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Dapdap National Technical Vocational High School

Dapdap, Dolores E. Samar

Examination on ICF 7 for the Third Quarter

Test I. Multiple Choice: Select the letter of your best answer. Choose only the letter.
1. This is a personal computer operating system.
a. Windows XP
c. Windows 7
b. Windows Vista
d. Windows 8
2. What does Windows NT means?
a. Family of Operating system c. Family of Windows
b. Windows Notification
d. Windows Update
3. When was the development of Windows 7 occurred?
a. 2005
c. 2007
b. 2006
d. 2008
4. What was the codename when the windows 7 operating system was develop?
a. Black and white
c. black comb
b. Black dove
d. black ghost
5. Windows 7 was released from manufacturing on:
a. June 20, 2009
c. January 18, 2006
b. July 22, 2009
d. March 17, 2007
6. Generally, Windows 7 became available on:
a. June 20, 2009
c. January 18, 2006
b. July 22, 2009
d. October 22, 2009
7. The Direct predecessor of windows 7 is:
a. Windows XP
c. Windows 8
b. Windows Vista
d. Windows 2000
8. Who is the manager of Microsoft Corporation?
a. Bill Gates
c. Logic Gates
b. Gareth Gates
d. Star Gate
9. The Basic OS of windows 7 is:
a. Windows 7 starter
c. Windows 7 Ultimate
b. Windows 7 Home Premium d. Windows 7 Home Basic
10. The most advance OS of windows 7 is:
c. Windows 7 starter
c. Windows 7 Ultimate
d. Windows 7 Home Premium d. Windows 7 Home Basic

Test II. Identify the statement whether: ADVANTAGES or DISADVANTAGES of Windows

7 Operating System.
1. Windows 7 is faster than its predecessors, both in terms of installation
and boot up time.
2. Calculator has been enhanced with some new features like unit
conversion, calculations like fuel economy and auto lease payment.
3. Some of the users are not satisfied with the new features, because, they
need to buy out additional resources such as RAM, etc to make use of them.
4. It is expensive than the previous Microsoft operating systems.

5. WordPad in Windows 7 has improved much better and look similar to the
Microsoft Office Word. It can be used to open, edit file names with
docxextension which was earlier introduced with MS-Office 2007. Word
prediction is the new feature in Word Pad. Realistic brush has been added in
6. Microsoft facilitates in windows 7, to download some eye-catching themes
and background images from its own Microsoft website or from RSS feed. It
allows the user to customize every part of the themes and save for our
future use or send to the other windows 7 users.
7. Some of the users have problems such as; their system hangs after
installing Windows 7
8. If the user has got an HP multifunction printer, and its driver being
upgraded to the Windows 7, then the printer doesnt response to the print
commands. So, the user needs to go to the new HP solution Center to
resolve this problem.
9. It also supports advanced touch and handwriting recognition.
10. Windows 7 supports Virtual Hard Disks with the support of enhanced
performances of multi core processors.
11. Windows have specific themes for United Kingdom, Germany, Canada,
Japan, South Africa and Australia, if the user is not from the above country
and he wish to have a specific theme of his country, he will not get that,
hence the user will not satisfied with that feature.
12. Some of the features like Start Menu user interface, Windows Ultimate
Extras, InkBall, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows
Calendar Windows Mail called Windows Live Essentials were included in
Vista are removed in Windows 7.
13. Windows Media Player 12 has got much enhanced features in the
Windows 7 and drag and drop option has been added which were not there
in the previous versions.
14. Windows 7 allows the user to make the best use of graphic cards from
the different vendors.
15. Bitlocker is a feature which provides encryption for the internal drives in
vista, but it is extended to the external drives in windows 7. This makes
backup and restore much easier.
16. Default settings of User Account have been eliminated, to protect form
the unauthorized software to be installed.
17. Windows 7 has included a new concept, jump lists which organize the
recently used files as well as web pages.
18. More than that, it also allows the user to overcome the clutter in the
desktop by introducing three new features Aero Peek, Aero shake and snap.
19. Home networking has been made much easier than its previous
operating systems and is probably safe from hackers.
20. Contains many features than its predecessor.