereas
seniors in other division could not get his
promotion due to dearth of LSG posts.
(ii) The officials' availed Rule 38 transfers during
1986 to 2006 are the victims and they could
not get their LSG promotions based on the
divisional gradation list.
Hence, we pleaded with the Department to sort
out the issue by granting 'Modification of LSG' as one
time measure by creating adequate supernumerary
or non-functional LSG posts to accommodate them
on promotion.
During discussions, it was told that modification
couldn't be applied due to various CAT judgements
and the deci si on of Apex court on thi s i ssue
pronounced after the release of 'Modification of BCR'
in 1996. Alternate suggestion was invited.
This CWC should discuss and debate the issue
at length and guide the General Secretary for further
Si mi l ar i s the case of APM Accounts,
Accountant issues. This should also to be sorted out
in this CWC meeting.
Accordi ng t o t he LSG Account ant
Recruitment Rules 1976, the date of qualifying the
PO and RMS Accountant Exams shall be the factor
for promotion to APM Accounts (LSG). At the time
of upgradation of 1622 LSG posts to HSG.II / HSG.I
etc., all APM Accounts posts were upgraded either
to HSG.II or HSG.I. Hence there are no sufficient
posts available in the feeder cadre. Hence we
insisted to downgrade the HSG.II APM Accounts
post to some extent to provide LSG promotions to
PO & RMS Accountants and ensure 40:40:20 so
t hat channel of promot i on of PO and RMS
Accountants shall be confirmed.
The Department is very categorical that the PO
and RMS Accountant who could get LSG promotion
much earlier than General line will occupy most of the
HSG.II & HSG.I as in the past and this shall not be
allowed. The Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO
are also opined that this should not be repeated by
implementing the LSG Accountant Rule 1976. The
contention of the Secretary Generals that for qualifying
the exam, they have been paid Special Allowance and
thereafter they have no right to claim HSG.II & HSG.I.
I suggested the following in the meeting.
(i) Accounts line may be declared as a separate
cadre and number of HSG.II & HSG.I may be
provided to the requirements for ensuring
promotion to the qualified Accountants.
(ii) The qualified officials who did not get LSG
promotion in Accounts line may join in the main
stream of Postal Assistants and as and when
due for regular LSG (General Line) post based
on the PA Gradation List.
(iii) As per the instructions of the Directorate issued
in 1958 & 1959, fresh options may be obtained
from the PO and RMS Accounts qualified officials
either to opt or opt out from Accounts line.
The department in sharp reaction maintained
that there is no chance of maintenance of two gradation
lists for one cadre and keeping two avenues of
promotional chances is against the instructions of
DOP&T. We did not subscribe to the revival of old
defunct cadre of PO and RMS Accountant.
The problem is now static as no consensus
could be arrived among the staff side. The CWC may
discuss at length on this issue and find out the solution
and enlighten the CHQ about how this can be taken
up further.
Similarly, the Circle Secretary, AP Circle
suggested that the present position of posting junior
most TBOP / BCR in single handed or supervisory
posts should be dispensed with as TBOP / BCR is
only financial upgradation. This may also be discussed
and decided.
If these issues are sorted out, we could get a
piece of relief from this long pending issue dragging
over six years.
Other Problems confronting Postal Group C
[i] The Department has rejected our plea to waive
the amount being paid towards fixation of pay to
postmen at the time of implementation of Fifth Pay
Commission. This was resulted in huge recovery of
over-payment from the APM Accounts and
Accountants who are not really directly responsible
for the loss sustained as stipulated under Rule 11 of
CCS [CCA] Rules.
This CWC may discuss this issue and decide
an appropriate measure to be adopted by the CHQ.
[ii] The Department has caused instructions vide
letter NO.22-5/95-PE I dated 21.5.07 stating that if an
official declines regular promotion after getting pay
scale under TBOP / BCR promotion schemes, his/
her placement in the higher pay scale under BCR
Scheme / Promotion would be delayed for the period
he/she declined regular promotion. This is against the
spirit of the TBOP / BCR Schemes. The misuse / wrong
application of powers by the Member [P] is causing a
concern. This CWC may also discuss and debate this
issue and also all the problems put forth for discussion
in the Departmental Council.
TBOP / BCR Higher Pay Scale - Court case
The next haring of the court case has come up
for hearing on 30.8.07. We discussed with our Advocate
in detail and explained the discrimination meted out
to the Postal TBOP and BCR Officials in comparison
with the Telecom TBOP and BCR Officials. In its
present forms the betterment of ACP Promotions than
the TBOP / BCR was also pointed out except for the
fact that ACP Scheme either denies or postpones
further upgradation for those who are promoted through
limited departmental examinations. The Note prepared
and discussed with our Advocate is enclosed as an
item of the Annexure.
Recognition of Federation
In the charter of demands placed during
indefinite strike from 24-04-2007, recognition of
federati on was pl aced as one of the i tems for
settlement. The CHQ in its circular on the demands
and justification mentioned the position of NFPE &
our demand on recognition to Federation along with
Unfortunately, the Department of Personnel vide
its No. 2/5/2006-JCA dated 19-04-07 informed that All
India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union
included as one of the affiliates of the Federation by
the NFPE is not eligible and the same will not be
accepted. Based on the same, the department in its
letter dated 24-04-07 asked the Federation to modify
the constitutional provisions of NFPE as per the
observations of Department of Personnel contained in
its letter dated 19-04-2007.
As a responsible affiliate of NFPE, and after
pursuing all the records like minutes of the Federal
Executive, the consent letter given by the then General
Secretary, Com. R.N. Chaudhary, the General
Secretary has given a letter to department to exhibit
its commitment to continue in the NFPE and the
required amendments in the constitution could be made
only in the Federal Council.
We have indicated our stand through our editorial
published in the Bhartiya Post July 2007 issue. We
don't want to mingle the issue and mudsling each other.
The only opinion left with us at that time has been
exercised with the good intention that after getting
recognition we should fight together with the Government
on this issue and get affiliation to GDS union, we
insisted sincere and serious efforts in this regard.
But things are moving in many directions. The
reality has not been accepted. Unwarranted, unethical
bitterness between the Federation & ED Union is
developed due to various provoking letters & court
cases filed by some vested interests. The larger
interest of the postal unions has been sidelined and
the need that we should show our oneness to achieve
the Judicial Committee to GDS as the Finance
Ministry has now rejected to remit the GDS issues to
Sixth Pay Commission. This is causing a serious
As the responsible worker of the CHQ, I wish
to put forth before the august CWC that we should
evolve some strategy to wind up the present unpleasant
situation and it is possible to unite and fight together
against the Government policies. We can find out the
working solution to keep the GDS union in NFPE even
though Government did not accept and extend all the
rights but to get recognition, we can make the
arrangements outsi de the consti tuti on of the
Federation and keep the GDS Union as an associate
member of the NFPE.
No one desires to delink each other; the GDS
union's genuine claim is also not to severe the ties
but to remain in NFPE. The NFPE is also intending
to avail the recognition first in order to revive and
restore the negotiating forums from Circle level to
JCM [NC] since the Government and the Department
sideline the postal issues and to keep the GDS union
as part & parcel of the NFPE. Even though NFPE
applied for recognition with GDS Union, the DO P&T
and the DOP time and again rejected and it has no
other alternate now or to remain without recognition
whi ch wi l l i rreparabl e l oss at the ti me of
implementation of Sixth CPC. The small difference
can be easily sorted out with open mind instead of
approaching legal methods and develop the gap wider
and wider.
Since the ED Union is unique only to the Postal
department, we may explore all out possibilities to
bring them affiliated to our Federation in the future. It
i s possi bl e onl y through sustai ned conti nuous
struggles; exerting the best political pressures etc.
To achieve all this, unity among us is a must. Without
ED Union, it is not possible to organise any struggles
in future by the departmental unions. Similar is the
position to ED union also. When the situation is like
that, the individual programmes, casting attacks and
the legal fight will further increase enemity and spoil
the amity. The department and the bureaucracy will
take advantage of the situation.
The Central Working Committee meeting may
discuss the issue in depth and guide the General
Federal Secretariat Decisions
The Federal Secretariat of NFPE was held on 14th
August 2007, which took the following important
decisions unanimously:
1. Federal Council session during first / second week
of October 2007.
2. Those Unions recognized under CCS [RSA] Rules
1993 and affiliated to NFPE would be eligible to
depute their Federal Councillors as per the
guidelines of the DO P&T and the Department of
3. Comrade R.N.Parashar, Secretary NFPE is
authorized as the Officiating Secretary General
NFPE w.e.f. 1.9.07 on the retirement of Comrade
Des Raj Sharma the Officiating Secretary General.
4. Com. Des Raj Sharma is authorized to continue
to look after the Writ Petition filed by ED Union
Rajasthan Circle against NFPE.
5. Hunger Strike from 19th Sep 07 to 21st Sep 07
before office of Divisional Office / PMG/ CPMG/
DG Posts, demanding implementation of April 07
Strike Charter.
6. One-Day Nationwide strike on 30th October 2007.
7. Collection of Rs.10/- from all members and
remitting the same to NFPE immediately.
8. Detail Campaign Programme for strike would be
chalked out and sent to Circles.
The Federal Secretariat noted that as far as
the postal is concerned the Postal JCA of NFPE and
FNPO would conduct the campaign programme and
the strike on 30.10.07 jointly. FNPO Secretary General
has already consented to join the nationwide strike
on 30.10.07. The Secretariat also decided to place
the issue of scrapping of Nataraja Murti Committee
and constitution of a Judicial Commission for GDS as
the number one demand of the Charter of Demands
for the Hunger fast and Strike programmes.
Confederation Strike Charter of Demands
A Joint national convention of State and Central
Government employees and teachers' organizations
demanding scrapping of new pension scheme,
privatisation, grant of interim relief etc was held at
M.P.C.U. shah Auditorium, New Delhi on 13.8.2007.
