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Vizag ravaged by Cyclone Hudhud
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Cyclone Hudhud Batters Vizag

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1/7/2015 11:52 PM

damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019.wordpress. 2 of 10 The Visakhapatnam airport braces itself to operate from Friday... six days after it was brutally ravaged by cyclone Hudhud damaged Incubation Centre at the IT SEZ in madurawada. madurawada.com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru. Vizag one of the software companies in the IT SEZ.Vizag lies in ruins after hudhud raged through vishakhapatnam the roof of the new bar mill at the Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant devasted vizag Airport after cyclone hudhud devasted Vizag Airport after cyclone Hudhud Vizag Big Bazaar after Hudhud Cyclone a devasted petrol bunk in Vizag after Cyclone hudhud a devasted petrol bunk in Vishaka Patnam after Cyclone hudhud Cyclone Hudhud Blew Roof Off Vishaka Patnam Airport 1/7/2015 11:52 PM ... http://sandeepreddy2019.

2014 ravaged vizag after cyclone hudhud Upturned boats and damaged buildings are pictured along the coast after Cyclone Hudhud made landfall in Visakhapatnam on October 13. 3 of 10 Cyclone Hudhud brought the Visakhapatnam Airport. http://sandeepreddy2019.com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru.. 2014 Pawan Kalyan visited Vizag after cyclone hudhud 1/7/2015 11:52 PM .. down to rubble while also snapping all air connectivity a damaged beach road after Cyclone Hudhud Upturned boats are seen strewn along the coast after Cyclone Hudhud made landfall in Visakhapatnam on October 12.. the biggest in Andhra Pradesh.wordpress..damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019. 2014 uprooted trees due to cyclone hudhud Upturned boats are seen strewn along the coast after Cyclone Hudhud made landfall in Visakhapatnam on October 12.

4 of 10 serpentian lines noticed for fuel in petrol bunks after of Cyclone Hudhud devastation in vizag after cyclone hudhud destroyed Vizag after cyclone Vizag ba ered Vizag Airport after cyclone hudhud ba ered vizag after cyclone hudhud ba ered Vizag after cyclone Hudhud (2) AP CM chandra babu naidu visting Vizag ti witness the damage caused by cyclone hudhud a damaged road near coastal line after Cyclone Hudhud a damaged road along coast line after cyclone hudhud Vishakhapatnam Airport devasted after cyclone hudhud A view of the steel section of the Hindusthan Shipyard Ltd.. http://sandeepreddy2019...wordpress.damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019..’s hull shop after Sunday’s Hudhud cyclone in Upturned boats are seen strewn along the coast after Cyclone Hudhud made landfall in Visakhapatnam on 1/7/2015 11:52 PM .com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru.

2014 upturned and damaged fishingboats after cyclone Hudhudh Power lines damaged by cyclone Hudhud devasted Vizag Airport after cyclone Hudhud buses that were toppled by gutsy winds at BRTS road in Vishakhapatnam Kailasgiri hills in Vizag city after cyclone hudhud.wordpress.. six days after it was 1/7/2015 11:52 PM .. http://sandeepreddy2019. 5 of 10 Visakhapatnam on Tuesday. The cyclone blew off the roof and damaged equipment October 12. The area has been completely stripped of its green cover by the natural calamity cyclone hudhud uprooted trees along a road in Vizag people scrable for food and water packets being distributed at the collectorate PM Narendra Modi visted ravaged Vizag after cyclone The Visakhapatnam airport braces itself to operate from Friday...com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru.damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019.

