A 30 seconds advertisement

Cyber Bullying

Khrystlyn Wilson

270 Sutton Common Road
Sutton SM3 9PS

Tuesday January 15th 2015

It is proposed that the advert will be between 20 – 30 seconds. The
advertisement would have two different locations to fit the setting and the

theme. The first location that the audience would see would be in a high school
corridor and classroom. The second location that would be exhibited in the
advertisement would be at the home of the person to make it seem a bit more
realistic and connect to the audience.
I hope for the advertisement to aim to the youth of 12- 18 years old.
The advertisement would portray the dangers of bullying on a social media page
and it would allow the audience to see the effects and long-term possibilities that
it may possess to the person being bullied. It will also represent what can be
seen as bullying and if someone is being bullied the person being bullied may
ask someone of authority to help. I was also hoping to portray that bullying can
stop and will stop if a group of people choose to help the bullied person and end
their despair.
Several locations have been visited and a shortlist has been drawn up:
Suggested locations are:
The locations that we proposed to visit in order to shoot the video are Glenthorne
High School and the home of the person being bullied.
The advertisement would include:
a) The first location that would be shot for the advert is the home of the
person bullied. This is one of the main and most important shot in the
advertisement because it would portray the effects of the bullied on a
social and outstanding way. It would also show how they respond to people
around them and how it make them feeling internally and their interaction
with the outside world. In this shot I would have mainly close-ups and midshots for various scenes. The close-ups would mainly be to show the
messages and facial expressions of the person and allow the audience to
see what kind of messages is hurtful to the person in hope that they
wouldn’t do it.
b) The second location I would film would be in the classroom and corridor of
a high school. In this scene I would like to portray how the bullies are in
school compared to how they are on social media and show the various
things that they do that are forms of bullying. I would also like to show
how some people within the school might be scared to speak up due to
being scared of the bullies or of being bullied themselves. In this scene I
would like to have mid-shots and long short. This is in order for me to
show the performance in the scene and allow the audience to see the
body language as well of the bullied and how it can make them feel
enclosed and smaller than everyone else due to the bully. It would also
show the audience how they are and how they interact with the outside
world and other people that they go to school with.

Structure (Initial Ideas)
The Cyber Bullying Advert would be in colour and in PAL prolong 9
1) The start of the advert would start of simple and calm. In this scene the
first location would be in the home of the person bullied and how they are
trying to live their day-to-day lives whist being bullied. The first thing that
the audience would exhibit in the first scene is a mobile phone vibrating
due to receiving a rude and horrible text. This would allow the audience to
understand and know what the advertisement may be about and what
may happen next.
2) In the second shot of the advertisement the shot of the camera would turn
form a close up of the phone to a mid-shot then to a extreme close up of
the fact of the bullied. This is so that it gives the audience time to react
and acknowledged what has truly happened before they can fully
understand the perspective of the person being bullied and the emotions
that they are feeling at the time that they receive the message. The close
up of the face is also to allow the audience to get a clearly understanding
of the effects that message had on the person and how they are feeling
3) After that scene I wanted to portray the world of the person beings bullied
becoming smaller and smaller and that they are confining themselves to
one thing and not really allowing anyone into their world. I plan to show
this through having the person being bullied slowly and gradually
becoming small and having a bubble around them. I wish to portray this as
their own little world or bubble that they can’t go out and that no one can
come in. It would also have a collage of words of hate towards the bullied
even though they are enclosed in the world and making them feeling
miserable within themselves. This would allow the audience to feel despair
for the person because they feel like they are alone and that nobody is
there for them in their time of need.
4) After the bubble scene it would then cut to various different statuses on
Facebook with comments about the person. This would be in a close-up,
mid-shot to show the person bullied going online and receiving the
messages and how easy it is for someone to join in the hatred towards the
person over social media. After this it would then cut to the person being
bullied saying the worlds ” why me “ whilst tears flowing down her face.
This will then show the audience the true impact of the comments and the
hate energy that the person being bullied is feeling and how it’s allowing
the person to act and feel towards the outside world and people.
5) After this scene we then see the person being bullied receiving a new
message – however this message is positive. What the audience would see
would be a montage of positive messages and would be on in favour of
the person being bullied. The message would be a group of people sticking

