Redefining The Energy Conservation Modes

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. or your heater during the spine chilling wintery evening after tiring day’s schedule on your way back . which gives you the ease of controlling your gadgets from a remote location. How convenient it would be just to open the door from a remote location for a friend who has come to visit you in your absence.Introduction: Ever wondered how convenient it would had been if you could put your Ac on 10 minutes before you reach home on a scorching hot summer afternoon. As if you are carrying switch board control panel of your entire house or industry in your pocket and accessible at a click. controlling all your electronics and electrical appliances through your mobile phone on the go. How about receiving signal for any mishap immediately on your mobile phone. And last but not the least. Presenting before you a device that brings down all the switch board controls of your home and industrial area on your mobile phone. or just to have a check if baby sitter is taking due care of your baby and making sure that the work is running smooth on your factory or office location.

 A motion sensor to automatically turn of the devices as the room is evacuated. This can be easily installed at the base monitoring system through which the area could be operated.The USP’s of this device are.  It can be integrated with the existing system.  Integration of CCTV cameras to have live monitoring of surrounding activities. others can be tailor installed as per need and demand of the user.Cellular control of all your housing and industrial appliances along with CCTV surveillance. this concludes no restructuring of the housing or industrial premise. & WINDOWS.  The software is available for IOS.Remote live streaming of activities on your mobile phone using CCTV camera.  Z .  It has got features like  Auto timers to control operational span of devices.  Alert systems to warn in case of short circuit or fire burst.  Z.Eagle: .  It is hassle free to install and no special training is needed to operate the module.Celetronics: .  The module comes under two basic categories .  The operating load for this device varies all the way from smallest of the housing appliance to largest of the industrial load.  The application has some standard features how so ever. .  This has flexible mode of operation which means it can be operated by using mobile phones or tablets. ANDROID. Flexibility benefits  The choice of the CCTV camera as per need of user.