1) Mir has a nickname in Korean as "Bangaji" which is a pun from "Gangaji" = puppy
2) Mir is the younger brother of Korean actress Go Eun Ah
3) Mir didn't have to audition to get in MBLAQ, because JTUNE's CEO is his brother in law
4) Although many people thought Chundoong is the youngest, Mir is the real maknae
5) Mir gets really high when he's with Joon! (JOONMI couple! ♥)
6) "Mir's feet really stink" (quoted by MBLAQ members in Art Of Seduction)
7) Mir used to do farming before he debuted
8) Mir entered school a year before everyone else in his year
9) Mir wants to be a good rapper. His role model are Supreme Team and Dokki, that he once met and asked
them to teach him
10) Some said Mir is a long lost twin of FT Island's Hongki
11) Mir's ideal type is SNSD's Taeyeon, while he has After School's Uee as his honey
12) Mir fails at pronouncing Music Boys Live In Absolute Quality (video here; and you can see doongie's
sexy english)
13) Mir is confident of his butt (article here)
14) Mir stuffs everything in his abnormally huge bag
16) Mir looks hot in glasses. <- True Fact.
17) Mir's seriously hilarious. One minute, he'll be calm and collected, and then he suddenly acts like a total
18) Mir likes to make someone smell his feet (from the Arts of Seduction)
19) Won 'best idol' (or something, not quite sure) in the first ep of MBLAQ Idol Army (bb's a champ!)
20) Is the visual of the group, Mir claims that many people think that he's the leader and thus, gives CDs to
21) Mir called After School member UEE as honey
22) Mir made a joke on Rain and Rain got angry. Finally, Mir apologized to Rain.
23) Mir is in the process of teething since he loves to bite everything/everyone.
24) Mir is so versatile: from dorky to playful to cute to hot.
25) Mir can be so sweet and romantic when it comes to relationship
26) Mir likes to hold his fart all day until he releases it and smells. x)
27) Mir wants to have his own fragrance line
29) Mir already has a baby nephew, and he loved to called as UNCLE.
30) Mir likes to scream a lot when he is too excited in game or in the show
31) Mir's real name is Bang Cheol Yong and many celebrities prefer to call him that instead
32) Mir is really close to his family and wants to marry someone like his mom.
33) The first time Mir has heard I love you from his mom was when he brough in his first paycheck
34) Mir has asked his mother to stop coming to the other members for their autographs so that she can sell
their signed cds
35) Mir said that his ideal type is SNSD's Taeyeon but in reality, he has a whole list that even his 10 fingers
can not hold.
36) Mir was not the brightest child during his school days
37) Mir used to sell shirts that were really 30,000won for 150,000 won.
38) Mir used to have a really hard time during his training period living in his hometown and coming to Seoul
to do practices at times.
39) Mir was never complimented or told "good job" during his trainee period and heard it for the first time
after his debut stage, "Mir you did a good job"
40) Mir has said that he has to wear/use everything that his fans give him because they use their allowance
for the sake of the celebrities.
41) Mir once sold a cow in order to pay for a date with his girlfriend.
42) A girl asked him out during his high school days but he said no because she wasn't that pretty but when
he met her in Seoul after she did "tuning" they started going out and then he found out she was cheating on
him with 2 other boys
43) Mir is called shameless maknae

Look at girl’s feet first. Joon.D 48) Mir once went to a G. .D concert and was able to successfully steal two water bottles that the members drank out of 49) Mir's favorite members of G.44) Mir shares a room with seungho.O. 52) Mir has a fear of needles! 53) Mir is very sweet to his hyungs. &Yoon Gyesang 50) Mir's computer background was once Nana of Afterschool 51) Mir of MBLAQ and Jinwoon of 2AM have the same phone. you must buy a certain type of magazines to get in tune with the culture.D were So Hoyoung. when you go to Japan. who wouldn't?) 55) Mir loves his fans so much and keeps updating his minihomp 56) Mir has a thing for After School's NANA. (according to Seungho) 54) Mir loves selcas (with his good looks. her picture was once his desktop background! 57) Mir believes that. and his manager 45) Mir was given the nickname of "farming-idol" because it's well known that he grew up in the country side 46) Mir is the youngest and the only son of two older sisters 47) Mir was a fanboy of JYPE's G.O.O.

