Capture the world’s largest media marketplace.

Conferences: April 11–17, 2008 Exhibits: April 14–17 | Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Welcome to the world’s largest media marketplace —and your ultimate access point to customers from around the globe.

111,028 NAB Show attendees represent every stage of the content life cycle:
Content Creation Developing content — from conception through production and post-production — for entertainment, for the enterprise sector and for business-to-business partnerships that facilitate corporate goals; to be received on any device, stationary or mobile. Content Commerce Buying and selling content for distribution, interfacing with content owners, aggregators and distributors, and identifying new partner opportunities to share content assets and generate new revenue streams.


Content Creation

Content Management Content Commerce Content Distribution & Delivery Content Consumption

Content Management Managing electronic content as a corporate asset, developing scalable inventory that can be re-purposed for use by multiple clients and partners across a variety of platforms.

Content Distribution & Delivery Delivering content to consumers via terrestrial broadcasting— especially those transitioning from analog to digital technologies and to high definition — and distributing broadband video via any digital platform: cable, satellite, the Internet, IPTV and mobile TV.

If you provide the technology to create, manage, sell or distribute content — your customers are here.



Attendees from across the globe and across the media spectrum
Media’s reach extends to every corner of the world and to every facet of daily life. NAB Show attendees reflect that expanding marketplace, with a combined buying power of $51.4 billion. Get in front of your customers in these industries and more:


• Cable

• Content Owners/Programmers/Aggregators • Educational & Religious Institutions • Enterprise • Film & Entertainment • Fortune 500 • Government • International Broadcast • Satellite • Social Media • Sports • Telecom • TV & Radio Broadcast • Wireless






Discovery BBC






Attendee Demographics/NAB Show Marketplace

$51.4 Billion Total amount 2007 attendees bought or planned to buy


Content Commerce Area

South Hall


Central Hall

South Hall


Las Vegas Hilton


North Hall


Sample Exhibitor List :

IPTV Pavilion
Be part of a branded area exclusively for the latest in IPTV! This dedicated area offers a complete turnkey package within the Distribution & Delivery product area for companies offering the latest cutting-edge IPTV solutions.


Mobile Solutions Pavilion
The small screen is big! Content providers want to get in on the action. The Mobile Solutions Pavilion offers you the chance to show your stuff. It’s designed to be a complete turnkey package dedicated to the latest in mobile technologies.


Content Commerce Area
Where Content Comes to Life: This is the marketplace and meeting place for content owners and aggregators to strut their stuff. Content for the small and big screen. Gaming, user-generated content, sports casting, motion pictures and more — buyers and sellers will meet and collaborate to generate new revenue streams on multiple platforms.

• Accenture • Adobe Systems Incorporated • Amino Communications • CNN Newsource • Google • Harris Corporation • IBM • Limelight Networks • NTT Electronics Corporation • Qualcomm Inc./Media FLO • Scientific-Atlanta, A Cisco Co. • SES Americom • TANDBERG Television • Tektronix, Inc. • Verisign, Inc. • Vyvx

For more information on exhibiting and sponsorship: 800-NAB-EXPO


NAB Show Marketplace
Distribution & Delivery
Broadcasters, carriers, cable operators, and film and entertainment professionals come to the NAB Show™ looking to expand the ways they distribute their content. IPTV, telecommunications, mobile TV, satellite, broadband, streaming, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, fiber, and the latest distribution and delivery platforms are what they’re after. Don’t miss the chance to do business with the largest content owners in the world.

Outdoor Media & Equipment
Whether it’s for in-the-field reporting, documentaries, surveillance, or live events, technicians need durable, more portable, more efficient solutions. Professionals from government, TV, radio, and film studios find the latest in mobile media technologies, outdoor signage, and satellite solutions on the NAB Show floor.

Audio and video post-production professionals shop the NAB Show for the latest tools and technologies to stay on top. Content creators, film studios, corporations, television & radio broadcasters find what they’re looking for in editing, animation, graphics, gaming development, and more.

The NAB Show is where Telecom meets Entertainment — this is the best place to make the connections you need in this hot new merger—whether it is content you’re selling or the technology with which to deliver it. Carriers attend the NAB Show to focus on their top priority— growing their broadband video business. From video production to delivery into consumers’ homes and mobile devices — and for enterprise applications, each segment of the video ecosystem is here.

