16PF® Questionnaire

Key Features & Benefits
Comprehensive. Analyzes 16
different normal personality traits
(Primary Factors), in addition to
5 Global Factors, providing more
in-depth information about an
individual than instruments that only
measure the Big Five dimensions.
Proven Reliability & Validity.
Authenticated by over 2,700
independent, peer-reviewed research
articles, the 16PF Questionnaire is a
highly reliable, valid, and accurate
predictor of future behavior and
likely success.
Legally-compliant. Questions
are non-invasive and designed to
meet EEOC requirements related
to the Civil Rights Act of 1990 and
the Americans with Disabilities
Act. This ensures test results that
minimize the risk of adverse impact
for protected groups. With combined
gender norms matched to the U.S.
Census, the 16PF Questionnaire
is appropriate for use in human
resource applications.
Versatile. A number of 16PF
interpretive reports are available
for use in a variety of contexts,
such as selection and placement,
onboarding, leadership development,
career counseling, and screening and
selection for high-risk Public Safety
and Security occupations.
Customizable. A tailored report
maps 16PF factors to a particular
role or to your own competency
framework, enabling you to focus on
the concepts most important to your
Global. Available online in more
than 20 languages.

The 16PF Questionnaire is a robust, reliable, and comprehensive
measure of 16 personality traits that describe and predict a person’s
behavior in a variety of contexts, revealing potential, confirming
capacity to sustain performance in a larger role, and helping to identify
development needs.

16PF Primary Factors
Left Meaning

16PF Primary Factor

Right Meaning

Reserved, Impersonal,

A Warmth

Warm, Outgoing,
Attentive to Others


B Reasoning


Reactive, Emtionally

C Emotional Stability

Emotionally Stable,
Adaptive, Mature

Deferential, Cooperative,
Avoids Conflict

E Dominance

Dominant, Forceful,

Serious, Restrained,

F Liveliness

Lively, Animated,


G Rule-Consciousness


Shy, Threat-Sensitive,

H Social Boldness

Socially Bold,

Utilitarian, Objective,

I Sensitivity

Sensitive, Aesthetic,

Trusting, Unsuspecting,

L Vigilance

Vigilant, Suspicious,
Skeptical, Wary

Grounded, Practical,

M Abstractedness


Forthright, Genuine

N Privateness

Private, Discreet,

Self-Assured, Unworried,

O Apprehension

Apprehensive, SelfDoubting, Worried

Traditional, Attached to

Q1 Openness to Change

Open to Change,


Q2 Self-Reliance


Tolerates Disorder,
Unexacting, Flexible

Q3 Perfectionism


Relaxed, Placid, Patient

Q4 Tension

Tense, High Energy,

Some of the more popular reports include: • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF • 16PF Competency Report Career Success Report Career Development Report Interpretive Report Leadership Coaching Report Management Potential Report Practitioner Report Profile and Manager Feedback Report Protective Services Report Teamwork Development Report The 16PF Questionnaire is a remarkable instrument that has withstood the test of time. Emotionally Unstable Receptive. Counselors and clinicians use 16PF personality insights as an aid in clinical decision making.ipat. Resolute Accommodating. Leadership Development. Individual Development. Individual and Couple’s Counseling. ® 16PF is a registered trademark of the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing. Willful Unrestrained. Participating Hardy. Stress-Resilient AX Anxiety Stress-Prone. or as determined by a psychologist Test Administration Options Online using IPAT’s NetAssess® service (Internet) PC administration using IPAT’s OnSite software Test Booklet and Answer Sheet Scoring Options Automatically (using NetAssess or OnSite) Scan answer sheet (using OnSite) Hand enter item responses (using OnSite or NetAssess) Mail-In Ordering Information Contact IPAT Customer Service for additional information and to order 16PF Questionnaire reports.  It helps us better understand people but. Inc. Inhibited EX Extraversion Extraverted. most important. Outplacement Consulting. Reliable Administration Time 25-35 minutes (online. Career Counseling. Follows Urges SC Self-Control Self-Controlled. For example. Drs. One Test.com www. 800 225 4728 custserv@ipat. Agreeable IN Independence Independent. Persuasive.Applications Pre-offer screening. Inc.com . Team Building and Development. These five Global Factors provide an overview of the test taker’s broad traits and characteristics which can serve as a preliminary look at the individual before digging deeper into the 16 Primary Factors. Career counselors find the links to occupational and other interests helpful in guiding clients. untimed) For Ages 16 years and above. it helps people understand themselves. Multiple Applications The 16PF Questionnaire generates many interpretive reports which are useful in a variety of applications to predict a wide range of life behaviors. Jim and Paula Finn The Finn Group IPAT. Selection and Placement. Human Resources personnel consider the test a useful component of selection batteries and essential for personal and professional development planning.). Inc. (IPAT. Identifying Management Potential. Open-Minded TM Tough-Mindedness Tough-Minded. Executive Coaching. 16PF Global Factors Left Meaning 16PF Global Factor Right Meaning Introverted. Research Test Form Test: 16PF Questionnaire Test Languages: 22 (Refer to our catalog or website for a complete list) Report Language: English Number of Items: 185 Response Format: Multiple Choice The 16PF Questionnaire also produces a set of five scales that are a combination of related primary scales.