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Table of contents

Introduction ………………………………………………………………... 3
The Connection between Mind and Body ………………….…………… 5
The Power of Mind over Body …………………………………………… 8
Help Your Body Heal Itself …………….………………………….……... 11
Six Steps to Heal Yourself through the Power of the Mind ……..……..15
The Brilliant Mind Solution or How to Heal Your Own Mind ..……….19
Practices for Self-Healing …..……………………………………………... 25
Change Your Energy Flow and State of Being in 5 Minutes ...………… 29
Why Not to Lose Hope ………………………………………………...….. 31
Conclusion ……………………………………………………...…………... 34

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One of the most important things you can do in life is to care for your health. It
is vital to stay physically and mentally fit. You are able to enjoy all that life has to offer
when your body and your mind respond as you would like it to. On the flip side of
the coin, if you are sick and spend all your attention following traditional medicine
trying to stay healthy and happy, you cannot enjoy life. And health can be elusive.
You can’t buy health. You could have millions of dollars and be surrounded by all the
conventional luxuries that life has to offer, but you cannot purchase a new body and mind.
Your money means nothing when your body is breaking down due to negligence.
Throughout time, scientists and doctors have put in a lot of time and money to
research cures for diseases. Incredible strides have been made in medical research, but
no cure is 100 percent effective. Plus, traditional cures utilized by Western medicine
for many diseases are painful and expensive and can even cause new issues to arise.
Most of us start out healthy, and it is easier to maintain your health than to try and get
it back once it is gone. Even if you aren’t healthy right now, you can do the work to gain back
control of your own life and health. Unfortunately, Western medicine doesn’t focus on
staying healthy. Instead, they focus on taking drugs to cure diseases once we have
them. They won’t talk about natural cures that people can utilize themselves.

What is even more amazing is that these natural cures, such as the ones
described in this book, are safer and more effective than anything you will
get from your doctor!

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One of the things to know is that the human mind has great power over the body. If
you can control your mind, you have a much better chance of staying healthy. If you
train your mind, your body will follow. No medicine can heal your body the way your
mind can. You may have a hard time believing this, but if you think about it, you have
probably already experienced the mind-body connection. Most of us have
experienced this connection when we focus on the negative side of it. For example, if
you are feeling emotionally stressed out, you often feel it in your body. If it works
for the negative, it also works for the positive. If you spend time taking care of your
mental state, you can also take care of your body.
Most people spend a lot of their time being harsh on themselves. Think of all the
energy you spent on hating yourself, begrudging how you look or how you feel and
hating your physical self when you get sick. Instead, think of how much better you
could be if you took that energy and invested it in your body, taking care of it and
loving it. Read on to find out how to get the best out of your body and your mind
so that you can have a life full of health and vitality.

“We are shaped by our thoughts;
we become what we think. When
the mind is pure, joy follows like a
shadow that never leaves.”


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The Connection between Mind and Body

Scientists have been studying the connection between the mind and the body
and have found that what we think does have a tremendous effect on the body. Much
of the research has focused on how emotional and mental stress affects the body.
When you think about it, it makes sense. When we think, it activates many systems
in our body. Let’s take a look at this process.
When you think about something, especially if it is emotionally charged, the
thought activates the brain’s limbic system. The limbic system is in charge of a variety
of processes, including the flow of adrenaline, emotion, motivation, memory, and the
sense of smell. Our emotional life is contained mostly in the limbic system. When the limbic
system is activated by an emotionally charged thought, they release chemicals called
peptides into your body. These peptides then start swimming in your body, attaching
themselves to receptors in the nervous system. The purpose of these peptides is to
carry the messages created in the brain to these receptors, which then spread them
throughout the entire body. This results is a chemical chain reaction in the body,
causing the body to react to the thought or emotion you had. So, thinking about
something emotional actually changes the chemical make-up of your body. So,
depending on your emotions, your body has different chemicals available to run the physical
body. For example, if you are thinking about something stressful that is occurring at
work, your brain sends these signals throughout your entire body, which then secretes
a chemical called cortisol. Cortisol causes your heart to race and your breathing to
increase. It prepares your body for the fight or flight response. Cortisol also inhibits
insulin production, which can be a factor in diabetes. So, from a simple thought about
a stressful situation at work, your body creates a cascade reaction that affects many of
your systems.

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Another good way to explain this





mechanism for physical pain. Imagine
how you feel when you stub your toe.
When you do so, the nerve endings in
your toe are activated. They send




pathways throughout your body via
neurons, which send the message to
your brain that you stubbed your toe.
Since your nervous system sends
information throughout the body, you
entire body is flooded with chemicals
in reaction to the pain you feel in your
toe. When the information reaches your brain, it activates different parts of your brain.
For example, the thalamus organizes the information and sends it on to the sensory
cortex. In the sensory cortex, the information is interpreted as pain and it moves onto
the next stage in the system, the motor cortex. The motor cortex sends the interpreted
information (I feel pain) back to the thalamus, which sends the information
throughout the body so that you can react to the pain. All this happens in a matter of

As you can see from these two example, your body is a complete
interconnected system of neurons and chemicals that send signals
throughout the entire body.