We emphasized the formation of Judicial Committee
for considering the GDS demands. The Convention
has resolved to organize one-day strike on 30.10.2007
on a 12-point charter of demands as follows:
1. Scrap the PFRDA Bill and Cancel appointment
of the Pension fund Managers; Introduce statutory
pension scheme for the new recruits;
2. Grant full Trade Union rights including the right to
strike to all Government employees through
appropriate legislation;
3. (a) Stop downsizing the Government departments,
privatization and contractorization/ casualisation
of Governmental and teaching functions. Stop
contractual appoi ntments of teachers and
workers, regularize all daily rated, casual and
contingent employees
(b) Lift the Ban on recruitment and fill up the existing
vacancies of all Government departments,
educational institutions and State undertakings;
Provide job to jobless
4. Grant Interim relief of minimum of Rs.1000/-/ to
all Central Government employees. Implement the
6 th CPC recommendation with effect from
5. Bring down the abnormally rising prices of
essential commodities and strengthen subsidized
public distribution system.
6. Merge of 50% DA wi th basi c pay wi th al l
consequential benefits and release of all DA
instatements to the State Govt. employees.
7. Withdraw the 5% cap and other restrictions on
compassi onate appoi ntment. Restore the
compassionate appointment scheme wherever it
stands abolished.
8. Stop the proposal to replace the CGHS by
Medicare insurance scheme.
9. Implement all pending awards of the Board of
10. Remove the quantum ceiling on Bonus and grant
bonus to all.
11. Set up a Judicial Committee for wage revision of
Grameen Dak Sewaks in replacement of Nataraja
Murthy Committee.
12. Increase GPF& Small Savings' interest rates and
restore to its early level.
The Confederation National Executive has met
on 14.08.2007 i mmedi atel y after the Nati onal
convention of the Central and State Government
employees and teachers' Organizations and endorsed
the decisions of the national convention. It also decided
to chalk out nationwide campaign programmes for
effective mobilization of employees for the strike. NFPE
Federal Secretariat which met after the above meetings
decided to place the demand of Judicial Commission
for GDS as number one demand in the Charter for
strike to be submitted to the Government.
It is pertinent to mention here that our CHQ is
attendi ng al l the meeti ngs convened by the
Confederation and contributing our views. All
programmes of Confederation are being carried out
Quota -- Failure of Branches
Despite our repeated requests, many divisions
did not remit due quota to Federation resulting in
reduction of entitlement of Federal Councillors to only
19 in the ensuing Federal Council. This causes a
concern. All Circle Secretaries are requested to
ensure prompt remittance of quota to Federation in
future. Similarly, notices have been issued to many
of the branches on 14-07-07 for their non-remittance
of quota to CHQ over one year. The copies of the
same were sent to the Circle Unions. The circle
unions are requested to evince interest in regulating
the branches for the prompt remittance of quota to
all higher ups.
Bhartiya Post
Since our assumption, we tried our level best
to improve the contents and also to enrol more
subscribers to the Bhartiya Post. It is sorry state of
affairs, despite our requests, we are printing still less
than 5000 copies every month even though we are
having more than 75,000 membership. Our sister
unions are printing their journals to the extent of 15,000
and more who are having lesser membership.
Branch Secretaries are not evincing interest
to indent more copies for their branches and their
due remittances. More than 85% branches are
getting single copy only for their branch. The
constitutional provisions like subscribing for journals
by all office bearers, committee members etc. has
not been adhered. Unless we improve the readers
and more subscribers for the Bhartiya Post, our
sincere and dedicated activities will not reach the
rank & file membership who is the pillar of this
The escalating cost of printing etc has at present
increased the cost of the journal to Rs.6/- per copy.
This CWC is requested to discuss this issue also at
length and arrive at decisions to direct the branches in
this regard. The opinion / criticism on Bhartiya Post is
invited with open mind to correct the lapses if any and
improve the journal in the days to come.
New Website for P-III CHQ
The CHQ has opened a website exclusively for our P-
III CHQ and at fi rst, the memorandum to Pay
Commi ssi on was exhi bi ted. Thereafter, al l the
important letters, circulars, Directorate orders are being
exhibited then and there which is being welcomed by
the rank & file. We have decided to utilise the modern
technology further to flash all the developments then
and there. Our website address is as follows:
One Day Token Strike on 14-12-2006
Even though the issue was discussed in the last
working committee held at Karimnagar on 22-12-2006,
the details we collected about the participation of strike
as per circle wise is really overwhelming and the
enclosure will prove our strength & weakness and we
should take this as a guiding note to improve the areas
where we should concentrate. The overall percentage
of more than 50% is really a welcoming one.
However, an effective campaign by conducting
various Trade Union classes exclusively on our history,
and future responsibilities should be organised
effectively in the days to come to strengthen further
our movement for future struggles.
Periodical Meetings and Departmental Councils
Despite clear orders and agreement on JCM, the
periodical meetings & Departmental JCM are not being
conducted properly as per the time schedule. No
periodical meeting / JCM is held since our assumption
in the CHQ over 11 months. We could discuss the
problems in the informal meetings alone that did not yield
the desired results. Many important issues could not
be sorted out due to non-conduct of formal meetings.
The following subjects pertaining to our cadre have been
sent to the Secretary, Staff side for inclusion as subjects
in the Departmental Council (JCM).
1. Clarificatory orders on TBOP equating with LSG
-- Declining Promotion -- contained in Directorate
letter No. 22-5/95-PE.I dated 21-05-07 -- request
to withdraw the instructions.
2. Disbursement of Pay & Allowances through
3. Transfer liabilities of staff working in First Class
4. Recovery of alleged overpayment of pay and
allowances to postman on account of fixation from
the officials of Accounts branches of HPOs.
5. Enhancement of honorarium to RD premature
6. Counting of Special Allowance for pay fixation -
case of PO and RMS Accountants.
7. Providing ergonomically designed furniture for
officials working in computerised environment.
8. Problems arised due to notional promotion to LSG
9. Applicability of CCS (Pension) Rules 1992 in
respect of those selected and put on induction
training as on 01-04-2004.
10. Tenure posting of officials in Single & Double
Handed post offices - request to withdraw the
11. Non payment of Remote Locality Allowance -
case of Uttarakhand Circle.
12. Formation of separate Postal Accounts to
Chhatisgarh and Uttarkhand Circles.
13. Classification of Bangalore City as A1 for drawal
of HRA & CCA.
14. Non payment of incentive to the staff for procuring
UTA, Oriental Insurance business, Western Union
Money Transfer etc.
15. Drawal of SB Allowance to all working in SB
branches without restrictions.
16. Spot payment of incentive to SPM / BPM for
securing RPLI business.
17. Levy of Service Tax on services rendered by the
18. Utilisation of the services of PRI (P) & SPMs for
procurement of PLI business.
19. Waival of penal interest on HBA as one time
measure - case of Tamil Nadu Circle.
20. Enhancement of honorarium for engaging the
officials in departmental examinations.
21. Restriction in posting of SPM due to minor
penalties / CR entries.
22. Filling up the post of APM Accounts LSG &
HSG.II posts.
23. Counting the training period for benefits of
promotion under TBOP / BCR scheme.
24. Non conducting of Group B examination since 2003.
25. On the job training for Hindi Typist in divisional
offices on their absorption as Postal / sorting
26. Grant of assistance / leave to postal bomb blast
victim - case of Sri Pranabananda, Postal
Assistant, Bhubaneswar Division, Orissa Circle.
27. Allowing to appear in the Departmental Exam like
IPOs - case of physically handicapped officials.
28. Disposal of Advances obtained under out of
account then and there.
29. Non posting of ladies staff where basic amenities
are not available.
30. Representation of department in the cases filed
in Consumer Forum and other courts.
31. Fi xed conveyance al l owance to Marketi ng
Executives & system Administrators / Managers.
32. Refund of fee for appearing AMFI [Association of
Mutual Fund Industry] Exam for all candidates.
33. Preparation of HVMO lists at post offices and
RMS offices - Revision of value.
34. Non payment of MIS incentive bills at Dharmnagar
- case of North East Circle.
35. Arbitrary recovery of Transport Allowance based on
ICIR objection - case of Faridabad, Ghaziabad etc.
36. Introduction of various services. Non providing
adequate manpower or grant i ncenti ve /
honorarium - reg.
37. Duplication of work in branches after their
computerisation - reg.
38. Irregular order for recovery from the pay of the
officials due to non correction of revised maturity
value on the body of NSC (VIII issue) - case of
Bhubaneswar Division, Orissa Circle - reg.
39. Revision of FSC.
40. Arrangement of Broad Band connection in all
computerised offices.
41. Enhancement of Grant of Recreation club.
42. Upward revision of Conveyance Allowance to
43. Request for discontinuance the practice of
obtai ni ng fi del i ty / securi ty bond from the
employees handling cash.
44. Introduction of new system of bag number in Mail
45. Grant of Notional Promotion for unfilled up
vacancies earmarked under 2/3rd quota from
46. Unbearable work brunt due to NREGS Scheme
introduced in AP Circle - Fixing higher rate of
incentive and grant of OTA to wipe out arrears.
47. Non-grant of Special Allowance to unqualified
Accountants - request orders.
This CWC is requested to review the situation
and pass suitable resolution requesting the Federation
to launch agitational programme if the periodical
meetings are not convened in a time frame.
Let us surmount this financial crunch
It is painful to note that the Confederation is
facing financial crunch and none of our branches is
remitting contribution to the Confederation and this is
coming as a subject matter in all the meetings of the
Confederation National Executive.
The NFPE Federal Secretariat also has made
an appeal for collection and remittance of Rs.10/-
per member to the Federation whose finance has
reached nil balance. The NFPE is forced to spend
for conducting a legal battle also under its condition
of poor finance.
Taking into consideration of all these aspects,
It is suggested that all the Divisional / Branch Unions
may collect Rs. 20/- per member and remit Rs. 3/- to
Confederation through All India Union and Rs. 7/- to
CHQ as Donation and Rs.10/- to NFPE so that we
could stabilise with good financial position.
The CWC may take appropriate decision in this regard.
Settlement of Problems
Our task and strategy should be to explore and
avail the avenues and make efforts at appropriate levels
and settle the cases. We should accomplish this job
efficiently and relentlessly.
My appeal to Circle Secretaries
The Ci rcl e Secretari es shoul d gui de the
members to represent their cases to the appropriate
authorities and pursue the same. They should also
ensure their letters are promptly attended to at the
regional / circle level. The CHQ will certainly pursue
the cases at the level of the Directorate. For this
The Case filed by the All India Postal Employees
Union Group 'C' demanding higher pay scale to TBOP/
BCR has been di smi ssed by the Central
Administrative Tribunal on the following grounds:
1. As there would be no justification for interfering with
the fixation of pay scales as there is no hostile
discrimination is made out; and
2. The applicants who are enjoying TBOP and BCR
benefits are better placed than who are given ACP
benefits after V CPC.
[i] TBOP, BCR Promotions are not only unique to the
Postal department but also in existence in the
Telecom. The TBOP Promotion was introduced for
both Post and Tel ecom by the erstwhi l e P&T
Department and the TBOP/BCR promotions prevailing
in Telecom is similar and identical to that of postal
department. The ratio of matching savings is also one
and the same.
In the Department of Telecommunications, the
TBOP & BCR scales for the restructured cadres
having the entry basic of Rs. 3200/- and Rs. 4000/-
are in the basic of Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500-9000
respectively. The entry grade of Rs.32001- has been
granted TBOP in the pay scale of Rs.5000-8000.
Orders for this effect had been issued vide D.O.[T]
l etter No.1-38/98-MAP dated 20.4.99 whi l e
implementing the agreement made between the
Department of Telecommunications and Telecom
Federation which reads:
" 9-A(1). An official who after getting qualified
and trained enters the restructured cadre before
completion of 16 years of service in the prestructured
feeder cadre shall be placed in the TBOP scale of the
restructured cadre recommended by the 5th CPC on
completion of 16 years of total service including that
rendered in the pre-structured cadre provided he/she
has put in a minimum of 4 years of service including
the officiating spell in the restructured scale."
Subsequently, this condition of four years
service in the restructured scale of Rs.4000-6000 has
also been removed vide DOT No.1-38/98-MPP dated
20.9.99, which reads interalia: "The-matter has been
considered and it has been decided to remove the
condition of minimum of four years service In the
restructured cadre for such officials."
Thus there is a clear discrimination of pay scales
between the postal and telecom in respect of pay
scales of TBOP and BCR. The TBOP Official in Postal
is drawing Rs. 4500/- scale after 16 years of service in
the pay scale of Rs.4000-6000; whereas the officials
in Rs.3200/- pay scale is receiving Rs.5000-8000 pay
scale on completion of 16 years of service. This exhibits
the discrimination between the two equals and the
TBOP, BCR officials in Postal are denied and deprived
of their due.
[ii] Another version that the TBOP and BCR
promotions are better than the ACP holds no reasoning.
The Promotion under ACP is accorded after 12 years
service and TBOP is only after 16 years. Similar is
the condition for BCR, which is granted after 26 years
whereas the II ACP is granted after 24 years. There is
an erosion of wages and the officials are at loss of
one/two increments. the table furnished alongwith this
note will prove the facts. Thus the TBOP/BCR is no
way is advantageous while comparing with ACP
despite the matching savings to the extent of 20%
and 6% in supervisory and operative posts respectively.
In fact there is a double loss is emouluments to the
officials as well as the matching savings given out by
the officials for TBOP/BCR in comparision to ACP
purpose, the first requirement is that the cases
should have been represented earlier at the circle
level. The Circle Secretaries may prepare the list of
cases represented at their level with all the relevant
details and send the same to CHQ, which in their
opinion have not been settled at their level within a
reasonable period. Similarly, whenever, the request
is made for feedback on important issues, we did
not get proper reply resulting innumerable problems
remai n unsettl ed duri ng di scussi ons wi th the
Comrades! Wi th si ncere devoti on and
dedication, the CHQ has functioned during the months
under review. If any appreciations are there, it is for
the collective working and goes to the entire team of
CHQ. If any shortcomings are noticed, as the Chief
Executive, I borne the responsibility and take them as
advises for the future functioning.
Comrades! Let us work together! Let us lead
the movement further for the betterment of our
comrades! Let us glorify our movement with our full
devotion and dedication for a new dimension.
With warm greetings,
Yours fraternally,
K.V. Sridharan
General Secretary
Sl. Name of the Circle Percentage of staff Percentage of offices opened Percentage of strikes
No. Gr. 'C' Postmen Gr. 'D' HO SO BO P-III P-IV
1. Andhra 51 47 48 99 57 46 49 47.5
2. Assam 5.27 0.28 2.09 7.9 .03 0 94.73 98.82
3. Bihar 69.11 69.11 70.23 96.8 79.9 95.2 30.89 30.33
4. Chhatisgarh 23.15 13.36 18.55 100 31.88 36.9 76.85 84.05
5. Delhi 83.83 81.74 83.12 100 95.00 98.0 16.17 17.57
6. Gujarat 74.70 65.73 69.09 100 86.25 89.61 25.30 32.60
7. Haryana 89.85 96.96 84.66 100 100 97.5 10.15 9.19
8. Himachal 55 62 71 83 71 79. 45 33.5
9. J & K 95.32 99.33 99.38 100 99.08 99.33 4.68 0.64
10. Jharkhand 39.21 33.86 37.83 N.A. N.A N.A. 60.79 64.15
11. Karnataka 35.49 32.84 31.23 96.67 76.68 81.96 64.53 67.95
12. Kerala 25.28 16 24.53 81.4 17.44 7.48 74.72 79.75
13. Maharashtra 52.90 44.70 50.08 98.36 80.55 70.78 47.10 52.25
14. Madhya Pradesh 59.46 61.70 51.24 100 79.43 72.34 ….. …..
15. N.E. Except Manipur & Mozoram Division Full Strike
16. Orissa 54.87 48.88 40.53 65.71 62.91 76.81 45.13 55.30
17. Punjab 63.60 51.57 56.20 100 87.72 67.86 36.40 46.12
18. Rajasthan 84.14 70.81 70.81 96.23 89.3 93.85 15.86 29.19
19. Tamilnadu 52.59 56.54 60.17 100 89.36 50.73 47.41 41.65
20. U.P. 91.37 87.55 94.63 100 93.5 98.80 8.63 8.91
21. Uttarakhand 53.00 53.00 53.00 N.A N.A 47 47
22. West Bengal ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ 100 100
Courtesy: Com. B.G. Tamhankar, Ex. President (CHQ
14-12-2006 Strike Participation -- A Statistical Report
Completed years 4000-100-6000 4500-125-7500 5000-150-8000
12 5200 5375
13 5300 5500
14 5400 5625
15 5500 5750
16 5600 5875 5750
17 6000 5875
18 6125 6000
19 6250 6125
20 6375 6250
21 6500 6375
22 6625 6500
23 6750 6625
24 6875 6750 7100
25 6875 7250
26 7000 7400 7250
27 7550 7400
28 7700 7550
29 7850 7700
30 8000 7850
¬- ¤ilº¤i ¬i ¬-i ¬i º lº·n ¤(i ¬i ·iº·i÷ ¬- ¤ilº¤i ¬i ¬-i ¬i º lº·n ¤(i ¬i ·iº·i÷ ¬- ¤ilº¤i ¬i ¬-i ¬i º lº·n ¤(i ¬i ·iº·i÷ ¬- ¤ilº¤i ¬i ¬-i ¬i º lº·n ¤(i ¬i ·iº·i÷ ¬- ¤ilº¤i ¬i ¬-i ¬i º lº·n ¤(i ¬i ·iº·i÷
·. (·i ·sss÷zooo ¬ zoor÷zooc ¬i ¬(l·i ¬i ·i¬
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z. l·-· ¬ ºii ¬ ¬-¤ilº¤i (¤¬.¬i.¬i .) ¬i ¤ºi·ii ¬ ¤’·
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¤ºii¬i ¬i ¬i(’¤¬ni·¬iº ¤i-¤ ¤ºii¬i ¬i ¬(iº l¬¤i
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s. ·(-(º zoo/ - ¤¬ ¬lnlº·n ¤¬.¬i.¬i . ¤ºi·ii ¬i¤i l¬n
¬i ¬i¤ni+ (¬( ¤r ¤ºi·ii l¬n-(º o/ ¤i ¬·-(º o/ -
¤-nil(n r)+
«. ¤ ¬ ¤ºi·ii·ii l¬·¬ s ¬(¬º ¤ ºi ri ¤ ¬ ri ¬·r ¤¬
¬lnlº·n ¬(¬º ¬iº l(¤i ¬i¤ni+
r. :¬¬ ¬¤ºi·n ·ii ºi ·i (¤i r : lºl·n¤i ¬· n i-iºi ·i¬
¬ (¬i ¬ l¬¤ si · (i ¬i¤ni ¬i ·z(i ¬·ii ¬i ºi l·i¬ ¤i ·¤ni
( l··iilºn ¬i¤ ¬i-i ºªin ri+ (:¬ ¬(·i - ¬’iil·in ·ini
l·¤- l·(’ii¬¤ - l·-iºii·ii· r+)
¬ l·i·n÷ ¬ l·i·n÷ ¬ l·i·n÷ ¬ l·i·n÷ ¬ l·i·n÷ ·il(·¤ - l(’i·i ¤¤i¬·i·i ¬¬n ºªii n: lºl·n¤i
¬i ro ¤lnºin ·iin ¤(i··ln ¬ ’i - ¬ ¤i ni ¤i---· ¬·i(i
¤n ·i ¬ ºii ¬ ¬l·i¬ilº¤i ¤i n i-iºi ·i¬ ¬ (¬i riºi l·l’¤n
ª¤ ¬ ·iºi ¬i¤ni+ :¬ ¤¬iº r- :· ¬¤¬l··i¤i ( ¤(i··ln
riºi ¤ ¬ -in ¬ -i ¤i¤ n l¬¬¬ n ni¤ ¬ ºii ¬ ¬il·i¤i ¬ l¬¤
--i¤ ¬i ¬-i ¬i ¬- l¬¤i ¬i ¬¬ni+
--i¤ ¬i ¬-i ¬ ¬¬- ¬ s-¬iºi ¤i· ¬ l¬¤
l·-·l¬lªin l·ºi¤ l¬¤ n¤ r l¬÷
·. (¬i .-i.¤.) ¬i¤ ºn ·i¬ ¬l·i¬ilº¤i ¬i ¬·¤ ¬l·i¬ilº¤i
¬i ¬·¤l-·iln ( --i¤ ¬i ¬-i ¬ ¬iººi (« r¤ ¬i¤ ¬i
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s. ¬lnlº·n ¬(i¬i ¬¬ ¬nºi·-i¤ ·i· ¬nººi (¬i:.¤-.
