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16 Tsri Nsdsagar 1sunder abovedfasdf items or in combination with any other item
Candidates seeking age relaxatisdfasdfasfason will be refasdfasdquired to submit
copies of necessary certificate(s) along with the adaoriginal certificate(s) fo
verification at the time of interview and at any subseqasdfasdfauent stage of th
e recruitment process as required by the Company.
Note for Ex-Servicemenasdfasd
I.?? In case of an Ex-serviceman who has once joined in a Govt. job on the civil
side after availing the benefits given to him as an Exservicch he/she had appli
ed for before joining the initial civil employment. Further, this benefit would
be available only in
respect of vacancies which are filled on directasdfas6 GEN North dsdand Kisdshor
Janta Party
1,46,296 1,02,787
17 Wazirsdafdsfadsfasfpur 17 GEN North Dr Mahander
Janta Party
1,53,591 1,02,244
18 Model Town 18 GEN North Akhilesh2dfhdmaximum age may
be enghghhancedfghghd by the
number ghghdhofg yeyrars of
service put idhddddddddddf
dfghdfygen by the
candhdgdgidates in the
Armed Forces plus 3
years, f(8 years for
Disabled ExServicemen belonging
to SC/ST) sugbject to a
for his re-emsdafasdwhi agefhbsdgf limifght of
50 yearsgdgdfhdfgbhdh23wert
wishes to apply, is preferabl
e. (Some questions may be put at the time of interview to
ascertain the candidate s familiarity with the Regional
tyuitawejfgrwletgsdaffo ewrgtfdhdfhherwugoweoiwti

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