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Much like how the physical pain receptors react, emotional reactions act the same
way. It may not be the same chemicals that are activated, and the pain starts in the
brain rather than your big toe, but the mechanism is the same.
Several parts of the brain, including the thalamus, are involved in the production of
emotions. These parts of the brain make up the limbic system. The limbic system is also
related to the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. The endocrine
system is responsible for secreting hormones into the circulatory system, which then
circulate throughout the entire body. The autonomic nervous system is responsible
for maintaining functions of the body that are out of our conscious control, such as
breathing, heart rate, digestion, perspiration, urination, and swallowing, among
others. If these systems are connected, and the limbic system sends signals to both the
system that secretes hormones and the system that controls the involuntary functions
in the body, it is easy to see how an emotional reaction can completely change how
the physical body reacts. Just like the reaction to stress, when your body creates
cortisol, which causes an increase in breathing and heart rate, your body creates
chemicals when any emotion is felt. So, again, if this process works in the negative, it
makes sense that it also works in the positive.
Now that we have established that there is scientific evidence of the mind-body
connection, the next chapter will discuss in more depth the power of the mind over
the body.

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The Power of Mind over Body

Remember, your body is not just a physical object. It is so much more than that.
Your body is the housing for many processes and is the home of a constant flow of
energy and information. For example, when you think, many chemical processes in
the brain are affected. Every thought, feeling, and emotion creates a molecule known
as a neuropeptide. These neuropeptides then travel through your body and hook onto
receptor sites of cells and neurons. This process can change your emotions and give
you physical reactions in your body. This is the
process of the nervous system.
Your brain takes in any information it
receives, converts it into chemicals, and through the
processes of the limbic and nervous systems, and lets
the entire body know what is going on. If there is
something stressful or you are experiencing some kind of
emotional pain, your body feels it through this process. On
the flip side, your body feels it is there is a celebration
going on and you feel great. You can feel it in your
body. This is the process that occurs as these
chemicals course through the bloodstream, delivering the energetic effects of the
emotions your brain is feeling.
So, it goes to reason that if the functions of our brain and mental faculties can
affect our body, then it makes sense to go to the next level and say that if we can
control our mental state, we can, in fact, have a great impact on our bodies and even
control these responses. It seems like such a simple statement, but the effects are

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profound! Imagine that you can heal your body through the workings of your brain!
It sounds amazing, but it is in fact a reality.
Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? It was discovered while doing drug
trials for pharmaceuticals. Doctors would give half the patients the drug they were
testing and a sugar or saline pill to the other half. They found, however, that between
18 and 80 percent of the patients on the placebo, depending on the study, also got better.
The only explanation they could come up with is that the patient healed themselves
through the belief that they would get better because of the medication, which they were not
taking. They were given all the information about the effects of the drug they may or
may not be on, and they held the belief that it would help them get better. And it did!
Therefore, the power of the mind over the body is the only reason they could have
One study on the use of aspirin and pain illustrates this effect perfectly.
Researchers wanted to see if there was a difference in how people reacted to brand
name versus generic aspirin. They had four groups. Two groups were given aspirin.
They were the exact same drug, but one was marked with a brand name and one was
marked as being a generic medication. The other two groups were given a sugar pill,
either one marked generic or one marked with a brand name. They found that people
who took the aspirin marked with the brand name had better pain relief than the ones who
took the one marked generic. But they were the exact same medication! The other
astonishing thing is that the people who took the placebo marked with the brand name
also had reduced pain more significantly than the ones who took the placebo marked
generic. And they were getting no medication at all! So, it goes to show that people
have better healing when they think they are getting the best that money can buy,
even if they weren’t receiving any medication at all!
A study of a very different type also shows the effects of the mind on the body.
This study, conducted in 1989, took people who were 70 years old and older to a tenday long retreat where they were asked to pretend it was 1959. They spent ten days
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pretending it was, in fact, 1959, watching those TV shows, listening to the music of the
time, wearing clothes from the 50s and talking about the current events from the fifties.
At the beginning of the week, scientists took a variety of physiological measurements,
including height, finger length, strength, mental cognition, and eyesight. After ten
days of pretending it was 1959, the researchers took the same measurements and
found something astonishing. These people were physiologically younger! Their
heights increased, their fingers increased in length, their mental functioning
improved, and even their eyesight got better! They lived in a time when they were
younger for ten days and they body actually responded by getting younger!
There are hundreds and thousands of stories of people who have been cured
from supposedly incurable illnesses through the power of the mind. The power of the
mind is astonishing, and the purpose of this book is to help you harness that power so you, too,
can heal your body and your life. The next chapter will explain how you can start to
harness the power of this process.