Pro Audio
What’s content without great sound? It needs to roar, rumble, whisper, or sing. And audio professionals know that all the latest solutions — for the living room to the board room to the concert stage — are at the NAB Show.

Acquisition & Production
It all starts here. No matter what the purpose, audience, or mode of delivery, the content comes first. Production specialists shop here for the latest in cameras, lenses, and lighting—in high definition, digital cinema and more.

The big three concerns for station owners and managers: content, advertising, and new technologies and equipment. The NAB Show is where they come for the latest in news and weather, HD transition solutions, applications to maximize advertising revenue, and the latest in radio broadcast equipment and services.

Display Systems
When what’s needed is “Wow!” corporations, sports facilities, education institutions, houses of worship, advertisers, and cinema turn to digital signage and display systems. They know they’ll find the best and latest only at the NAB Show.

Content Commerce Area
Where Content Comes to Life! A dedicated area for content owners and aggregators to showcase cuttingedge content for the small and big screen.

Management & Systems
Content is the lifeblood of media, and it must be effectively managed, secured, networked, and accessed electronically. Digital asset management, software applications, systems-integration tools, and storage solutions that make content easily accessible in multiple formats are in high demand at the NAB Show.

Sponsorship Opportunities
With competition for the market’s attention stronger than ever, your company needs to extend its reach beyond its booth in order to build relationships. Connecting with attendees is critical. NAB Advertising & Sponsorship offers a variety of ways for you to extend your reach to this valued market both pre-show and on-site. From targeted events to convention-wide branding exposure, we are the only source for marketing to this unique customer base.


B d Your Bran each ize Your ales R rS m Opti ase You Incre

Review the Advertising & Sponsorship rate card online at or feel free to contact us directly to discuss your goals and objectives.

Your Marketplace is global, and The NAB Show delivers:
• 111,028 in Attendance at NAB2007 • 79,118 Registered Buyers • More than 27,000 International Attendees • 163 Countries Represented (more than 70 Buying Delegations) • 1,100+ Members of the Press • 1,600+ Exhibitors


% Russia


% Eastern Europe


% East Asia


% Western Europe


% Canada & Mexico


% Caribbean

2 3
% Middle East

% Central Asia

US Domestic

% South & Central America

44 23 18 15

% %


% Africa

Pacific Region


% Oceania

New England/ Mid & South Atlantic

% Central Region % Mountain Region

See the People in Charge

Technical Professionals


Sales & Marketing


Executive/ Corporate Management


Consulting & Education


rchase Products a t the NAB Show

83% Role in Purc 54% Seeking to hasing Pu

BuyiNg P ower:

Visit for more attendee stats.

• HD • Video Production • Editing • 3D • DI

• Audio • News • Music • HD Radio • Security • Storage • Advertising • Content


NAB Show attendees are looking to buy…

Digital Asset Management News• Digital Signage
• Broadband Video • IPTV • Mobile TV • Satellite • Set Top Boxes • Streaming • Wireless

• Digital Asset Management • Digital Cinema • Broadband Video



Graphics & Animation

Sample of more than 111,028 NAB2007 attendees: • AT&T • Bank of America • BBC • CBS • Christian Broadcasting Network • Central Intelligence Agency • Cisco • Clear Channel • Comcast • Conoco Phillips • Dell • Discovery Communications • Disney Animation Studios • DreamWorks • EchoStar • Electronic Arts

• Emirates Media, Inc. • ESPN • FOX • General Electric • Google • Harvard University • HBO • InDemand • Mayo Clinic • McDonalds • NASA • NASCAR • NASDAQ • NBC Olympics • NFL Films • NTT-Nippon Telegraph and Telephone • Pixar • Sony Pictures Entertainment • STARZ

• Target • Telemundo • Time Warner • Turner Broadcasting • U.S. Air Force • Univision • Universal Studios • Verizon Wireless • Yahoo!

