BluefromBridgend (Div 1: Champion) UP 27

As mentioned in last year’s previews if the change to predicting in the Premier
League would suit anyone it would be Bfb. What could not be seen was that he
would stroll to the top of the First Division in such a dominate fashion. It was a
surprise when the Christmas Promotion slot was easily sealed considering Bfb’s
only notable contribution in the two previous seasons had been to get stuffed in
a Playoff Semi – Final by The Exile. His form continued as he wrapped up the Top
Flight Title with a massive 7 CS’s from 38 games – the 1 st Division average was
2.2 and is easily the biggest mover in the history of the BPPL. So can Bfb
achieve where Siam and Eldon have failed and defend his title? History suggests
that as Cardiff return to the second tier so may Bfb….
Masky (Div 1: 3rd) EQUAL
Once again the Masked Man conspires to finish 3 rd after leading the title chase
late on. The last 3 seasons have seen Masky turn in consistent predictions to
compete at the top of the leaderboard (5th followed by 3 rd) and with Masky
leading the competition after Christmas it seemed that he would continue his
upward progression. So will he manage it this season? Strong regardless of
which division Cardiff are in surely Masky must be regarded as a favourite for the
title, and surely a Top Four finish?
Ccfcremotesupport (Div 1: 4th) DWN 2
Despite never coming as close to the Title as he did last season, it was once
again a successful season for Remote after he fended off Jonah to secure a
second consecutive Top Four position. For long periods of the season Remote
spent time in the tight squash that had become the top half of the table before
using the points gained for the home matches against Fulham and Norwich to
push ahead. Two points on the final day saw him over the line and if a third
season ends in a Top Four finish it will underline Remote’s credentials as a top
Jonah Bluebird (Div 1: 5th) UP 13
Jonah continues the form that saw him win the 2 nd Division in his debut season.
He also manages to set a new record for highest placed finish for any promoted
player after missing out on 4th on the final day of the season, easily dispelling
any ideas of a return to the 2nd tier. Still if Jonah manages to continue this flying
form then surely a challenge for the Top Four and the title is just around the
Swamp (Div 1: 6th) UP 20
An extremely successful season for Swamp, given the last two seasons has been
spent lurking in the lower half of the second tier. Like Bfb, predicting Premier
League results suited our former moderator and he lurched forward to take the
second Christmas promotion slot and despite a dip in form later in the season,
still managed a secure a top ten finish. However, a similar question to Bfb must
be asked for the coming season. Given his previous record of predicting the
Championship – will Swamp have enough to build on his promotion to the top

However. So back in the Championship will Irish be able to complete his recovery and return to the Top Four? GLAMorgan (Div 1: 8th) DWN 4 Another top predictor who did not quite get the hang of the Premier League. Despite completing his poorest campaign so far he still manages to get into the top half of the table but could have done with a couple more CS’s. he struggled for CS’s – his last one coming against Fulham in late October. Steve has continued his upward push by easily dismissing any chance of a return to the second tier. This was in complete contrast to the all-conquering display produced in the previous season. However. his only 3 pointer coming in December against the Baggies. Steveoldinho (Div 1: 9th) UP 10 After securing the second promotion slot the previous season. Like the rest if the division. Isawronnymoorescore (Div 1: 12th) DWN 1 Ronny’s attempts to emulate Wigan under Roberto were done to inch perfection – in the drop zone until mid-March before producing a strong finish to move clear. Milford Bluebird (Div 1: 10th) EQUAL Milford seems to be mastering the art of the mid table finish with another 10 th placed finish against his previous 10th and 11th final positions. This coming season Steve will need to wary of 2nd season syndrome but given his previous attempt at predicting Championship fixtures he should be able to consolidate his mid table finish. unless there is a massive change in form. GLAM finally relinquishes his control of the Top Four. Even without any 3 pointers Eldon had managed to reach 4th before Christmas until a lack of predictions and points saw him tumble down the league. . Eldon will be looking to return to the top with similar fixtures to his title winning season. Again. He was helped by a struggling bottom half to the division but deserves full marks for battling his way to safety. Irish struggled to get the points in the goal scorer collumn Despite this it was improved return on last season where Irish seemed to be able to only gain points through getting CS’s. Compared to previous seasons Irish’s haul of only 2 CS’s was poor as he failed to adapt to the predicting in the Premier league. GLAM will be aiming to return to upper reaches of the league in the more familiar surroundings of the Championship.Irishbluebird (Div 1: 7th) UP 6 Irish succeeds in a return to the top half of the First Division but never touched the heights that he managed two seasons ago. Once again Milford trumped the rest of the bottom half in terms of CS’s but never got enough points in the other category’s to push his challenge further. despite Ronny finding ways to escape the trapdoor over the past three seasons. he must start as a favourite to finally fall out of the division. So can Milford finally leave the comfort of mid table and upset the order above him? Eldon Bluebird (Div 1:11th) DWN 11 What started out as promising beginning to his title’s defence unfortunately ended with a crash and burn.