10 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

Help Your Body Heal Itself

Research has shown that, more important than diet and exercise (though these
things are very important also), the major factor that determines how healthy you are
include your attitudes, your social networks, your community, and your spiritual
beliefs. Ninety-five percent of all illnesses are caused or worsened by stress. Think
about it. When you are feeling emotional stress, what happens in your body? You get
headaches, your stomach hurts, and you feel tired. As the last chapters
demonstrated, you can both be negatively and positively affected by the power of your mind.
This chapter will talk more about how to improve your health by utilizing your mind,
one of the greatest healing forces in your life.
It’s an interesting question to ask. If the mind is so powerful that it can heal
the body even from devastating illnesses, why does this not happen all the time? The
nervous system can operate in one of two modes, but both cannot be active at the same
time. The first mode is the one most of us are operating in, the sympathetic nervous
system. What the sympathetic nervous system does is produce what is often called the
stress response. This response is meant to protect you and save you when your life is in
danger. The stress response includes an increase in the flow of adrenaline, necessary
for either fighting an opponent or running away, the flight response. Our heart rate
increases and the heart pumps more blood to give strength to our muscles to battle or
run away. However, these days most people feel under stress almost all the time. It
is estimated that the average person feels the stress response up to 50 times per day! And very
few of these are actual situations where our lives may be in danger, which is what the
stress response was created for. Our bodies have not adapted to modern life, and
continue to see every stress trigger as a life or death situation. Because of this, the
sympathetic nervous system never gets shut off. Our bodies are always in a state of
fight or flight. Because we are constantly under stress, we rarely feel the effects of the
11 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

other half of the nervous system. There is no use for the opposite response if the body
thinks we won’t even live until tomorrow.
The other way the body can function is through the parasympathetic nervous
system, which is also called the relaxation response. The body’s natural healing
processes cannot be utilized when under
stress because it is mostly concerned with
surviving the present moment. It only
works when the parasympathetic nervous
system is activated. But since we are always
stressed out, the parasympathetic nervous
system never gets a chance to operate the
body’s natural healing properties. So, the
most important thing you can do for yourself is to learn to relax.
Stress is killing us. Because we don’t relax. Our bodies are in a constant
state of stress. And stress can have a negative effect on illnesses we
already have, making them worse.

Statistics show that 95 percent of all illnesses are worsened by stress. The
hormones that are secreted when under stress, such as cortisol, damage the
hippocampus, the part of the brain that deals with memory. This can cause memory loss
and even dementia. Cortisol even blocks the production of insulin, a factor in diabetes.
So, it is obvious that the stress response is dangerous, and we need to find ways to
counteract it.
You need to harness the power of your brain so that you can get or stay
healthy. There are several things you can do to decrease your stress level and activate
your parasympathetic nervous system. I will describe some here and some more later
in this book.

12 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

 Figure out what is causing the stress in your life and eliminate it. Sometimes
stress can be the result of a poor diet where you do not get enough of the
essential nutrients to feed your body. Sometimes it can be from exposure to an
allergy or toxic chemical. And of course, it can be mental stress, such as
problems at work or home. If you deal with the cause of the stress, you will
feel better.
 Learn to relax. Several strategies you can use to help you relax are discussed in
a future chapter, which includes meditation, positive thinking, visualization,
and others. Also, things such as a walk in nature, getting a massage, or taking
a hot bath can really help you relax. Heat therapy is a good way to relax. Sitting
in a sauna, hot tub, or even a hot bath will relax your body.
 Get exercise. Exercise is one of the best natural antidepressants in the world.
Moving your body naturally diffuses the stress it feels. Make sure to make the
kind of exercise you do fun and enjoyable. Do something you love. If you feel
this is just another obligation, you are just piling more stress on yourself.
 Change how you think. If you are a negative person, your negativity will feed
your stress response. You must change how you look at things. Positive
thinking is a necessary component to healing yourself. Examine your thoughts
and your beliefs. You have control over them.
 Find a community. Being involved with others is one of the best things you can
do to strengthen your mental health. You will have a support system in place
when you need them. Studies have even shown that belonging to a group and
having a strong support system reduces the risk of death and increases lifespan,
no matter what healthy habits people had. This goes for any group, including
religious groups, sports clubs, and even a quilting group. The important thing
was to have friends and have fun. So, one way to engage the parasympathetic
nervous system and engage in the stress response is to have a community
surrounding you that you can lean on.

13 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

 Embrace your spirituality. No matter what religion you follow, having faith in
something greater than you gives you something to lean on when times get
tough. Develop your faith. Focusing on your spiritual beliefs lets you get out of
your own mind and reminds you that there is something greater than you
looking out for you. Join a church or temple. Meditate. Find like-minded
people who share your beliefs. Looking outside oneself to something greater
than the ego is a great way to reduce stress. It is no longer just about you.
The power of the mind has been documented. Scientists are researching just
how far this power can go. But most importantly, if you try, you can feel it in your own
life. The rest of this book gives you several different ways to take control of your
body and your mind. Start by following the recommendations above and
incorporate the other ideas that are listed in the rest of this book into your life. You
will be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. You have the power to take
control of your life.

