Emcee Script for Organizational Development Seminar

Call to

We’d like to acknowledge the presence of our honorable guests.


Ladies and gentlemen, as we are about to begin, please be seated.

Good morning everyone, we would like to ask everyone to please rise
for the/ May I request all of you to stand for the invocation.
Please remain standing for the singing of the Philippine National
“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and
the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the
best of ourselves to the task at hand.”
Ladies and Gentlemen,
A very good morning once again to everyone and welcome to
________. Our event for today will surely give us a lot of learning
about this function of human resources. So please sit down, relax and
enjoy the rest of the morning.
It is my delight to be your emcee tonight for this informative seminar. I
am Christine J. Baleje and I’m also very happy to be accompanied by
my charming co-emcee, Miss ___________________. Good morning
Good morning, ____________________
And I’m very happy to be co-emceeing tonight’s event with you as well.
And welcome once again to the ___________________. We hope you
will find the program we have lined-up for you to be fruitful and


To kick-off this morning’s program, we are pleased to have with us our
very own Ms. Jemimah Tuapen, our group leader to deliver the
opening remarks.
Join us here on the stage
Thank you, Ms Jemimah Tuapen for that very energetic opening

of the guest

Its now time for us to share with you the strategic direction of
Symantec’s latest technology. We will demonstrate how our products,
NetBackup and Enterprise Vault can help you address your enterprise
data management challenges you face today and be ready for the
challenges of tomorrow.
Resource Speaker’s PROFILE
She was one of the most active and talented students in MBC. The
college rewarded her with most coveted honor of ‘the best out going


As success is brought only to the deserving. Open Forum Intermissio n Number 2 Is everyone excited to watch more performances? Rest assured. She remarkably overcame her illness during the final examinations and delivered her best. ________. here she is in all flying colors. Kottayam completed B. ladies and gentlemen. Her competent performance during placement drive helped her to secure the lucrative position of Software Engineer at Six Dee Telecom Solutions-Bangalore Sri Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. So. Intermissio n Number 1 Now it’s time for the long awaited moment. Ladies and gentleman. its my pleasure to invite _________. Okay. She has been very passionate not only in acquiring knowledge but also in co curricular activities.A and Bachelor of Law (L. without any further delay. In 2011 he became the Minister of home and vigilance in Kerala. He currently represents Kottayam constituency. relax and enjoy the performances. We are privilege to have with us today. _________________ to share with us the new features and benefits of “VERITAS NetBackup 6. 9:40 am Thank you. He is one of the persons who helped in significant development of Kottayam He is PRO of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Are you ready for some entertainment? The most anticipated performance from our group. Ladies and Gentlemen. For tonight’s event. Being a very active NSS volunteer she proved her helpfulness and altruistic nature a number of occasions. _______. please.L. isn’t that exciting.. __________. The poems & short stories written by her invited applaud from many corners.”. just sit back. You can now enjoy industrial strength backup and recovery with the launch of VERITAS NetBackup 6! The new NetBackup 6 gives you the power of next generation management. Before I reveal too much. you will be entertained by four colourful and wonderful performances. He was the former principal of Baselios College and director of Good Shepherd School Kottayam. we would like to invite _________ our resource speaker.B) degrees. for the insightful presentation. (He was adjudged as the best minister of the state by…). we have many talented performers to brighten our special event tonight . a native of Thiruvanchoor.student’ for the year 2013.

Deputy director 3. 10. and why IDC affirms it as THE market leader in 2004. Closing remarks Ladies and Gentlemen. We will now move to next performance by Sean. Please give your big round of applause to the next performance Presenting to you: Karteeka and her singing Entitled:___________ 10:20 am <_______ finishes> Thank you.Ladies and gentleman. please. __________. Ladies and gentlemen. refreshments will also be served in/at ______. The advisor of ELS / Teslian Club. Izzat. Goodnight and Godbless everyone. Closing speech Our seminar about ___ is coming to an end. you have heard from Symantec on the benefits and features of NetBackup 6. And not forgetting the committee who had worked hard for the night to be a success. The breakout sessions will start promptly after the coffee break at 10:50am. we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the 1. you will find out more on why VERITAS Enterprise Vault is the industry leader in the world. Please do not leave your personal belongings behind for security purposes. and Muhd Zulfadhli who will be singing the song entitled ( ) Ladies and gentleman. I hope you’ve found this morning’s/afternoon’s presentations informative and useful. retain and manage your ever-growing email files. 1. Thank you. Muhd Thaqif. After the break. ladies and gentlemen. _______. Director 2. It is now my pleasure to invite __________ to share with us how VERITAS Enterprise Vault easily archive. The head of English Unit 5. We would like to thank everyone Before that. .50am Welcome back. Haziel. Thank you once again for making this event a memorable one. Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming and have a safe journey home. The head of Language department 4.