Will Taff make short work of the coming season or will he find a tougher test in store as many of those previously relegated have? Blueturk the Cat (Div 2: Champion) UP 7 Blueturk finally manages to put the ghost of Sparkey and those final day playoff misses to rest by skipping the playoff lottery all together. A lack of predictions followed by no CS’s led to Ex only just missing out on a straight return back to the 2 nd Division. Welshman was on course to finish in the Playoffs but fully capitalised on GhostOfNinian’s slip up to grab the last automatic place with the CS against Stoke. Privatebenjamin (Div 1: 14th) UP 1 Despite being touted as a natural to predicting Premier League fixtures. Anchored to the bottom of the division for all the season Taff will now have to turn his fortune around in the unforgiving 2 nd Division. Ninian Opinion (Div 2: 3rd) After coming within a whisker of winning the Playoff and being promoted to 1 st Division how will Ninian respond? Despite scoring the most points in the semi – . Welshman (Div 2: Runner Up) Welshy follows in the steps of Jonah and Steveoldinho as another debutant to skip straight through the 2nd tier and seal one of the automatic places. Blueturk did lead the division from the start after being the only person to correctly predict Cardiff’s famous win over Man City. Eventually only securing the title on the final day of the season Blueturk had been guaranteed a place in the top tier a while beforehand. All of Welshman’s CS came from predicting draws. so except realistic predictions as he prepares for Top Flight predicting. Private once again managed to just survive the drop by a single place. A measly two points from the scorers’ category. An unexpected champion giving his previous 7th place finish’.The Exile (Div 1: 13th) UP 8 After two strong seasons in the second tier. as his campaign is disrupted by his travel around the world. The return to the Championship may cause some problems as Blueturks best season has come in the Premier League but he should have enough to avoid a straight return to the 2nd tier. surely contributed to this low finish. Exile has struggles to reproduce that form in the top flight. At Christmas Private was ploughing towards a mid-table finish but a poor second half to the season saw him slip close to the trapdoor. Will this season be Benjy’s final in the Top Flight? John Hughes (Div 1: 15th R) DWN 3 R ccfcrtOp 9 1 4 3 10 Taffthefish (Div 1: 17th) DWN 9 A tragic season for the usually consistent Taff. Ex will be hoping to have more success back predicting Championship fixtures and make an improvement on this badly managed season. a record low in the division.