14 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

Six Steps to Heal Yourself
through the Power of the Mind
This chapter discusses the six steps you need to take to start healing your body
with your mind. Hopefully by now you believe in the mind-body connection. The evidence
of such a connection is impossible to ignore. Now, if you follow these steps, you can
see for yourself the ability of the mind to control the body. Experiment with these six
steps and see what it does for you.
 Believe you can heal yourself: The first thing you need to do is to tell yourself
that you have the power to heal yourself. If you don’t believe it, your mind
already knows that and is already sending negative information to your
body. If you have an illness, for example, and you believe you will die from it,
you already have that signal implanted throughout your body. There are
thousands of documented cases that demonstrate that many incurable illnesses
have been cured through the power of the mind. People with stage 4 cancer
have gone into spontaneous remission, people with HIV have tested clean, and
even people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses normal
managed by medication, but seen to be incurable, have disappeared. This has
happened because people have believed that they can heal their body. Prayer
has been shown in studies to be an effective cure for many illnesses when the
people really believe. The power of the mind is amazing, and if you believe you
can heal, you give yourself the ability to heal. If you believe you will always be
sick, your body cannot overcome the signals from your mind. So believe that
you can be healthy and you can become healthy.
 Find the right support: You need to have a medical team that can support you
with your healing. If you are seeing a doctor that believes only in shoveling
medicine, that doctor is not the right one for you. Assembling people who
15 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

believe in the power of positive thought, respects you as a person, and is willing
to care for you completely, both physically and mentally, will have a profound
effect on your ability to heal. Having support for your emotional well-being as
well as your physical health is an absolute necessity.
 Listen to your body and your intuition: No one knows your body better than
you do. No doctor, no healer can tell you exactly what is wrong if you can’t. So
you must learn to listen to what your body is telling you. A good way to start
this is to examine your physical symptoms. If you have stomach aches, for
example, ask yourself what your body is trying to tell you. Take a few minutes
to sit in a quiet room and ask yourself what your symptom is trying to tell you,
then listen to it. You will get a sense of what is going on. And once you
understand you’re your body is trying to tell you, you can take steps to act on
that information to improve your health. Remember, you know what is best for you,
if you choose to listen.
 Diagnose the root cause of your illness: You know what is wrong with you.
Your doctor has given your physical illness a name. You can feel it. But this
should not be the end of it. You need to figure out what is causing your body’s selfhealing mechanisms to stop working. When you have an emotional block, you are
triggering your body’s stress response, which is causing your symptoms. So,
you know what the symptoms are. Now you need to figure out what is causing
your body to trigger the response that
is causing your symptoms. Oftentimes
illness is caused by us neglecting our
emotional needs. So figure out what is
causing your physical symptoms and
you will be able to deal with it.
 Write the prescription for yourself:
once you know what is causing your illness, you need to create an action plan
for dealing with them. This could be a combination of traditional Western
16 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

medicine if you find it helpful and not harmful, a change in your diet and
exercise regimen, and making changes to your life. Are you chronically stressed
because you are in a job you hate? It is time to find a new job. If you are in toxic
relationships, you may choose to end them. Taking steps to make your life
healthier and happier will go a long way healing yourself.
 Surrender your attachments to the outcomes: The one thing that you must
understand is that, after putting all these practices into play, you may still
suffer some symptoms. Like any other treatment, it may not be perfect. You may
not have gotten to the root of your problem. Don’t blame yourself or feel guilt
for this situation. If you are guilty or angry that you didn’t get the results you
were hoping for, you will continue to activate the stress response in your body.
You must surrender attachments to the outcome.
These six steps are essential to healing your body and your mind. There are two
strategies that scientists have studied that show that these six steps can and will
help you heal. The first is positive thinking.
You have heard about the positive effects of positive thinking. It has been
shown that positive thinking can and does have great healing effects on the body.
Negativity affects the body negatively, and positivity releases chemicals in your
body to help it heal. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is
necessary to engage your own healing properties. So changing your mindset is
essential to healing.
Second, think about the placebo effect. The idea behind the placebo effect is as
follows. If someone tells you that something will cure you and you follow that
prescription, you will be cured. Medical professionals have used this idea when
testing medicine. If you are given a medication that your doctor says will cure an
illness, you believe it will cure you. However, oftentimes they have given patients
sugar cubes or something with no healing value, yet the person is still cured after
following the doctor’s advice. This demonstrates the power of the mind. You
17 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

believe it will cure you, so it does, even if there doesn’t seem to be any logical
reason for the healing to take place. This is how positive thinking works. You believe
it will work so it does, even if there is no other reason for it to do so.

