YEAR 2015

: 09 January 2015


: 9.00 am


: School Library


: 1)


: 1) Mr Kindy Lading (personal reason)



Mr Othna Sanub
Mr Ibrahim Marset
Mdm Suzana Bujang
Mdm Hamah Rapea’ah Semawi
Miss Felicia Anne Sendie
Miss Patricia Ernie ak Comik
Mdm Susan Simon
Mdm Francine ak Beeker

: 1) Greeting from the Head of English Panel
2) Confirmation of the third meeting minutes for 2014
3) Matters/issues arising
4) Appointment of the new office bearers
5) Discussion on the PT3 2014 result
6) Discussion on the Development Plan for 2015
 Operational Plan
6) Other Matters
 Lesson plan
 Note books
 Students’ note/exercise books checking file
 OPS-English for Form 1 and Form 2 2015
 Textbooks
 New Literature syllabus
 Language Competition 2015


Welcome speech from the Head of English Panel
Mr Othna
1.1 Introduction speech has been delivered by
the Head of English Panel, Mr Othna
Sanub to welcome everyone to the meeting

1 There was no matter or issue arising. There was no amendment made. Nevertheless. ahead of Mathematics and Science. The Head of Panel asked for the minutes to be passed.0 Proposed by : Madam Suzana Seconded by : All English Teachers Matters/Issues arising 3.1 The minutes of this meeting was read by the Head of English Panel.0 Confirmation of the third meeting minutes for 2014 2.1 Operational Plan 6. 6. 6.2.1 The achievement of PT3 2014 is far to be proud of. 3.0 Discussion on PT3 2014 Result 5. The Head of English Panel thanks all English teachers for their efforts and hopes that this year all English teachers would work even harder to achieve a better result in PT3 2015. There is no strict guidelines in conducting journal writing but it is requested that teachers should at least carry it out once per semester.0 All English teachers Discussion on the Development Plan for 2015 6. 4. Madam Hamah is the Assistant of Head Panel which automatically brings the position of Head Panel of English Department for Afternoon Session.1 A slight change for office bearers.1.2 English teachers are reminded to carry out B2B (Back 2 Basic) Programme which focuses on Grammar and Vocabulary in order All English Teachers . Books are to be sent for inspection to the Head of the Panel on a prior notice.1.1 Journal Writing is made compulsory for Form 1. (Kindly refer to the attached document) 5.0 Appointment of the new office bearers All English teachers 4. Form 2 and Form 4. the result of PT3 English 2014 makes it to the third lowest of overall achievement of SMK Sebuyau.

6. Panel has decided to start from Form 1 and the list of chosen topics to be taught must be repeated tremendously throughout students’ academic year. The use of dictionaries is highly encouraged as it is provided by the school for the purpose of teaching and All English Teachers learning.3 The teaching of Grammar and Vocabulary must be focused and specific. Teachers should teach words that students come across in the textbooks.8 PT3 and SPM 2015 English Paper.7 Head of Panel informs that an in-service training (LDP) will be conducted to introduce and explain ‘Professional Learning Community (PLC)’. Head of English Panel thanks those who hand in the All English teachers module. 6.1. Verb. The proposed month is March 2015. Chosen topics are Tenses (Simple Present & Simple Past). Word count is to be obeyed strictly as a good practice. It will be kept by Head of Panel for future reference.1.2 PBS should be carried out as usual for Form . 6. 6. Noun and Sentence Structure. Adjective.6 Lesson study for Form 2 2014 is conducted successfully and will be carried out this year Head of Panel as well. 6. Teachers must help low achieving students to do writing via memorization technique.4The Grammar Module has only been submitted by three English teachers.to improve students’ linguistic skill.1. 6.1.5 Teachers are advised to begin the teaching of Constructive Writing in Form 1. Head of Panel will inform selected teacher that will be involved in lesson study directly later on via a schedule. Effectiveness of the lesson on students is on top. Head of Panel thanks Mr Ibrahim for his co-operation in letting his class to be in the study.1. Teachers must ensure a good level of understanding before moving on to a new topic.1.Answering Technique Workshop will be conducted in Semester 1. 6.

7. Head of Panel thanks everyone that is involved in ULBS 2014 and hopes that teachers continue to be co-operative for a good academic year.English English Teachers must be kept and be numbered by the subject teachers.2 Note books Three to four exercise books that cover Grammar and Vocabulary. Books might be coming soon and .5 OPS-English for Form 1 and Form 2 2015 Form 1 and Form 2 Books that are provided to teach OPS. This is to avoid any inconvenience for future use. 7. 7. 7. Form 2 and Form 3.3 Students’ note/exercise books checking file Teachers are requested to prepare a file to record exercise book checking that is done. No changes should be made to lessen the content of the lesson plan.0 Other matters 7.4 PBPPP Teachers are advised to record all documents in relation to academic or extracurricular activities as marking are based on evidences that could support one’s hard work for professional advance. 7.7 New Literature Component All English teachers Head of Panel confirms the rumour that New Literature Component will be implemented this year.1 Lesson Plan Teachers should have a standardized lesson All English Teachers plan. 7. Writing and Literature should be owned by students for English subject.1.6 KBSM English textbooks Teachers are advised to get their hands on KBSM English textbooks that are available in the market because school will no longer be providing textbooks for teachers. File is to be handed to the Head of Panel for inspection from time to time. Teachers are advised to inform students to make use of foolscap papers to do writing exercise. 7.

8 Language Competition 2015 Head of Panel instructs that Panel must send representatives for Public Speaking Competition and Choral Speaking Competition. 7.teachers are suggested to prepare themselves in teaching the new component. English Department. SMK Sebuyau. Madam Hamah and Madam Suzana are selected to train students for this upcoming event.30 am. . __________________________ ( OTHNA ANAK SANUB ) Head Of English Department. Prepared by : Proof-read by : _________________________ ( PATRICIA ERNIE AK COMIK) Secretary. Verified by: _________________________ ( WAN MAHLI BIN T’KU SAID ) Principal. The meeting was adjourned at 11. SMK Sebuyau. SMK Sebuyau.