The Musim Mas Group is one of the Platinum Sponsors of the Annual Palm and Lauric Oils Price

Outlook Conference 2006/2007. Musim Mas operates the world’s largest palm oil refinery in Medan, Indonesia, and accounts for 20% of Indonesia’s palm oil exports. Musim Mas CEO, Mr. Bachtiar Karim, is on the Executive Board of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which claims to “to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil through cooperation within the supply chain and open dialogue with its stakeholders.”

These workers and their families were then evicted from the plantation estate housing on December 26, 2005 and 300 children expelled from estate schools. Six trade union leaders were arrested as a result of the strike and held in jail from September 2005. In February 2006 five of the union leaders were sentenced with prison terms ranging from 14 months to two years. They have been criminalised for their activity as duly elected trade union leaders. The “Musim Mas Six” are prisoners of conscience. When a protest about the actions of the Musim Here are some facts the A global campaign Mas Group was made to Musim Mas Group does against PT Musim the RSPO, Musim Mas claimed in a presentation to Mas products is not want you to know: the RSPO Executive Board underway over In October 2004, workhuman rights in November 2005 that they ers at the PT Musim Mas oil violations had done nothing wrong. In palm plantation and processing plant in mid-February 2006 the RSPO Executive Pelalawan, Riau Province, Indonesia, Board was presented with documenformed an independent trade union, SP tation which shows that Musim Mas KAHUTINDO PT MM. In mid 2005, lo- systematically misled the RSPO. (This cal government offices made several information is available at www.iufdocurulings and recommendations regarding by PT Musim Mas of regula- MasPowerPoint.pdf). The United Nations on occupational health and safety, tion’s International Labour Organisation maternity leave, overtime and social se- (ILO) has already contacted the Indonecurity payments, amongst others. sian Government requesting its urgent PT Musim Mas rejected all recogni- intervention in the Musim Mas case. tion and negotiation with the union and A complaint charging gross vioignored these rulings. Union officers lations of international labour rights were harassed, fired or forced to resign. Left with no choice in September has been lodged with the United Na2005 workers went on strike to try to tion’s ILO. Amnesty International is force PT Musim Mas to negotiate. In a investigating the arrest, trial and consavage act of collective retribution for viction of the union leaders and the this strike, over 700 union members company’s role in these events. A were dismissed on September 22, 2005. global campaign is now underway for justice for PT Musim Mas workers.

Musim Mas: Buyer Beware!