Communication Address

E-Mail Id

C/O Emmanuel Campus
Near Sadar Thana
Panchalvasa P.O.
Rajasthan - 327001

Contact Number

Date of Birth

28th Dec 1990

To be an indispensable part of a professionally managed competitive organization by giving my productive best at
each step, a further acquiring process through field exposure and exchange of knowledge in a challenging and
creative environment thereby adding value to the organization. I look forward to have ample opportunities for
learning by contributing my work and knowledge to the organization and thus to grow both as an individual and an
efficient employee along with the organization.

Strength and skills include: I have excellent English and Hindi communication both verbal and written, good
listening skills, computer applications and good physical and mental stability to work more effectively even under
pressure and difficult conditions. I am a team builder and having an immense desire to learn new skills to improve
team abilities and performance.

Academic Qualifications
Exam Passed



Month &Year of


1st Sem:78%
2 Sem:73.75%
3rd Sem:81%
4 Sem: 76.5%
5th Sem:74%
6th sem:93.6%



Kristu Jayanti College

Crossland College
Brahmavar, Karnataka
Nicholson Syrian Girls’ Higher
Secondary School, Kerala
Emmanuel Mission School

Bangalore University


Mangalore University

July 2011


Kerala Board

March 2008


Rajasthan Board

June 2006


net using C# VB. Oracle COBOL Project Work  Student’s Detail  It was a group project done in a time span of two month as a mini project in 5th sem BCA  Front-End: Visual Basic  Back-End: Sql Server 2005  RTO Management System  An Enterprise computing mini  Back-End: Sql Server 2010  Online Electricity Bill Payment System  Software Project Management mini project . which is a group project done within the time span of six months in 4th sem MCA  Front-End: Visual Basic 2010 (C#.0  Back-End: Ms Access 2003  Library Management System  An individual project done in a time span of six months as a part of 6th sem BCA major project. CSS basics.  Front-End: Visual Basic 6.C++ .net. Strong built to work under extreme conditions. Java basics Sql. Good communication and writing  Back-End: Sql Server 2010  Script To Vocal Converter  It was a multimedia mini project done in a group within the time span of six months in 4 th sem MCA.VB C. Good convincing ability. Fast learner and good grasping  Back-End: Sql Server 2010  Car Driving Simulation  It was a Simulation mini project was done in a group within the time span of six months in 5th sem MCA  Front-End: Visual Basic 2010 (Vb. Flexible and able to work under pressure.  Front-End: Visual Basic 2008 (Vb.  Front-End: Visual Basic 2010 (C#. a group project which is done within the time span of six moths in 5th sem MCA.  Front-End: Visual Basic 2010 (C#. Excellent interpersonal relationship. Willingness to work in a team.0  Back-End: Ms Access 2003  Pharmacy Management System  It was a software engineering mini project done in a group within the the time span of six months in 3rd sem MCA.Personal Skills          Enthusiasm towards work. Programming Skills       Asp. Good computer skill.

 Won prize in Essay Writing – District level.  Took classes for BA students as a part of Computer Literacy Program conducted by Crossland college in the year 2009(18th July to 31st July). Praise Michael. Hindi. Computer Skills   Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7.  Won prizes in art and literary competition.  Won many prizes in sports and games. Third Party Administrator    An individual live project done at SIROCO Technologies. cooking Nationality Marital Status Hobbies Languages Known Speak Read Write English.Rajasthan-327001 Indian (By Birth) Single Reading novels.  Academic Excellency & Christian Testimony award in the year 2010 & 2011. Panchalvasa PO.  Attended many seminars and workshops organized in the college. playing instruments. listening music. Near Sadar Thana. Malyalam English. Technopark as a part of curriculum during 6th sem mca.  Award for the talented. Hindi Declaration using C#) Back-End: Sql Server 2008 Achievements & Awards  Won prizes in intra collegiate fest  Participated in J2EE classes conducted by college. Personal Information Father’s Name Permanent Address Michael Varghese Emmanuel Campus. committed. these data correctly describe my .Banswara. certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief. earnest student of the ITS in the year 2010 & 2011. Office Applications: Microsoft Office 2003/2007. Hindi English.  Event co-ordinator for both the inter and intra collegiate fest. Front-End: Visual Basic 2010 (ASP. Janameri.

qualifications. my experience. PRAISE MICHAEL . and me. If I am given an opportunity I will do my best.