First Semester 2014-15, Semester 7Th
Internship option is for students who are not currently employed full-time in the field and desire a temporary
placement in an organization. The intern works on projects related to the field in a supervised environment. The
internship experience allows the student to be exposed to the operation of a Human Resources or Organizational
Development department of other settings where graduates are likely to be employed. Acquiring practical
experience allows the student to learn and grow as a professional. Internship experience increases the student’
employment options and market value when searching for a first professional job. Internships also provide
students with valuable knowledge about the many different career options available in our field. RGPV interns are
expected to perform many project activities including:

Developing competency models
Designing and analyzing employee attitude surveys
Analyzing wage and salary structures
Developing engineering attitude
Determining training needs
Delivering training programs
Writing affirmative action policies
Updating policy and personnel manuals
Developing and implementing Engineering programs
Reviewing and crating job descriptions Working with HR
Recruiting and staffing
Developing behavioural interviews
Conducting focus groups etc.

The UDD-IPG program coordinator identifies and arranges appropriate internship sites for UDD students.
Resumes of all interested students are sent to organizational sponsors, who decide which students they wish to
contract for an interview. Students are also strongly encouraged to establish a professional network for internship
contacts. Students may find their own internship; however, students must obtain permission from the UDD-IPG
program coordinator to contact an organization regarding a RGPV DD-IPG internship. Both the site and the
specific assignment arrangements must be approved before the student makes a commitment to intern at a
specific organization.
Internships are sometimes compensated on monthly basis. Many students complete an unpaid internship for their
first internship experience.
General Information

All students should prepare both electronic and paper copies of a current resume for the Coordinator.
The resume should be error free, proofed, and ready to send to organizational sponsors. Any resumes
sent to the coordinator via an email attachment should have the student’s name as part of the filename,
e.g. Raunak_(CE/CS/EC/EE/IT/ME)_EnrollmentNo_resume. Be sure your resume is virus-free.

The minimum amount of time spent on an internship to fulfil the requirements is one semester. Extension
of internship period well beyond the minimum required time required will not be permitted. Students

University Dual Degree Integrated Post Graduate Programme, RGPV
Airport Road, Near Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal, MP
91.755.2678862, 91.755.2678875 (O)

The time log can be on one side of the page. Intern Responsibilities • Each intern must turn in the Internship Description & Contact Information form to the Coordinator and HoD One week after you begin the internship. These two topics do not have to be placed in two separate sections. 91. • The Coordinator will be available to discuss the internship experience on an “as needed” basis. it is necessary to show that a student’s experience is worthy of academic credit. If appropriate. The Internship Report Purpose to the Report: There are several purposes served by the Final report: It allows the students to integrate what they have learned from the internship experience.2678875 (O) .The internship report should include some evaluative comments about the work that was performed and the learning that was derived from doing it. Depending on the nature of the internship. Timetable for Final Report: Final report should be submitted to your department. include University Dual Degree Integrated Post Graduate Programme. • Journal: Interns are required to keep a weekly journal when working on the internship. the intern will be working fairly autonomously. Students must provide evidence that demonstrates that they were able to apply acquired knowledge to organizational tasks.755. and it provides both the University and employers with documentation to justify the benefits of the internship program. What you did and what you learned. Make a note of all of the time worked and what was accomplished. Bhopal. • Communication: After an internship is begun. Normally. it will contain copies of all project reports and examples/deliverables that resulted from the internship. Discuss how your understandings of basic concepts of engineering were broadened. • • Content of the Internship report: Each report should have the following topic headings: • Organizational Setting: This should include a description of the organization. goals. RGPV Airport Road.should focus on building his/her resume and increasing his/her value as a professional. The reader should be able to form a mental picture of the tasks performed and how engineering methods and practices were applied. They may be combined throughout the report. products and services. and on the other side make journal notes. not on satisfying the minimum time. • Evaluation of the Internship.755. Interns are expected to independently work out most issues with their sponsors. Near Gandhi Nagar. it helps faculty advisors to more fully appreciate what students are doing in their field settings.Two basic types of information must be discussed in detail in the internship report: specifically. A copy of the journal is to be included as an appendix to your final report. It is also important to explain what the experience did for you personally. Generally. its purpose.2678862. MP 91. • Description of the Internship. This will prove to be especially helpful when writing the description of what was done and learned in the final report. This will make it much easier to write the final report. this part of the report comprises 8-10 pages. This will constitute the bulk of your report. concerns or questions. Although tasks and projects vary from setting to setting. and a description of the organizational unit where the internship was completed. the Coordinator is available to discuss problems. While interns are encouraged to work as independently as possible. this may involve extensive or relative little interaction after the tasks and goals of the internship have been set.

2678875 (O) . • Appendices. performance review form. Additionally. some students find it useful to show a copy of the completed report to prospective employers (provided there is no proprietary information included that the sponsor does not want distributed). the supervisor will review results against the expectations set. Additional people.suggestions as to how the internship experience could be improved in the future. and pages should be numbered. proofread.Some crucial materials must be included with the report as appendices. Copies of the Internship application for registration form. and timelines of all required processes and materials. such as oral communication. such as the organizational sponsor. RGPV Airport Road. Make copies of any materials you wish to keep. double spaced. and talk about future plans. Near Gandhi Nagar. This discussion may take place over the telephone. NOTE: Internship Reports are not returned to students. It is important that students set expectations with their organizational supervisor at the beginning of the internship. The supervisor will also evaluate the intern on core competencies. business orientation.The internship report will be submitted to the department.. technical report prepared for the organization.755. Use the Student Evaluation Report Form provided to satisfy this requirement. 91. or three weeks before the semester ends. student should schedule a time to discuss the internship with the Coordinator.2678862. etc. MP 91. a copy of the weekly time log and journal. motivation. and talk about the report.g. • Format of report:. The final report must be completed no later than two weeks after your Internship has ended. the supervisor will submit a grade to department. the intern’s performance review. Bhopal. examples of job description or other documents prepared) by the intern. Again. • • Final conference: Within two weeks or so after completing the report. questions about the report.The final report may be written in a narrative form. and copies of any written products or deliverables from the experience (e. it is common for a report card to show an Incomplete for the Internship. Grade: After reading the student ‘report and evaluation’ from the sponsor. student evaluation of internship form. not just for the departmental requirement. At the completion of the internship. will see the report. Since the internship time frame doesn’t always fit neatly into the school’s academic calendar. write for a broad and technically naïve audience. University Dual Degree Integrated Post Graduate Programme. This conference will give you an opportunity to talk about any problems. It may be written in the first person.755. a copy of the current resume. Internship grades are determined by the quality of the report. It should be typed. • Audience:. The use of subsections and topic headings is strongly recommended. but attempt to minimize the use of jargon and technical abbreviations.

