Figure of speech : personification

Example : My little horse must think it queer(line 5),/ To stop without a farmhouse near (line 6)
/ He gives his harness bells a shake (line 9),/ To ask if there is some mistake((line 10).
Analysis : The horse obviously cannot think for itself or ask questions, but personifying the horse
in this way shows a sense of friendship between the speaker and the horse

Figure Of speech : Symbol
Example : But I have promises to keep, / And miles to go before I sleep, /And miles to go
before I sleep.

Analysis : The majority of the symbolism comes in the last stanza. This is the group of
four lines that really get the reader thinking, and makes them stop for a second and analyze what
Frost’s true intentions were in writing this poem. The woods he describes in the first line are
symbolism of the speaker’s life. He is saying that they have had a good, full, and wonderful life
like the lovely, deep woods. The second line refers to the speaker’s obligations outside of those
woods, possibly to a family. The third and fourth lines are the true symbolism that Frost baffles
readers with. “And miles to go before I sleep” (Frost, Robert) means that they have a while to
walk before he can take a break and sleep. But, on a deeper level it means that the speaker still
has a life to live until they die. Even though they have had a great life, it is still not over. This last
stanza all together turns the poem around from just being about someone in the woods, into a
meaningful poem about the glass of life being half full, not half empty. Frost uses the symbolism
to create a deeper meaning of the character’s stop in the woods.

The word in the line 21 illustrates that the material and the fact that he will show like the ice storm. even though he wishes that he could choose both./ . and the meaning from the word As just as fair on the first line in last stanza is The "Second Road" is just as good as the "First Road" that he looked at. Frost Used word “as” to comparison the meaning in the each stanza. His choice to take the lesser used path over the one that was potentially the fairer shows that he wanted to take the path in life that was morally correct. They represent two choices in the narrator's life that he must decide between. .Figure of speech : simile Example : as far as I could. The meaning from the word as far as i could on the 3rd line in first stanza is He stands at the fork for a long time and examines one of the roads as far as he can. /And sorry I could not travel both Analysis : The symbols in The Road Not Taken are the two roads that the persona must choose to take. He can't see the end of the road because the road curves away from his line of vision. / With all her matter of fact about the ice storm. Analysis : Personification speaking about inanimate objects and concepts as if they were human. Figure of speech : personification Example : I was going to say when Truth broke in. Figure of speech : symbol Example : Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. He can pick one option. as just as fair Analysis : Characteristic of Simile in this poem.