• Loves everything about electronics • He can breakdance • He can do card tricks • He hates doing aegyo • He can easily fall asleep in a matter of seconds • He is honest and a very straight forward person • He can use chopsticks with both hands. • He gained money by doing piano lessons and teaching apparatus gymnastics during his pre-debut days • He learned Hapkido and Judo. • He and Soyeon( T-ara ) are best friends in real life.YANG SEUNG HO • He is the Leader and the eldest of the group • He's the only MBLAQ member that uses his real name • He's supposed to use 'Mir' as his stage name at first • His voice is sweet and lovely • He got a very luscious lips and that slit on his bottom lips is the sexiest thing ever. They have known each other for 8 years because they went to the same high school • The other members (mainly Joon) stated that he can fix anything... ma non troppo . Seungho's the man to go to. 23 op. the rest of the MBLAQ boys are the maknaes & the only son of their family. his direct hoobae. • He always licks his lips • He learned gymnastics • He got mad piano skills • He can play guitar • He can beatbox • He used to perform on plays during his younger years • He was the Class President (even School Captain) all throughout high school. and used this skills on torturing his members! lol • He now has an iPhone. (Lipsmacker brothers) • First member to have an Official Twitter Account Follow Him • Got featured for the song Gray Sky by Lee Hyun Jung for Banolim (반올림 3) OST back in 2006 • He's so good at playing soccer! • Seungho fractured his ribs during the Makbanshi wrestling game back in December 2009 • Seungho's the first member to have Me2day account me2day. and planning to buy the new iPhone 4G.Presto) • He's the only MBLAQ member who is the eldest among his siblings. a Blackberry.3.Cuz's leader Jin On. When something breaks or stops working. (or maybe he has one already) . • Seungho was nicknamed "Devil" by F. Allegro.net/mblaqsh • He arranged some parts of this piece (Beethoven Piano Sonate No. • Had a cameo role on Banolim 2 • Korean A+s gave him nicknames "Yang Samju" "Yang Chopin" "Pink Seungho" • His ideal girl is Jun Ji-hyun • His little brother is a Hottie too. 57 'Appassionata' . an iPad.

bright and warm that can makes people happy • items he always carry is his gadgets • he said he haven’t experienced love • important and necessary to him is his family and gadgets • he want to have trip to Wolmido Island ( an Island in S.Hannah • favourite colour is red • got a Louis Vuitton wallet • likes clothing brand ‘Stussy’ • likes to wear red undies? • likes horror stuffs • he smiles like a sunshine – sweet.• He hates it when his close friends calls him with his family name.keke . an official English test he took in middle school. pretty and kind.bring me with you YSH =p* • want to receive a watch as presents • nicknamed as “Yang Tweety” (양트위티) by G.O (when his hair was Ice-yellow blonde) • favourite cartoon comic is Naruto • ideal woman type – a person who does not lie • part of woman that attracted him the most is the eyes • habit that he cant stop doing is licking his lips • his impressive memory in life is playing computer games • he’s good in Mathematics during school days • he really hates rats • first CD he bought was Metallica • favourite movie – The Bourne Series (The Bourne Identity.. • He can impersonate the error in the computer • He said that if he could go on a group blind date in college. * Ive added more Yang Seung Ho's facts below (some are from K-BOOM and Pati Pati interview) and the PINK text are just my randomness. he would like to do one with rhythm gymnastics majors.Korea near to Incheon) • want to go to Fuji-Q Highland ..its an Amusement Park in Japan *I think he want to go there because of the Haunted Hospital since he likes horror stuffs. • He's good in drawing too. A perfect woman. plus that is the world’s largest haunted attraction. • Seungho is scared of fast-walking zombies (he said this on Sukira) • He likes woman who is good in cooking. The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum) • dating spot he recommended is theatres • magazine he always read is machine information magazine • The way he relieves stress is by buying gadgets!! • cell phone wallies is just black background . • Already gotten a 680 on a TOEIC(Test Of English for International Communication).

