Thank to God, finally I had managed to finish this drama project successfully. And
also not forget all the drama members for the cooperation and tolerance during the
drama, from practice until the drama night. Without all of you, this drama project would
not be that success.
We receive this project about a month ago. When first I am received this task, I
am quite happy, because doing drama is my favourite. Doing the dramatization, being
on the stage, do the props, all that kinds of thing make me feel excited. So after the task
was given, an audition was held to choose the main casts, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth,
Macduff, Malcolm, Banquo, The Witches and King Duncan. I have also joined the
audition for the role Lady Macbeth, but I did not get the role. But to tell the truth, I did not
felt disappointed when the result announced that I did not get the role, because I joined
the audition is to have some fun, not really to take the important role. But then I get the
minor role, Lady Macduff, and I decided to accept and take the role. When I get the role
of Lady Macduff, I felt really happy, because Lady Macduff is the role that I aim for in
this drama. I want to try the different characters from what I had taken when I am in my
secondary, because I always got the evil character. Then, after the audition, the
practice then begins. Well, I really excited to wait the practice to start, but after almost 3
or 4 days of practice, I began to feel bored, because they were kept repeating same
scene, same act all over and over. During that time I always wondered, when will come
to my act, my scene, I had bored of watching the same scene same act, and still the
cast repeating their own mistakes. So, despite of doing nothing, I had chosen to join the
choir group which really needs people since my act still a long way to go. Joining the
choir was really amazing because first I no need to keep waiting for my role to act,
second, I can released my stress through singing.
Then, while practicing my part, I have to shout over and over, well, for me it’s
really a great experience, because through shouting I can release all the stress I have. I
admitted that sometimes, I really had bored with the repetitive practice over and over.
But because of this, I almost can memorize all the scripts from act 1 to act 5. Back to
the networking among the members, well, it was really obvious that first we really had

Like what some of us had said. pray to the God so that our drama will go smoothly without any interruption. we get the clap from the beginning till the end of our play. and also had caused our Miss Director. gave us a very good feedbacks and compliment. But luckily. All of the drama members cooperate with each other. Because the punctuality among us was really low. Madam Penny Lim. and next moment we already come to the end of the play. And before the time we started our drama. and still some of us cannot obey the time.several groups among us.” After we had finished our play. But after we were always met. doing props. we really did the drama on time. last moment. and the grouping among us did not exist anymore. Just like the witches said. all was like ignoring each other and some do not even bother to greet each other. And we really like a one big family now. but because of this drama. Do not mean to accuse anyone. we get a really big applause from the audience. a big headache. All the lightings. we had to do our drama one day earlier. casts changing clothes were go very smooth. this anger had really given us the spirit to continue this drama and would not fail. but there were some telltales along the practice. the props. and we were just feel like. Slowly the wall between us had been destroyed. Due to an event. Time management was the most important part in this drama practice. we prayed according to our religious. and what we had . Colyn. Or should I say. Well. “Is it over. started to know each other. we just finished our role play. And the most relieving is when our IPG Director. some of did not even talk to each other before. She had kept repeated the punctuality every time before the drama practice or even after the practice. is it really over? We want more. practice. preparing costumes together. they did talked with each other. Our drama night did not really go through very smooth. She congratulates us for what we have performed. And the drama just goes very smooth until all of us did not realize that we already come to the very end. slowly we started to close with each other. For the time management. cheer for each other. Before we started our important task. gossipmongers and telltales were common especially when doing a team works. always gathered together. start on time and end the drama just as targeted. once again we had go through a conflict because the one over four of the hall space had been taken for the events that held the next morning.

to manage my time. and then we can make a task success. Without a good time management we cannot really make an event that successful. not to pinpoint to anyone. we surely have much conflict and then we cannot make it through. if we are not having the teamwork among us. especially when come to the communication. and also learned to be punctual.given that night. Second is the teamwork. John. I do learn that each of us is different entity. She said we really had done something that really different. my voice. . I did learned a lot. I have learned how to communicate with others. learned how to project my sound. But the most important thing is. Every successful there will be an imperfection. For me. no matter the imperfection are obvious or not. and our different had really make her excited from the beginning till the end of the drama. to accept and tolerance. intonation while speaking to others are important in order to avoid misunderstanding. One of the strong points along this dramatization is surely the time management or punctuality that was really being stressed by our Miss Director and Mr. we had to respect. especially like the big group like us. the correct word. the attitude among some of us need to be improve. When do this project.

this project will not go through that successful. when we practice until the drama night. This surely will give a memorable time together. Both of you really had gave us many advice during our drama practice. and the most important person is the girl behind this magical drama. Colyn. mascot. And also thank for the guidance of Mr. And also not forgetting to all the drama members. lighting director. our lovely Miss Director. music director. and chairman of the play a. Thank to the casts. I really appreciate the cooperation from all of you to ensure this drama going well. our lecturers when we are doing this drama. And I also do appreciate the moments we having together. we cannot really gain the successful. Gordian. . the choir group. John and Mr.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Thank to God for guiding me during doing this project. our lovely narrator.a.k. without you all. Without the blessed from God. backstage crews.

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