18 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

The Brilliant Mind Solution
or How to Heal Your Own Mind
Of course, if you have issues with your mind, you will not be able to use it to
heal your body. So, I will outline here a 4 step program to help heal your mind.
This program will give you several benefits, including helping you feel more alert
and focused, helping you to stabilize your moods, helping you to improve your
memory, helping you increase your energy, helping you improve your sleep,
improving your digestion, decreasing chronic sinus issues, eliminating joint pain,
and eliminating headaches. You may also lose weight and increase your sex drive.
If you like the sound of these wonderful effects, here is what you need to do to
experience these benefits.
The four steps include eating right, taking appropriate supplements, living the
correct lifestyle including exercise, relaxation, getting proper sleep, and training
your brain, and to live clean and green. I will explain each of these steps in turn.
1. Eat Right: The food you put into your body has the biggest effect on your
health, both physical and mental. You need the proper nutrients for your
body and brain to function at their peak. And on the flip side, if you put in
junk, your body will not function well. There are several things you should
 Eat real food. Your food should be unprocessed, organic, and fresh. A
good way to decide whether you should ingest it is to ask if your
great-grandmother would recognize it. If she would not, then you
shouldn’t eat it. Most real food is located in the outside of the grocery
store. The aisles are filled with processed food created with
chemicals. The outside of the grocery store contains the produce,

19 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

fresh meats, and other fresh foods your body needs to function
 Make sure to get a lot of fruits and vegetables. The phytonutrients in the
different colors of the fruits and vegetables have anti-inflammatory
agents, can boost your energy and increase your brain power.
Nutritionists recommend eating several different colors or fruits and
vegetables every day to get the best effects from the nutrients
contained in them.
 Make sure to eat the right types of carbohydrates. Whole grains and fiber
are the most important carb you can take in, so be sure to get enough
beans, whole grains, nuts, and seeds in your diet. This will boost brain
power and improve your digestion. If at all possible, do not eat processed
flours, which have all the nutrients removed from them.
 Make sure to get enough of the healthy fat, omega-3 fatty acids. These can
be found in sardines, walnuts, wild salmon, and flax seed. These fatty
acids can help to lower blood pressure, reduce triglyceride
cholesterol in the bloodstream, slow the development of plaque in
your arteries, and improve the functioning of your brain and your
 Have protein in your
breakfast every day.
Your brain needs
protein to function,
so make sure you









your brain a boos t.

20 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

Skipping breakfast is one of the unhealthiest dietary things you can
 Eat every three to four hours. Your brain and body works best when
your blood sugar is regulated. You should have smaller meals or a
snack every 3 to 4 hours, and eat your last snack two to three hours
before bed. Doing this will assure that your blood sugar doesn’t go
on a roller coaster ride throughout the day.
 You need to stop putting poisons in your brain. You should eliminate
certain things from your diet, including sugar, high fructose corn
syrup, coffee, alcohol, trans fats, and food additives and
preservatives. All these things poison your brain and disrupt your
biochemistry. Read labels on food. If you cannot pronounce it, you
probably shouldn’t eat it. This relates to the first recommendation of
eating only real food.
 Eliminate glutton and dairy from your diet. Many people are actually
allergic to glutton and dairy products and don’t even know it. If you
eliminate these products from your diet, you will feel much better
physically and mentally.
Eating right is ninety percent of the plan. The other steps will help fine-tune
the plan so you can feel the best way possible.
2. Most people are deficient in many nutrients the brain and body need to
function at top efficiency. Most people in our modern world are deficient in
many necessary nutrients for their body to function at optimal levels.
Therefore, you should supplement your diet with these nutrients to
achieve optimal health:
 A multivitamin that contains all the basic essential vitamins and
minerals people need
 Calcium 600-800mg daily
21 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

 Magnesium 400 to 600mg a day
 Vitamin D3, 2000-4000 IU a day
 Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA ratio of 300/200 1000mg twice a
 Folate 800mcg
 Vitamin B6 50mg
 Vitamin B12 1000mcg
 Probiotics: These are beneficial bacteria that your body needs for its
digestive process to function properly. They are available in many
foods, but also available in supplement form to be sure you get
enough of them.

3. Change your lifestyle: There are four changes you need to make in your
life that will vastly improve your physical and mental health. I will describe
each lifestyle change in turn.
 Exercise: Exercise is the best antidepressant known to man. It
improves your physical and mental health, erases the effects of
stress, increases the production of necessary neurotransmitters in the
brain such as dopamine and serotonin, prevents dementia, and
balances the hormones in your body. People often say they don’t
have time for exercise, but when you think about all the health benefits
22 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

exercise provides, do you really have time not to exercise? A 30 minute
walk daily is enough to gain these effects. Of course, if you want to
do more, you are welcome to.
 Relaxation: It is vital to learn to relax. Deep relaxation allows your brain
and body time to heal and repair. Deep breathing, taking a nice
soothing bath, or sitting down with a nice cup of tea can work
wonders. The next chapter will give you some more in-depth
suggestions for relaxation exercises.
 Get enough sleep: Your body needs seven to nine hours of sleep to
function effectively. However, it is difficult to do, and many people
have difficulty getting enough sleep. There are several ways to help you
sleep better. First, set a sleep schedule and stick to it every single day.
Your body will then become accustomed to sleeping at a certain time.
Avoid exposure to television and internet usage before bed. These
things do not help you relax and ca get you worked up before sleep.
Avoid using stimulants such as caffeine and sugar. The prescription
for exercise at least 30 minutes per day also improves your length
and quality of sleep. Also, going to bed on an empty stomach will
help your body sleep. Lastly, people sleep best when sleeping in a
cooler room. Turn the heat down a little bit and you will achieve
better sleep.
 Keep your brain active: You can prevent dementia by doing things that
keep your brain healthy. Read, do puzzles, take a class, find new and
interesting hobbies to learn. If you keep your brain active, you will help
ward off dementia and have fun in the process.
4. Live clean and green: There are many toxic chemicals in our lives, and we
need to limit our exposure to things that could adversely affect our health.
Following a few simple steps will go a long way to keeping your mind and
body healthy. Drink clean water, limit your exposure to metals and
23 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