-i.) ¤i¬¤i - ¬i¤ (iri ¬i¤¬º l((ººii (¬i: .-i.¬iº.) ¬il( ¬
l¬¤ ¤¬ ¬inlº¬ ¬l-ln ¬i º¤·i ¬i ¬i¤ni ¬i :· ¬(i¬i
¤º :·¬ l·-( n¤ ¬º ni+ ¬·ii -i¬ l- n ¤·¬i·¤ l-( ¬i :·¬ l·-(
(· ¬i ¬i’(i¬· l(¤i n¤i+
¬ ·( i¤ - ª¤i¬¤ (¬i.¤¤.·¤ .) ¬¤¤ ·n n·¤i ¤º ¬i¤ (iri
¬º ºri r n·ii -¤·- ¬i(ºi ¤i·n ¬º· ¬ l¬¤ ¤¤i¬ºn r+
l·-· ¤¤l·n ¬ºii (¤¬.¤¬.¬i.) ¬·¤ ¤¤l·n ¬ºii ÷
lrni¤ (¤¤.¤¬.¬i.÷II) ( ¬·¤ ¤¤l·n ¬ºii (¤¤.¤¬.¬i.÷I)
¬ lº·n ¤(i ¬i ¤·i- ·iº·i÷
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o«÷or÷o/ ¬i ( ¬i¤i ( l-·iln ¬i ¬i¤¬i ¬ n r ¤ ¬·r ¬i( ’i
l(¤i l¬ so÷c÷o/ ¬ ¤r¬ ¤¬.¤¬.¬i ¬i ¬l~¤n ¤(i··ln
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z. l·( ’ii¬¤ ¬· i¬i -º·¬ - l(n-i· ·i· ¬ ( l·in l-·iln
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s. l·(’ii¬¤ · l·(’i ¬iºi l¬¤ r l¬ ¤¬.¤¬.¬i. ¬i
¬l~¤n ¤(i ··ln ¬i : ¤¬ ¬-¤ ¬i ¤ l¬¤i ·ri ¬i º :¬ l¬¬i
·ii ¬-¤ - ¬-i’iil·in l¬¤i ¬i ¬¬ni r+ ¬·ii -º·¬
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·¤i l¬ ¤ l·¤· ¬ ¬·¤i¤ -ª¤i¬¤ ¬i ¬·ii -º·¬i ¬ ¬ ¤·i
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¬· (n · - · ¬i· ¤º ¬·ii -º·¬i ¬ l(-n n ·¤i º ¬i -i n
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¬·¤ -ªi ¬ ¬-(·i - ¬¬ ·i¬·iº ¬i (( ¬º·i
l(nººi ¬i ¬- ¬º·i ¬il( ¤º ¤r ¬i’(i¬· l(¤i n¤i l¬
¤¬i ¬i: ·i¬·iº ¬i (( ¬º·i ¤i ¬-i ¬º·i ·ri l¬¤i
¬i¤ni+ -nil·i¬iº ·i¬ l·n- ¬¤ ¤º ¬~( ri ¬-i·ii ¬º¬
l·ºi¤ l¬¤i ¬i¤ni+
·i¬ l(·iin :¬ ¬-(··i - ¬r-n r ( ¤ ¬ ¬i( ’i ¬iºi l¬¤
r l¬ ·¤i¤i¬¤ ¬ l·ºi ¤ ¬i ¬¤ ·ii ¬ºn r ¤ nl-¬·i· -º·¬ ¬
¬· -i l(n ¬· ¬-¤i ¬ ¬i·iiº ¤º l·¤ ·n ¤ lnl·in ¬--i((iºi ¬i
¬i- ¬· ¬º l¬¤i ¬i¤+ ¤ l·¤· ¬ ·¤i¤ ¬i¤i ¬¤ :¬ -i-¬ ¬i
,d o"kZ dh miyfC/k;k¡ ,d o"kZ dh miyfC/k;k¡ ,d o"kZ dh miyfC/k;k¡ ,d o"kZ dh miyfC/k;k¡ ,d o"kZ dh miyfC/k;k¡
¤ ºi l··-i ¬ ¬ ºri r ¬i º ¤r ¬i’ii ºªini r l¬ ¬· -i l(n
¬--i((iº ¬~( ri l·¤l-n lºl·n¤i ¤º ºªi ¬i¤ n +
(il·i ¬ ni ¤l·¤ ¤ ln( n· (il·i ¬ ni ¤l·¤ ¤ ln( n· (il·i ¬ ni ¤l·¤ ¤ ln( n· (il·i ¬ ni ¤l·¤ ¤ ln( n· (il·i ¬ ni ¤l·¤ ¤ ln( n·
ACR Annual Confidential Report
¤¤i ¬i ¤¬ ¬·¤ -r-(¤ ºi l·ºi ¤ ¤r r ¬i l¬ ¤¬ ¤¬.
¤¬.¬i. ¤(i··ln - n¬ l¤r· ¤r r¬i l¬ ¤¬ ¤¬ ¬i
¤(i ··ln - n¬ l¤r ¬in ¬º· ¬i l·( ’i l(¤i n¤i+ l·( ’ii¬¤
¬ ¤¤ ¬ª¤i ·s/÷o«zooc÷¤¬.¤i.(i.÷II (¤i-) l(·i¬
·c÷r÷o/ ¬ ¬· ¬iº l(-n n l·( ’i l(¤ n¤ l¬¬- l·-·l¬lªin
-¤l·-¬ººi l(¤i n¤i ÷
·. ¬·ii ¬-¤ilº¤i ¬i (il·i¬ ni¤·i¤ ¤ln((· ¤ln(l(n
¬l·i¬iºi riºi ¬l¤n l((¬i·¬iº l¬ªii ¬i¤+
z. ¤ln(l(n¬-i·ii ¬i (il·i¬ ni¤·i¤ ¤ln((· l¬ªin
¬-¤ ¤(i ··ln ¬ n¬ l¤r·i ¬i ·¤i· ºªi·i ¤ilr¤ ¬iº ¬·r
:· n¬ l¤r·i ¬i ¤ni ri·i ¤ilr¤+
s. l(·iini¤ ¤(i ··ln ¬l-ln riºi ¬ (¬ ¤ ln( l(n¬-i·ii
¬l·i¬iºi riºi l(¤ n¤ ¤(¬- ¤º ri l··iº ·ri ri·i ¤ilr¤
¬l¤n ¬·r -(¤ (il·i¬ ni¤·i¤ ¤ln((· ¬ (-nl··- ¬ª’¤
¬ ¬n·- ri·i ¤ilr¤+
«. ri¬i l¬ l··ii lºn n¬ l¤r·i ¬i ·ri si · ·i ¤ilr¤
¤º l(·iini¤ ¤(i ··ln ¬l-ln ¬i (i-nl(¬ni ¬i º ¬ª ’¤
l··ii ººi - ¬·i(’¤¬ --i¤ l’i¬i¤ni ¬i ¤lºriº ¬º·i
¤ilr¤ ( ¬-¬i ¬ ¤(i ··ln ¬ (i(i ¬ ( l¤n ·ri ¬º·i
¬¬r (ini - l(¤ n¤ ¬i’(i¬·i ¬ ¬·¬iº l·( ’ii¬¤
· ¬¤¤ ·n l·( ’i ¬iºi l¬¤ r ·¤i l¬ zooz ¬ ·i¬niº l(·iin
¬ -in(’ii l¬-i·n ¬ ¬·¬iº n¬ l¤r ¤-ln ¬i ¬in ¬º·
¬ ·ri ºi¬i ¬i ¬¬ni+
¬iºi ’in ¬i ·ii ¤¤i - -(i¬iº l¬¤i n¤i ri r-
¬niniº :¬¬ ¬in ri · ¤º ·¤i· ºªi n + ºi ·i - ( (i ¬i ¬in
( ªii ¬i¤ni+ ¤r ¬~¬ ªi ¬º·i ¬ nn ri ni l¬ ¤ l·¤·
¬ l·¤¤ ¬i¤i ¬¤ ¬·¤ ¤lº-º·¬i ¬i ¤ l·¤·i ¬ ¬ (l·i n
¬(i( l-¬ l(·i ¬¬ri¤ r + ¬·ii ¤lº-º·¬ ¬l¤(i ¬ r-iºi
n ·iiº ¬¤i¬ r l¬ ( ¬i· (i¬ l(·i - ¬ ·¤i¤ ¤ l·¤·
¬i¤i ¬¤ ¬i ¬r¤i n ¬º +
l(~¬i - ¬(¬i’i n r ªii ¬·i ÷ l(~¬i - ¬(¬i’i n r ªii ¬·i ÷ l(~¬i - ¬(¬i’i n r ªii ¬·i ÷ l(~¬i - ¬(¬i’i n r ªii ¬·i ÷ l(~¬i - ¬(¬i’i n r ªii ¬·i ÷
l(~¬i ¬ niºi¤·i ·i(· ¬i ¬( ¤ · n ¤iº l¬¤i
n¤i r ¬i º l(~¬i ¤·iiº· (i¬ ¬i-º ·i ¬ l¬¤ ¬(¬i’i
n r ¬ ¬-i· ¤ ¤i n ¬ l¬¤ n ¤iº r + :¬¬i ¬i ¤¤ilº¬
¬( ·ii-· l((¬ z/÷s÷o/ ¬i niºi¤·i ·i(· ¬ ª¤i ¤¤÷s«
ºii¬i-iº (in l(~¬i÷··ooss ¬ ¤ i nºi - ··.oo (¬
-·i¤i n¤i+ ¬i-º · ¤-. ¬ ·ºi· ¤ ·ii· ¬i riºi ¤ · n ¤iº
l¬¤ n¤ ·i(· ¬i ¤ · ¤ iº-·i l¬¤i n·ii ¬i-º · ¬i.¬i.
