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commercial printing. people and anyone who requires our services in Gweru. advertising. vibrant media products and customized marketing services to anyone who needs to be acknowledged by the right people. quality.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Destin Media and Marketing Consultancy company is a Zimbabwean based start-up business that produces and provide media and marketing services to targeted and non-targeted businesses. MISSION Our mission is to produce and provide inventive. film and video production and graphic designing. Core values  Honesty and Integrity  Professionalism  Sustainability  Teamwork  Hard-work  Excellence MARKETING PLAN Marketing Objectives  To penetrate and establish a competitive position in the market  To establish a continuously improved level of customer satisfaction. VISION To be the most preferred multi-media company and one of the leading marketing firm in Zimbabwe and Africa. Destin Media and Marketing plans to generate a significant upsurge in our business sales and revenues from effective services which include marketing. marketing consultancy. surrounding areas and later the whole of Zimbabwe. .

We will focus on these businesses to meet their marketing needs. retail. information and technology. The atmosphere will be branded strategically for both media and marketing consultancy services giving a more formal appeal so as to be competitive. These practices will enable the organisation to gain a competitive advantage against its rivals. The company will focus on increasing the customer base rather than focusing on profit margin. Marketing Strategy Price Destin Media and marketing Consultancy will follow cost plus a small margin for pricing. media. E. We will also target the following industries: Transport and logistical. Robert Mugabe Avenue. Because when the customer base will be increased total profit will increase automatically. graphic designing. The Offices are ideal for corporate branding attracting quality clients and business people.selling and Personal selling. Elizabeth Mansions. financial services. Gweru. Advertising. Educational institutions. Place Destin Media and Marketing Consultancy business will be strategically located in Gweru CBD at Office No 1 1st Floor. Exhibitions. Individuals will be the primary target market for Destin Media and Marketing Consultancy. small. real estates and food industry. commercial printing. Promotion We will engage in promotional activities that will attract customers such as Direct marketing. 6 th Street.   Direct marketing: presentations of company offerings to target organizations Exhibitions: Gweru Agricultural show 2015 . Film and Video shooting and editing. medium businesses. To introduce and maintain a profitable operation The target Market Gweru and surrounding corporate.

E. Sales and channel effectiveness. Pricing is almost always the number one profit lever. vehicle  stickers. Marketing planning  Customer insights and segmentation: We help clients understand customer needs and behaviors and develop actionable segmentation from the resulting insights. Destin Media and Marketing firm will launch its website to keep abreast of technology. Product and category management. Business brochures. Customer experience and Loyalty. customized solutions as well as strategic and operational improvements to boost underperforming sales organizations. Our customers and the general public will visit the website for more information concerning our media and marketing services as well as quotations. Tele-marketing  Personal selling: branded t-shirts and caps  Word of mouth where we will be moving around. promotional bins. posters. business cards.selling: Facebook. Marketing and brand strategy. We help clients define the target customer or the area of distinct advantage over competitors to inform business decisions and investment allocation. targeted. pamphlets. .  Sales and channel effectiveness: We help companies identify quick. Online Advertising is also used to deliver promotional marketing massages to our customers. Pricing.  Pricing: We help resolve the pricing paradox. yet it remains under-developed in most companies. Advertising: fliers.  Product and category management: We help firms break down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development so their value proposition is differentiated and meets customer needs. We help resolve by building long-term pricing capabilities and capitalizing on in-year-revenue opportunities. calendars. OUR SERVICES Destin Marketing offers customized and effective consulting services in customer Insights and segmentation. light box banner.

etc. cups.  Customer experience: We work with companies to develop a series of positive interactions with the customer to earn their advocacy and inform consistent delivery of experiences to drive top-line growth. and build a loyal customer base through branding that cultivates a strong. Graphic Designing Destin Graphics is destined to design vibrant and quality designs that suit the client’s desire. Advertising Destin Advertising department will focus on making print and video advertisements for Businesses and individuals. Film and video production Destin Film and video production will be shooting and editing videos at functions. calendars. Commercial Printing Destin Printing is the department which is supposed to generate most of the income since we have two A4 printers and we will be printing in bulk. photo-shoots. big banners. funerals. weddings. parties. trusted image. We will later venture into printing tshirts. In time the film industry will boom as we plan to produce commercial films. music videos and marketing them. embroidery . ensure marketing investments are generating highest returns and reinforcing the brand positioning.  Loyalty: We help companies nurture promoters and have loyal customers who are more profitable. developing custom solutions and collaborating with all levels of the organization. and who are active proponents of their business in good times and bad  Marketing Planning: We help companies develop marketing plans at every stage of. Marketing and brand strategy: We help companies align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives. Under Destin film and video production we will also undertake photography on weddings.

Evoke advertising. Graphics world. Our competitors include Page 1. Midlands Computers to name but a few.MARKET SHARE Destin media plans to get 65% market share of the targeted market which is out of 10 customers we plan to get 7. Gigasoft designs and JB photos and these companies do not do corporate marketing. and they operate at a smaller scale. need to decentralise their marketing to get better clientele services (client to service provider services) which Destin Media and Marketing is eager to give. infinit media. EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE EQUIPMENT EQUIPMENT REQUIRED 2 Desktop computers One office at Elizabeth Mansions Canon A4 printer Office desk HP laserjet Printer 5 chairs 1 video camera Impression Stationary 2 full HD Cameras A3 and Banner printers Couch FINANCIAL PLAN . Big and small companies located in Gweru go as far as Harare to market themselves. According to calculated statistics no one is taking care of the banners or making a follow up on the market strategies they have applied. Therefore these companies which include Midlands Edutainment Centre. Alcore systems. Mashmo.

START UP EXPENSES Furniture Stationary Equipment Rentals * 6 months Transport * 5months Marketing * 2682 100 500 2970 500 200 CASH FLOW MONTHLY EXPENSES EXPENSES $ .Sources of capital As Media and Society Studies Students we therefore apply for a student loan of $7000 from the Midlands State University to start up our business for work related learning. Long term This is repaid at least in a year. The sources of this capital will be in a formal agreement which is signed with the Finance provider. Upon the firm’s capital requirements we divided the loan payment plan into two categories which are short term and long term. Short term The short term capital will be repaid within a year or less.

Rent and rates 330 Stationary 100 Marketing and Advertising 200 Social Media 50 Transport 100 TOTAL 780 MONTHLY INCOME INCOME $ Marketing Consultancy Advertising Film and Video Production Graphic Designing Commercial Printing 300 200 500 100 155 TOTAL 1255 Income $1255 Expenses $780 Gross profit $475 Milestone Schedule Objective Activity Responsible person Date Cost $ Market penetration Marketing strategies Operations Manager December 600 January Consultants February .

O 1950 Ghantt Chart Jan Feb Mar Apr Time May Jun Jul .Auditing Auditing financial Accountant May 500 December 150 July 200 500 books Growth Personal Selling Survival Advertising Exhibitions Consultants C.E.

personal selling and advertising . 3- concept developing.Key 1- idea generating 2- idea screening. production concept testing and advertising 4- sales promotion 5- penetration pricing .