chemicals, and limit your exposure to chemicals in household and personal
care items. Start looking at everything you use. You may not be aware how
many chemicals we are exposed to everyday. Finding alternatives to this is
a great thing to do for your health.
Follow these steps to increase fuel your body effectively and to decrease any
exposure to things that are harmful and you will go a long way to improving your
physical and mental health. Your body will operate cleaner and more efficiently
without having to battle all the toxic agents that seem to be a normal part of modern

24 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

Practices for Self-Healing

The last chapter explained a plan for getting your body healthier. One step that
was recommended was to practice the relaxation response. This chapter will discuss
several things you can to do improve your mind and increase the relaxation response.
And as we have discussed, controlling your mind leads to many positive effects on your body.
Incorporate one or several of these practices into your life and you will gain control of
both your body and mind and find you feel better than you ever have before.
1. Meditation: We spend too much time worrying about the past or fearing the
future, and not enough time in the present moment. Meditation teaches us to
live in the now. While practicing meditation, you can learn to still your mind,
focus your attention, and release the thoughts that negatively affect your
mind. The simplest way to meditate is to focus on your breathing. You find
a quiet place to sit. Get comfortable. If you choose to sit in a chair, put your
feet firmly on the ground. Then, focus on your breath. You will sense
thoughts coming into your mind. Instead of focusing on them, just notice
them and return to your breath. It is difficult to do at first, but research has
shown that with sustains practice of fifteen minutes a day, you will feel
calmer and more able to control your mind. There are many different forms of
meditation you can practice. If following your breath doesn’t feel right,
research other methods or join a meditation group. There are many positive
effects one can experience when meditating daily. It increases blood flow
through the body and helps slow the heart rate. It naturally decreases
muscle tension and can help in healing. It has been shown to heal chronic
diseases such as allergies and asthma. It reduces the activities of viruses in
the body and decreases emotional distress. It has been shown to cure
migraine headaches. It slows the aging process. It has a positive change in
25 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

mood and behavior by increasing serotonin levels. You will learn to better
control the thought you have, which is important to decrease negative
thinking and increase positive thinking. It even helps your mind age more
slowly than normal, preserving your cognitive functions for many years
later than is normal. And these are just a few of the hundreds of documented effects
of meditation. Imagine making this one simple change can do so much for
2. Yoga: Everyone seems to be doing yoga nowadays. What used to be a
mystical practice for the initiated has made its way into the mainstream and
almost every city has at least one yoga studio. Yoga is a combination of
physical stretches and exercises and controlled breathing and relaxation.
Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure, reduce your stress level,
and improve the functioning of your heart. It is also a mental practice that
requires focused attention and can help you learn to control your mind. It
is also very beneficial to the body, given that it is a series of focused exercises. So,
find a yoga studio or find a video and give it a try.
3. Tai Chi: Tai chi is a Chinese martial art, but it is also used as meditation in
movement. It helps to improve strength, coordination, and flexibility, to
reduce pain and stiffness in the joints, to improve your balance, to enhance
your sleep, and to give you greater awareness, calm, and overall sense of
well-being. Tai chi involves a series of gentle
movements, deep breathing, and meditation. It
helps to improve the flow of energy in the body,
and generally it feels good. Many martial arts
studios teach tai chi.

Deep Breathing: When you feel stressed out,

stop. Take a moment to focus on your breath.
Breathe deeply into your abdomen. Doing so for
just thirty seconds will help calm you down. Just
26 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

doing so a few minutes every day will lower blood pressure and increase the
antioxidants in your blood stream which protects you from several diseases
such as heart disease, aging, and dementia. Take a few minutes every day
to breathe deeply. This is an especially useful tool if you find yourself
thinking negatively for feeling stress or anger. Take a minute to breathe
deeply and notice how your emotional landscape will change.
5. Visualization and Positive Thinking: People who have a positive outlook
on life are less likely to develop heart disease and high blood pressure, and
have longer life expectancies than people who don’t utilize the power of
positive thinking. By visualizing positive things in your life, you can
change the way your brain functions. Spend some time visualizing positive
happenings in your life daily. Turn off the faucet of negative thoughts in
your mind and replace them with positive ones. Your health will thank you.
6. Reflexology: Reflexology is an alternative treatment that involves applying
pressure to specific points on the hands and feet with specific thumb, finger,
and hand techniques. It improves health by linking specific pressure points on
the extremities with various organs and systems in the human body. Studies have
shown that reflexology can help reduce pain, anxiety, and depression, may
have a positive effect in the treatment of asthma, and diabetes, and
promotes relaxation and stress relief. Find a reflexologist near you and give
it a try.
7. Acupuncture: This is a Chinese medicine technique that involves using
needles to stimulate specific energy points on the body to facilitate healing.
The idea is to improve the flow of energy throughout the body on pathways,
or meridians. Scientifically, it is theorized that this increases blood flow and
stimulates the nerves, muscles, and tissues in the body. Whatever the
mechanism, it has been shown that acupuncture helps to treat headaches,
hypertension, depression, back pain, nausea, arthritis, and many other