l¤~¬ : ¬·º¬ ¬ ¬ -ºi ¬i-º · ( ’iºi¬ ºi-i -·ii·i¤··
¬ ¬ -ºi ¬·º¬ ¬i-º · lnºiºi¬ l¬ r ¬·º¬ ¬ ¬ -ºi
¬iº÷s ¬i-º · : ’(º ·(i¬ ¬·º¬ ¬ ¬ -ºi ¬i ·¤ · ’i·
¬i ¬·¤·ini - ¬i º ¤ - ªi (·ni ¬i-º · ¬ . ºi·i( ·¤·
¬i¤ ¬iºi ¤ ·ii· ¤ l·¤· - ª¤i¬¤ ¬i-º · ¬i -·i·i - ªi¬i
l··-i ¬·º¬ ¬ ¬ -ºi ¤ l·¤· - ª¤i¬¤ ¬i-º · ¬ ·ii·i¤ (
ºi-i ¬i ”¬i ·ii·¤·i ¤ l·¤· - ª¤i¬¤ ¬i º -º·¬ ¬ ¬ -ºi
rlº¤iºii ¬i-º · (¬l( (º l¬ r ¬ri¤¬ ¬i ·ii·¤·i ¤ l·¤·
- ª¤i¬¤ ¬i-º · ¤’i(iº l¬ r -º·¬ ¬ ¬ -ºi l(~¬i
¬i-º · ¬ .(i. ( -- -º·¬ ¬ ¬ -ºi ¤ ¬i( ¬ ¤i(· ¬il···
¤ - ¬-¤·· r ¬i+ ¬i-º · (¬l( (º l¬ r · ¬·ii ¬i ·
i·¤(i( l(¤i+
¬i-º · ¤ l·¤· - ª¤i¬¤ ¬ :lnri¬ - ¤r ¤¬
¬i º -i¬ ¬i ¤-·iº r + ¤r ·i(· ¬~( ri l(¬¬i ¬· ·’i·
l-¬ ¬i· ¤º ¤ ¤i n l¬¤i ¬i ¬¬ ni+ ¬ ¬i l¬ r- :¬
¬ ¤l-i ¬i -il¬¬i·i ¬l·i¬iº ¤ l·¤· ¬ ·i- ¤º ¬º ºr
r ni ¬¬¬ l¬¤ ¤¬ ·¤ l(¬¬i ¬ ¬· ·’i· ¬i ¤ (··i
¬º·i ri ni+ ·i(· ¬i ¤ ¤i n ¬º· (i¬ ¤ -¤ ¬ ¬i ª
zo÷ ¤ lnl(· ¬i (º ¬ ( ¤ ºi ~¬ ¤ -nil(n r ¬i º :¬¬i
s -lr· (i( ¤ · ¬(¬i ¬· l¬¤i ¬i¤ni+ :¬ ¬-(··i -
r-iºi ¬ª ’¤ ¤r ºr ni l¬ ·i(· ¤º ri · (i¬ ªi¤ ¬i :·
¤ il·n¤i ¬ ¬-i¤i l¬n l¬¤i ¬i¤ni :¬ ¤ ¬iº :¬ ·i(· ¬i
¬-¤l-i ¬i · ¤i¤(i · · ¬¬i· ¬ ¬i·iiº ¤º l·(i r
l¬¤i ¬i¤ni+ ·i(· ¬ ¬-º ¤r¬ ¬i¬i ¤r¬ ¤i¬i ¬
¬i·iiº ¤º ¬i (l-n l¬¤ ¬i¤ n + :¬ ¬ (·i - ¤ i·i ·i÷¤¤
·i ¤i¤-º·¬i¤ ¬l¤( ¬ -i·¤- ¬ ·i ¬i ¬i¤ ni+
VENTURE ¬irl¬¬ ¬i¤ ¬irl¬¬ ¬i¤ ¬irl¬¬ ¬i¤ ¬irl¬¬ ¬i¤ ¬irl¬¬ ¬i¤ ÷
( ··¤º ·i-¬ ¤ -n¬ ¤ l·¤· - ª¤i¬¤ riºi ·iiºni¤
·i¬ l(·iin ¬ l(l·i·· ¬i( ’ii ¬i l(·i¤i ¬ ¬-i· ¬iº ¬iºi
l¬¤i n¤i r ¬i l(¬i ¬ l¬¤ ¬¤¬··i r + ¤ -n¬ ¬i - ~¤
¬-iº ª¤¤ (ª./o) ºªii n¤i r + ( ··¤º ¤ -n¬ ¬i ¤¬ ¤ ln
·i ¤i¤’iiªii ¬l¤(i ¬i ·i ¬i ¬i¤ni l¬¬¬i ¬i-n ¬-( l·
in ºiiªii ¬ ªiin ¬ ¬i ¬i¤ni+ ¬ ¤¤i ¤ -n¬ ¬i ¤ ¤l¬n
l¬¤i ¬i¤ ( ¬i(’¤¬ -i n ¬¤¤ ·n ·i·ºil’i ¬ ¬i·i ·i ¬i
¬i¤+ ¤l( ( ··¤º ¤ -n¬ ¤ l¬¬ n ·i¬ ¬ - ni·i ri ni
¤ -n¬ ¬ - ~¤ - ni¬ ª¤¤ ¬lnlº·n ºi ~¬ ¬i · ¬º -i n
·i ¬ + ( ··¤º ¤ -n¬ ¬i ¬i¤ ¤¬ ni:· ¤i ¬i·ii ¬ ª¤ -
¤i¤ n ¬i --i¤ ¬i l’i¬i¤ni ¬i ¬- ¬º· - ¬ri¤¬
ri ni+ ºii·i ¬¤· ¬i· º ·i ¬ +
Use of statutory powers vested with the
administrative officers in the Circles.
Transfer and posting in respect of officers is
generally done by the competent authority who has
been vested wi th the powers. However, some
instances have been brought to notice of this office
whereby a higher authority has exercised the statutory
administrative power which has actually been vested
with an officer working below him/her.
2. I have been directed to inform you that in such
instances where the higher authority intends to exercise
the power vested with the lower authority, then the same
needs to be brought to the notice of the Directorate,
and it is required that the due approval be taken before
such an exercise of power is undertaken.
3. While submitting proposal for exercise of
statutory/administrative power, which has actually
been vested with the subordinate officer, full justification
may also be brought out along with the reasons for
resorti ng to such an acti on. Thi s has been
necessitated in view of certain glaring instances, which
have been brought to the notice of the Directorate.
4. You are requested to kindly acknowledge the
receipt of this communication.
5. This issues as per the order of Secretary (Post).
Ministry of Communication & IT letter No. 23-10/2007-
SPG dated : 12-07-2007
Formation of GDS committee In partial
modification of this Deaprtment's orderof even
number dated 24th July, 2007, para 2 of the said
order may be read as under:
2. "Following posts are redeployed for the GDS
(i) PMG Sambal pur as Secretary, GDS
(ii) ADG (Investigation-II) as ADG, GDS Committee.
Del hi Ci rcl e wi l l provi de posts and staff
mentioned at serial no. 3 to 7".
Ministry of Communication & IT letter No. 6-1/2006-
PE-II dated : 10-08-2007
THIS INDEPENDENCE day, the list of gallantry
award winners had two unusual names. Unusual,
because they weren't from the army lime such winners
typically are, but from the postal department.
The Government of India has decided to honour
two postal department officials from the Uttar Pradesh
circle with the Kirti Chakra, posthumously. The Kirti
Chakra is the second most important Indian military
award and is awarded for self-sacrifice and valour.
Dayanand Pandey and Mohammad Shan
Ahmad were shot dead by miscreants in two separate
incidents, while they were trying to protect government
money. The Department of Posts, UP Circle, had
recommended their names for the Ashoka Chakra.
The department has also offered jobs to Ahmad's son
Fi roz and Pandey' s daughter Pri yanka on
compassionate grounds.
Pandey was shot dead on August 8, 2005, at
the Akbarpur post office, when unidentified men
entered the post office and attempted to take off with
Rs. 3.38 lakh in cash. However, Pandey fought the
assailants and managed to save the government
money, but lost his life in the process. He was then
postal assistant in the Department of Posts.
Ahmad was gunned down i n Jhansi on
December 26, 2005, while he was on his way back
from a bank with Rs. 16.2 lakh in cash. A gang of six
masked looters attacked him and tried to snatch the
bag. When he resisted, the attackers shot him and
fled the place with the bag. However, he did not leave
the bag till the attackers shot him twice in the chest.
"This is the first time a postal department
employee has been conferred with such a prestigious
award," said Abha Singh, director, postal services.
"Firoz has already joined postal services at the
Jhansi sub-post office. But we are still waiting for our
di rectorate' s approval for Pri yanka Pandey' s
appointment. Priyanka has done her Master's in
economics and I'm sure she is going to be an asset to
the department," she added.
"My mother received a letter from the Home
Ministry on Thursday, informing her that my father has
been bestowed with the Kirti Chakra. We are happy
that both the Government of India and the Department
of Posts has recognised his sacrifice. My father
devoted his life to his work and died because of his
devotion," Firoz told HT.
(Hindustan Times : 24 August, 2007)
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6724, Block No. 10, Pyare Lal Road, Dev Nagar, New Delhi-110005
Mobile : 0-9811728675 Tel.: 011-25724981 Fax : 011-25743714
Your editorial "Operation Abolition- the Solution"
in Aug. 2007 issue is exemplary. I have not seen such
writings for a long period.
Regardi ng your suggesti ons about
commercialization of some postal service, my opinion
is that service union should stick on the principle that
the postal service is a Public service and it should not
be made commercial for any purpose, because rural
people who are in india expect Public service from
the Postal Department.
