ASH Report

In Oracle, ASH stands for Active Session History. An ASH report details statistics from the inmemory performance monitoring tables. The report provides:

Top User Events (frequent wait events)

Details to the wait events

Top Queries

Top Sessions

Top Blocking Sessions

Top DB Objects (Note: be wary of the QRTZ_LOCKS result. This table is what Quartz,
our third-party Java scheduler, uses as a locking mechanism. As a result, any contention
is intentional and will not affect performance).

Activity Over Time

The simplest way to generate this report is through the Oracle Enterprise Manager tool (OEM);
however, there are times when this tool is not available. On those occasions, the DBA user can
generate the report from the machine hosting Oracle, as described in the steps below.

Active Session History (ASH)
Oracle collects Active Session History (ASH) statistics (mostly wait statistics for different
events) for all active sessions every second from v$session and stores them in a circular FIFO
buffer in the SGA. ASH records are very recent session history within the last 5-10 mins. The
MMNL (Manageability Monitor light - shows up as "Manageability Monitor light 2" process)
process, if the buffer fills up before the AWR flushes (by default every hour) the MMNL process
will flush the data to disk (data stored in dba_hist_active_session_history).

this is the circular buffer and olde information will be rewritten over. File. collects this i every second from v$session. ASH Report It is possible to run a report on the ASH data collected.ASH resides in the SGA and it’s size is calculated by the lesser of:  total # of cpu x 2MB memory  5% of shared pool So on a 16 cpu server with a shared pool of 500MB  Ash desired size 16 x 2MB = 32MB  5% of 500MB = 25MB (this is the lower so ASH will be 25MB) ASH collects the following:  SQL_ID  SID  Client ID. Module. the script will ask what yo specify a time and if the report is to be generated in text to html. V$SESSION this view holds all the sessions information (72 columns of info DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY provides historical information about recent active session histo basically snapshots from v$active_session_history. Service ID  Program.sql information on SQL which includes blocking and wait details. actual wait time (if session is waiting) Useful Views V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY stores the history session history of every session. . ashrpt. the report generates information about SQL that ran during the time you specify and it includes blocking and wait details. Action  Object. Block  Wait event number.

Note: report is in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin .