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Do You Face Challenges In Any Of The Following?

Supply Chain Strategy

Sales & Operations

Planning (S&OP)

Demand Planning and

Inventory Management

Supply Chain


Integrate . Collaborate . Improve

Worlds Best Supply Chain Skill Development Platform

Now in India

Program Agenda

What is The Fresh Connection

Highly interactive web-based Business Simulation

Sophisticated Experiential Learning Tool
Rewarding Team Building Opportunity
Advanced way to make Collaboration measurable
Proven Method to initiate change
Opportunity to increase cross-functional awareness
Leading Tool to optimize S&OP

Fortune Global 500: 40 of top 100 Manufacturing Businesses are using TFC.
Gartners Supply Chain Top 25: Over 50% are using TFC
Global Top 10 of 3rd Party Logistics Providers: 40% are using TFC.
World leading firms and Universities like Apple ,Unilever, IBM ,IKEA , KPMG, DuPont,
Accenture ,Philips, DHL, LG, Toyota, Shell, MIT, IIM Ahmedabad have used TFC
Companies who have experienced The Fresh Connection find it is not only highly
effective but has a lasting impact on participants, delivering Long-Term Benefits and
making it the Worlds Best Value Chain Management Learning Experience.

The Fresh Connection Is a Global Experience now in :

Experienced by 10,000+ Professionals from 750 + Companies

across 25 Countries

Companies who have experienced TFC in India

An excellent learning to get a complete overview of how the different element of the supply chain impact the
performance of the business. The process followed- Rounds interspersed with knowledge on how things could
be done better was a very good approach and it helped assigning the learning and put it to practice in the next

Business Development Leader - DPT India, DuPont

Definitely the most exciting program I have ever participated, excellent way of conducting. I strongly suggest
you should have more and more live scenario and case studies to advice the derived result try and break down
the elements of SCM (end to end) and conduct these live workshops. Thanks a lot for this wonderful

Senior Manager - Solution Design, Mahindra Logistics

This was an excellent exercise. Realization of how various departments are link to overall goals of the business.
The PPT's were very good it would be great of you could share it. The steps to realize the ultimate goal is very

General Manager - Supply Chain Functional Excellence, Cummins


Supply Chain

Excellent Program. Brain storming. Feels like real life situation, encouraging team work,
creating leader, learning cross functional skills, learning from past mistakes, learn to take
more risks

Deputy General Manager - Custom Clearance , DB Schenker

Very Interesting engaging session. Elements of strategy and operations well integrated.
Good team building exercise for us

Assistant General Manager Strategic Planning, Pernod Ricard

Was great to play the simulation. Helped me in understanding the business trade off.
These are a lot of decisions that should be considered from the organization point of view
and not solely from functional lens.

National Distribution Manager , Castrol

It was a great brainstorming session. I got an expose on managing and balancing all
variables, permutation & combination of department

Deputy General Manager - Logistics , Landmark Group - Home Center

It is a very practical and realistic training program on how & why systems & functions work
together to bring the best for the business Very helpful & informative. Appreciate the
learning process

Assistant Manager, Projects, ITC Agriculture Division

This was an exciting insightful and good learning experience specially for people doing a
regular day to day job. The interface was easy to use & very powerful report make it an
exciting exercise to participant in.

Supply Chain Excellence Manager, Unilever

A great experience to try and come up with a optimum supply chain solution. The user
interface is very detailed and yet easy to understand. It would be even better if we had a
forecasting section also included in the game.

Business Leadership Associate : TVS Logistics

Learning Themes 1 & 2

Supply Chain Strategy

Understand difference between Strategic & Fire-fighting approach

Understand how to segment Supply Chains
Arrive at the appropriate Supply Chain Strategy for each segment
Decide on most optimal product and Customer portfolio
Align Supply Chain Strategy to Business and Customer Strategy
Learn how to put Strategy into action across all functions

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)


Gain knowledge of how to put Strategy into action through a robust Sales &
Operations Planning process
Experience the power of true alignment between different plans
Understand how to use collaborative 5 step approach to S&OP
Learn how to effectively manage Trade-offs for decision making
Build KPI framework to drive operational improvements

Learning Themes 3 & 4

Demand Planning and Inventory Management
What should be
frequency of




How much inventory




What should
be the lead
time & order

What inventory plan

gives best of service
& cash?

Use new products introduction, portfolio management and promotions to create

a feasible demand plan
Align Demand and Supply plans to the Customer service promise
Understand drivers of Inventory Management and its impact on Companys ROI
Manage Trade-offs in Supply Chain to define appropriate levels of inventory in
the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Performance Analysis & Problem Solving

Define appropriate Supply Chain Performance measures

Align the measures and targets across Supply Chain
Establish cause and effect linkages across various measures
Identify root causes of the problem using structured problem solving techniques
Create and implement recommendations to see the impact on the performance

Benefits of TFC for The Organizations

A Cross-functional Business Simulation that helps your Organization to:
Replace Functional Silos with Collaborative Approach
Increase Cross-Functional Knowledge and Awareness
Develop Advance Decision Making Skills
Learn to Effectively Manage Trade-Offs
Gain Knowledge of how to put Strategy into action through Robust Integrated