Kindly refer to DoP & PW OM 38/58/06-PW(A)
dated 11-10-06 published in Bhartiya Post Feb. 2007
issue page 2. The JCM wanted that employees who
spent on induction training before 01-01-04 should be
covered by CCS (Pension) Rules. Group 'C' directly
recruited employees are given induction training in
PTC and they are paid not salary by stipend only.
The OM referred to above says those who are paid
salary during training period before 01-01-04 will
be covered by CCS(P) Rules 1972. So, the OM is
not beneficial to Group C employees, but it is
beneficial to IAS, IPS officers, whose training period
is treated as duty and therefore they are paid
salaries. I am definite that JCM has not taken up
the case for IPS.
M.Pechi Muthu
Retd. S.S.P.O.s
Babu Tarapada - In Memorium Babu Tarapada - In Memorium Babu Tarapada - In Memorium Babu Tarapada - In Memorium Babu Tarapada - In Memorium
Begulled postal workers when scattered and disunited,
Abjectly tormented since heavily worked and shabbily treated.
Bargain for minimum wage and fixed duty hour,
Unimaginable awaiting of postal workers for an emanclpetor.
Thou emerged as a sincere friend and ardent lover,
Awakening a keen class consciousness as an accredited leader.
Radiant charisma with grandiose communication and outstanding character,
Accelerated struggle against rampant injustice to employees welfare.
Pioneered the spirit of unionism and laid the foundation,
Aspired Calcutta Postal Club incognito grew to Central Union
Democratic leadership techniques taught workers to be dearer,
Admonishing the aghast workers that they are not cheaper.
Mission for workers' welfare dismissed thou from service,
Undismayed with shattered personal life for selfless sacrifice.
Kept thy balance till death to continue the commotion with vigour,
Humble workers remember thy martyrdom on twentieth September.
Evermore up-keeping the goodwill of the Union shall be befitting honour,
Righteous and faithful postal workers solemnly this day thus swear.
Just no rest, no compromise till demands are settled,
Irrepressible struggle for common cause and to march ahead.
Divisional Secretary
A compl i ati on of Staff
Welfare orders
A compani an to Postal
Containing various staff
matters l i ke Tenure,
Transfer, Promoti on,
Welfare, Recruitment etc.
The first kind of such activity
by CHQ
Available for sale. 'No profit,
No Loss' Basis
Li mi ted copi es are
available in hand.
Rush your indent. Cost Rs.
National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor, North Avenue, Post Office Building, New Delhi-110001
PF-1(a)/2007 Dated : 1st September, 2007
Notice regarding holding of 7th Federal Council of National Federation of Postal Employees
under Article 11 of the Constitution.
It is hereby notified for all concerned that the 7th Federal Council Session of National Federation
of Postal Employees will be held at Moulali Yuva Kendra, Kolkata-700014 (WB) from 7th to 9th October,
2007 to discuss the following items of agenda :
1. Confirmation of the proceedings of the 6th Federal
Council Session held at Trivendrum from 24.11.2004
to 27.11.2004.
2. (a) Adoption of the Triennial Report and
(b) the Audited Accounts for the period from
01.04.2004 to 31.03.2005, 01.04.2005 to 31.03.2006
and 01.04.2006 to 31.03.2007.
3. Amendments to the constitution of NFPE.
4. Appointment of Judicial Committee for wage
revision of Gramin Dak Sevaks replacing R.S. Nataraja
Murti Committee.
5. Regularise Full time/Temporary status and part
time contingency paid (employees) casual labourers.
6. Attacks on Postal Services and staff-
(i) Amendment to Indian Post office Act. 1898.
Ensure monopoly of collection, conveyance and
delivery of letter mail by the Department of Posts as
recommended by the parl i amentary standi ng
(ii) Amendment to Govt. Savings Bank Act, 1873.
(iii) Franchising of Postal outlets.
(iv) Closure of Post offices, RMS/MMS offices, Transit
(v) Relocation and merger of offices and divisions.
(vi) Combination of postmen beats, curtailment of
postal deliveries and clearances from street letter
(vii) Guidelines for engaging paid substitutes against
leave/absentee, Group 'D' Postmen and GDS.
(viii) Decentralization of PLI/RPLI/RD/PO MIS etc.
(ix) Outsoursing of PAO functions etc.
7. Common Demands of C.G. Employees-
(a) Implementation the 6th C.P.C. recommendations
w.e.f. 01/01/2006.
(b) Grant Interim relief of 15% pay + DP with minimum
of Rs. 1000/-.
(c) Impl ement al l pendi ng awards of Board of
(d) Scrap the PFRDA Bill and cancel appointment of
the pension fund managers; introduce statutory
pension scheme for the new recruits.
(e) Grant full trade union right including the rights of
strike to all Govt. employees through appropriate
(f) Scrapping the screening committee and removal
of ban on recruitment and non-filling of vacant posts.
(g) Stop the proposal to replace the C.G.H.S. by
Medicare insurance scheme.
(h) Increase GPF and small savings interest reates
and restore to its early level.
(i) Enhance the O.T.A. rates.
8. Exempt Department of Posts from the purview fo
reduction of staff strength and fill up all vacant posts
in all cadres in Postal/RMS/MMS/Circle/Regional
offices/Postal Accounts and G.D.S.
9. Revi ew of vari ous nati onwi de stri kes and
programmes under the auspices of the Sponsoring
Commi ttee/NPMO/Steeri ng Commi ttee of JCM
Constituents/Confederation of C.G. Employees/Postal
JCA and NFPE against anti worker policies of the
10. Impl ementati on of Charter of demands of
December 2000 strike, and agreement signed on 14th
March, 2005 and 19th April, 2007.
11. Reduce the periodicity of TBOP/BCR to 10 and
20 years respectively and grant third upgradation on
pay scale on completion of 25 years of service.
12. Distribution of HSG-II and HSG-I posts in Circle/
Regional offices and M.M.S.
13. Supply of all kit items of uniform and allied matters.
14. Arbitrirly change of designation of Test Category
of Group 'D' staff.
15. (a) Justified standard for postmen staff and include
all premium services of business developments.
(b) Modify the new time factor in respect of stamp
16. Revision of Productivity Linked Bonus formula to Postal
employees and remove the quantum ceiling on bonus.
17. Introduction and management of various business
development products and services its impact on
services and staff - our role there on.
18. Complete take over of Post office savings Bank
and PLI/RPLI by the Postal Department and accord
full Automony to the Postal Board as in the case of
Railway Board.
19. (a) Recognition of NFPE, Setting up of councils
at all levels and other negotiating forum.
(b) Writ petition filed by GDS union against NFPE
at Jodhpur and Bilaspur.
20. Financial Review.
21. Postal Crusader
22. Policy and Programme Resolution.
23. (a) Election of office bearers and
(b) Appointment of Auditor.
24. Budget estimates for the next three financial year.
25. Venue of the next Federal Council.
26. Any other item with the permission of chair.
(R.N. Parashar)
Offg. Secy. General
Amendment to the Constitution of NFPE
Proposed by Federal Secretriat
2. Registration The Federation is recognized under CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993.
Para 4(g) To conduct one or more journals on behalf of the Federation subject to the approval of the Govt.
5. Structure The Federation shall consist of following federating unions:
i. The All India Postal Employees Union Group 'C'
ii. The All India Postal Employees Union Postmen & Group 'D'
iii. The All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Group 'C'
iv. The All India RMS & MMS Employees Union Mail Guards & Group 'D'
v. The All India Postal Administrative Offices Employees Union Gr. 'C' & 'D'
vi. The All India Postal Accounts Employees Association.
Para 5, Note (a) Deleted
Para 6 (ii) Office bearers of the Federation shall be elected from the eiigible members of the Federating
unions. Officials elected as ofice bearer of the Federation will cease to be an office bearer on
his/her ceasing to belong such distinct category.
Para 12 (d) (iii) Addition : after the word Federeration, "and the laws, rules and regulations and guidelines
in force, as notified by the Government".
15.(a) deleted addition as follows :
Rs. Ps.
Group 'C' PA/SA 00 70
Postmen/Mail Guard 00 50
and allied cadres
Group 'D' 00 50
Note 1. deleted Replaced The financial year of the federation shall begin with 1st April and end on 31st
March every year.
Para 20 deleted Replaced The Constitution shall be construed with referrences to the provisions of the
Central Civil Services (Recognition of Service Association) Rules 1993 and the Rules, Guide
lines related to Recognition of Federations. If any quaestion arises as to the interpretation of
the above rules /Guidelines, the Govt. decision shall be final.
However, this will not extend to those provisions of the Federation's Constitution which deal
with internal affairs of the Servcie Associations.
21. Election of Office The election of office bearers of the Federation shall be conducted by the President and he
shall be returning Officer to conduct the election. The Returning Officer shall invite nominations
to each post from federal councilors/Ex-officio members by proposing and seconding the
names for each post. If there is a contest for each post the voting shall be by secret ballot.
The result of the election shall be announced by the President. In case the President is
contested then one of the Vice Presidents will act as the returning officer for the election of
President post only. Due to unforeseen circumstances if the President is absent/vacant in the
Federal Council Session, then one of vice Presidents will preside over the Federal session
and discharge all duties assigned to the President.
Office bearers
National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor, North Avenue, Post Office Building, New Delhi-110001
No. PF-1 (e)/2007 Dated: 8
September, 2007
1. All Office Bearers of NFPE,
2. All General Secretraries and
3. All Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries of NFPE Unions
Dear Comrades,
VII Federal Council Session of the National
Federation of Postal Employees is scheduled to be held
from 07th October of 9th October, 2007 at Moulali Yuva
Kendra Kolkata 14. Notice for the Federal Council has
already been issued and published in the Postal
Crusader i ssue of September, 2007. Al l uni ons
recognized under CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993 which are
affiliated with the Federation will only participate in the
Federal Council. This is in pursuance of DOP&T Office
Memorandum No. 2/5/2006-JCA dated 19th April, 2007.
The eligibility for Federal Councilors of each affiliated
unions are as given below.
