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448-A Concord Road Rhodes, Sydney NSW 2138 +61470245009

Seeking a challenging position to apply my knowledge and superb analytical skills to help the business realize its continuing
short term and long term goals.

Fraud Analytics
Data Analytics
Development of Anti Money Laundering Framework
Database Modelling and Optimization


Research on Fraud detection via a project Data Mining Application for Cyber Credit-card Fraud Detection System
Extensive research on AML/CTF Products like Detica and Actimize.
Extensive knowledge of all modules of Detica: Scenario Manager, Application Builder, Workflow Configurator,
Watchlist Management and Services Manager.
Good knowledge on Anti Money Laundering risk exposure for a retail bank, Counter terrorism Financing and
Economic and Trade Sanctions screening acts.
Good Knowledge on Worldcheck list and different SWIFT message types.
Excellent MS Excel skills including dashboarding.
Expertise in SAS programming and also good knowledge of data extraction, transformation and loading to data
Developed new or modified existing SAS programs to load data from the source and create study specific datasets.
Knowledge of Management Information System instilling capability to work in both technical and managerial area.
Strong ability to write SQL queries and exposure to perform whole database backup and recovery using Log
Shipping and Database Mirroring techniques.
Hands on experience in SAS programming for extracting data from Flat files, Excel spreadsheets and external
RDBMS (ORACLE) tables using LIBNAME.
Basic knowledge of SAS/STAT procedures including REGRESSION and ANOVA, SAS/MACRO, SAS/GRAPH,
Good knowledge of Management Information System providing ability to work in both technical and managerial
Exceptional hands on working knowledge and experience working with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
Basic knowledge of R programming for statistical analysis.









Subjects / Specialization


Amity University, Noida


Computer and Science Engineering


Vidya College Of Engineering, Meerut


Computer and Science Engineering




Dayawati Modi Academy 1st


Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics




Dayawati Modi Academy 1st


English, Mathematics and Science


(1) Project Name: Data Mining Application for Cyber Credit-card Fraud Detection System
Project Description:A system that implements supervised anomaly detection algorithm of Data mining for cyber credit card fraud detection
in a real time credit-card transaction on the internet, and thereby classifying the transaction as legitimate, suspicious
fraud and illegitimate transaction was developed by implementing Pattern Recognition with the Neural Networks
which implements the working principal of the human brain (as we humans learns from past experience and then make
our present day decisions on what we have learned from our past experience, similarly the neural network does).

Gradient Descent Algorithm and Least Mean Square Algorithm were used to train neural network in order to
identify fraudulent credit card transactions.
Training and testing of the neural network was conducted on Neoroph IDE which is an object oriented Java
Neural Network Framework that helps in developing artificial neural network architectures.
Extensive study on Fraud detection products like Detica and Actimize to understand current products used in
Financial Crimes Space.
Fuzzy logic implemented in Detica for customers and transactions screening against Worldcheck list and
other sanctions sub-lists was studied deeply.
Developing a firm understanding of various Swift message formats as a mode of communication of payments
between retail banks.

(2) Project Name: Fuzzy Computing Applications for Anti-Money Laundering

Project Description:Implementation of Fuzzy Computing by designing Fuzzy Inference System for AML for the detection of money
laundering behavior in financial transactions by designing fuzzy rules and outlining Fuzzy system membership
functions based on money laundering scenarios in the transactions.
Based on scoring from amount received and match score (the degree of match for amount received and amount
withdrawn) a transaction is judged to be suspicious if large value is received (>= $10,000) and immediate withdrawn
was done (within 1-3 days).
Scenarios used for scoring:

AML score is very high, if amount received is big and match score is high
AML score is very low, if amount received is small and match score is low
Match score is high, if amount withdrawn is within [80%,120%] of amount received
Match score is high, if amount withdrawn immediately after amount received
Match score is zero, if amount withdrawn after 3 days of amount received
Match score is moderate, if amount withdrawn within 1-3 days after amount received

(3) Project Name: Modelling of Credit Risks using SAS Enterprise Miner
Project Description:-

Predictive models based on Regression, Neural Network and Decision Tree statistical techniques were developed using
SAS Enterprise Miner to make better loan approval decisions based on the historical loan data containing information
of customer background and whether the loan was good (it was paid off) or bad (it was pending). Assessment of the
models was also performed against each other in order to identify which one is the best resulting in picking up of the
Neural Network model as best predictive model.
SAS Training was done enabling learning of fundamentals of SAS, reading of raw data into SAS, Basic Data Management
in SAS, working with SAS Macro, merging of datasets using Proc Import and Proc Merge, concatenation of the datasets,
Reshaping of data from wide to long via Proc Transpose, writing SQL queries using Proc SQL, sorting of the data in
datasets using Proc Sort and various other procedures.

Published a research paper on Digital Image Forgery Detection in 2012.

Topper of in Computer science of Engineering.
Consistently maintaining institute rank 1 among 450 students over the last 3 years at VKP. Receiving scholarships and
awards for the same.
CBSE Merit Scholar
NTSE Scholar Among the top 700 students securing the National Talent Search Examination Scholarship (NTSE
Among the top 400 students who qualified for Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO), Indian National Chemistry
Olympiad (INChO) and Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO) in the year 2006-07.