We are pleased to submit a recommendation for executive coaching to help a senior [company’s name]
executive take her communication skills to a new level. This coaching will equip the executive with a range
of techniques to use as she makes daily decisions about the content and style of her communications with
key stakeholders.
Following this coaching, the executive will have a host of techniques to both prepare and deliver messages
that authentically represent her intentions while achieving the organisation’s objectives.
Red Shoe trains executives in communications skills. We are deeply experienced in coaching leaders who
juggle multifaceted ‘messaging’ demands every day. We understand the many dimensions that make such
communications complex, and we have developed a robust framework that simplifies this complexity.
We hope the following proposal fits [company’s name]’s needs at this time.

This coaching takes the executive’s communications skills to a new level. efficiently and diplomatically. on calls. from content preparation to verbal and nonverbal techniques. the executive becomes a ‘corporate ambassador’. this is a tremendous challenge. or sell an idea to senior management. to give the executive abilities and confidence. via email and in front of groups. deliver an ‘instant message’. this individual is expected to convey messages clearly. team leadership and strategic thinking. . The coaching imparts a range of skills. She acquires the ability to switch into ambassadorial role naturally – to lead a meeting. In addition to providing technical expertise.Leadership Communication Coaching – The Approach There comes a time in an executive’s career when the organisation’s expectations multiply. At the completion of this coaching. She is expected to persuade people every day – in meetings. Even for the most gifted communicators.

such as: careful consideration is already a given. using the executive’s specific The success of an encounter comes down to how the message role-plays specifically. At the with senior executive level. excellent content based on ‘ambassadorial’ demands. whether the other party perceives the following: • Persuading in discussions and written communications • Leading or contributing to meetings/calls • Leading and inspiring the team • A mutual problem-solving approach • Empathy and real listening • Presenting recommendations to senior management • Alignment of shared interests • Negotiating an agreement • Respect for different interests (even when goals • Asserting a view in a challenging environment are conflicting) .Coaching Content We will work communication on style the subtle that differences make a in The coaching will combine skills transfer based on significant Red Shoe’s vast bank of communications techniques difference in successful message delivery. is communicated and.

limitations or different values and adjusting communication accordingly Gaining cooperation: influencing techniques for strategic ü Anticipating others’ reactions and preparing confident responses ü Creating buy-in with many different types of individuals and audiences .Coaching Content Specific techniques we will work on include: CORE ELEMENTS The Other’s Perspective: insights into how humans think. vocal control and other ‘soft skills’ to maximise communications ü Overcoming resistance ü Recognising others’ objections. and techniques for leveraging this simple rule: the key to communicating effectively lies in shifting into the perspective of the other person and adjusting one’s communications accordingly ü Active listening skills that build toward active participation ü Techniques for building rapport ü Zeroing in on the right message for that audience’s perspective ü Leveraging language patterns that persuade Persuasive Intelligence: a Red Shoe-created methodology that applies speech patterns and nonverbal communication that bring out the best in counterparties ü Leveraging body language. operate and respond to others. facial expressions.

refinement and layering of additional skills.5-hour sessions ü Dates are scheduled to suit the executive’s schedule ü The coach and the executive communicate between sessions to help the executive stay on track.Coaching Structure WE SUGGEST… ü Sessions are spaced over 3-6 months. Input from stakeholders We will consult with 2 important parties (eg the executive’s supervisor) to gather insights to help guide the coaching. then return to coaching for analysis. allowing the executive time to absorb new skills. PROCEEDING Meeting with the executive This is important to enable her to sense whether the dynamic is right. Update We will check in with the key stakeholders following the fourth session to receive early evidence of the results of the coaching and other input that could help guide the remainder of our work together . practice the skills and move with confidence outside her comfort zone to a new level of communicating. We offer this meeting free of charge and are keen to hold it before a decision is made. ü Eight 1. links to online resources and any other content needed to reinforce the coaching. put them into practice. ü The coach provides coaching materials.

5-hour session .800 • Total: S$10. flip chart): approx. if requested. screen. Alternatively we propose the Tower Club at Republic Plaza and will pass on these expenses at cost. invoiced as it occurs on the basis of S$1.350 per session = $10. They are: • Rental for small meeting room: approx. S$300++ Payment terms are as follows: • 50% of the fee following the first coaching session and the remaining 50% invoiced following the final coaching session • Additional coaching.800 We assume coaching will take place at ANZ’s premises. S$400++ • Equipment (projector.Budget and Notes We suggest the following approach to this coaching: • 8 x 1.5-hour sessions @ S$1.350 per 1.

Red Shoe’s work is what we call ‘Creating Corporate Ambassadors’. We know the brand communication business and we love working in it. We coach senior executives to help them maximise their communications skills. listened to. We help you send exactly the messages you want to send. Red Shoe Communications draws on deep marketing and communications experience to deliver value. they feel ready to step into red shoes and tell the world. Red Shoe Communications gives you that confidence. . in the way you want to send them. We teach presentation skills. We help them refine their messaging so clearly. We work with clients who share our passion.About Red Shoe Communications When you step out in red shoes. Confidence that you control the messages you send. Confidence about being noticed. you send a message of confidence. influencing and media handling techniques. Confidence that you’re projecting the image you’ve chosen. watched.

Background relevant to company WHY CHOOSING REDSHOE? COMPETENCE AT THE MOST SENIOR LEVELS >200 Deutsche Bank executives in Asia. Europe & the US SVP and 18 directors at American Express in Asia Sony Managing Directors Allianz Insurance Directors >330 Country from across Asia Oracle senior executives in Asia Pacific >50 Directors and Executive Directors at Singapore Exchange >200 IBM executives including heads of Asia Pacific LONG-TERM INVOLVEMENT WITH INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS LONG-TERM INVOLVEMENT WITH SINGAPORE ORGANIZATIONS .