Name of Union Alloted Number
of Federal Councilors
1. AIIPEU Group 'C' -18
2. AIPEU, Postmen & Group 'D' - 31
3. AIRMS & MMS EU Gr. 'C' - 11
4. AIRMS & MMS EU MG & Gr. 'D' - 01
5. AIPAOEU Gr. 'C' & 'D' - 01
6. AIPAEA - 02
Total - 64
All affiliates are requested to ensure participation
of only Federal Councilors in the Federal session as the
Reception Committee is facing extreme hardship for
arrangements as the time at their disposal was inadequate.
Federal Executive meeting of NFPE will be held
on 6th October, 2007 at Tarapada Memorial Hall, 37,
Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-700013 (WB) at 15.00
hrs. We welcome all Federal Councilors, Office Bearers
of NFPE and all General Secretaries of NFPE Unions for
effective deleberations and taking decisions of issues
confronting the working class in general and postal
employees in particular.
National Convention of Confederation of Central
Govt. Employees & Workers, All India State Govt.
Employees Federation, Teachers and State Public Sector
undertakings jointly held at Delhi on 13th August, 2007
has decided to organize one day nationwide strike
demanding implementation of 12 point charter of
demands. September issue of Postal Crusader carry the
details of declaration and charter of demands adopted by
the convention. All Circle Secretaries are to ensure effective
campaign amongst the workers for successful conduct of
strike on 30th October, 2007. FNPO has agreed to join the
strike. Joint Circular from the Postal JCA would be issued.
Strike notice shall be served to the Department of Posts
on 19th September, 2007. General Secretaries and leaders
of NFPE/FNPO would be launching campaign programme
for successful culmination of strike programme.
The relay hunger strike decided by the NFPE/JCA
from 19th September to 21st September, 2007 has to be
organized before Divisional/Regional/Circle offices in all
Circles demanding implementation of agreements on 19th
April, 2007 with particular reference to set up Judicial
Committee for GDS replacing R.S. Natraja Murty Committee.
The General Secretaries and leaders of NFPE
would launch Relay Hunger strike before the office of DG
(Post) in New Delhi. All Circle Secretaries are requested
to submit their report to their respective CHQs and NFPE.
The writ petition filed by GDS Unions Rajasthan Circle
against Recognition of NFPE which was stated for hearing
on 24th August, 2007 has been postponed to 17th September,
2007. Our Advocate was present on 24th August, 2007.
G.D.S. Union Chattisgarh Circle has filed a writ
petition against NFPE at Bilaspur High Court. We have
deputed a Senior Advocate.
Due to various Writ petitions filed by GDS Union
against NFPE not only huge expenditure is incurred but
also jeopardized the interest of the regular postal
employees. All negotiating forum such as Postal
Departmental Coucil JCM, Postal Regional Council JCM,
nominations to the National Council JCM, periodical
meetings with DG (Post), Postal Central Welfare Board
meetings have become defunct. In all these forums only
issues of Group 'C', Postmen/Mailguards and Group 'D'
employees of Department of Posts are being discussed.
All these forums are in jeopardy. Total loss has been
deliberately brought about by writ petitions to the regular
Postal Workers. These forums are not for GDS and
therefore, this will not hamper in any manner GDS interests.
The NFPE utilized these forums for the cause of
GDS than regular employees in all occasions. By filing
writ petitions in various Courts against NFPE they have
not only jeopardized the interest of the regular staff of the
Department of Posts but also the interest of the GDS.
The pique situations created by GDS Union through Court
Cases to be explained to the postal employees to defeat
malicious Campaign.
The NFPE Federal Secretariat held on 14th August,
2007 unanimously decided to call upon entirety of Postal
Workers to donate Rs. 10/- per member to the NFPE to
effectively face the Court Cases filed by GDS Union in
various Courts. The case filed by BPEF at Chennai High
Court also is at the end of final hearing. We have to pay
fees to Advocates at Chennai also. We would request all
General/Circle/Divisional/Branch Secretaries to see that
the donation is reached NFPE HQs immediately.
The Govt. has ordered enhancement of DA from
1st July, 07 @ 6% of Pay+DP.i.e. 35% to 41%.
The NFPE leaders met Secretary Posts on 3rd
August, 2007 and urged him to pay eligible PLB to Postal
Employees without any reduction. The eligible Bonus for
2004-05 was 62 days and 2005-2006 was 63 days.
However only 60 days were paid as Bonus to Postal
Employees. We have demanded to remove the Cap of 60
days and pay actual PLB to Postal Staff.
With Fraternal greetings.
Yours Comradely
Offg. Secy. General
List of Office Bearers of AIPEU Group 'C'
Rajasthan Circle Elected in the
Biennal Conference
Held from 19-08-07 to 20-08-07 at Tonk
President : Shri Gopi Chand Sharma, P.M.
Vice President : Shri Bhanwar Singh, APM
Circle Secretary : Shri Chandi Prasad Dobriyal,
APM A/Cs Jaipur GPO
Asstt. Circle Secy.
& Regional Secy.
Southern Region : Shri Hari Prasad Diwakar, P.A.
Naya Bazar Ajmer.
-Do- Western Regn. : N.L. Bhati, SPM Pali R.S.
Asstt. Circle Secy. : Shri Ramji Lal Meena, PRI (P)
-do- : Shri D.R. Meena, SPM Lakheri
-do- : Shri Laxman Si ngh, P.A.
Bharatpur City
Treasurer : Shri Anandi Lal Kumawat,
Asstt. Treasurer : Shri Bhanwar Lal Bakolia,
SPM Collectorte Churu
Orgn. Secy. : Shri B.L. Gal ab, SPM
Nayapura Kota
-do- : Shri Arvind Kumar Mali, P.A.
-do- : Shri Nauratmal Shrimali, P.A.
Congratulations to the newly elected office bearers.
List of Newly Elected Office Bearers of
AIPEU Postmen & Group 'D' at 22
India Conference Held that New Delhi
from 21
to 23
August 2007
President : Com. Milan Bhattacharya,
Postman, Jadavpur University
PO, Kolkata (W.B.)
Vice President : 1. Com. K.D. Bhagat, Sorting
Postman, Bal anganj PO,
Gaya (Bihar)
: 2. Com. R.Seethalakshmi,
Postwoman, Bangalore City
HO (Karnataka)
: 3. Com. J.U. Mahi da,
Postman, Vadodara GPO
General Secretary : Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas,
Postman, Shakurbasti R.S.
Post Office, New Delhi-34
Dy. Gen. Secretary : Com. S.K. Humayun, Sorting
Postman, Nellore HO, (AP)
Asstt. Gen. Secy. : 1. Com. Vikram Sah, Gr. 'D'
Lucknow GPO, U.P.
: 2. Com. Balkrishan Chalke,
Stamp Vendor, VJB Udhyan
PO, Mumbai-27 (Mah.)
: 3. Com. V. Rajendran, Sorting
Postman, Madurai HO (T.N.)
Treasurer : Com. Mahabir Singh, Sorting
Postman, Mayapuri PO, N.D.-64
Asstt. Treasurer : Com. S.D. Asthaana,
Postman, Lucknow GPO (UP)
Orgn. Secy. : 1. Com. T.M. Peer
mohammad Postman, Humali
Iddukki (Kerala)
: 2. Com. Jawal a
Si ngh,Postman, Jawahar
Nagar HO, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
: 3. Com. B.R. Kumbhkar,
Postman, Bhilai-1 (durg) (Ch.Garh)
: 4. Com. E. Wi l l i am,
Postman, Delhi GPO, Delhi.
- ENGLISH VERSION (Hindi version are also available)