Business Planning Process

The Mechanics
The Fresh Connection engages Participants in making Strategic and Tactical
Decisions to save the fictional company The Fresh Connection from financial
ruin .
Working in Teams of four, Participants represent the Functional roles of Operations,
Purchasing, Sales and Supply Chain as they are challenged to consider Corporate
Strategy and Business objectives , means to effectively put Strategy into action,
Contemporary Business issues and Trade-offs and the need for structured decision
making processes such as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Sustainability
etc. Based on the training requirement, the Simulation can be Customized into
different levels to suits the Organizational need.

that mirrors



Limited Shelf

Who Should Attend

Business Heads responsible for formulating and implementing strategy for

their Business units

Functional Heads (Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations,

Sourcing and Procurement) responsible for
Planning, Controlling and
Decision making in accordance with the business strategy

Analysts and Business Excellence Managers responsible for improving

Business performance

S&OP Leads and Demand & Supply Planners responsible for tactical planning

Consultants responsible for designing Supply Chain solutions and problem


Why The Fresh Connection is Different

For a subject as vital as Value Chain Management, it is not enough
to tell people what needs to be done. They must experience it. The
Fresh Connection is a different way of learning that puts participants
at the heart of a lifelike Simulation so they can experience the impact
of every decision they make, not just in their own silo but across the
By Team experience, participants measure their own performance
against others and receive constant feedback from the Professional
Trainers leading the Simulation. Between Rounds, Participants reflect
on what just happened, are introduced to new concepts and then go
back to put what they have learned into practice in the next round. It is
this Magic Circle that makes The Fresh Connection so powerful.
Companies who have experienced The Fresh Connection find it is
not only highly effective but has a lasting impact on Participants
delivering long term benefits and making it the World's Best Value
Chain Management Learning Experience.

Delivery Options
Plan a Series of Learning Workshops
Based on
Learning Themes
Plan Customized In-House Skill Development Workshops
Dependent upon Organizational Requirements and desired Learning outcomes The
Fresh Connection provides Companies with numerous learning formats to ensure
Business objectives are met.
Programs can be structured between half a day or periods spanning months whilst
including Learning Interventions to support the use of the simulation.

Typically engaging a CrossFunctional group of Key

members of the Value Chain
some of the Key Learnings
include Strategy into Action,
Structured Communication
(S&OP), the need for
Collaboration, and TradeOffs. It is an excellent Tool
to engage Management,
teach core competencies,
build partnerships, improve
collaboration, Manage
Change, and Drive Company
Profitability through
achieving a shared vision
and alignment through the

Learning Themes

Delivery Options

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Pick One
Learning Theme

1 Day Learning Workshop

Pick Two
Learning Themes

2 Days Learning Workshop

Pick Multiple
Learning Themes

Pick Multiple
Learning Themes

Play 3 Rounds of TFC

Play 4 Rounds of TFC

2 or 3 Days Continuous Learning Workshops

Play 6-8 Rounds of TFC

3 or 4 Single Day Learning Workshops with Gap

Play 6-8 Rounds of TFC

Trainers Profile
Program Leader

Program Leader

Ashish Mendiratta

Saurabh Goyal

Ashish Mendiratta is Co-Founder,

Director at ThinkLink Learning
His 20+ years of Career includes working
with a number of globally renowned and
Indian organizations like
Gillette, Nestle, BILT, Philips & Kohler.
He has handled varied roles in various
Supply Chain Management like Demand
Management, Sourcing, Manufacturing
Planning and Customer Service.
He has keen interest and strengths in
Supply Chain Strategy & Design, Supply
Chain Processes, SCOR, Planning Tools
and Training. He had played an
instrumental role in implementing and
driving the S&OP process in Nestle and
In his previous roles Ashish was
Director-Supply Chain, Asia Pacific at
Kohler and Director-Supply Chain, India
& Pakistan at Philips.
He has delivered guest lectures at MDI
and been a visiting faculty at IILM. He
Engineering from NITIE in 1989 and
holds a Bachelor of Technology degree
from IIT Roorkee, 1988.

Saurabh is the Founder and Chief Executive at

ThinkLink Supply Chain Services (ThinkLink)
he specializes in the fields of Supply Chain &
Logistics Management.
His Consulting and Management Development
career has included working with a number of
globally renowned and leading Indian
organizations like DHL, PepsiCo, Shoppers
Stop, Heidelberg, Dell, Nike, DB Schenker,
Unilever, Solectron, Maxtor, Intel, Safexpress,
TransCare, MJ Logistic, Ceva Logistics,
Fosroc, Agro Tech Foods ,Coca Cola, VW,
Nokia, Mc Donalds, Armstrong etc.
In his Supply Chain and Logistics work roles
Saurabh has worked with Senior Management
at several major firms to design, develop and
deliver Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy,
Build- Out, and Reengineering projects
especially in the fields of Supply Chain
Network Evaluation, Distribution Operations
and Aftermarket Services.
Previously Saurabh has work experience with
DHL in various roles across Sales, Consulting,
Solutions, and Project Management both in
India and across Asia Pacific.
He completed a Bachelors Degree
Technology from the Indian Institute
Technology, Delhi, India



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