27 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

conditions. It is now being embraced by Western medicine after many
studies have proven the usefulness of the technique.
8. Ayurveda: This is traditional Hindu medicine that utilizes what they call
the science of life through food, supplements, and lifestyle. By balancing the
three vital energies in the body, you heal your body and your mind. Ayurvedic
treatments have proven helpful in the treatment of depression, anxiety,
hypertension, and dementia. However, you should only utilize this healing
art under the supervision of a trained practitioner. Some of the components
can be harmful if used improperly.
9. Reiki: This is a Japanese technique that states that the power of touch helps
to heal many different physical illnesses and to relieve stress. A Reiki
practitioner will lay hands over specific parts of the body with the goal of
redirecting and stimulating the body’s energy. Many people find Reiki to be
very helpful to deal with a wide range of physical and emotional ailments. Studies
on its effectiveness are limited and conflicting, but many people profess to
feel better after Reiki sessions. It has been shown to be beneficial to help
people relax and reduce anxiety and depression.
Whether you choose to use one or several of these techniques, you will find
relief from many of the symptoms that have been bothering you. And if you haven’t
been ill, you will find yourself experiencing an increase in your energy and greater
mental well-being. Find and utilize the ones that work best for you and incorporate
them into your daily life.

28 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

Change Your Energy Flow
and State of Being in Five Minutes
Utilizing the powers to heal yourself doesn’t have to be difficult. This chapter explains
the five steps that you can use to improve your physical and mental health by
completing one five minute exercise. Eastern medicine has long held that the body
is made up of energy and that we have the power to change our energy flow for
better healing. Many of the practices listed in the last chapter are based on this very
principal. Now I will explain a way to change the energy flow in your body quickly
and effectively. Follow these five steps and feel better immediately.
1. Sit in a comfortable position and pay attention to your breath. Just like in meditation,
you should not try to change or control your breathing. Just notice it. This will
help you become present in the moment.
2. Place your hands in front of you and rub your palms together for 30 to 60 seconds.
Your palms will become warm from the friction. While rubbing your hands
together, try to bring a smile to your face. Just the simple act of smiling can
change your mood.
3. Once you are done rubbing your hands together, hold them away from each other, palms
facing each other, about 6 to 8 inches apart. Feel the energy that is moving between
your palms. This energy is always there, you have just activated it through the
friction of rubbing your hands together. Tune into this energy. Feel it. Keep
smiling while you do so.
4. Close your eyes. Try to imagine the energy moving from your hands, up your
arms, and throughout your body. Just feel it. There is no right way to do this.
If you can feel the energy moving throughout your body, you are doing it right.
Once you are able to move the energy, direct it to the place you are feeling pain
or distress. Send the positive energy to that place in your body. Know that you
29 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

are sending positive, loving, healing energy to yourself. Visualize the energy
moving through you, however you want. Some people see energy as light or
as stars traveling through your body. However it feels most comfortable for
you, see this energy move in your mind. Focus that visualization where you
need healing power.
5. Continue to work with the flow of this energy. Send it to other parts of your body.
Feel it move through you. Notice how it feels or if there are places in your body
that are more difficult to move the energy to. If there is, these are places you
may want to focus more attention on. Thank the energy for running through
your body and be grateful because you know that this energy can help heal
the pain you feel.
You have the power to change the energy flow in your body, which has
wonderful effects on your health and your life. If you are feeling pain or are stressed
out, try this simple exercise. You will feel better after completing it. Knowing that
you can affect your body in such an amazing way, and so quickly, is a powerful tool
that you can utilize whenever you need to. It only takes a few minutes to change your
energy and to change your mindset. Just the act of smiling and feeling the energy in your
body will change your mood, which can in effect change your life.

30 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

Why NOT To Lose Hope

When we are in physical or emotional distress, it is easy to look at the negative
side of things. We may want to give up or wonder why the world is against us. But
there is always hope. When times are the toughest is when we need to hold onto hope
the most. Here are several reasons to hold onto hope. Only through hope can we come
through to the other side.
 Holding onto hope helps each of us take steps to achieve our goals: If you give up
hope, you have nothing to look forward to. There is no point to moving forward
or taking even one small step if you don’t see any point to doing so. But hope
gives us that glimpse of what can be better in our lives. Hold onto that
glimmer and take the next step. Things will improve if you give them the
chance and take a single step to making them better.
 Hope gives us encouragement for the next day: We need to believe our future can
get better. If we do not believe this, then we will not want to continue. People
become suicidal when they feel that there is no more hope. So hold onto that
glimmer. Know that your efforts will eventually pay off. It may take a day, a
week, a month, or more, but our efforts are worthwhile. Know that you can
take a small step every day to improve your life. You have that power.
 Hope can help us learn to accept ourselves: When we hold onto hope, we hold onto
the positives in life. When we can still see things as good, we can see ourselves
as good people. We can look at the positive things in our lives. When we give
up hope, we give up seeing the good in life and the good in ourselves. When
we can see the good in ourselves, we can learn to accept ourselves. Hope allows
for self-love.
 Hope can make us stronger: The only way to improve our lives is to fight for it. If
we have no hope, we have no reason to fight. However, hope gives us strength
31 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

