L e s s on 3

REFERENCES: LuKE 2:41-50; the desire of ages, pp. 75-83.

Lost and Found
what do you like to do most in sabbath school
and church? do you like to sing songs or
give an offering? how about listening to
stories about god? when jesus was a
child, he visited the big temple with
his parents.


esus went to a
little temple in His
neighborhood every
Sabbath. But once a
year His family went

to the big Temple. There they would

Memory Verse
“And Jesus grew
in wisdom and
LuKE 2:52, NIV.

passover. It was to help them remember when moses led the
children of Israel out of Egypt.
One year at the big Temple the teachers talked with Jesus. He
asked the teachers a lot of questions. They liked Jesus’ questions.
Soon the teachers began to ask Jesus questions! They were
surprised that He knew so much. The teachers thought that only

The Message
We learn so that we
can help others.

boys who went to the Temple school knew so much about God.
When the special day was over, Jesus’ parents left for home.


But Jesus wasn’t with them. They may have thought He was walking with other family
members or friends. After they had traveled for a whole day, they realized He was not with
them. They looked for Him, but didn’t find Him.
“We have to go back to the city!” mary cried to Joseph. “We have to find Jesus.” They
had already traveled a long way, and it took them a long time to get back to Jerusalem.
In the city mary and Joseph looked for Jesus everywhere. They may have asked people,
“Have you seen our Son, Jesus?” But no one had seen Him.
Finally mary and Joseph decided to look for Jesus at the big Temple. They found Him there,
talking to the Temple teachers. mary and Joseph were relieved. “Son, why have you treated us
like this?” mary asked. “Your father and I have been searching anxiously for you.”
“Why were you searching for me?” Jesus asked. “Didn’t you know that I had to be in my
Father’s house?”
But mary and Joseph didn’t
understand what He meant.
Do you understand? In God’s
house, people learn about God
and tell others about God.
That’s what Jesus was doing
in the big Temple. Now He
knew God’s plan for His
life. Now He knew He was
God’s Son. And He knew
He would help people and
tell them about God as He
grew up.


do and Say

carefully hold the Bible while you “read” Luke
2:41-50 together. Help your child make a scroll
and draw a picture about the story. Have them
share their scroll with someone and tell them
about Jesus.

Each day this week, read the lesson story together, and review the memory verse.
“And Jesus . . . . . point upward.
grew . . . . . . . . . . Hands at waist, palms open,
move upward to chin.
in wisdom . . . . . point to head.
and stature.” . . . Raise hand above head.
Luke 2:52 . . . . . . palms together, then open.


As you read the Bible story together, have
your child open the scroll they made in Sabbath
School. Or make one now. Ask: What do you
think Jesus learned in the Temple?

Help your child
make a thank-you card
to give to their Sabbath
School teacher.
Sing Sabbath School
songs; then thank
Jesus for their Sabbath
School teacher.




Help your child read or follow along as you
read the memory verse from the Bible. In a paper
cup with dirt, plant the fast-growing
seeds that were given to your child
in Sabbath School. (Or plant
other fast-growing seeds.)
Help them place the cup in
a sunny window and water the
seeds every day. Remind your
child that they are growing, just
as Jesus did.

play hide-and-seek with your child, or hide
an object and have your child find it. Talk about
a time you or your child were lost. Ask: “How do
you think mary and Joseph felt when they couldn’t
find Jesus?”


With the rest of the family, have a church
service with praise songs, prayer, and “preaching.”
Thank God for the freedom to go to a place of
worship whenever we want or the ability to meet
with other believers to learn about God.
Sing “God’s House” (little voices praise him,
no. 185); then have prayer.


Let your child