Exhibit Hall Hours Las Vegas Convention Center (All Halls)
Monday, April 14 – Wednesday, April 16 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Thursday, April 17 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Las Vegas Hilton (RTNDA@NAB) Monday, April 14 – Tuesday, April 15 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Wednesday, April 16 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Reserve your space now! Email:

Phone: 800-NAB-EXPO or +1-202-595-1953

Telecom/iPTV/Mobile Solutions

Creating synergy, Delivering new customers

For more information on exhibiting and sponsorship: 800-NAB-EXPO



was the 7 the 200 term at 11,028 ch #1 sear ong 1 how am . AB S N s ttendee show a

New delivery systems such as IPTV, Mobile TV, satellite, broadband, streaming, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and fiber have opened vast new markets for content creation, acquisition, management, protection and distribution technologies. The NAB Show™ is where the latest in IPTV and Mobile TV are displayed.

Telecom has turned to entertainment and the opportunities—and demands—are huge. The NAB Show is where this industry goes for its turnkey solution to content.
From IPTV to mobile video, telecom providers are in the market for content creation, acquisition, management, protection and distribution technology and services. Telecom companies large and small, urban and rural, know the NAB Show is the best place to find everything they need. Broadband video is the top priority for carriers, and the NAB Show is their one-stop shop. From video production to delivery into consumers’ homes and mobile devices , to enterprise applications, each segment of the video ecosystem is represented at the NAB Show.

Content Commerce
Content buyers and sellers come together in a dynamic, motivated environment at the NAB Show. As the next generation of content providers, telecom carriers want to interface with content owners and aggregators—fueling an unprecedented expansion at the biggest show centered on content.

Attendee Interests
Among 79,000+ Registered Buyers at NAB2007, those seeking Delivery & Distribution Solutions are interested in:

• 22% Telco & Wireless • 16% IPTV • 15% Broadband/Connectivity • 12% Fiber

The Telecom@NAB2007 was a great opportunity to network and find out what is happening in IPTV. Jim Rennard Vice President/CFO Canby Telecom

Be part of the Telecom and IPTV evolution. A whole universe of new customers awaits you at the NAB Show. Reserve your space now!

Sample of more than 2,000 NAB2007 Telecom Carriers in attendance: • AT&T • Bell Canada • British Telecom • Deutsche Tetekom • France Telecom • PCCW • Telefonica • TELMEX • TELUS • Verizon

A notable change from previous years was the dramatic increase in telecom carriers visiting the 2007 NAB Show. In my many visits to IPTV operators around the world, many of the ‘big names’ in broadcast are completely unknown to telcos. Bringing these two worlds together will be an important role for NAB in the years to come. Danny Wilson President & CEO Pixelmetrix Corporation

NEW to The NAB Show Floor: IPTV Pavilion
IPTV is among the hottest technologies in media, and the NAB Show has designated a branded area exclusively for the latest in IPTV. This dedicated pavilion offers a complete turnkey package within the Distribution & Delivery product area for companies focused on the latest cutting-edge IPTV solutions.

IPTV and Mobile Solutions Product Categories at the NAB Show: • Broadband Applications • Broadband Networks • Broadband Video • Broadband Wireless • DSL Technology/Services • IMS • International Carrier Services • Internet/Intranet Services • IP Services/Solutions • Triple and Quad Play • Video on Demand (VOD) • Video over DSL (VoDSL) • Wi-Fi • WiMAX • Wireless Infrastructure • Wireless Networks

Mobile Solutions Pavilion
A television in every purse or pocket. The small screen brings exciting potential and unique challenges to content providers. The NAB Show will feature the latest technologies in its Mobile Solutions Pavilion — offering your company a complete turnkey package to showcase the latest mobile technologies.

For more information on exhibiting and sponsorship: 800-NAB-EXPO


Conferences for Telecom and Wireless Attendees
Exhibits are heavily reinforced with a blockbuster line-up of conferences that ensure a valuable experience for your clients and prospects — and make it worth their investment. Carriers know that the NAB Show is the best place to purchase the products they need to develop their professional knowledge base.

• Telecom2008: Building Your IPTV Business • Telecom2008: Technology Papers • Telecom2008: It’s About the Content • Broadband TV World • Mobile TV and Video Forum • Podcasting Summit • Super Sessions featuring high-profile executive keynoters and panelists • Post Production World • Sports Technology Forum • Content Distribution Forum


Reach News Professionals

Bringing the digital future to you!
RTNDA@NAB attracts more than 1,300 electronic news professionals for 35 cutting-edge educational sessions, networking and to buy your products! Exhibiting at RTNDA@NAB ensures that you get to meet and network with news professionals from all across the country. Over 60% of attendees in 2007 were news directors — the decision makers in the newsroom. The RTNDA@NAB exhibit hall is the perfect opportunity for you to have one on one contact with the people you want to do business with.