1. Postal Manual Vol. III 86ed 225/-
2. Postal Manual Vol. IV Part II(A) Appendices/Estts. 300/-
3. Postal Manual Vol. VI
Part-I 85ed 300/-
Part-II 86ed 250/-
Part-III 85ed 250/-
4. Post Office Guide Part.I 85ed 300/-
5. Post Office Guide Part. II 150/-
6. Postal Manual Vol. V 2002 250/-
7. Postal Manual Vol. VII (RMS) 2001ed 125/-
8. Postal Manual Vol. VIII 300/-
9. Post Office Act, Saving Bank Act.
Saving Certificate Act.-07 35/-
10. P&T FHB Vol. II 85ed 150/-
11. Post Office Guide Part IV. 150/-
12. P&T Financial Hand Book Vol.I Hindi 2006 200/
13. P.O. Savings Bank Manual Vol. II 100/-
1. PO SSS Vol. I 07-08 U.P.
2. PO SSS Part A 07-08 50/-
3. PO SSS Part II 07-08 160/-
4. PO SSS Part III 07-08 100/-
5. PO SSS Part IV 07-08 100/-
6. PO SSS Part V 07-08 70/-
7. Handbook for SAS/MPKY Agents 07-08 U.P.
¬ o¤io ¬i(i-n( ¬i lr·(i ¤ -n¬ ¬ o¤io ¬i(i-n( ¬i lr·(i ¤ -n¬ ¬ o¤io ¬i(i-n( ¬i lr·(i ¤ -n¬ ¬ o¤io ¬i(i-n( ¬i lr·(i ¤ -n¬ ¬ o¤io ¬i(i-n( ¬i lr·(i ¤ -n¬
·. ¬·(i¤ l¬l(¬ ¬(i ¤·ºi· l·¤- ·s/z zoo
z. ¬·(i¤ l(-ii¤ l·¤-i(¬i (GFR) zoo/ zoo
s. l¤··¬lºi¤¬ rº·(¬ (FHB Vol.1) ·iin÷· ¬i-i·¤ oc zoo
«. ¬·(i¤ l¬l(¬ ¬(i¤ ¤·ºi· l·¤- ·s/z (¬º¬i¬n) oc ·zr
r. ¬·(i¤ l¬l(¬ ¬(i (¬i¤ººi) l·¤- zoo/ so
c. ¬·(i¤ l¬l(¬ ¬(i l¤l¬-¬i ¤lº¤¤ l·¤- zooc ·zr
/. FRSR ·iin I-II-III 2006 Ed (lr(i) zco
s. ¬ ·(i¤ rº·(¬ zoo/ (¬ n ¬i÷lr (i) soo
s. ¬i¤i¬¤ ¤-ln l·¤- ¤l-n¬i zooc zoo
·o. ¬·ºii¬·i--¬ ¬i¤(i:¤i ¬·(i¤ ¬-¤ilº¤i ¬ l¬¤ or zoo
1. Guide to PS Group 'B' Exam. Paper-I-II
(for IPOs/General Line Employees) 2004 275/-
2. Guide to PS Group 'B' Exam. Paper-IV 275/-
3. Guide to IPO Paper I & II 07-08 325/-
4. A hand Book of references for Inspectorial
Staff (Postal & RMS) 2004 350/-
5. Guide to Exam for LGO/Sorting Asst. 2006 250/-
(Prices including Handling Charges)
1. Kairali Bare Act. on PO Act. SB Act. S.C.Act. 07 35/-
2. Kairali Master Guide to IPO Paper V 2007ed 200/-
3. Kairali Unsolved Paper of IPO Exam 89 to 06 90/-
4. Cr. PC 1973 (English-Hindi) 2007 220/-
5. Indian Penal Code 1860 (English-Hindi) 90/-
6. Indian Evidance Act 1872 (English-Hindi) 40/-
251/A, Baba Faridpuri, Nr. Gopal Dairy, West Patel Nagar, P.Box No. 6059, New Delhi-110008
Phones : 011-25880816, 25882753, Mobile : 9810353797, E-mail :
7. Swamy FR SR Part.I (Ref. Book) 06 300/-
8. Swamy FR SR Part.II (Ref. Book) 06 145/-
9. Swamy FR SR Part.III (Ref. Book) 07 105/-
10. Swamy CCS Pension Compilation 07 225/-
11. Swamy FHB Vol. I 2006 with Supl. 285/-
12. Swamy's CCS (CCA) Rules-07 200/-
13. Swamy's CCS (Conduct) Rule-07 125/-
14. Swamy TA Made Easy 2004 90/-
15. Swamy Pension made easy 07 160/-
16. Swamy Pay Rule made easy 06 145/-
17. Swamy Leave rule made easy 04 70/-
18. Swamy Master guide to FR SR Service Rules 2006 195/-
19. Swamy's GPF Rules 2007 105/-
20. Swamy's Group Insurance 2007 85/-
21. Swamy's Medical Att. Rules 07 200/-
22. Swamy's LTC Rules 2007 80/-
23. Consumer Protection Act 50/-
24. CAT Act 2007 110/-
25. Indian Evidence Act 2007 40/-
26. Code of Criminal Procedure 2007 125/-
27. Indian Penel Code 2007 90/-
1. Swamy's Brochure on Reservation of SC/ST
& OBC in Service 2005 with supp. 435/-
2. Bhatia CGHS Compilation 2007 295/-
3. Swamy Manual on Disciplinary Proceeding 2006 530/-
4. Swamy Establishment & Administration 2008 695/-
5. Right to Information Act on should know 2007 120/-
6. ¬¤·i ¬i ¬l·i¬iº ¬l·il·¤- 2005 (Digital Ed.) 2006 125/-
1. Law of Suspention, Penalities & Departmental
Enquires 2005 August 350/-
2. Hand Book for Inquiry Officers, Presenting
Officer & Defence Asstt. 2007 340/-
3. Hand Book for Disciplinary Authorities 2005 350/-
4. Commentary on CCS CCA Rules 2006 240/-
5. Commentary on CCS Conduct Rules 2006 240/-
6. Law of Seniority, Promotion & Adhoc Service 04 320/-
7. Digest of Important Case Laws on service matters in
3 Volumes 2003 1480/-
Hand Book 2008
8. Swamy Hand Book 2008 170/-
9. Bahri C.Govt. Hand Book 2008 170/-
10. Nabhi Referencer for C.G.E. 2008 170/-
11. (rºi ¬·(i¤ ¬( l·¤-i(¬i zoos 175/-
12. ·i¤i ¬·(i¤ ¬-¤iºi :¤º (¬ 2008 175/-
·º ¬ºi¬i -i--º ni:· ¤i---· ¤( -¬ni· ¤ºi·ii
2006ed by (i.·i. ¤¬. ¬i(i-n( (Retd. SSPO) 110/-
2. Kairali Master Guide to IPO Paper V
(as per new Syllabus) 2007ed 200/-
3. Kairali Syllabus & Unsolved Paper of IPO
Exam 89 to 2006 90/-
« ¬º¬i -i--º ni:· ¤¬.¬i.¬i. (¤i--¬ s-i: ¬iº
¤-.¤-.¤¬. ¬ri¤¬ ¬ l¬¤) soo/-
Rajasthan circle conference was held at Tonk from
19.8.07 to 20.8.07. General Secretary Com. K.V. Sridharan
attended the open session and also arranged an
interaction session with the delegates in the night of
19.8.07. Com. R.N. Choudhary, our EX G/S orated and
greeted the conference. Com. Gopichand Sharma, Com
Chandi Prasad Dobriyal and Com. Anandi Lal kumawat
were elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and
Circle Treasurer respectively. An excellent arrangement
was made by the Reception committee, Tonk who
deserve all appreciations. The office bearer's list is printed
inside this issue.
The 22nd All India Conference of AIPEU. Postman
& Group 'D' was held at New Delhi from 21.8.07 to 23.08.07.
The conference was inaugurated by com. M.K. Pandhe,
president, CITU. The prominent speakers addressed the
open session & subject committee were Com. C.C. Pillai,
Secretary General, NFPE, Com K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary
General, Confederation, Com. K.V. Sridharan, General
Secretary P3, Com. M.S. Raja, Secretary General, Audit &
Accounts Association, Com. Giriraj Singh, General
Secretary, R3, Com.P. Rajanayagam, G/S, Postal Account,
Com. P. Suresh, General Secretary R4, Com. S.P.
Mukherjee G/S admn, Com. Somenath Mukherjee, Deputy
G/S Com K. Ragavendran, Working President CHQ and
Com. R.N. Parashar, Secretary, NFPE. Com. Desraj
Sharma anchored the entire proceedings. Com. Milan
Bhattacharya, Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas, and Com.
Mahabir Singh were elected as President, General
Secretary and Treasurer respectively in the conference.
We record our congratulations to the newly elected office
Our working committee meeting was held at
Allahabad from 25.8.07 to 26.8.07 and also the inauguration
of the renovated Tarapada Bhavan at New Delhi on 27.8.07.
Full details are published inside this issue.
The Divisional conference of Bangalore West
Division was held on 2.9.07 at Jhana Jyothi Auditorium,
Bangalore. It was a colourful function attended by
Prominent leaders on various fields. The notable among
them were Sri Oscar Fernandes, Minister of Labour, Sri
Siddaramaiah, Ex Dy chief minister, Sri H.M. Revanna,
Ex- minister, Sri S. Khoday, MD Khoday Group, Dr.
Hirannaih, Famous Drama artist, Sri Hamsa lekha, Music
Director, Sri Ashwath, Music Director, Dr. Shamala G.
Bhave, classical vocalist, Master Kishan, Cine Actor &
Director. Com. S.S Manjunath, Circle secretary and Com.
K.V. Sridharan General Secretary, addressed in the
subject committee. It was not like a Trade union
conference but seems to be a colourfull function
conducted by big shots. Excellent arrangements were
made by Com. N. Chandrasekhar and his team. Our
kudos to com. Chandrasekhar & his team.
The General Secretary attended the Branch
conference of Mannargudi on 9.9.07 and garlanded Com.
Mahadevan, a selfless leader and sacrificed a lot for the
movement on his felicitation function. It was attended by
Com. V. Parti ban, Ci rcl e Secretary and Com J.
Ramamoorthy, Regional secretary and many others.
Com. Charles Seelanraj has again been elected as
Branch Secretary unani mousl y. Our hearty
A meeting was organised by Madurai division on
10.09.07 at Madurai HO and General Secretary Com. K.V.
Sridharan orated on all the subjects. The meeting was
attended by many Branch/Divisional Secretaries of
Southern region.
Three days Hunger Fast as decided by JCA was
observed throughout the country from 19.9.07 to 21.09.07.
At Delhi, General Secretary Com K.V. Sridharan sat on the
first day alongwith the Secretary General (i.e.) 19.9.07. Strike
notice for 30.10.07 one day token strike was served on
19.9.07. More details will be published in the next circular.
The next hearing of the TBOP/BCR will come up
on 13.11.07. We have given full facts & merits of the case
to our Advocate in this regard.
An interaction with the Comrade of Tenali was
organised by Com B.V Rao, Circle president, GDS on
15.9.07 at Tenali. Com. K.V. Sridharan, General Secretary
participated the discussions in the noon.
A grand meeting was organised by the Divisional
Secretary, Guntur, Com. Nageswararao & Com.
R.Sivannarayana AGS at Guntur HO on 15.9.07 evening.
More than two hundred Comrades participated. The
General Secretary attended the meeting and discussed
at length on various problems. The Team led by Com R.
Sivannarayana AGS, deserves all appreciations for their
tire less work in organising comrades for the meeting on
the Festival date of Vinayaka Chaturthi.
The leaders of Narasaraopet Com. Hanumaiah,
Com Bade Sahib, Com Nageswara Rao who lost their
lives in the road accident held on 14.9.06 at Mathura on
their enroute to Jwalaji were remembered at Chattarpalli
on 16.9.07. Com. K.V. Sridharan, General Secretary, Com.
R.Sivannarayana, AGS, Com. D.A.S.V. Prasad, Circle
Secretary, Andhra, Com. Mohan Rao, Circle President
P3 Com. Y.Nagabhooshanam, AGS R3, Com BV Rao,
Circle President, GDS, Com Pandurangan, Circle
secretary GDS were among them. All the Divisional/
Branch Secretaries nearby attended the meeting and paid
tributes to the departed leaders. There was a good
meeting amidst more than 750 Comrades and our
appreciations to Com NSC Bose, Divisional Secretary
Narasaraopet & his team.