Educator is someone who educates people. Educator is a person with
responsibility for developing, managing or delivering learning resources. The role of
educator is significant and valuable; educator has a great influence in the society itself.
Since the educators themselves have most influential knowledge in a society, therefore
they play an important role in order to educate the society to protect human life and
environment. Compare to other species, human is more special and unique. The
uniqueness of the human species can be explained by their blossomed intellectual
capabilities. Therefore, it is very important to us to protect human lives and do not ever
treat human lives as simply and easy since human lives is the precious gift from the
God. While environment encompasses all living and non-living things, it encompasses
the interaction of all the living species. In this context, environment is more to the
interaction between man and the living species and non-living things. Environment is
also the gift of God to human beings, therefore, if educator willingly to take up all the
effective weapons to protect environment, one day, future generation will maybe do not
know what is the environmental problem.
Nowadays, domestic violence is a great issue that had been talked since it
related to human lives. Domestic violence not only give effects on human physical but
also human psychological. It can be defined as a pattern of abusive behavior by one or
both partners in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating or family (Wikipedia).
Violence can be criminal and include physical assault such as hitting, pushing and etc,
sexual abuse and even stalking. The one that suffer from domestic violence may have
trauma. Victims also may have physical injuries such as bruises, scratched or fractured
bones. If they got more serious physical injuries, they might be disabled or even dead.
Domestic violence on victims can also result in chronic mental health problems. The
victims may feel fear and do not trust anyone around them, they will feel helplessness,
anger, disturbance or even may commit suicide. Therefore, as an educator, we should
have the responsibilities to educate the community about the domestic violence, keep it
from happening and hence creating healthy norms and healthy communities. Educators

Beside. By teaching the skills such as time management skills. but they are alienated from God. Heresy is a controversial or novel change to a system or beliefs. they will not intend to abuse another or use violence toward others when they are adult someday. since it make human soul lost and make human being far from God. and implies something slightly different in each. They should teach the societies especially their students that each of us needs God. The word heresy is usually used within a Christian. Therefore. for good as well as evil. they could ask their students to relate evolution with the concept of religious and conclude the relevantly of the theories and the concepts. but also others. Human are the main living organism in the ecosystem. Heresy endanger human lives. It is important to teach students the life skills. educators play an important . When the youth have more confident in releasing their stress and can manage their conflict better. educators can ask the students their opinion about the evolution. Christian heresy in the west. The morally corrupt person maybe living happily in the world. Jewish or Islamic context. it is very important to teach moral education as well as the religious to the societies to prevent the heresy occur in human lives. more understanding and more genuine. as an educator. Besides. it may have positive impact on the youth’s self-esteem. educator should be more supportive.. but could act on his own behalf. But. Then. Environmental issue is a known process that has negative effects on the sustainability of the environmental quality necessary for the well being of the organisms living in it. especially in religion. parenting skills and etc. Jews and Zionism are the example of the heresy in Christianity. heresy also can endanger human lives. because He is our creator. so. conflict management’s skills. Besides that. environmental issues also are the big deal in our lives nowadays. For example in the Science class. Educators themselves should be believed in God. communicating skills.should teach the life skills into the curriculum not only in moral education. their soul are empty. does it is the true happiness? For example. most commonly refers to those beliefs declared to be anathema by Catholic Church prior to the schism of 1054. the human lives will be put in the danger. again. if the ecosystem if destroyed. Some heresy states that man needed not God’s grace. So. and also respect and follow the will of God.

Educators need to engage students in learning about and acting on the climate change issue. Fossil fuels are made of dead plants and animals. For example. Physics and Math and then instill the moral values among the students. Electricity causes pollution in many ways. Many pollutants (chemicals that pollute the air. carbon monoxide. the educators should aware of these effects and take the responsibility to instill the awareness towards the environment among the students. Another factor that causes global warming is deforestation.role in order to protect our environment so human being will live a better life and have a better environment. Some examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum. water. It happens when greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide. water pollution and land pollution. when the gases are trap in the atmosphere. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into a natural environment that causes instability. air pollution. In the course of introducing the problem. carbon dioxide in the air is increase. fossil fuels are burned to create electricity. the gases will collect the light and the heat. disorder. Global warming is the rises of the temperature of the earth. and hence. Some of these chemicals are called greenhouse gases. Students should be taught to appreciate the environment that is created by God. harm or discomfort to the ecosystem such as living organisms. Therefore. There are several types of pollutions that are. One of the causes of global is electrical pollution. Carbon dioxide. Pollution is created mainly by human activities and actions. Chemistry. which increases the temperature of the earth. relevant problem – pollution and global warming. the teacher could talk about the involvement of Biology. water vapour. and land) are sent into the air when fossil fuels are burned. and hence. Many things cause the global warming. nitrous oxide. a teacher could walk into the classroom and then start to discuss on a current. The trees collect the carbon dioxide and release oxygen. sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides produce by industry and . and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. some worse than others. When trees are uncontrolled cut down. In most cases. the earth will become warmer and warmer. these living organisms will facing extinction. The rapid rise in the temperature of the earth make the climate change faster and some living things might not be able to adapt fast.

The responsibilities to protect our human lives and environment are not only on the educator. Educator can also pressure the authorities to take a prompt action towards those who irresponsible or who refuse to cooperate with the authorities. To solve these problems. even the things we see is the small matter. but we. as an educator. For example. and hence endanger human lives. We have to appreciate and do not ever destroy the creation of God. since human was at the top of the food web. They should be capable to explain on whatever we throw. Educators themselves should feel responsible to the environment by practice all the ways that they are teaches the others. a society should take and help the educator to protect human lives and environment. they should teach the students and public to recycle. Besides. as a community. indirectly it also destroyed the food web itself. To conclude. . we as human beings should take our responsibilities to protect every single thing in this all. the coal burning that produces smoke can be a health hazard. since the pollutants may destroy the habitat. there can be used again. every single creatures and things in the world are created by God.motor vehicles are the common air pollutants. the pollution occur may also lead to the destroyed of the ecosystem. educator should create public awareness on the environmental problem. Also. will also lead to danger of human health. Radiation.