RTNDA@NAB attendees want to buy the products/services you’re selling.
From cameras and HD products to digital/audio editing equipment to content tools and graphics, RTNDA@NAB attendees need your products to keep their newsrooms current. Cutting-edge technology and best practices combine to create a dynamic newsroom and a successful newscast, every time.

RTNDA@NAB Attendees Include: • ABC NewsOne Affiliates • ABC Television News Directors • Association of Regional News Channels • BBC • CBS Stations Group • Clear Channel Television News Directors • FOX News Advisory Committee • Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc. • KIRO • NBC News Channel • Pappas Telecasting • Raycom Media • Tribune Broadcasting • Univision San Diego • Viacom Stations Group

RTNDA@NAB Attendees WANT TO BUY: • Cameras, HD Products • Digital Audio/Video Editing Equipment • ENG Vehicles • News Content • News Graphics/Set Design/ Furniture • News Sound Packages • Newsroom Hardware and Software • Traffic Reporting Products • Weather/Meteorological Services • Web Products

Contact: Paul DaCruz for RTNDA@NAB information: +1-707-537-7769

Advertising and Sponsorship
The best way to maximize exposure to the news community is to advertise and secure sponsorships, in conjunction with exhibiting at RTNDA@NAB. From the News Directors Guide to NAB, to ads in Communicator magazine, to sponsorship of a networking and social event, RTNDA has several sponsorship and advertising options to suit all budgets and goals.

RTNDA@NAB Showcase Sessions
Showcase sessions are a great opportunity for exhibitors to demonstrate their products right on the exhibit floor! Equipped with a stage and ample seating, you can show the entire news community exactly why they need your product to improve their newsroom. Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by — contact your NAB or RTNDA account representative for pricing and schedule details.

2008 RTNDA@NAB expected to have a record crowd!
With the conversion to HD slowly approaching, a national election, and an increased emphasis on technology and digital media, the RTNDA is expecting a record-breaking crowd for the 2008 RTNDA@NAB convention. RTNDA is committed to pursuing an aggressive combination of direct mail, print, and e-marketing to make sure the entire news community comes to Las Vegas in April to buy your products.

Sample Exhibitor List: • AARP • Associated Press/ENPS • Bloomberg Television • Broadcast Design International • Devlin Design Group • FX Group • Medialink • Non-Stop Music • The Nielson Company • VDO • Vizrt

Technologies for worship

Get in Touch with the Worship Market

Technologies for Worship Exhibits
The Technologies for Worship exhibit area is an excellent opportunity for your company to showcase products and services to the fastest growing worldwide industry segment—the Houses of Worship market. Highly qualified church buyers—representing billions of dollars of buying power visit the exhibit floor in search of the solutions needed to broadcast their messages to the masses across town and around the globe.
The Technologies for Worship exhibits offer indepth hands-on training; live performances on the revolutionary Quiet Stage®; and valuable Q&A time spent with buyers of the worship market. Technologies for Worship Attendees WANT TO BUY: • Broadcast and Video Equipment • Duplicating Equipment • Editing Equipment and Accessories • Lighting Equipment • Microphones • Production Software • Projectors • Screens • Switching/Routers

$7.7 on audio billion was spent
equipment by Houses of Worship during 2006.

Get in touch with the broadcasting industry’s hottest market at the 2008 NAB Show, an opportunity that will leave you singing the praises of technologies for worship for years to come.

For more information on exhibiting: +1-905-473-9822

Technologies for Worship Conference Attendees include: • Church Media Directors • Camera Production Crews • Video Editors • Sound Technicians • Lighting Directors Video and Broadcast Planned Purchases: Within 18 months
60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
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• Music Ministers • Broadcast Production • Website Designers • Contractors


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*Camera Jibs/Mounts, LCD Panels, Plasma Screens, Projectors Mounts, Video Editing Software

TFWM 2007 Reader Survey Results

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