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\li1800\ri1984\sb103\sl-273\slmult0 \up0 \expndtw-4\charscalex100 \ul0\nosupersu
b\cf1\f2\fs24 REVENUE MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 7-2014 \ul0\nosupersub\cf2\f3\fs24
issued on February 5, \up0 \expndtw0\charscalex104 2014 clarifies the issues an
d reiterates the registration as well as compliance \up0 \expndtw-2\charscalex10
0 requirements of Marginal Income Earners (MIE) pursuant to Revenue Regulations
\up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 (RR) No. 7-2012. \par\pard\qj \li1800\ri1944\sb7\s
l-273\slmult0\fi719 \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 MIE is an individual not deriv
ing compensation as an employee under an \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 employeremployee relationship but who is self-employed and deriving gross sales \up0 \ex
pndtw0\charscalex104 or receipts not exceeding P 100,000 in any 12-month perio
d. Moreover, the \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 activities of MIE should be princ
ipally for subsistence or livelihood. \par\pard\qj \li1800\ri1975\sb5\sl-276\slm
ult0\fi719 \up0 \expndtw0\charscalex100 The MIE shall include but not limited to
agricultural growers/producers \up0 \expndtw-2\charscalex100 (farmers/fishermen
) selling directly to ultimate consumers, small sari-sari stores, \up0 \expndtw0
\charscalex100 small carinderias or \u8220?turo-turos\u8221?, drivers/operators
of a single unit tricycle, and \up0 \expndtw-4\charscalex100 such, but shall not
include licensed professionals, consultants, artists, sales agents, \up0 \expnd
tw-2\charscalex100 brokers and others similarly situated, including all others w
hose income have been \up0 \expndtw-5\charscalex100 subjected to withholding tax
. \par\pard\qj \li1800\ri1927\sb1\sl-280\slmult0\fi719 \up0 \expndtw-3\charscale
x100 The incidence of being a MIE, as required under RR No. 7-2012, covers the \
line \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 following privileges and minimum registration
and tax compliance requirements: \par\pard\ql \li2520\ri1988\sb0\sl-280\slmult0
\tx2880 \up0 \expndtw0\charscalex101 a.\ul0\nosupersub\cf3\f4\fs24 \ul0\nosuper
sub\cf2\f3\fs24 Registration with the BIR using BIR Form 1901 with the followin
g \line\tab \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 minimal documentary requirements: \par
\pard\ql \li2880\sb1\sl-257\slmult0 \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 i. Sworn Stat
ement of Income for the year; and \par\pard\ql \li2880\ri1992\sb5\sl-280\slmult0
\tx3151 \up0 \expndtw0\charscalex101 ii. National Statistics Office Certified or
Local Civil Registry Birth \line\tab \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 Certificate;
\par\pard\ql \li2520\sb1\sl-255\slmult0 \up0 \expndtw-4\charscalex100 b.\ul0\no
supersub\cf3\f4\fs24 \ul0\nosupersub\cf2\f3\fs24 Exemption from the payment of
Annual Registration Fee; \par\pard\ql \li2520\ri1988\sb5\sl-280\slmult0\tx2880
\up0 \expndtw0\charscalex100 c.\ul0\nosupersub\cf3\f4\fs24 \ul0\nosupersub\cf2\
f3\fs24 Registration of Books of Accounts (e.g. two-column journal or other \li
ne\tab \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 simplified books for daily expenses and rev
enues); \par\pard\ql \li2520\ri1994\sb1\sl-280\slmult0\tx2880 \up0 \expndtw0\cha
rscalex100 d.\ul0\nosupersub\cf3\f4\fs24 \ul0\nosupersub\cf2\f3\fs24 Issuance
of registered principal receipts/sales invoices as prescribed \line\tab \up0 \ex
pndtw-3\charscalex100 under Revenue Memorandum Order No. 12-2013; \par\pard\ql \
li2520\ri1930\sb0\sl-280\slmult0\tx2880 \up0 \expndtw-4\charscalex100 e.\ul0\nos
upersub\cf3\f4\fs24 \ul0\nosupersub\cf2\f3\fs24 Filing and payment of Annual I
ncome Tax Return using BIR Form 1701 \line\tab \up0 \expndtw-4\charscalex100 sim
ilar to any other self-employed individuals; and \par\pard\ql \li2520\ri1986\sb0
\sl-280\slmult0\tx2880 \up0 \expndtw-1\charscalex100 f.\ul0\nosupersub\cf3\f4\fs
24 \ul0\nosupersub\cf2\f3\fs24 Exemption from payment of business taxes (i.e.

45824.12).45824.24577.Value-Added Tax or \line\tab \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 any Percentage Tax).16384. {\shp {\*\shpinst\shpleft4513\shptop3236\shpright4647\shpbottom3248\shpfhdr0\shp bxpage\shpbypage\shpwr3\shpwrk0\shpfblwtxt1\shpz215\shplid0 {\sp{\sn shapeType}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn fFlipH}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn fFlipV}{\sv 0}}{\sp{ \sn geoRight}{\sv 134}}{\sp{\sn geoBottom}{\sv 12}} {\sp{\sn pVerticies}{\sv 8.(} } {\sp{\sn fFillOK}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn fFilled}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn fillColor}{\sv 0}}{\s p{\sn fLine}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn lineType}{\sv 0}}{\sp{\sn fArrowheadsOK}{\sv 1}}{\s p{\sn fBehindDocument}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn lineColor}{\sv 0}} }}\par\pard\sect\sectd\fs24} . upon evaluation of application for registration.(0.45824.(0.12).0)}} {\sp{\sn pSegmentInfo}{\sv 2.1. \par\pard\qj \li1800\ri1929\sb0\sl-273\slmult0\fi719 \up0 \expndtw0\charscalex10 0 The BIR District Office.10. \up0 \expndtw-3\charscalex100 shall issue the Certificate of Registration and shall likewise ensure compliance with \up0 \expndtw-2\charscalex100 the registration o f books of accounts and issuance of Authority To Print for their \up0 \expndtw-3 \charscalex100 Principal Receipts/Sales Invoices.