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Nexus S Speaker Replacement
Member-Contributed Guide
An awesome member of our community made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff.
Replace the speaker in your Nexus S.
Author: Walter Galan Difficulty: Moderate

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This guide will help you replace the speaker in your Nexus S.

Nexus S
Rear Panel 2 steps
Battery 1 step
SIM Card 1 step
Rear Inner Frame 6 steps
SIM Card Board 3 steps
Motherboard 4 steps
Speaker 1 step
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The Nexus S is a smartphone co-developed by Google
and Samsung was the first smartphone to use the
Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" operating system.

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com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit  Edit  Remove the rear panel from the Nexus S.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement . 2/16 .  Use your plastic opening tool to pry up the rear case around the perimeter of the Nexus S.iFixit Formats: PDF XML Embed Step 1 — Rear Panel  Gently insert a plastic opening tool between the rear panel and the inner rear frame near the rearfacing camera.ifixit. Step 2  https://www.

ifixit.iFixit Step 3 — Battery  Edit  Using the edge of a plastic opening tool. 3/16 . lift the battery from the end closest to the headphone jack.  https://www.com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Remove the battery from the Nexus S.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .

from the SIM card slot.iFixit Step 4 — SIM Card  Use your thumb to slide the SIM card downwards  Remove the SIM card. Step 5 — Rear Inner Frame  https://www.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .ifixit.com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit  Edit  Remove the six Phillips screws securing the rear inner frame to the inner case. 4/16 .

 Pry the opening tool upwards to pop the top right corner from the clips securing it to the inner assembly.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 5/16 .iFixit Step 6  Edit  Insert the flat edge of a plastic opening tool in between the rear inner frame and the top left corner of the Nexus S.ifixit. https://www.

com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit   Insert the plastic opening tool to the right of the  Slide the plastic opening tool downwards along the power button. perimeter of the Nexus S to release the clips on the right side. 6/16 .iFixit Step 7 https://www.ifixit.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .

com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit  Insert and pry the plastic opening tool to release the final clip securing the rear inner frame to the inner assembly. 7/16 .iFixit Step 8  Edit  In the same manner as previously described. release the bottom clips located near the bottom of the Nexus S.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .ifixit. Step 9  https://www.

com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit  Edit  Use the flat edge of a plastic opening tool to pry the SIM Board connector off its socket on the 8/16 . Step 11 — SIM Card Board  https://www.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .ifixit.iFixit Step 10  Lift and remove the rear inner frame from the Nexus S.

com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit   Wedge the edge of a plastic opening tool  Pry the clips located near the right bottom edge of  Repeat the process all along the bottom perimeter underneath the SIM Card board and motherboard. of the SIM Card board until all clips have been disengaged.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement . 9/16 . Step 12 https://www.ifixit. the SIM Card board up off the motherboard.iFixit motherboard.

10/16 .ifixit.com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit  Lift and remove the SIM Card board out of the Nexus S.iFixit Step 13  https://www.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .

https://www.iFixit Step 14 — Motherboard  Disconnect the following cables from their respective sockets on the motherboard:  Headphone jack cable  Digitizer cable connector  Camera/SIM board connector Step 15  Edit  Edit  Insert the flat edge of a plastic opening tool underneath the headphone jack connector and pry upwards.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 11/16 .ifixit.

12/16 .iFixit sure to pry on the connector and not the  Make socket itself.  Repeat the procedure for the digitizer and rear camera/SIM board connectors.ifixit.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement . Prying the socket may cause severe damage. Step 16  https://www.com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Edit  Remove the three Phillips screws securing the motherboard to the front display assembly.

iFixit Step 17  Edit  Wedge the plastic opening tool near the bottom right corner of the motherboard and pry upwards to dislodge it from its recess. https://www.ifixit. careful. Step 18 — Speaker  Edit  Speaker remains.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 13/16 . you could cut the flex. the earpiece part is united with the  Be speaker.  Lift and remove the motherboard.

follow these instructions in reverse order.95 · 50+ In stock Magnetic Project Mat $19.95 · 50+ In stock Phillips #00 Screwdriver $4.95 · 50+ In stock https://www.95 · 50+ In stock Anti-Static Project Tray $4. Required Tools Recommended Tools I did it! Success! Popular Products Phillips #00 Screwdriver $5.95 · 50+ In stock 54 Bit Driver Kit $24. For more information.95 · 50+ In stock iPhone 5 Front Camera and Sensor Cable $24.95 · 50+ In stock iPhone 4S Power and Sensor Cable $19.com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 14/16 . check out the Nexus S device page.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .ifixit.95 · 36 In stock Plastic Opening Tools $2.95 · 50+ In stock P5 Pentalobe Screwdriver Retina MacBook Pro and Air $11.95 · 50+ In stock Metal Spudger $2.95 · 50+ In stock Pro Tech Screwdriver Set $59.iFixit To reassemble your device.95 · 50+ In stock Pro Tech Toolkit $64.

I have some soldering experience. technical documentation software https://www. Can I take the earpiece from my old one and attach it to the new one.3/10/2014 Nexus S Speaker Replacement . I bought a replacement for my speaker(it's dead) but.ifixit. the replacement did not come with an earpiece. makenova. July 30.com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 15/16 . August 7.iFixit Comments  Comments are on Guide Where can I buy the speaker? Add comment Fergal Daly.869 Find us on facebook  Follow us on twitter  Subscribe to our channel  Download our free apps   Subscribe to our infrequent iFixit Newsletter JOIN Email Address Fix the Planet Stories Contact Affiliates API oManual Press Careers Feedback © 2014 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Powered by Dozuki. 2012 turn off Hi. 2012  View Statistics:  Teardowns  Read our blog  Donate your device  The Repair Manifesto About Contribute Today: 0 This Week: 2 This Month: 0 All Time: 5.

iFixit 16/16 .com/Guide/Nexus+S+Speaker+Replacement/8804 Nexus S Speaker Replacement .ifixit.3/10/2014 https://www.