Fei and 2 AM Seul Ong *some new Facts~~~ • YSH is the only member who own a car .too honest • unique points .Personality • in relationship he wants to takes the lead • alcohol tolerance . • the scariest things in the world to him is RATS! • Outfit when his sleeping is Underwear! • before he go to bed he listen to music • he feel the place the most relaxing is in the car • overseas travel.Sesame Player 1st Episode • he owe money from the other BLAQies and havent pay back? .fearless • taste in woman .he is a Music Major and a 1991-er • YSH loves FOODS! • he is close with Kara . Miss A .gadgets • to YSH. A+ is energiser~ • YSH dark circles is the results of hard work .Beatles Code • he said he is handsome since birth! • YSH hopes his first born baby to be a son! • he want to be a young father but since he's busy he want to get married at the age of 33 • want to achieve his dream to be a successful producer and get married • he want to have son no matter what! to carry on the Yang Family name • YSH dont tell lies and he hate lies • bad points .• he likes salmon for the sushi topping • the moment he feel happy is when he stood on the stage • Behavior of woman that attracted him is when an obedient person occasionally shows behavior like a spoiled child.not sure about this but he probably did Dental Implant to fix his teeth? • he thought fortune cookies is a dog food! • his little brother Yang SeungHoon is taller than him. he wants to go to America • composed Sad Memories in MBLAQ 1st album BLAQ Style *Added more RANDOM facts on YSH~~ *its random and just assuming some facts* • he stuffs a lot of food in his mouth. more info about Seunghoon .1 and half bottle • hobbies . when he eats • in any interview usually he never fail to mention about electronics stuffs • he got crooked teeth before . he said he went for practice .Gyuri.Sesame Player 1st Episode • YSH is a very sweet brother. bought the car because of his lil brother • he likes to go out at dawn.

Someone with refreshing looks and a Western body.Girls who have pretty eyes • Fashion of Girls YSH Like . he'll knit you a scarf • YSH is losing hair . • YSH Charm Point .tomboy-ish.. also like the style of senior Son Dambi. . girl who always make other pleasant and quiet girl. he said if you marry him.grinds teeth • to him dorm = home • learn knitting from his grandma before. • The style YSH prefer in women ..*More Facts <3 • YSH 1st kiss was during 1st year of middle school (he thought it was love) • sleeping habit . • latest Ideal girl .jacket + pants style • The song YSH want to use to serenade his girlfriend is Shin Seunghoon’s song “ eventhough I don’t believe in love” (Fugitive OST) • YSH favourite affection to show his love is by pinching his girlfriend’s cheeks • 3 characteristics of girl that attractive to YSH – Girl who doesn’t lie.Cutlet curry • Type of Girls YSH Like .Joon (Sesame Player ep 4) • always late waking up in the morning .beforeYSH like someone who is strong-minded and sincere but lately he's attracted by girls who have aegyo. • he said his greatest charm point is his talent is overflowing from recent Magazine & Interview. • Favourite animal – Tiger ( reason: they’re handsome) • The kind of girl YSH want to protect . personality .a personality with honesty that don’t tell a lie • Favorite Food .A girl with honesty who doesn’t tell a lie anytime.CheonDoong (Hot Chili Paper mag) • he said he got a baby tummy.

THUNDER Stage name Cheondung means Thunder in english ♪ He is Dara’s baby brother ♪ Joined J. MBLAQ last and only had a few months to catch up before debut ♪ He has a very straight posture ♪ Nicknamed the octopus prince ♪ Grew up in the Philippines ♪ He is the fake maknae of MBLAQ ♪ Refers to Hello Kitty as SUNJA (his bag pack) ♪ He has only one double eye lid (left eye) ♪ Loves meat ♪ He likes meat so much that he is willing to “sell” himself for it ♪ He has a ‘son’ – his cat ♪ Only learned how to cook ramen before Mblaq’s debut ♪ Loves listening to ‘One Piece’ music ♪ The other half of the ‘Joondoong’ couple ♪ Voted #15 as an ideal boyfriend ♪ No girlfriend since birth ♪ Resemble Nichkhun of 2pm in some angles .Tune.