up for the person being bullied as well as telling the bullies that what they
are doing was wrong and that it was a sign/form of cyber bullying.
6) After this scene it would cut to the end of the video with the
catchphrase/slogan “ Stay Connected, Stay Safe”. This is a catchy phrase
in order for people to remember how to behave and what to do in order to
know how to be on social media and to keep them thinking of if what they
are doing is being safe, or not.
Whilst comparing the prices for the camera I came to the conclusion that I would
use the NIKON brand due to the qualities that the camera has. I decided to use
£150 deal to rent for a week with a £162 deposit that I would get back if the
camera is still in good quality, as when it was when delivered to me, however I
do also have to think about other expenses.
The other thing I had to look into was the use of a tripod to stand the camera on.
I have decided to use the MANFROTTO PRO TRIPOD. I had other option as well as
this one- however the ones that I looked into didn't allow weekly hire and since I
was going to hire the camera for a week I believed that hiring everything else for
a week as well would be easier and a bit more convenient. I also chose this due
to the qualities that it possesses and the creditability that it has. To hire this
tripod for a week would cost £65 for an actual week, however it did offer the
price of £55 for 5 days. But I have decided to go for the weekly price because I
believe it wouldn't make much of a difference.
The next thing I had to research was hiring an actor or actress for the recording
of the advertisement. I found somewhere that was perfect due to what the
qualifications consist of and it fits in perfectly with what platform the advert is. To
hire someone for Internet use, web explanation and Internet radio they charge by
the number of minutes of the script. Due to the amount of minutes of the script I
think that hiring someone for 2 minutes or 5 minutes would be the easier option.
To rent someone for 2 minutes would be £121 however to hire for 5 minutes
would be £164. I think that hiring someone for 5 minutes would be better in case
there has to be any additional changes to not only the script but also the scenes.
Due to the fact that all I need to do is edit the advertisement I don't think I would
look into renting for a week because I highly doubt it would take that long to edit
the advert. I would like to look into renting for about 2 or 3 days in order to edit
the video. I have decided to go rent an editing software for full a day due to the
fact that it would give me extra time to edit all the footage together to make it
successful. However it doesn't state how many hours the full day is. The cost to
hire the editing software of my choice for a full day is £90.
Production Contingency @10%
Travel Expenses @40p per mile

Total production budget: £987

The production will be produced within the timescale that will be indicated by our
shooting and editing schedules. Cyber Bullying Advert will ensure that all location
filming is carefully planned to take into account the safety of the crew and the
general public and any production contingencies. The finished Cyber Bullying
Advert will be available for viewing at an appropriate time in order for any
changes to be made before the suggested release date.
Sources of requirements
In terms of who our supplier would be for our equipment would be they are a
highly recommended group called hireacamera.com and have dispatched many
cameras to rent to various different photographers and directors to date. I can
ensure that when using their piece of equipment for the advertisement the
footage would be the best that it could be. In terms of the costumes the hired
actress or actor would have to provide their own because we would wish for the
advert to be as realistic and natural as possible. I would wish for the audience to
feel like they can relate to the audience through the cast and the costume that
they actor is wearing. This is also to save some money and keep within my
budget for the advert and hopefully have some to spare. In terms of hiring an
actress to play the lead I would need to hold auditions in order to know who
would be best for the role and who can be the best convincing and realistic
actress. However with the locations of the advert, which are Glenthorne High
School and The Bullies Home, can easily be found easily on Google maps would
be able to an easy destination to get to. I have decided to use Google maps to
ensure that I don’t get lost and reach the destination safely and easily.
Guarantee of Satisfaction

Initial discussion on the Cyber Bullying Advert content will take place at
Glenthorne High School, and at the Bullies Home

Production equipment will be used in a safe operational manner at all

ConnextCast is covered by Public Liability Insurance to the sum of

A copy of all ‘rushes’ NIKON D5200 will be supplied on request in DVD

A ‘rough cut’ of the version of the Cyber Bullying Advert will be supplied
for inspection and discussion.

A meeting to discuss the final master version will be organised with a
focus group of interested parties.

The completed Cyber Bullying Advert will be provided on DVD for

The completed Cyber Bullying Advert will not be released until the client is
completely satisfied with technical quality and content.

Tuesday January 15th 2015

ConnextCast asserts its rights as authors of this treatment in
accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988. Any
unauthorised copying of this work will result in prosecution.