toppled over statues of leaders in many places as well as landmarks like the replica of the navy airplane on RK Beach..com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru. The winds and heavy rains have damaged power lines and buildings and prompted the evacuation of 350. with winds of up to 205km/h (127mph). was hammered as the cyclone made landfall.. And while Met experts had been confident of the city’s unique topography protecting it yet again. it is perhaps for the first time since the India Meteorological Department (IMD) was set up in 1891. in the Vizag city hudhud brutally ravaged by cyclone Hudhud . unleashing widespread destruction and bringing the otherwise bustling city of nearly 20 lakh people to a grinding halt.Essential services were disrupted and people remained indoors to escape nature’s fury. Hudhud.The cyclone has caused widespread damage to parts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha states. .000 people from their homes. The cyclone. waves as high as two to three metres surged along the Beach Road. Many of them could not come out for hours. sha ered windows leaving the streets li ered with glass shreds. . unleashing the huge destructive force it had sucked up from the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal. sent hoardings and tin roofs flying like saucers.damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019. . . The destruction started hours before the landfall forcing denizens to remain indoors. that the Port City has found itself in the eye of such a storm.. uprooting trees. that made landfall in the Port City around noon. Vizag being a low-lying area flooding is a distinct possibility. the `City of Destiny’ sadly had its date with disaster on Sunday. The port city of Visakhapatnam. . http://sandeepreddy2019. 6 of 10 1/7/2015 11:52 PM . home to two million people and a major naval base. 2013 without so much as a whimper. Hudhud’s ferocity left them flummoxed. India’s east coast has been pounded by a powerful cyclone.. .wordpress. With winds touching a speed of around 205 kmph during landfall. After ducking the devastating effects of the 2004 tsunami and the 1977 cyclone. Cyclone Hudhud blasted the eastern seaboard today with gusts of up to 205 kilometres an hour (over 120 mph). Scores of electricity and telephone poles were knocked down and thousands of trees uprooted as strong gales accompanied by heavy rainfall lashed the city right from Sunday morning to evening. damaging buildings and killing three despite a major evacuation effort. 12th Oct 2014 when a very severe cyclonic storm Hudhud tore through the city.Even Phailin whizzed past the city on October 12. In fact.

director in charge. Several trains passing through the city were cancelled and road transport too came to a grinding halt as the National Highway-16 connecting Chennai to Kolkata and passing through the Port City was shut down from Saturday evening and people were advised not to venture out. Prime Minister Marendra Modi Modi undertook an aerial survey of the affected areas . her voice shaking tremulously before the eye of the storm hit the city. no topography can actually protect a place from cyclone. Operations at ports like Visakhapatnam Port.com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru. the city was plunged into darkness and by afternoon telecom links snapped as networks crashed and landline and cell phones blipped off. impacting even our control room. According to naval officials. told mediapersons. . with damage to the naval base. It may have been the local atmospheric conditions that a racted the cyclone towards Vizag. naval air base INS Dega and residential quarters at Dolphin Nose hill..wordpress. “This is the biggest disaster to have ever hit Vizag. Sunday’s 200kmph winds of Cyclone Hudhud has virtually blown off its roof and wreaked havoc inside. AP special commissioner for disaster management. . Operations at the crucial Eastern Naval Command were hit. IMD Hyderabad. . Cheif Minister of AP Chandra babu Naidu visted the cyclone hit areas to witness the devastation and oversea the relief operations.Even Vizag has only hills and hillocks. “The situation in Vizag is very serious. the Visakhapatnam airport is also out of service.. God knows how we will survive this. ..damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019. .“ . http://sandeepreddy2019. All flights in and out of Vizag were suspended on Sunday due to the hostile weather conditions that reduced visibility to near zero and destroyed the innards of the airport.” K Hymavathi. 7 of 10 1/7/2015 11:52 PM . The blasting sounds of the wind are very scary. 12 ships were on stand-by for evacuation and relief operations. Y K Reddy. they said it would take weeks for Andhra Pradesh’s largest city to get back on its feet after the unprecedented blow. snapping the air connectivity with this port city. said: “Though Vizag does not witness too many cyclones. . Telecommunications have been completely disrupted. Cyclonic storm Hudhud which wreaked havoc in north coastal Andhra has also damaged Visakhapatnam Airport. Gangavaram Port and PSUs like Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd and Hindustan Shipyard Ltd too were suspended and property in these places damaged by the ravaging storm. While officials were unable to come out with a picture of the damages in the Port City. which can only protect it from a storm surge but not a cyclone with a height of roughly 10 km. With the discom Eastern Power Distribution Corporation of AP Ltd switching off power in the wee hours of Sunday as a precautionary measure.” said Kala Kumari. Along with power and phone lines.. Panicked people are calling up to find out if they have to be evacuated.