He wants to be called charismatic ♪ Didn’t memorized the multiplication table ♪ He invented a gag called “awkward gag” ♪ Has a funny sleeping habit of kicking while sleeping ♪ His face is small .♪ Met Nichkhun before debut and was mistaken as Nichkhun in an airplane with Mir mistaken as Hongi ♪ Takes care of his skin a lot (lemona/vitamin C) ♪ He is a former Loen Entertainment trainee ♪ Friends with IU ♪ He has an androgynous face (Beautiful and handsome) which makes for a good model ♪ He is surprisingly modelesque ♪ Calls his sisters ‘Big Noona’ and ‘Little Noona’ respectively ♪ Used to play the violin ♪ Knows how to play the piano ♪ Once named Sohee of the Wonder Girls as his ideal type ♪ Once said that he would like to get to know Seohyun of SNSD better because she seemed to have a ‘huge force’ on Intimate Note ♪ Chose Jung Juri as the person he wanted at his first MBLAQ fanmeeting ♪ He hates it when people says that he’s cute.

but I think it’s how he was introduced by Seungho?) ♪ Before debut. he starred with Wonder Girls in a Cafe Mori CF! ♪ He wants to hold hands with his future gf while strolling ♪ Sujeong was the first person to kiss doongie on the cheeks ♪ His first onscreen neck kiss/ peck was Mir ( Idol Maknae Rebellion) ♪ Its’ only Joon who DoongDoong has kissed onscreen ( Cass CF Parody) ♪ Did NOT like the feeling when he touched a live goldfish in the water ♪ Invented the “choreography” the whole group does when they say. but he said it like “might as well go to Bermuda and disappear because Rain might get mad”) ♪ Afraid of spiders (Trendy interview) ♪ Get’s sleep paralysis like Dara which is why Joon hyung worries and sometimes sleep next to him ♪ He studied in Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy ♪ Thunder really fails at jumping rope and playing table tennis/ ping pong (Suju Miracle. ♪ He is MBLAQ’s representative for face and height (Not sure. “Idol Army: She’s Arrived!” ♪ Once said in an interview that he wants to go to Bermuda Triangle (i believe it was said sarcastically in response to Mir who was asking for a vacation. meaning that it would take 9 or more of the span of his face to build the span of his body ♪ He thinks he’s a flower boy.♪ He’s called a 9-deung shin. a Korean saying for someone who is tall with a small face (which is what is considered handsome/goodlooking). Lord of the Ring) .

♪ He’s also called Cheondung because Bi says that when he dances he looks like he’s shivering/shuddering and it’s like how a thunder bolt is. ♪ If he were to choose who to introduce his Dara noona.(Star Interview) ♪ Bi once said that the more you look at him.♪ For Thunder. the more attractive he looks. or Bi (he said no comment in a succeeding show) ♪ He likes using his computer and going online ♪ He thought G. he was already becoming greedy with gags.(Star Interview) ♪ He had a difficulty adjusting to Korea’s weather because he lived in a tropical country before debut. ♪ He’s the one that gave Mir the nickname ‘Chucky’ ♪ One staff said the Thunder’s charm catches you slowly but when you’re caught you realize to late and you can’t get out (will look for the source) .O. was a trainee or a related party instead of an MBLAQ member because of his mustache. ♪ Seungho said that even though Cheondung’s not that good at Korean yet. the image of GO as Princess Chun Myung (Idol Army – ep 5) is scarier than all the ghosts he saw in all the nightmares of his life ♪ His screen name came from a movie entitled “Lump of Sugar” and it was the name of the horse. (think he still does) ♪ Leader Yang had to teach him how to eat manlier (he eats so little and very feminine/proper) ♪ Mir said that Cheondung’s image management was too much and was considered to have a prince syndrome. it would be G. ♪ He’s used to eating in small proportions so he doesn’t gain weight easily.O.

(Acrobatic genius. As popularized by his noona. and is cute.) ♪ 2NE1 calls Thunder Mr. (Starry Night) ♪ Learned to do somersaults and backflips on Raising Idols.O         had been in 11 relationship Before debuting with MBLAQ. practiced and performed his own choreography on the last episode of Idol Army ♪ Rain said that Doongie says a lot of weird things. he was in a band called TYKEYS. dog poop.3) ♪ He’s really ticklish (Idol army ep. Takes bath for an hour A cleanfreak Love to cook Left handed . he confessed that he stole his mom's gold ring. On SBS Shin Dong Yup's 300.♪ The person he wanted to meet was Jung Juri so that he could learn her humor (and now they are all close) ♪ The underweight-dol (raising idol ep. 15) ♪ Edited Mir’s performance music for him on the last episode of Idol Army ♪ Made. (Bouquet) ♪ Master of voice imitations. and is good at working with music. He taught that Super Junior's Hee Chul was gay. ♪ Thunder is 2 months Older than Seungri (Big Bang) ♪ Has a mole in his right chest ♪ Has a mole in his back. G. in the dead middle of his wide shoulders.