Write below or attach the expected job duties that the student will perform during the internship. Define clearly what your internship will be. and your planned experiences. MP 91. RGPV Airport Road.755. 3. Semester 7Th Student Information Student Name:___________________________________________________________________ First Last Student Enrollment Number:__________________________________________________ Internship Dates Effective Date:________________________________________________________ Expected Completion Date:______________________________________________ Pay:________________________________________________________________ Internship Description Please fill out this section completely. you can attach a separate document that answers the following questions.2678875 (O) . 5. the scope of work. Near Gandhi Nagar. Identify the goals for this internship. If needed. What are the measurable outcomes for the identified goals? University Dual Degree Integrated Post Graduate Programme. BHOPAL (A STATE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY OF MP) STUDENT INTERNSHIP DESCRIPTION & CONTACT INFORMATION First Semester 2014-15. Bhopal. 1.UNIVERSITY DUAL DEGREE INTEGRATED POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME RAJIV GANDHI PRODYOGIKI VISHWAVIDYALAY. 91. Where will the internship take place? 2.755.2678862. 4.

Bhopal.755. We strongly encourage our students to learn the roles and expectations and develop skills to be productive employees during their internships. The internship should be prepares the student. MP 91.Internship Sponsor: Point of Contact Company Name:_____________________________________________________________________________ Contact Name:_______________________________________________________________________________ First Last Title: Address:______________________________________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________________ State:_______________ PIN Code:_____________________ Phone:________________________________________________________ Email:________________________ Employer Guidelines The RGPV considers the student internship requirement to be a critical element in the degree experience. The objective of the internship program is to ensure that every student has meaningful exposure within their degree area. 91. Near Gandhi Nagar. RGPV Airport Road. Positive internship experiences often result in the student’s full-time employment by the sponsoring company following graduation. the individual Department will require that the student obtain the signature of the employer’s internship supervisor on this document and on the student’s internship evaluation form. however. Companies are encouraged to make comments about the student’s performance and areas of improvement on the internship evaluation report form.2678875 (O) ______________ . Therefore. in a significant way. Employer Signature: _________________________________________ Date: University Dual Degree Integrated Post Graduate Programme. the internship is a curriculum requirement and it is RGPV’s responsibility to verify that the student has successfully completed the requirement.2678862. RGPV is committed to minimal demand on the time and resources of industry employers. for professional work within their specific degree. and to provide every student with a challenging work experience that enhances the classroom experience and exposes the student to “real world” means and methods.755.

Ability to communicate verbally ___ 4. 91. Scale: 5= Excellent.2678862.755. 3= Average. Receptive to Criticism ___ 7. Ability to communicate in writing ___ 3. 1= Poor 1.755. Overall quality of assignments completed ___ 2. MP 91. Bhopal. Dependability ___ 11. RGPV Airport Road.UNIVERSITY DUAL DEGREE INTEGRATED POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME RAJIV GANDHI PRODYOGIKI VISHWAVIDYALAY. 2=Below Average. BHOPAL (A STATE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY OF MP) INTERNSHIP EVALUATION REPORT First Semester 2014-15. Attitude and enthusiasm for assignments ___ 5. Near Gandhi Nagar. Semester 7Th Name of Intern ________________________________Enrollment No. 4= Above Average. Aptitude for learning ___ 6. Ability to work with others ___ 10. Follows Directions ___ 8. Attendance/punctuality ___ 13. Please feel free to write additional comments. using the scale below. Judgment/Decision Making ___ 9. Overall Performance ___ University Dual Degree Integrated Post Graduate Programme.______________ Name of Supervisor _______________________________________________________ Person completing this report (please attach business card of person completing this report) ________________________________________________________________________ Company Name __________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ City___________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________ Phone ___________________________ Email _________________________________ Dates of Internship ________________________________________________________ Please rate the intern in the following areas. Professional demeanor ___ 12.2678875 (O) .

91. Bhopal.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Would you recommend (If so.Describe the intern’s responsibilities.) _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Did the intern’s ability to organize and work on self directed tasks improve during the course of the internship ? (If so.2678875 (O) . MP 91. please explain.755.2678862.) this student for an entry-level position in the field? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Did the internship meet your expectations? ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ How would you rate RGPV students compared with students from other institutions? 5=Excellent 4=Above Average 3=Average 2=Below Average 1=Poor Please add additional comments to explain your rating: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Do you hire interns for full-time positions? ____ Yes ____ No Is there anything about this position or your company which we should add to our files? Name and Signature with Designation _______________________________________________________________________ University Dual Degree Integrated Post Graduate Programme.755. please explain. RGPV Airport Road. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Did the intern’s ability to communicate (written and verbal) improve during the course of the internship? (If so. please explain. Near Gandhi Nagar.