After achieving CS’s against Norwich. Sayer77 (Div 2: PO Winner) UP 1 Sayer enjoys a successful season as he returns to the Top Tier at the second attempt and in the process becomes the first person to complete such a feat. a hatrick was always unlikely especially after Sparkey struggled to adapt to the realism of the Premier League. Bluescull (Div 2: 5th) Bluescull enjoyed a very successful debut season as he reached the Playoffs at the first time of asking. a couple more CS’s next season and Hampshire will easily be In with a shot at a promotion chance. Despite only one CS. The highlight of the season has to be getting all three points for predicting Cardiff’s heart-breaking defeat at Everton and 13’s CR provided solid foundations for a strong season. 17 CR’s provided enough of a platform for Musty to reach the playoffs. Ninian should be in good stead to challenge in the 2nd Tier once more. After two tough years in the 2nd tier Sayer is probably in a better position to avoid this drop this time and will hope to secure his place in the top tier for a time to come. So now the Cardiff are back in Championship will Musty be able to sustain the same level of success? He is the closest any Jack has come to reaching the Top Tier but if City perform well will Musty? GhostOfNinian (Div 2: 7th) UP 1 Despite holding one of automatic promotion spots for large parts of the season and claiming several stunning Exact Situations. Eventually he bowed out to eventual winner Sayer at the semi – final stage but this is a strong first attempt and Blue will hope to be competitive again this coming season. Mustyfrog (Div 2: 6th) It is not surprising that Musty’s highest finish in three years comes in a season that Cardiff are relegated. Oldsparkey (Div 2: 9th) DWN 3 After two last day playoff grabs. for achieving a league high of 17 CR’s. However. unsurprisingly Cardiff’s slaughter at the Liberty. Hampshire Blue (Div 2: 8th) A solid but unspectacular start to life in the BPPL for Hampshire who guided himself to a Top Half finish but rarely looked like he was going to break into the playoff’s even when only a place and a couple of points away. Liverpool and Chelsea. Despite this disappointing slip Ghost will be aiming to compete again and grab that spot that will end his 3 season stay in the bottom tier. He also becomes the first Jack to reach the playoffs as well as win the Silver Boot. Sparks will be . Sayer makes no mistakes this time as he just edges a close final with Ninian.finals. After crashing out at the semi – final stage last season. Ninian lost by a point in a two legged final and will surely be looking to win the division outright after a strong debut season in the BPPL. GhostOfNinian made complete hash of the last 8 games to let that spot as well as a playoff berth slip through his fingers as Musty overtook him on the penultimate weekend.

surely a struggle is now on for Uni to compete in the 2nd Tier? 16 Londonbluebirds 18 1 4 1 9 Bluebird Nat (Div 2: 17th) DWN 17 Nat’s plummet continues to the point that it is hard to grasp that she one time topped the entire league setup. the only highlight been predicting City’s derby day win and the double points that went with it. FrankfurterBlue (Div 2: 10th) Another strong debutant performance but lacked the firepower to get close to the top of the division. SBFF has a more consistent season as he makes a mid-table finish. Four CS’s quickly diminished to one (against Norwich) as Dana struggled like Cardiff through this season. Brentford and Rotherham. After a good start with 3 points gained from our goal less draw against Everton and then 2 more against Hull. Instead of immediate redemption and a return to the top tier Nat suffered another diabolical season. UniBrum’s contribution to the league this year puts the football’s shortcomings in a new light. He will hope to push on and move into the playoffs next season. but lacked success in both of the other catogaries. Jay – ReadeCCFC (Div 2: 18th) . including the away defeat to Man City. SBFF had the highest number of CS’s in the bottom half of the 2nd Tier. Frankfurter slowed down and eventually finished in the middle. Improvement needed with Results and Scorers if SBFF is to progress in this division. After a poor attempt 2 years ago. Uni was left stranded on a single point until Norwich arrived at the CCS and doubled what he had before in a single match. This wonderful performance earned Uni the Wooden Spoon and after several years of indifferent mid table finishes. So can Nat return to fight for former glories or will it be more of the same – swamped in the bottom half of the league. Premier League predicting was not up Dan’s street and will be hoping to return to a top 6 place back with Championship fixtures. Danablu (Div 2: 11th) DWN 8 After a playoff spot last year Danablu is unable to build upon that strong performance and slumps to bottom half finish. SBFF (Div 2:12th) Sweet Blue returns to the Prediction League to make his strongest effort yet.disappointed not to have been in the promotion tumble once more after a season of mid table mediocrity but will hope to push on with Cardiff fixtures against the like of Charlton. 13 14 Blue in Belfast Roofjack 21 23 2 2 5 9 0 1 14 16 UniBrumBluebird (Div 2: 15th) DWN 5 If you thought Cardiff struggled this season.

an unknown quantity. Jay. . will be hoping to compete in his full debut season.Despite only entering late on.