1988 Lee Joon has a height 180cm and weight 65kg Lee Joon.Lee Joon The original name of Lee is Lee Joon Changsun Joon Lee was born on Seoul.s blood type is A Lee Joon studied at Korea National Univercity college majoring in Modern Dance . February 7.

Lee Joon ever played Ninja Assassin as a young Razio with Rain Oppa has a six-pack body so oppa did not hesitate to show her stomach muscles during a concert. But tell me oppa oppa dab denied sleep like a prince Oppa had a notebook containing anyone who has ever owed money by him. whereas the longest bath GO asking how to do it and oppa oppa said that "a shower men" Oppa's room is very dirty Oppa will ask.000won circuitry and Kim Sang Tae oppa 18. her skin very white against his skin now Joonie-oppa is very close to Kwanghee from Ze: A Mir's noona. "what I have activities?" when awakened. for example Mir who had a debt 59. especially in the song "Again & Y" Cheondong said that the upper body of oppa is very sexy Joonie-oppa also have talent in sports (Oppa can do sit-ups as much as 75kali during 1menit and running shoes with wheels so that oppa aka winner gets a gold medal at the Oh! My Idol Star National School Sport Festival) Joonie-oppa have very beautiful eyes Oppa had a dance called "killer turn dance" Lee Joon-oppa has a melodious voice Oppa live in Jongno 3-ga Oppa has had his own apartment in Jamsil Member MBLAQ the fastest shower it was Lee Joon 3 minute only with time.500won Lee Joon-oppa said that before he went to Germany for the filming Ninja Assassin. Go Eun Ah was like Joonie oppa His favorite actor is Alfredo Pacino Oppa favorite singer is Beyonce Joonie-oppa one room with Mir .

GO. but obviously a vampire) Oppa subjects most liked was the music while the most hated Oppa is math Oppa is like the clown (While at the Tokyo Tower.O-oppa gives porn to Joonie-oppa .He is very playful 12 789 Oppa choose the GO as the rest of the team while traveling in Japan Oppa most afraid of if given the punishment ddakbam..... and the last time because his girlfriend broke up close to Dr.) Oppa never denied shaking hands at one of the A + because Doongie His mother said that oppa oppa rarely bathe and brush your teeth. especially if that love punishment GO oppa (Joonie-oppa got the most horrible ddakbam on Sesame Player Episode 6 & 7 where oppa lost the human cow fight game and appartment game) Oppa sometimes behave like a silly little boy (Joonie-oppa riding a bicycle near the Han River and members feed the eagle with Doongie like children) (Oppa said the theme of the first album MBLAQ is Dracula.. so always check if oppa already brushing your teeth or not His mother also said that IQ oppa declines after growing up Oppa've been together as much as 2 time. Lee Joon sshi wonderfull . embraced oppa clown that was there happily and when in Bucheon Sports Complex oppa also play with the clown with Doongie) Joonie-oppa is the fans Lee ByungHun Oppa fairly close to Yoseob because the show Oh! My School and never made a surprise on the day of her birthday Simon D Apparently Doojon BEAST is not too happy with oppa Lee Joon. and Gikwang often called Jung Jury Oppa always get punished at the Oh! My School (Lee Joon sshi lovely ..GO Lee Joon-oppa play with Jiyeon T-Ara in the Jungle Fish 2 and fill out the sound as Gnomeo Oppa prefer to say handsome than manly and want to look cute G.

Hite Beer. but prefer not to show it. Miero Fiber. and acting Oppa become a model in advertisements Kimchi. he will stutter Talented then everyone. Lee Joon oppa said that the GO-like gorilla because he has a lot of feathers According oppa. dance.Oppa had experienced pain in the cochlea Joonie-oppa reasoned that he would shout "Oh Yeah" if he was on stage and when you want to sleep Oppa can adapte Saojung very clever mimic. the monster that is not biased to hear well When I first met with GO. Chap Stick. . Lotte Cacao Black Someone said that oppa is very handsome when he was shopping for clothes Oppa is often lost for words so he will say whatever is on his mind A little bit shy When u catch him on guard. an idol should have the ability to sing.