that we never thought we had. You can move forward, ask for help, and do
what is necessary to make things better. Hope will encourage you to change
for the better.
Now that you know the reasons to hold onto hope, here are some pointers that
will help you hold onto your hope. Incorporating these ideas into your life when
things seem the darkest will help lift you up and improve yourself and your life.
First, maintain your faith. No matter what that faith is, whether you be a
Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or any number of other faiths, you must hold onto
that. Trust that God or the Universe has plans for you. Tell yourself that God or the
Universe will not let you fall. Trust that, even if you don’t know how things will work
out, that they will work out for the best. Things may not go exactly how you want
them, but the universe has a better plan in store for you if you give it a chance. Don’t
lose your faith.
Second, you need to remember why you are doing
the things you do. If you have a reason for your
effort and your actions, you will find it easier to
carry on when the going gets tough. Keep that why
in the forefront of your mind. Whenever you feel
discouraged and want to give up, remind yourself
why you are doing it. Also, make sure your cause is
inspiring. Oftentimes, doing something for selfish reasons is not enough motivation
to keep going. But if you find a higher purpose, you will find the strength to carry on
when things get difficult.
Next, surround yourself with supportive people. It matters who you spend
time with. Research has shown that you pick up the habits and thought processes of
those you are with most, so make sure those people are supportive, uplifting, and
inspiring. You need to find a community of people that care for and support each
32 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

other. Having a community to lean on is necessary for all stages of life, so it is best to
develop this community before you need it most. And it doesn’t matter what type of
community it is, whether it be a group you belong to, a church, or a club that focuses
on a hobby. What matters is that you have people who care about you and want what is best
for you.
Helping others naturally elevates your mood and gives you something bigger
than yourself to focus on. When you are a member of a community, you know you
have support when you need assistance. Being in that community also gives you the
opportunity to help others. If you shift your attention from your difficulties and help
someone through theirs, you will see your own situation in perspective and be better
able to handle them. And helping others makes you feel better. It not only benefits the
person you are helping, it helps you.
Hope is essential to getting through any problem in life. It is also essential to
do what is necessary to take care of your physical and mental health. If you are having
issues, you need to hold onto your hope that you can beat it, that you can get better.
Belief is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Hold onto the belief that you
will get better. Follow the steps in this chapter to help you hang onto that feeling. You
deserve a better life, and hope is the first step that gets you there.

33 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m


It is important to remember that you cannot heal yourself in a single day. It will
take time and effort to improve your health and your life. If you have a chronic illness,
any change you make to improve your life will have positive effects on your life as a
whole. But you cannot get better in a single day. Instead, every day that you take a step
to improve your health, you will see improvement. Following the ideas outlined in
this book will get you through to the other side. And although everything may not
work out the way you think they should, they always work out for the best. You do
not have control over everything, but you should take control of the things you are
able to. By taking control, you have done everything you can to improve both your
health and your life. This book outlines the steps that you need to follow to take
control of your life. You have the power to heal yourself, and making the necessary
changes as outlined here will help you improve your physical and mental health, and
in turn, your life.
The power of the mind to cure the body is phenomenal. However, you should
utilize all the tools you have at your disposal to heal. Follow the techniques in this
book, find a good doctor or healer who understands your feelings and beliefs. Utilize
medical science if you feel it is helpful and not harmful to your body and mind. You
can cure yourself. So many tools are available to you. Use them all. Take control of
your health, your mind, and your life.
Hold onto hope. Take steps to improve your health. Follow the recommendations
in this book to improve both your physical and your mental health. Once you have
done all you can do for yourself and your family, let go of the outcome. Live your life.
Spend time with your family. Engage in activities that give you joy and happiness.
Help others. Whatever the outcome, your life will be healthier and happier because
of the steps you have taken to improve your life. You have the power to take control
34 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

of your life. Take that power and make the best use of it that you can. Don’t wait until
it’s too late.

35 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m

You can’t buy health. You could have millions of dollars and be
surrounded by all the conventional luxuries that life has to offer, but
you cannot purchase a new body and mind. Your money means nothing
when your body is breaking down due to negligence.
One of the most important things you can do in life is to care for your
health. It is vital to stay physically and mentally fit.
Read on to find out how to get the best out of your body and your
mind so that you can have a life full of health and vitality.


36 | P a g e ; c o p y @ m e m o r y h e a l e r . c o m