Task 9 – Formal Proposal

Music magazine title:
MELODY – I have chosen this short title because it is easy to
remember and is very catchy. In the context of music, a
‘melody’ is often used in rap music.
Music magazine genre:
Rap – I have chosen this sub-genre because I am familiar with
it so I know what appeals to me in a music magazine and how I
can use this to target others. The primary target audience of
this genre is commonly people of my age so teenagers. This is
good because I will be familiar with the format of rap music
magazines and I can use this to an advantage
Music magazine target audience:
My primary audience for the music magazine will be
teenagers, specifically aged from 15 to 21. I have chosen this
target audience as I fit into the group so I know what will appeal
to me and how I can use this to target my primary audience. My
secondary audience will be people above this age as some
adults also listen to rap. In conclusion, I have decided not to
specifically address or target an ethnic group; However, I will
make some references to the white ethnic group as studies
show that this group listens to rap more than any other.
Front page ideas:
 Cover lines – Around three cover lines should be used
covering things like: titles, artists and articles.
 Pugs – Competitions should be used to pull or hook in the
reader, they should be large so that they can be easily
 Layout – I will follow convention and use rule of thirds to
present my magazine in a neat while effective way.

 Colour scheme – The dark background will be
complimented by colours like dark blue and black.
Contents page ideas:
Editorial – Colloquial language to appeal to the primary
audience: teenagers. I will use a direct address to also try
and speak to the audience and enforce a friendly tone.
Font – I will try and make the font look like graffiti or
street art so it enforces stereotype. My other fonts will be
bold and large so that it can be easily read.
Date and issue number – This will be positioned in the
strapline of the contents page.
Grab quotes – These will be taken from famous rap
artists like Eminem so that it interests my target audience.
Double page spread ideas
 Image – A large image will be used that will support
stereotype and easily engage the audience.
 Language – I will use a friendly tone and use second
person to engage the audience; I will also use some
colloquial language.
 Content – I will talk about a big event such as a concert; I
have gotten this idea from the NME magazine double page
Image ideas
Cover page:
I will most like use a medium close up shot of one artist but I
could take a wide shot of a band.
Contents page:
My main image will be a band of artists and the shot will be a
wide shot. My supplement images will include other artists in
individual photographs.

Double page spread:
I will use a large image of a band of rap artists and my
supplement images will be close ups of individual artists,
denoting facial expression.