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On page 1 add the caption Figure A Artist’s Impression below the stadium image. On page 4 find the paragraph beginning The Draft Budget ….docx Plans. in the New Stadium Budget Details table. At the bottom of page 4. simultaneously sort rows 2 to 15 of the table by Item in ascending order.ASSIGNMENT 2 You are required to perform a number of tasks. 3. 4. convert the text underneath the heading Upcoming Events into a table with 5 columns and 5 rows. we are reminded of our twin town … to ensure the lines of the paragraph are kept together. which links to the bookmark budget. apply formatting to the paragraph beginning Also. On page 8. then by Amount € in descending order. Replace the formatting with 6 pt before and 6 pt after. At the end of this using appropriate software as formative assessment for Assignment 2. Find any paragraphs with paragraph spacing of 12 pt before and 0 pt after.docx Survey. insert a cross-reference as a hyperlink to bookmark text. All files are located in Assignment2Files. On page 7. At the top of page 1. You will be required to extract these files prior to use. apply multiple line spacing at 3. 8 .docx 1.5 to the text NewStadium Proposal Document. Task 1 Task 1 will use the following files:    NewStadium. 2. Open the file NewStadium. Delete the bookmark named situation.docx.

insert an index below the text INDEX using a single column. On page 5 find the list item beginning Build a new stadium. in the New Stadium Budget Plan table. Open the file called Plans. Using the password survey restrict access to the document so that ONLY the filling in of forms is allowed. Mark a main index entry of Recommendations and subentry of New Stadium for this list item. Create a paragraph style named Box based on the Normal style with a border of your choice. Apply this new style to the paragraph beginning Football is still a very popular sport. On page 7.docx.. Ensure the page numbering starts from 1.. 10.. Format the total field in the last row of the Total€ column to display with NO decimal places. update the field in the last row of the second column of the table. On the last page of the document.5. Display the text from the paragraph beginning We have done comprehensive research … to the paragraph ending will soon be available for viewing in 2 columns of equal width. 7. Ensure the new entry of Yes displays as the first item in the list.2 cm is applied with a line between. 8 . Ensure column spacing of 0. insert a field in the empty cell of the Total€ column which calculates the total for Quarter 1. 9. Open the file called Survey. Insert a column break immediately before the text We have appropriate financial banking. On page 8. 8. classic format. in the Projected Revenue table. Edit the drop-down form field to the right of the text I am willing to take part in this survey to include Yes..docx. Apply centre aligned automatic page numbering in the footer of ALL sections but NOT section 1. Update the heading style named Heading 1 to match the heading New Stadium Research at the top of page 1. 6.

relative to the cell range named sales. Copy the function in cell D2 to the cell range D3:D18. 8 . Copy the function in cell E2 to the cell range E3:E18. On the analysis worksheet. Add a function in cell E2 that will rank the number in cell C2 from highest to lowest. add a lookup function in cell C5 to show the name of the chief salesperson that deals with the region in cell B5. 4. Copy the function in cell C5 to the cell range C6:C31.xlsx. Using the staf worksheet. Unhide row 5 and hide the staf worksheet.docx. Using the forecast 2014 worksheet remove the hyperlink from the text in cell B4. Add a function in cell D2 to round the value in cell C2 up to zero decimal places.xlsx BudgetedSales. On the yr 2013 worksheet.jpeg 1. Link the cell range A4:B10 as a worksheet objective to the line below the heading in the document named BudgetedSales. 5.Task 2 Task 2 will use the following files:    Rainbox. apply the following conditional formatting to the cell range C2:C18 Cell value Between 20 and 30 Greater than 30 Cell Shading Colour Any light blue colour Any light grey colour 2. Using sales worksheet on Rainbox. remove the horizontal split bar. simultaneously sort the cell range A1:D81 by City in ascending order then by Sales (€000) in descending order. 6. 7.docx Jet. 3. Filter the cell range A1:D81 so that ONLY sales (€000) greater than 20 are visible.

8 .

