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Fashion Design BA (Hons)

The address to post to is: Art.AVI or Quicktime format. DVD or USB memory device. TIFF or PDF file formats at 300dpi resolution. Design and Humanities Admissions Team De Montfort University The Gateway Leicester LE1 9BH United Kingdom 2 . not in folders. your portfolio should contain digital images of approximately 10 pages of work that meet our criteria and best represents you and your creative skills. However. Send your CD/DVD or USB by recorded post You can submit your portfolio by sending us digital files on a CD. Please send this by recorded post to ensure safe arrival. Please label the disc/memory device clearly with your name. Ideally we would like you to present your artwork as either a PowerPoint presentation or one PDF. PNG. Your portfolio could contain written work such as essays. artwork and moving images. and be in JPEG.MOV. Please ensure your CD. If the Admissions Team requests this. DVD or USB works on both a Mac and PC.Submissions Submitting your portfolio In some circumstances you may be asked to submit a digital portfolio. please use . If you submit moving images such as video. . if you present seperate images they should be on the top level of the CD. UCAS or student reference number and the name of the course you are applying for.

music. We advise you to look at contemporary magazines not just fashion editorials for up to date articles. Our main interest is you indicating your ability as a potential creative designer. drawings. In your work demonstrate your interest in fashion design through your knowledge and inspiration about contemporary fashion. What are we looking for? We are looking for: • • • • • • • A passion for the subject – demonstrating knowledge of fashion design Drawing skills – be able to demonstrate a range of approaches How you generate and develop ideas Experimental approach to handling and developing materials and textiles Basic awareness and knowledge of 3D construction Good fashion illustration skills If relevant – appropriate skills and knowledge for the broader context of subject such as textiles. websites or fashion blogs you visit and about any other cultural interests you have. how you experiment with materials and how you develop finished items from a concept or theme. photography and graphics 3 .Fashion Design BA (Hons) Fashion Design BA (Hons) Your portfolio should be around 20-30 pieces. Your portfolio should show an initiation of design ideas. i.e. travel. projects and a piece of written work. sports etc. In your personal statement it would be useful to explain which fashion magazines you read. You will need to send images from sketchbooks. dance. architecture. film.

Fashion Design BA (Hons) What should a portfolio contain? Drawing In your sketchbook and portfolio you need to demonstrate a good level of fashion drawing through use of different media. 4 . life drawing. Show general evidence of drawing ability through relevant still life. Where appropriate (not necessity) the use of CAD for illustration. initial fashion design sketches and sketch work relevant for textiles for fashion. technical elements and general presentation can be used.

Also include visual references to contemporary brands/designers and show your interests in the wider issues of fashion design. study trips abroad. such as exhibition visits. Include textile development (if applicable) through the use of colour and fabric exploration for fashion ideas. 5 . You should include primary and secondary research source material.Fashion Design BA (Hons) What should a portfolio contain? Sketchbooks Sketchbooks reveal how you utilise imagery and a concept to develop ideas through experimentation. as well as evidence of the subject matter that inspire you. artists’ inspiration and own interests. They reveal a great deal about how you approach a project.

6 .Fashion Design BA (Hons) What should a portfolio contain? Projects We are looking to see how you develop an idea and how you research and respond to a project brief. a deep involvement in your work and your conclusion or final idea. Show evidence of a project in your portfolio that demonstrates creativity. This could be any art or design project (either as part of your course or an independent project). Idea generation could also be demonstrated through toile documentation and final ideas can be shown through a photoshoot and/or sketch illustration work.

Fashion Design BA (Hons) What should a portfolio contain? Written work Please bring an essay or a recent example of writing as we require evidence of your writing ability. and enter into dialogue through wikis and blogs as well as produce written essays or journalistic pieces of writing. document lecture notes. For example. you will be asked to compile a technical file. 7 . Even though this is a practice-based degree. there are elements of written work required as part of the curriculum.