. He assured the state governments of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh that the central government will extend all possible help to them. “I want to announce an interim assistance of Rs 1. Some industry sources feel that the cyclone may have dented Vizag’s image as a safe IT destination and put paid to the Naidu government’s efforts to pitch the scenic Rushikonda as the most beautiful IT Park in the country . . .. had managed to get off to a start only on September 29 this year. was a picture of destruction as its glass façade was blown to smithereens by cyclone Hudhud.com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru.wordpress. .000 for those injured in the calamity. After a detailed survey. .damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019. Hudhud crashes Vizag’s nascent IT dreams . 8 of 10 1/7/2015 11:52 PM . The swanky building of the Vizag Startup Village. But this is not the only reason why the a empts of the AP government to reboot the IT sector in Vizag have received a major setback.000 crore to Andhra Pradesh after personally reviewing the massive devastation caused by Cyclone Hudhud in the state. The cyclone also ravaged the offices of most of the IT firms located at the picturesque Rushikonda IT Park.. .. we will give whatever further assistance is required. which was thrown open amid much fanfare less than a fortnight ago by Naidu himself. What makes the tragedy worse is that the Startup Village. Pawan Kalyan also visited Vizag to express his solidarity and support apart from domnating 50 lakhs rupess. http://sandeepreddy2019. He also announced a compensation of Rs two lakhs to the kin of those killed and Rs 50.” he said. raising hopes of replicating the success story of Kochi Startup Village in Vizag. which has always lived in the shadow of Hyderabad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an interim relief assistance of Rs 1. ..000 crore to Andhra Pradesh. which is nothing but the new avatar of what was initially mooted as an incubation centre years ago by the previous regime. .

The MistyLook Theme. sources said it would be difficult for them to run operations due to lack of power. have been forced to undergo productivity losses as they had to shut shop till the situation improves.com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru.wordpress. .wordpress. none of the officials has even bothered to visit them. Many of the IT offices on Hill nos.“ said an IT industry source. We are losing mobile connectivity frequently . Vizag IT Association President. Read Full Post » (h p://sandeepreddy2019...com/2014/10/18/cyclone-hudhud-ravaged-vizag/) 9 of 10 Create a free website or blog at WordPress. .. While IBM officials were unavailable for comment. Follow 1/7/2015 11:52 PM .damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019. “We are trying to get operations up and running.. . The offices of companies like IBM. . What has irked the industry more is that despite the pro-IT noises being made by the present Chan drababu Naidu regime.“ said Deepak Madala. . even IT firms that have not suffered any damage.“ said Rushikonda IT Park Association vice-president O Naresh Kumar. fuel and communication networks. The internet service guys have no clue when they can get the networks running even if we have the capability to start operations. be it GVMC. “Even in companies where operations are partially on due to alternative power supply through gensets. Things can come back to normal only after water and power supply are restored. many employees are unable to report to work due to petrol shortage in the city. We have no power or communication lines available for running operations. Symbiosys Technologies and Softsol at the Rushikonda IT Park have been hit badly .com. EPDCL or any of the ministries. http://sandeepreddy2019. “Nobody has even bothered to check the status of the IT hills. Sans power supply . informed sources told TOI. 2 and 3 have been badly damaged and are expected to take days to be back on their feet as most IT offices have glass frontages that could not withstand the high wind speeds of around 195 kmph that rocked the city .

Follow “Sandeepreddy2019's Weblog” 10 of 10 Build a website with WordPress.com 1/7/2015 11:52 PM .com/tag/damaged-it-companies-in-ru.wordpress.... http://sandeepreddy2019..damaged IT companies in Rushikonda IT Park Vizag | Sandeepreddy2019.