9. On the forecast 2015 worksheet.000 can be entered.000. On the chart beginning at cell A35 format the position of the data labels to appear at the outside end. without editing the contents of the cell range A33:F33. Apply a validation input message to the cell range B5:B8 with the title Number Restriction and input message Whole number between 6. 10. On the chart beginning at cell A35. find the chart beginning at cell A7.500 and 8. 8 . apply validation criteria to the cell range B5:B8 so that ONLY a whole number between 6. delete the data series for Budgeted Overheads (€000). Change the chart type for the Total Overheads (€000) data series ONLY to a line chart.8. Format the Budgeted Sales ($000) data series to display the jet image. On the charting worksheet.500 and 8.

Task 3 Task 3 will use the following files:    Route.pptx remove the hyperlink applied to the Eiffel Tower image on slide 1. On the Route. 6. On slide 7 change the chart type for the No. On slide 8 apply settings to the chart so that the minimum value for the value axis is 0.pptx Europe. On slide 3 fill the yellow drawn object with the Europe. Save the Eifel Tower image in . Apply a 10% transparency effect to the filled drawn object. 4. of Passengers data series to display as a column chart.gif format as tower. 5. Change the sequence of animation so that the Tight cost controls bullet point text will animate last.gif Landing. 8.5. 8 . Edit the animation settings applied to the second bullet point 10% market penetration by end 1st year so it will dim to a colour of your choice after animation. 2. the maximum value 4 and the major unit is 0.gif file. On slide 4 format the world map picture without ungrouping it. On slide 5 format the flag picture on the top left of the slide so that no recolor is applied. On slide 2 insert the video file landing to the right of the bulleted list so it plays automatically when the slide show is run. On slide 6 edit the embedded data to ensure that column F titled Year 5 is displayed. 7. Remove the animation from the slide title on slide 3. to change the purple background to a colour of your choice.avi 1. Create a custom show named Strategic Objectives that will contain slides 3 and 4 of the Route presentation. Set the gap width for the data series to 100%. 3.

8 .

Using an appropriate method insert the following segmented cycle diagram onto slide 10. On slide 9 distribute the four pale blue boxes vertically aligned to the 10.liverpoolairport. Hyperlink the Comprehensive web site text box to www.9. The diagram must NOT cover the title placeholder. Ensure the text is formatted to size 20 and coloured yellow. 8 .

Late submission of work: Work submitted up to a week late without a valid reason can only gain a maximum of 40%. brochures using word processing software. reports. communicate using a variety of presentation methods. Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes:     use a range of technological equipment and systems. Develop a structured business presentation with the aid of presentation graphics software with consideration for the audience and extent of their knowledge. 3. The folder must then be compressed (zipped) and submitted via Moodle before 23:55 on the due date: Friday 30th May 2014. Learning Outcomes This assignment covers the following learning outcomes specified in the module definition: Knowledge and Understanding: 1. including the assignment front sheet must be placed in a folder named: Assignment2 student number. 4. manage tasks and manage their time. Use a personal computer and network to communicate using electronic mail and the Internet. Use a search engine effectively to retrieve information via the World Wide Web.Submission All documents. solve problems and design solutions for given briefs 8 . Any work submitted more than a week late without a valid reason may be read but will not be marked. ie Assignment2_S13123456. Develop professional documents. 2.

In order to achieve a B+ grade. In order to achieve a B grade. the work should be of a satisfactory standard. Nevertheless shows at least a basic understanding of the concepts and a basic practical ability. the work should be of a satisfactory standard but may have significant shortcomings in some areas and possibly delivered with considerable assistance. In order to achieve a C grade. only very minor limitations. and possibly delivered with some assistance. and delivered with no assistance. A Refer will be given to work that is unsatisfactory or contains serious errors/limitations. 8 . showing strength in some areas. the work must be excellent in almost all respects. the work should show strength in most respects.Assignment Weighting Assignment 1 Time constrained test (in-class test) Assignment 2 Task 1: Word Processing Task 2: Presentations Task 3: Spread sheets Task 4: Databases Theory assessment (1st May 10% 10% 10% 10% 20% 2015) End of module assessment 40% (practical) Assessment Criteria In order to achieve an A grade. but perhaps has limitations in one or two areas and possibly delivered with minimal assistance.

8 .